tagRomanceFarewell to Arms

Farewell to Arms


Anxiety. Nervousness.


I sighed as I glanced at the time in the lower right corner of the monitor knowing that it wouldn't change anything. He was late. One day before he would be moving out of the country to graduate school he had promised to log on so they could say their good-byes. As his life at home with his parents was about to end so was the more stable part of their relationship. Even though he lived 6 hours away by plane, at least I knew that he would be available most of the time. Now that he was going back to school I wasn't sure if I would even get that tenous connection with him...

Maybe he'd even get tired of trying to make a long-distance relationship work and fall in love with one of the locals...

"Stop torturing yourself." I thought, "Its just making things worse."

I looked at the clock again: 20 minutes late. Usually when David and I set a date he would always show up early. My overactive brain starting spinning horrible circumstances that might justify his tardiness.

"You know a watched pot never boils, Shanna." My roommate Kaiya chimed in.

"Am I that obvious?" I said, frowning as I swung around to face her.

"That which is important facilitates routine." She quoted petulantly.

"Where is that one from?" I asked hesitantly, not really interested.

"Oh, its an old-saying I just made up." She replied with a grin. "Or would you prefer the translation? 'You miss the boyfriend' or 'Me Likey Bouncy'."

I rolled my eyes as I was attempting to come up with something witty to say when I heard a 'Moooo' from my computer signaling that someone had just logged on.

"I'll leave you two lovebirds alone." Kaiya chuckled to herself as she left the room carrying some homework.

I quickly swung back to my computer to see who had signed on-

* * *

WorriedWook327: Hiya Honey! Sorry I'm a little late, just had some last minute laundry to finish up so I could finish packing.

ConfusedCutie86: I was starting to worry you had forgotten =(

WorriedWook327: Forget? You? Never =)

WorriedWook327: Hows the Shanna honey doing?

ConfusedCutie86: Okay I guess...Just missing you alot

WorriedWook327: I know... I miss you too

WorriedWook327: Whats your schedule like tomorrow? I like knowing what you're up to while I'm on the plane bored out of my mind =)

ConfusedCutie86: I have Physics, Organic Chem and Bio as usual. Should be done around 5. Then I'll probably just head to the library or back to my room to do work or collapse, depending on how much energy I have left.

WorriedWook327: Can I make a request?

ConfusedCutie86: Of course, doesn't mean I'll be able to do it though

WorriedWook327: Can you try to stay in your room? I want to be able to

call you just as I get settled in my new place. Going to be weird

adjust to more time difference between us than there already is.

ConfusedCutie86: I can do that. Speaking of time, shouldn't you be

getting some rest so you don't miss your flight?

WorriedWook327: I guess so. I just missed you

ConfusedCutie86: Well get your sleepy patoot into bed and make sure you

think about that time we were together last winter. I'll be right next

to you, fast asleep. Okay? =)

WorriedWook327: Okay...

WorriedWook327: Good night honey, sweet dreams. I'll look for you

tomorrow. *Kisses*

ConfusedCutie86: Night David Bear. Mwah!

* * *

Classes were tough the next day. Technically I was in class attentively listening to my professor drone on endlessly, my mind just had one thing it was paying attention to. More than just my mind, my whole body was aching to be next to David. As I sat in the drafty lecture hall I thought of how warm David was that time he fell asleep on top of me while we were watching a DVD. Or one of those few occassions we actually got some privacy and got to sleep together in the same bed.

Although the duration of those small trips were painfully short the memories of them sustained us until the next time we could manage a rendezvous in our conflicting and distant schedules.

I noticed that my pencil was drawing a little doodle of an airplane with a little picture of David in the window on my class notes. Sighing quietly, I decided to try and pay more attention to what was going on.

After half a minute of this I realized it was futile and continued my doodle.

Four doodles later I followed the crowd out as the class ended. Before I really figured out where my feet were headed I found myself at the steps to my dorm. Sighing, I turned around and got some lunch at the nearby store and headed back to my room.

Even though my last class of the week was over I didn't really feel much like celebrating. David's big move to medical school filled my head with doubt. Would he find someone else that he wanted to be with instead of me? Would he finally give up and want a closer/easier relationship? The familiarity of these doubts did not help dispel them from my mind as I quietly ate in front of my computer.

Kaiya got back from her last class a few minutes later and somehow could sense that something was on my mind. It was disconcerting to have such a perceptive roommate. Ordinarily the roommates I got would mostly just try to ignore my presence instead of prying so much into my problems. I'm sure she meant well...but sometimes theres just nothing that you can do. I definitely was not in the mood for her self-righteous patronization.

"Anything you want to talk about?" She asked gently.

"Just the usual." I muttered.

"How about we have a little party tonight to try and cheer you up. Just because he is moving on doesn't mean you're necessarily going to be left behind."

"Remind me not to play poker with you."

"Well you usually have something playing on your computer when you're eating, so I figured something had to be up." She smiled politely and continued her eye contact, waiting for my response.

"Fine...Misses Mindreader, but don't go crazy. I'm not in the mood for a big party. Just a couple people and maybe we can play some board games or something." I warned.

"You got it, just call me Misses Decretion. I'll just call Trace and Becca, see if they're busy, kay?

"Whatever, but I'm not doing any cleaning!" I said with a smile, seeing how far I could milk her sympathy.

"Oh I see how it is..." She grinned back at me.

All in all the party turned out better than I expected. It was funny how most of the time when I got bullied into going out or having a party I ended up having a good time. We ordered out for some Chinese food and played Cranium and Monopoly for a good while. Plus there was just something inherently funny about two tipsy people arguing over Marvin Gardens.

Kaiya had got a sudden flash of inspiration and thought of having a theme evening. We all got out something slinky to wear just for fun. I got out my light blue nighty with pink lace trim and thin shoulder straps, remembering how I surprised David on his last trip out here.

Telling him to close his eyes I quickly changed into it and climbed on top of him in bed, kissing him softly. As he opened his eyes his mouth turned into a big smile and repaid my kisses with interest. "We didn't have much time for board games that trip." I thought to myself, smiling.

The game went on and on as Monopoly games tend to do. Halfway through a long-winded explanation why it was in my best interest to hand over my my green monopoly in exchange for Tracy's red and yellow properties there was a knock at the door. We weren't expecting any more company.

Kaiya, apparently forgetting that most of us were all in slinky, mostly transparent garments opened the door wide to see who it was.

"H'lo David." Kaiya giggled in a soft girly voice.

"Hullo there, is Shanna about?" David answered without missing a beat.

A squealed "Oh My God" and a blur of motion immediately followed this question as Shanna jumped over the Monopoly board sending the hotels and houses situated on it flying and tackled David in the doorway.

Somehow before the tangled mess of arms and legs managed to hit the ground she had already started covering his face in kisses.

"Good evening honey." David said with a smile between quick kisses.

Shanna's only reply to this was a soft moany kiss as she continued her crusade of kisses over David's lips.

"You know, I'm pretty sure making out in a doorway is a fire hazard." Tracy added.

I bonked David on the head, still lying in the doorway.

"Why didn't you tell me you were coming? Don't you need to be at school soon?"

"I thought I could spare a weekend with my honey before the big move, if thats okay with you?" He replied with a grin.

"Pff, like I would shoo you away or something."

We got up together and realized that the game had stopped and all eyes were on us.

"Sorry to interrupt the game ladies." David apologized. "If you want to go ahead and finish it thats okay with me."

"Well its NOT okay with me." I interjected. "We didn't know we were going to have company over when we got all dressed up, er down."

"Speak for yourself." Kaiya commented.

It clicked after a moment.

"Ooo you. You set me up!" I accused, to which David and Kaiya somehow managed to respond in unison by nodding.

"I take full responsibility," Said David. "It was the easiest way I could think of to surprise you AND have you dressed for the occasion."

He grinned. "Did you want to finish playing the game or see what else I had planned for the evening? I have a Taxi waiting." The collective of girls giggled to this question, knowing the answer without needing to hear it from my lips.

"Well I'm not too sorry ditching you guys since you set me up in the first place. I was going to win anyway so there." This remark was answered by a chorus of arguements pointing out that I was cash rich and property poor. I replied in turn by picking up my long coat off of the coat rack, hoping it would sufficiently cover me and quickly following David outside.

David waved good-bye to my assorted bickering friends as I shut the door. "You booger, stop checking them out, they're my friends."

"Don't be jealous honey, I'm just being neighborly. And you shouldn't worry. I didn't come all this way to ogle your friends. My ogling is reserved just for you. I made reservations for a room at a hotel near the airport."

"Uh, should I get some more clothes first?"

"No Shanna. Our love cannot be bound by clothes!" He said with a silly smile as we walked to the Taxi.

I knew the taxi ride would be fairly long since my school was a bit out of the way, worrying that I wasn't wearing enough and the Taxi driver might notice my lack of clothing. As we approached the street I saw a black stretch Limo with a chauffeur standing by the door.

"This is your taxi?" I asked incredulously.

"Only the best for my sexy honey."

The chauffeur opened the door and we hopped inside. I was relieved to see the partition between the front and back seats was up so he wouldn't be able to see us while he was driving. Apparently David could tell I was anxious, after a quick word with the driver he sat next to me in the darkened backseat couch as we started down the winding road and out of the college grounds.

"Don't worry sweetie, we'll be alone just as soon as we get to our room. Remember how you said that you wanted to see my wild side? Well this is just the beginning."

"Mmm, I like the sound of that." I cooed.

"Which, the wild part or the fact that I have a long evening planned?"

"No, the alone part."

"Oh, Well I figured since I'm only here for the weekend I didn't really want to have to share you with your roommates. Is that okay?"

"Of course sweetie." I looked at him innocently, a little worried about what he had planned.

He leaned in close to my ear, "You look so sexy in this Shanna." He whispered low in my ear. He took a long breath, and tickled my neck a little as he exhaled.

"I forgot how good you smell...very sexy." He put his arm around me underneath the coat and drew me closer to his side. "How soft your skin is." He said as he brushed my back up and down and started to lightly kiss my neck as he continued breathing heavy, obviously liking the sight down my top. I moaned as I felt tingles from his soft lips on my neck coarse through my body.

He was wearing khakis and that soft gray sweater of his that made him look so grown up and dignified. The sight and feel of him getting so thoroughly aroused had a mirrored effect on my own body. I wondered how hard he was and wanted to go and find out for myself, though I hoped he had more planned so I waited to see what he would do next.

I turned to face him and looked into his sexy brown eyes. "Though I didn't forget how arousing your eyes are." He murmured low as he leaned forward for a kiss. His soft lips lightly brushed against mine for a long gentle embrace. Not used to him being so aggressive I was a bit taken back. Though my body had no such qualms. Gradually getting more aroused as his mouth and tongue caused tingles to shoot down between my thighs. A moan escaped from my mouth as he continued his light kissing onslaught. He leaned back and smiled at me, looking satisfied with his efforts thus far and then suddenly pounced back to my lips for a short hard kiss.

"How do you feel sweetie?" He asked after giving me some room to breathe.

"I'm okay...just a little surprised I guess. I can't believe you're really here." I smiled, quasi-anxiously.

"Surprised in a good way I hope. If you want me to do anything differently you just have to let me know, okay?"

Typical diplomatic David. He wasn't used to being so aggressive either.

In the other couple times we had managed to get some privacy we were fairly reserved with our desire for each other. We were too busy making sure that we weren't doing anything wrong.

"But...I thought you were going to show me your sexy wild side?" I grinned back at him, knowing this was the answer he wanted to hear.

"I just wanted to make sure." He said softly.

Now that he had gotten my approval he went back to work. He leaned over me reaching around with his left hand to cradle the back of my head, pressing me against the seat with his body, kissing my ear lightly while his other arm lightly fell onto my stomach between the sides of the coat. The sound of his sexy breathing in my ear was traveling directly down to my slit. After several minutes of this I was yearning for him to touch more I moaned loud and started to fidget. Not being able to move much though since David had me trapped against his body into the seat. He gently turned my head to face him and kissed me full on the lips, lightly brushing his tongue against my lips as he started brushing his hand on my thigh under the skirt of the nightie. His warm hand moved up and down my thigh, gently squeezing and groping. He switched to the other leg after awhile, never bringing his hand close to the source of the tingles he was inspiring in me. I moaned into his mouth and kissed back deeply, growing tired of his teasing around my aching slit. I put my hand over his, directing it to my panties and moaned louder into his mouth as he gently stroked up and down my wet lips through the soft cotton fabric.

I moaned loud and started to rub the bulge in his pants. I was rewarded with a sexy David groan in my mouth, and a series of more intense kissing. Realizing that we shouldn't get too excited yet I stopped rubbing, hoping he would get the hint and not continue.

"You're right," He whispered softly in an arousing tone. "I don't want to wear you out so quickly. We're almost there anyway." He said as he took a quick look outside. He kissed me on the nose and adjusted the nightie so I wasn't so exposed and zipped the coat back up.

We sat close together for the remaining minutes of the trip. Reveling in the sheer fact that we were together now after months and months of being apart. It was more than just my lusting for David, it was having him next to me. Being together. Oneness. The feel of his warm arm around me. His hand playing with my fingers or his feet seeking mine out.

As the chauffer got David's bags out of the trunk I couldn't help but be embarrased. I turned my back to him, somehow hoping it would make it less obvious how little I was wearing. It was cold and windy today and a bit overcast, looking like it might rain soon. I was fidgeting on my feet, trying to keep warm.

The hotel didn't really look like anything special. Typical Airport Hotel. I hoped that the room was going to be warm enough. Ooo, and maybe there would be a big enough shower for us to play in together.

David said something to the driver and picked up his bags, walked over to me and stopped, sticking the crook of his arm out.

"Shall we?"

I blinked for a second, confused. Then I placed my arm through his and walked inside.

Warmth flooded all around us and we passed by the 2nd set of doors. My opinion of the place went up a notch due to the heaters in the entrance. The lobby was fairly small with a few pieces of furniture. No longer shivering I followed David's lead over to the check-in counter.

Somehow due to the warmth of the lobby I didn't care as much what the other people thought of how I was dressed. Hoping it wasn't too obvious I patiently waited next to David as he inquired about breakfast arrangements and check-out time.

After a few minutes we had the key and headed over to the elevator. I pressed the button due to David's hands being full with luggage and smiled back at him and held his arm tighter. We stepped inside and I punched the button for level 3.

David's bags suddenly dropped loudly in the small elevator. His arms were around my back quickly just as his mouth was seeking out to caress my lips. His kisses were still soft and gentle but this time they seemed more desperate.

"You know how deprived of your kisses I am." He said quickly inbetween long kisses. "Sorry, I just couldn't wait until we got to the room."

I just smiled back and let my tongue play over his lips. He moaned into my mouth as the elevator pinged as the doors opened.

After a second of disorientation we found our room. David opened the door and stepped aside, gesturing me inside. I smiled thinking of how considerate he was, or at least tried to be.

It was a fairly small room, but it had everything we needed. The highlight would have to be the nice big bed with a dark blue comforter that looked nice and fluffy.

I walked in and hung up my wet coat and plopped down in the bed and quickly pulled the sheets over myself quickly. David just had enough

time to put his luggage down and take his shoes off when he looked over to me in bed.

"Cold honey?"

"Maybe. Or maybe I just wanted you to come under the covers with me."

"How am I supposed to admire the goods if they're all covered up?" He joked lightly, grinning.

"Well I guess you're just going to have to work a little to get to them."

"Work work work..." He smiled as he came over to the bed and laid down on top of me over the sheets.

I kissed him lightly, flicking my tongue over his lips. He had his arms around my shoulders as we kissed slowly. I could feel him start to get hard against my leg. Knowing that my kisses were having their intended effect made me realize how horny I was feeling.

"Would you like to do the honors of getting me naked?" He asked softly.

"No, go right on ahead, watching you strip is a favorite pasttime of mine." Which wasn't far from the truth either. While he wasn't a body builder or anything that drastic, his body always looked so inviting, so comfortably sexy.

"As you wish." He got up and took his shirt off quickly and tossed it over my head.

"Ooo, my very own stripper. Take it off!"

"All yours sweetie. I'll be right back, want to go get something."

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