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Farm Girl Gets Caught


This is a sequel to a story I wrote a couple of years ago. I hope you enjoy it, because I know the characters did. Whatever your opinion, I appreciate knowing it, through voting and feedback from readers.


Joshua Lehman was experiencing what was by far the dullest summer of his life. His parents, wanting to keep him out of trouble and away from the carnal temptation of city girls, had exiled him to the farm owned by some distant relatives. The kinfolk were the guiding lights of their own church, which they had named the Unreformed Fundamental Evangelical Christian Church of Our Beloved Savior. It was just as fundamentally strict as its name, and Joshua was forced to attend services every Sunday morning for three hours as well as every evening during the week, besides working hard on the farm. If he refused to obey the orders of his aunt and uncle, he didn't eat.

His parents had been absolutely right in thinking Joshua would have been tempted by the brazen hussies in the city, and they would have been just as tempted by him. In his 18 years, he had already been tempted quite a bit and had done some tempting of his own. He had an athletic physique and was slightly over six feet tall, with curly, black hair and handsome, regular features that were very attractive to the women in the city where he had been living. He certainly would have done as much carousing as possible, if such a thing had been allowed. Now that he had graduated at the head of his high school class, the young man was ready to go out on his own, but his mother and father weren't ready to let him until they were sure he would refrain from sinning. They defined that as anything they didn't want him to do. One way to assure his chasteness, to their way of thinking, was to have him toe the line that would be established by the rural members of their extended family.

To Joshua, there was only one thing relieving the total tedium, and that was Naomi, the daughter of his host and hostess. Although she was forbidden to wear makeup, and her eighteen year old body was completely concealed by voluminous clothing, he suspected she might be reasonably good looking. Her complexion was clear and fair and her features were fine, and Naomi had a twinkle to her blue eyes as she peered out from under her long, light brown hair. That twinkle, in particular, led Joshua to believe there might be a lot more to her than was visible.

He was right in that belief because the young lady in question was quite beautiful under the mountain of baggy clothing her parents made her wear. She was also much more sensuous than anybody would have ever suspected. Although kept away from any boys or men who might have been able to benefit from that hidden quality, Naomi had devised a scheme to allow her to masturbate and partially satisfy her sexual needs. She used zucchini or ears of corn or similarly shaped fruits and vegetables as dildos and went to the hayloft in the barn, ostensibly to pray but actually to apply her fingers and that produce to her deprived breasts and pussy.

She was aware of Joshua, and his good looks were making her hornier than she might have been otherwise so, one sunny morning, she advised her mother of her intention to go to the barn to thank the Lord for his beneficence. In actual fact, she had a large carrot held snugly under her dress and was eager to climb up to the hayloft, strip off her clothing and get it driving in and out of her pussy. It was a trick she had devised to allow her to masturbate and slightly alleviate her horniness without getting caught and punished.

"Bless you, my dear. I am so fortunate to have such a God-fearing daughter," was her mother's response, and Naomi headed for her tryst with the carrot.

Joshua overheard the brief conversation and a thought occurred to him. He had heard about exceptionally devout women actually rolling around on the floor while praying, especially in private, and wondered if Naomi would do the same thing. If she did, he might get a glimpse of her legs and maybe more while she was going through those gyrations. It wouldn't be much of a thrill but it was better than anything else he was likely to see or do that day and he thought he might be able to work up a nice fantasy from it. He hurried out to the barn to be there waiting for the possible show to start

Hidden behind a partition and peeking through a knothole, he saw her glance around before climbing the ladder to the hayloft, her prayer book under her arm. After waiting another two minutes, to give her time to start what he thought she would be doing, Joshua carefully climbed up after her. He didn't know exactly what to expect but whatever it might be, it was certain to be more interesting than any other activity around the farm.

Joshua moved slowly and carefully, not wanting to disturb or alert his quarry, and made his way over and around the bales of hay until he reached a place where he could watch undetected. He saw his cousin lying on a white thing that looked like an old quilt but she didn't seem to be praying. In fact, what she did was to unbutton the top part of her dress, pull her arms loose from the long sleeves and fold the fabric down below her waist. Joshua was amazed at the sight that had been exposed before him. His distant cousin was wearing what appeared to be an industrial-strength bra but was otherwise bare above her waist. He could see her arms and shoulders, and they were much more attractive than he would have expected, creamy white and smooth and highly appealing.

A few seconds later, he saw something that made him forget about arms and shoulders. Naomi reached up behind her back and, seconds later, the bra came away, exposing the biggest and most succulent breasts Joshua had ever seen. Besides being big, they were perfectly shaped and their nipples were large and dark pink. Even as the handsome young horndog watched, his cousin rolled her shoulders, causing the magnificent globes to bounce and sway. After that, she held them gently in her hands while her fingers tweaked the nipples. Josh's hand went to his cock, which was hard and straining at his jeans, as it occurred to him there might be something in store for him that was much better than he had even thought possible.

Naomi was glad she had been able to get away because she was in one of the strongest states of horniness she had ever been in. The sight of her handsome cousin from the city had been giving her carnal thoughts ever since his arrival and she imagined it was his hands that had loosened the top of her dress and pulled it down and were fondling her breasts and playing with her erect nipples. When she raised one of the luscious globes and bent her face down so her tongue could start fondling the hard nubbin, she wished it could have been his mouth that was stroking her so intimately.

Joshua felt the same way, but his cousin didn't know about that, nor did he know what she was thinking. Enraptured, he watched and envied her tongue while that lucky organ spent several minutes licking either of her nipples before she removed a carrot from the waistband and started pushing her dress down the rest of the way. He thought it odd that she would bring the vegetable out to the barn and wondered if it might be her lunch. He didn't really think about it all that much because his cock was hard as a steel rod and was straining so strongly against his pants that he had to unzip the fly and liberate the erection from his jockey shorts. He still didn't start stroking himself because he was too concerned Naomi might hear him and stop whatever she was doing.

Even as he watched, his half naked cousin continued doing it. She raised herself up from the quilt or whatever it was that she was lying on and pushed her dress down around her ass, before pulling it all the way off and setting it aside. Her calves were bare and he could see they were shapely, but she was still wearing something he recognized as a half slip. He hadn't seen one of them since one time when he was snooping through his grandmother's underwear drawer and he wondered why any pretty girl would be wearing something so old-fashioned.

Naomi wasn't happy about wearing the half slip but her parents required it to help conceal her body and prevent her from arousing lust in any boy or man who might happen to see her. She was glad when it was off and lying on top of her dress, leaving her wearing nothing but a pair of voluminous pink panties. She pushed her hands through the elastic waistband and started to stroke the soft skin around her pussy. As she always did, the horny farm girl imagined it was a handsome, virile man caressing her there. Usually her thoughts dwelt on somebody who had caught her eye in a magazine or on a television show or some other place but, on that day, the man she was thinking of was her distant cousin.

The skin around her pussy felt soft and smooth to Naomi's fingers, and the sensitive area relished the caresses also. Slowly, she ran her hands around her hips and under her curvaceous ass, truly delighting in the feel of her fingertips as they stroked the soft skin and the puckered area inside her cheeks. As always, fondling her most private parts in that way gave her sexual thrills that poured through her body, but she still wished it could have been Joshua's fingers, rather than her own. After a few minutes of caressing herself, it was time to remove the last garment and start playing with what she called her hot spot and her fun hole. Having been kept ignorant of all things sexual, she wasn't aware of the more conventional names for those body parts.

Joshua was playing with himself too, but not getting as much fun out of it as he would have liked. He could see his cousin was masturbating in the hay loft, and he could see how beautiful she was, with large, apparently very sensitive breasts and lovely, milk-white legs. Even as his hand was on his cock, he wished that his face could be in between those legs, with his tongue lapping at the pussy he still hadn't seen, followed by getting his body in between those same limbs and plunging his cock into where his tongue would have just been. It was fun watching Naomi but he knew it would be infinitely more fun if he could join her. He would have tried it but Josh was afraid if he did, she would scream and ruin the fun he was already having from watching and interrupt her own obvious good time.

She was wishing about the same thing as Joshua, but without as many details. Naomi was still a virgin, having never had actual sex with anybody, even although her hymen had long ago been broken by a slightly smaller carrot than the one she had that day. Even as she prepared to get to the best part of her interlude in the barn, she was still wishing it was her handsome cousin with her, instead of a vegetable. When she raised her body off the quilt and pushed down on the elastic waistband of her panties to get them around her ass, she wished it could have been his hands stripping off that last garment and leaving her completely naked. After pulling the cheap pink rayon panties all the way off, she rolled them into a tight cylinder, to stuff into her mouth if she started voicing her pleasure too loudly. With that taken care of, she dipped her fingers into the slippery fluid that had accumulated around her fun hole and started stroking the edges of it.

Joshua gazed in awe at the incredible pussy a few feet in front of his eyes. It was the most gorgeous he had ever seen, and the aroma of the juices that were dripping from it was the most delectable thing he had ever smelled. More than he had ever wanted anything, he yearned to join the beautiful Naomi on the white piece of cloth and eliminate the need for either of them to masturbate that day. Although still worried about losing the great view he had of his lovely naked cousin, he approached while softly murmuring her name.

Even as she lay on her back, eyes closed in bliss and running her fingers along her swollen pussy lips, Naomi fervently wished that it was a man's fingers there. In particular, she wished it could be the strong fingers of Joshua and that he could have been whispering sweet nothings into her ear while he gently made love to her. Her thoughts along that line were so strong that it even seemed as though she could hear his voice and that he was speaking to her.

Abruptly, she realized it wasn't her imagination. Her eyes flew open and, standing directly before her, was the very man she had been fantasizing about. His pants were open, and she could see something long and white protruding from them. It resembled the carrot she had been going to use and she realized it was his thingy, what the orange vegetable was intended to replace. The startled girl tried to cover her naked body but realized it was too late for that, so she just lay there looking up at him and wondering what he was going to do and say. She hoped he wasn't going to tell her parents what she had been doing, and she tried to think of a way to keep him from tattling on her.

She had no need to worry, because her cousin had no intention of doing that, and ruining what could be a very good thing for both of them. Her legs were spread wide apart, and he knelt between them, still gazing at her beautiful pussy. "Naomi, you don't need to play with yourself like that. I'll do it for you, and give us both a lot more fun."

"Why would you want to do that for me?"

"Because you are so beautiful and sexy and I want to make love with you."

Naomi realized her wildest and most erotic dream might be going to come true but she still had her doubts. "I've never been with a boy," she told him. "Do you know what to do?"

"I've been with girls before and I know. Just trust me; we'll both have a lot of fun today." Josh leaned in closer and breathed deeply of her incredible aroma. He had told the truth about being with girls but he had never seen or smelled a pussy that was as alluring as the one directly under his nose.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Raise your legs and rest them on my shoulders."

That was rather disappointing for Naomi because she had been hoping and expecting that Josh would stick his big thingy into her fun hole and do the things she would have been doing with the carrot but she followed his directions anyhow. He leaned forward and, seconds later, her disappointment vanished entirely when she felt his soft, wet tongue starting to caress the very sensitive skin on the inside of one of her thighs. It felt like nothing that had ever happened to her, and she sighed happily at the gentle, erotic touch.

Josh wasn't disappointed at all. Of all the pussies he had experienced, the most delightful one was between the legs of his country cousin, and he eagerly licked the delicious juices from the insides of her thighs, before his tongue started on her crotch. Naomi's pussy was the most fragrant he had ever smelled, besides being the most beautiful, with its swollen pink inner lips that were clearly visible through her sparse, light brown pubic hair. His tongue started stroking one outer lip, and the texture was the most heavenly he had ever felt, with the downy hair and her movements under his face adding to his delight. Slowly, wanting the pleasure to continue for a long time, he licked all the way to Naomi's mons.

Grinning from the tremendous fun he was already having, Josh raised his head to look over the gorgeous body that was available to him. He grinned even more at what he saw. Naomi's pussy had been squirming under his face, but all the rest of her body was writhing from the pleasure he was giving her, with her luscious breasts swaying from side to side. Not wanting his mouth to be inactive for too long, he moved his face back down and feasted on all the fresh juices her pussy had produced, before starting to lick her other outer lip.

Naomi had never felt anything to equal the incredible sensations she was receiving that day in the hayloft. Her fingers, wet with her juices and rubbed against the lips that surrounded her fun hole, felt something like it, but only to the degree that a summer breeze is something like a tornado. Wave after wave of intense pleasure rolled back and forth through her body, and she started to moan in bliss. Knowing that her voice would soon get louder, Naomi stuffed her panties into her mouth as she always did. She would have preferred to tell the man whose face was between her legs how good he was making her feel but she didn't dare let her sounds of delight be overheard by her mother or father.

A minute later, she was glad she had taken that precaution. Her handsome cousin had started by licking the slightly less sensitive area around her fun hole but, after that, she felt his tongue being insinuated into what she knew was a narrow space between there and another part. She had never touched herself there but, seconds After Joshua's tongue started to do so, she had some idea of what she had been missing. Not just waves, but tsunamis of pure bliss crashed through her body. "Mmmmmm," was the only sound she could make with her mouth stuffed full of rayon, but she knew that her cries of joy would otherwise have been heard in the next county.

He had missed the earlier moans of pleasure, which were such a treat to hear but Josh was aware that Naomi was enjoying his ministrations as much as he was by the way her body was moving under his mouth. When he reached her clit hood, he raised his face to admire the little morsel. It had pushed its way out from under its protective hood and was as beautiful as anything he had ever seen, resembling a pink pearl. When he looked at her body, he was elated at the way she was thrashing about on the quilt, with her breasts swaying and her head tossing from side to side, but he was surprised to see that she had stuffed her mouth full of something. He recognized the pink panties he had watched her remove earlier, and wondered why she was biting on them. Just some weird fetish, he decided, dismissively, and thought no more of it as his tongue returned to her dripping pink hole again.

Josh licked between the second pair of inner and outer lips the same as he had the first. By the time he reached her clit hood again, Naomi's pussy was thrusting up against his face; her body was rocking from side to side, and her heels were drumming on his back. This time, when he reached her clit, he knew that she was as ready to come as she ever would be.

Naomi knew it too, and wished Josh would do something to her hot spot to bring about the good feeling she wanted and needed so badly. She had never been in such a delicious state as she was then and she expected the finish to be more fabulous than anything she had ever experienced. In eager anticipation, she felt his tongue curling around what she knew was her swollen hot spot and she felt his lips engulfing it. As soon as he began sucking and licking, bursts of intense pleasure, much mightier than anything she had ever felt, inundated her body. Reflexively, Naomi raised her legs and her excited body began bouncing and pitching more rapidly from side to side while still thrashing wildly on the quilt.

Abruptly, her good time started. Like everything else that had happened to her that day with Josh, her coming made the previous good times pale in comparison. She shouted with absolute bliss, although she was the only person who heard it and her thighs clamped onto the head of the man who had brought it about. Her pussy fucked even harder up into his face, as Naomi lost control of her body even more than she usually did and her legs swung wildly from side to side, taking Josh's head along for the ride. He made no complaint, and continued sucking and licking.

The fun continued longer than it ever had, until Naomi felt a tremendous explosion of ecstasy. All her muscles clenched, she rammed her body against Josh's face for a final time before collapsing on the quilt. She was aware of her total feeling of pleasurable relaxation, but not of much else except for the sensation of her cousin's tongue continuing to lap around her fun hole. Josh expected to fuck, and wanted to leave enough of Naomi's juices for lubrication but he licked off the rest of the delicious treat before straightening up to gaze on Naomi's beauty again.

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