tagInterracial LoveFantasy to Reality

Fantasy to Reality


"Alright you're all set. You'll be in room 414," the clerk said with a smile as she handed over the room key.

"Thanks," Matt replied as he fumbled the key into his hands.

Matt wasn't carrying a suit and he didn't have any big luggage. He wasn't here for business, strictly pleasure. He was only carrying a small black bag with him. He quickly found the elevator and took a ride to the fourth floor. He knew he had some time to kill before his guest arrived since she was traveling from a couple states away.

Matt scanned for his room as he walked down the hall. He found 414 at the very end of the hallway. He took out his key and slid it in the slot. He turned the knob, but it was still locked.

"Damnit! I hate these things," Matt said as he shook his head in frustration.

He tried it again, but this time he felt a jiggle of the knob from the other side. Matt was confused. Did he have the wrong room? Suddenly, the door opened slowly as he took a step back.

"Hey Matt, I've been waiting for you."

"Nicole!?" Matt shouted with a mixture of excitement and confusion.

"I didn't think you were getting in until later."

"I decide to surprise my Master."

Matt bit his lip. He loved it when she called him master. He always had a thing for domination. Whenever Matt wanted her, Nicole would submit to him sexually. If he wanted to see her naked she would take pictures. If he wanted to see a video of her touching herself she would send it to him, morning or night. Matt did something to her that she couldn't explain. She wanted to be his perfect little slut.

Matt was just an average guy. He was Caucasian, athletic build, dark hair with a beard. He was sweet, gentle, and could make anybody laugh. Under his fairly normal exterior raged a sexual beast that could be tamed only by a specific type of woman. Matt had a sweet tooth. He craved chocolate. African-American women were always appealing to him. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but he had natural attraction to them ever since he could remember.

Nicole had a similar attraction to white men. Although she had been with other races, white men seemed to satisfy her desires more than any other. She had a smooth chocolate complexion, beautiful eyes, and a gorgeous smile. Her body was a work of art. She had magnificent 34DD breasts, thick hips and even a nice round ass.

"Come on in silly," Nicole chuckled.

The moment was finally here. Butterflies began to swirl in Matt's stomach. They were finally together. After months of chatting online and texting, she was standing right in front of him. Matt fidgited with his wedding ring as he wondered if he was making the right decision. He was already at the point of no return. He couldn't go back now. Matt quickly snapped out of his trance-like state. He smiled at Nicole and entered the room.

He gazed over the room and walked to the bed. They locked eyes from across the room as she remained by the door. They walked toward each other and hugged. His hands wrapped around her waist he felt on her ass. He noticed she wasn't wearing anything under the yellow sundress, that she promised to wear for him. She took his hand around to the front and slid his ring finger inside her pussy. It was already so wet. Her juices drenched his wedding ring. She brought it up to her mouth and shoved it in, tasting herself.

Nicole propped herself on the bed. She unleashed her 34DD's and pushed the dress up past her waist. She was inviting Matt to take her.

"Come here Master."

Matt crawled on the bed and started gently kissing Nicole's thighs. She giggled as his tongue glided ever so close to her pussy lips. Matt reached under her and cupped her ass in his hands. He pushed her up into his mouth as he began to eat her freshly shaved pussy. He slowly moved his tongue up and down as Nicole gripped his head. Matt could feel her body contracting as he sped up the pace.

"Oh my God!" Nicole exclaimed with pleasure.

Matt began to swirl his tongue deep inside her. With every rotation Nicole got wetter. Matt could feel her sweet cream drip into his beard as she moaned for him. Matt spread her lips wider to reveal her clit. He flicked his tongue against it as it began to swell. Nicole's breathing intensified as Matt sucked the clit deep into his mouth.

"Don't you fucking stop!" Nicole bellowed with a deep moan.

She started breathing slow and hard as she inched closer to a climax. Matt concentrated his efforts on her clit with long tongue strokes.

"Oh shit...I'm cumming!

Nicole tried to squirm away, but Matt kept her close as she grinded out her orgasm.

She had always told Matt how hard he made her cum when she would masturbate to his pictures and dirty chats. Now that it finally happened, it was better than either of them had ever imagined. Matt took so much pleasure in making women cum with only his tongue. Nicole tasted sweeter than anything he had ever had in the past. She sat up on the bed and ditched her dress completely, as to say she was ready to really get things started.

"Now it's my turn to take care of you Master."

Matt smirked as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt. She kissed down his chest as she stripped him bare. She ran her hands over his arms and made her way down to his waist. She undid his belt slowly. She was having trouble getting the zipper undone. Nicole knew exactly what was waiting for her under those jeans as she had seen it many times before. However, those were just pictures, this was the real deal. Maybe her excitement was causing her to struggle while unzipping him.

She finally slid his pants around his hips and out popped his impressive cock.

"Mmm...Damn," Nicole said with a surprised look on her face. She held it in her hand for a moment before gripping it tightly. She could barely fit her hand around his thickness. Nicole licked the tip and then took just the head. Matt grabbed the back of her head and forced her to take more. He smacked her hand away as he wanted to see her use only her mouth.

"My little whore doesn't use her hands when she sucks her Master's cock. Look into my eyes when you suck me."

Matt continued to force her head forward as he watched all seven inches disappear in her mouth. Nicole began to deepthroat his dick as she braced herself on his legs. She never took her eyes off of him just as he demanded.

Matt reached down to play with those massive tits. They were perfect in every sense of the word. Soft, round, with nice hard chocolate nipples. He was dying to give them more attention. He envisioned them right in front of his face so he stood her up guiding her into position. This time Matt laid on the bed while Nicole straddled him. He held his hard cock as she lowered herself down on it. Her tight pussy stretched as she took him inside her. Her pussy lips gripped tightly as she began to work her hips back and forth. Matt leaned forward and started sucking on her hard nipples. He put his face in between them as she squeezed them together. He always fantasized about getting lost in her mountainous breasts.

"Fuck yes! Ride that dick you little slut!" Matt cried out.

Nicole smiled and put her hands on his chest. She began to ride slowly. Her big booty slamming down on his skin with every move. Matt began to get more excited as his dick grew and became harder. He gripped her ass forcing her downward as he thrusted upward.

"Shit Matt! It's in my stomach! Nicole muttered as she began to tremble.

Matt continued to vigorously thrust in this position as Nicole hugged him tightly. Her screams started to fade. He was taking her breath away. Matt looked to see if something was wrong, but realized she was climaxing as her legs became stiff and her toes curled.

He slid out of her with his cock dripping wet and stood her up against the bed. He had to prop her against the bed as they continued to shake. Matt planned to slide in from the back, but before he did he had a surprise.

She expected to feel his cock inside her again, instead she felt Matt spread her ass with his hands. Matt began to lick around her asshole. Now, Matt was no pro at this as he had only done it a handful of times, but he wanted to make this a night Nicole would never forget. She wasn't sure what to make of this new sensation. Matt's tongue teased the rim of her tight hole before he entered in.

"Oh fuck!" Nicole said with a mixture of laughter and moaning. The sensation tickled her, but at the same time, felt like nothing she'd ever experienced before.

Matt paused... "do you want me to stop."

"Master, use my holes however you'd like."

He pulled Nicole down to the floor. He sat her on his face. He continued to lick her ass as she leaned forward to suck his cock. There were no words as each of them were pleasing the other. The only exchange they had were muffled moans and the sound of saliva dripping and separating from the other's body.

Matt wasn't finished with his surprises just yet. Nicole continued to suck his cock as Matt reached in his black bag that sat next to him on the floor. He pulled out some handcuffs. He brought her hands behind her back and locked her in. She was caught off guard.

"Wait, what are you doing?" Nicole said with confusion. She liked being taken advantage of, but there was something about being defenseless that scared her. Matt could do anything at this point. She was at his mercy. Matt helped her on her back.

"Relax Nicole...let me blow your mind."

Nicole gave a half-hearted smile because she still didn't know what Matt had in mind.

He had already made Nicole cum twice so he knew she was extremely turned on. It would be the perfect opportunity to make her squirt. They had talked about this before. Nicole had never done it, but Matt had some successful experiences in the past. He had been with women that weren't able to squirt in the past, but he thought that he could make it happen for her.

Nicole was tense as she laid on her back. Matt put his fingers in his mouth before he inserted them into her pussy. He started off slow with one finger. He wasn't going hard and deep, but rather slow and methodical. He was only working it in a couple inches. He was building a rhythm while Nicole as she began to grow more comfortable. After a few minutes he inserted his ring finger which still had his wedding ring on it. With every insertion she could feel his wedding ring against her wet crevice.

It turned Nicole on so much to know that she lured this married man away to fuck her. She herself was a dominant girl. When she wanted something, she usually got it. When she saw Matt online, she knew she had to have him. When Matt showed interest, it fueled her lust and narcissism. She would not be denied.

Matt kept bringing both fingers back toward him as if he was motioning her to "come here." He could feel her spongy tissue with his fingers and he knew he was in the right spot. He continued to work her.

"Master wait...I think...I feel like..."

Matt cut her off "if you feel like you're going to pee it's okay...just let it go." He knew that was the main roadblock for women squirting. She tried to relax, but still she didn't want to relieve herself and ruin this whole thing. He kept telling her to let it go, as a calming reminder.

Suddenly, Nicole felt an incredible sensation. She began to panic and breathe heavily.

"That's it, now push," Matt said with encouragement.

Nicole pushed hard and let out the loudest scream possible. Out shot her clear ejaculate. Matt smiled because he knew he took Nicole to a new level sexually. He kept going and she continued to squirt all over his ring, and hand. Matt leaned down and put his mouth near her spraying pussy lips. She squirted into his mouth. She tasted so good. Matt leaned up and kissed her passionately so that she could taste some of her very first squirt.

Matt felt accomplished, but he knew the two of them weren't finished. He slipped the handcuffs off and tucked them back into his bag.

Nicole stopped suddenly. She gazed into Matt's eyes and said "Can I wear your wedding ring?"

Matt looked down and played with it for a several seconds as he mulled over her request. He looked back up and smiled. He took it off an slid it onto her ring finger. Matt knew he shouldn't have done what he just did. He shouldn't have been there in the first place, but there was something about Nicole he just couldn't resist.

Nicole flashed her gorgeous smile as she admired the ring.

"Can I ask you to do one more thing? Before Matt could answer she cut him off and said...

"Master fuck me again, and this time don't stop until we both cum!"

Matt quickly put her on her knees as they remained on the floor. He gave that thick booty a smack before he reentered her pussy from the back.

"Oh my god master...it's so deep!" Nicole moaned as she arched her back.

Matt gave her slow, deep strokes as he admired his thick white cock going in and out of her tight black pussy. For Matt, this was his favorite position. Nothing was better than having a perfect view of his dick penetrating a beautiful dark pussy. Nicole started to cream on his dick and before he knew it, she had completely covered him with her cream. This was like heaven for Matt. He knew with that type of reaction he was giving Nicole more than she could handle.

Nicole began to whimper in delight with every thrust. The only thing Matt could focus on was the sound of his balls slapping against her thick ass. His dick squished in and out as her pussy dripped with pleasure. He reached back and smacked her ass over and over as he continued to pump her.

He reached forward and put one hand on her breast while grabbing her hair with the other. He pulled her back and gave it everything he had.

Matt pulled her close by her hair and whispered, "are you ready for your master to cum inside you?"

Yes! Yes! Yes! Nicole said as she gritted her teeth. Matt continued to fuck her deeply until he transitioned to the next position.

Matt laid Nicole flat on her stomach. This time he put his hands right above her shoulders on the floor as he assumed a push up position. Matt knew this would be the last time he enter Nicole so he was going to savour every second of it. He eased in as slowly as he could. He raised up and down as his dick slid deep inside. Nicole began to slap the floor as she took all of him.

"Matt don't stop...I'm gonna cum...please don't stop!"

He continued to fuck her as deep as he could as she prepared for her orgasm. She gripped his arms as she braced herself.

"I'm cumming so fucking hard for you Master," she yelled with orgasmic bliss.

Matt continued to stroke deep inside her, but he started to feel his cock throb. Nicole heard him breathing harder as he got closer to blowing his load. She reached back and pushed on his ass to force him to stay inside her. She felt his dick pulsate and contract several times as his warm cum spilled deep inside her pussy.

Some of his cum began to drip down her juicy slit. She quickly gathered the remains on her fingers and she began to lick and suck off every last drop.

"I'll never waste any of my Master's sweet cum," Nicole said.

Matt collapsed in exhaustion as his arms could no longer support him. He fell to the side as Nicole turned toward him. He buried his head in her chest one last time getting his final sucks in.

"That was so incredible! I knew we would have great sex, but I never, in a million years, could have imagined that, Nicole said.

Matt just smiled and kissed her forehead. They both drifted off to sleep after their intense encounter.

The sun blasted through the hotel window and startled Matt. He looked to his left expecting to see Nicole, but she wasn't there. Something else was missing...his ring! Matt began to panic.

He quickly ran into the bathroom and checked for her, but she wasn't there either. He looked on the counter at a small piece of paper with scribbled writing on it.

"Can't wait for the next time...Master ;) "

Matt glanced next to the note and there sat his wedding ring safe and sound. He sighed with relief. Now his wife wouldn't know anything was out of the ordinary when he returned back home. He looked at his reflection in the mirror and just shook his head in laughter. He thought he was in control the whole time, but it turned out Nicole was a step ahead of him. Just as she surprised him with her early arrival she disappeared without warning.

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