tagLoving WivesFarm Girl Thrills Neighbor Ch. 04

Farm Girl Thrills Neighbor Ch. 04


The next morning I woke up on the sofa to the rustling of dishes in the kitchen.

Mark had already showered and dressed and was finishing a cup of coffee. I heard the kitchen door open and I shouted "Hey, aren't you even going to say goodbye?" He said "Oh, I thought you were still asleep." He came back in and gave me the usual quick peck, and turned away and headed off to work. Apparently the fact that I had spent the night on the sofa didn't even faze him.

I decided that what I needed was some time outdoors, so I rallied myself to the bedroom, slipped on a pair of old blue jeans and a soft flannel shirt that were lying near the hamper, not even bothering with underwear. I slipped on a pair of duck boots and headed outside.

There was a shocking cool crispness in the air. Finally the weird balmy spell had broken overnight and it felt at least a little wintry, for North Carolina anyway. It was still not cold enough for a winter coat, but too cold for what I had on. I decided to just tough it out rather than retreat to the house to look for a fleece jacket.

Since I didn't keep any livestock or own a green house yet, there wasn't really anything for me to do, but it felt great to be outside. I just started wandering around our property. I ambled past the cold frames and thought about how I'd need to clean them out for spring planting in a couple of months. I wandered down the path by the barn that was kept worn down by my many summer trips to the garden. I walked past the compost bins and grabbed a pitchfork and turned over a clump of compost and watched the steam wisp out as the warmth of the active pile mingled with the crisp coolness of the air. The rich, earthy, smell of the compost somehow comforted me. It grounded me, and humbled me. It made me aware of the tiny role my life played on the grand stage of nature. I looked around and thought about all of the lives being lived out around me. There were birds flying from tree to tree and hopping around on the ground under my feeders. A deer was retreating at the edge of the woods, my presence having interrupted her breakfast in my pasture. I thought about the thousands of bugs, worms etc that must be with in a 10 feet circle around me. All of these little souls on their daily quest for survival, completely unaware of the knots in my stomach over the events of last couple of days. It helped put things in a different perspective. After all, sex was just part of the natural order of things.

It's these human concepts of fidelity, and monogamy; the bonds and ties we create for ourselves; these social mores that we accept as truths. They are the problem! They are all human creations that we could choose to live by, or reject. But when you think about it, it is not at all natural. We humans, like most of nature, seem to be programmed to seek multiple sexual partners. Yet we repress those urges to conform to a set of unnatural social values that we ourselves invented and for some reason continue to perpetuate.

I heard geese excitedly honking and I turned my attention to the pond on Kevin's property where a pair were cowering a kitten that had wandered a little too close to their territory. I glanced up over the pond and saw Kevin and his wife Sharon leaving their greenhouse. We made eye contact, and they waved and I waved back. I could see them say something to each other and they started walking over toward my place. I could see that they were coming to say hello so I walked over to meet them at the fence.

Kevin said "Lisa, you remember my wife Sharon right?

"Of course I do. Hi Sharon. I think I saw you two pulling up around ten o'clock last night, were you just getting in from the airport?"

Sharon said, "Oh no. We had gone out to dinner. I actually got in late the night before last around 11:30."

"Oh, ok for some reason I had it in my head that you were arriving yesterday." I said, only thinking afterwards that maybe I shouldn't let on that I spent enough time with Kevin to know her arrival schedule even that well.

I barely remembered what Sharon looked like. She had only been around for about week or two when we moved here, until she left for her teaching assignment. She was petite, around 5'4". She was thin but curvy with what looked like average sized breasts. She had crazy curly medium length hair that was auburn, almost red. She had green eyes with pale skin and cute little freckles. She had a bubbly personality and a constant devious twinkle in her eyes that just sucked you into her and made you want her to be your best friend. She was dressed like an LL Bean ad with a very "Maine" looking white sweater with a collar that perfectly framed her face, and a pair of Jeans.

"Wow you're chilly!" Sharon said staring directly at my chest. I was chilly and my nipples were standing out like pencils against my soft flannel shirt. I had been hoping that it wouldn't be noticeable in flannel but no such luck. Sharon was the kind of girl that said what was on her mind, without worrying what anyone else's hang-ups may be.

I looked down and shyly covered myself by folding my arms across my chest, and said "Yes I guess I am." as I smiled and looked back into her eyes with a look said that said "Geez did you have to point that out?"

Kevin said, "And here I thought it was me." Sharon slapped him playfully on the chest and smiled "YOU shouldn't have even noticed!"

Sharon, then said, "You don't have to hide em, cutie, we're both nipple fans, obviously."

She was just so damned cute, and she made what could have been a bit awkward, perfectly pleasant.

Kevin asked, "So what are you working on today Lisa?"

"Oh, I'm not working on anything today, just wandering around and thinking about what I want to do next year. I guess I'm avoiding housework when you get right down to it."

Sharon said "Awesome! You're taking me shopping. Kevin wants to start cabbage flats today...whatever that means."

"Well...," I said. "Yes, that sounds like fun actually. When do you want to go?"

"Sooner the better!"

"Ok, well, give me half an hour to get myself together and I'll pick you up at your place, then?"

"Sounds great."

I got myself dressed (this time opting for underwear and warmer clothes) and headed over to pick up Sharon. I was looking forward to spending the day with her; it would be just the distraction that I needed.

When I got to the house, I saw Kevin standing on the porch, motioning me to come in. As I walked up the steps he said, "Sharon is not quite ready. Come on in and have some coffee, it looks like it will take her at least that long."

I went in and sat down at the table in their breakfast area, while Kevin poured two coffees, and sat down across the table from me. As I took my first sip I saw Sharon springing down the hall. Her hair was wet and stringy and she was wearing only a bath towel that was a bit too small to be used that way. She stood casually by the edge of the table and as she used a hand towel quickly to pat her hair dry she said. "I'm really sorry, I thought I could be ready that fast, but at the last minute I decided I needed a shower."

As she reached over her head her bath towel wrapper pulled up and out at the bottom revealing her right hip, just the corner of the towel covered her crotch. If I was sitting where Kevin was I thing I would have had a clear view. Neither she nor Kevin seemed at all concerned about her being seen naked.

I said, "Take your time, I'm not in any hurry, I have coffee and great company."

"Great. I won't be too much longer." She turned away and scurried back down the hallway, re-tucking the towel in front of her as she walked, so it lifted up just over her cute little butt cheeks.

I said to Kevin, "She is so adorable, you must be so happy to have her back."

"I am. I've really missed her this time. She is such a big personality with so much energy that this place is like a morgue when she leaves."

"She's not that shy huh?"

Kevin laughed and said, "No. Exhibitionist maybe, but definitely not shy."

Sharon finally got dressed and he headed off for the mall. We spent the morning browsing through shops and decided that we were both hungry. We sat down at one of the nicer restaurants outside the mall, and continued making small talk while we waited for our food to arrive. Suddenly Sharon took a look around as though she was making sure no one we knew was nearby and asked "Ok, so I'm dying to know what was going on at your house two nights ago."

"What do you mean?" Of course I had an idea what she meant but no idea how she could know.

"Well, I came home and Kevin and I had gone to bed but I couldn't sleep. At around 3:00 in the morning I got up to get a drink and I saw a light coming from your house and I could see you and Mark and another guy on the porch and Mark was buck naked."

I was mortified and said "Oh my God, you saw that?"

"Well, I couldn't see that well...until I got out the binoculars."


"Oh come on, what would you have done if the tables were turned?"

"Hmmm. Let me think about that."

"Don't think too long, I want to know what kind of party you all were having over there."

I took deep breath, and thought about making up a story of some kind, but then thought Sharon was the kind of girl who could probably handle the truth, or at least parts of it. So I said, "Well that other guy was one of my husband's best friends who was visiting for the weekend. We had gone to a party and gotten really drunk and when we came home we played some games and one thing lead to another and mark ended up naked."

"That's it? What about the part where he lifted up your shirt and you were naked from the waist down?"

"Damn Sharon, those were powerful binoculars, did you see what went on inside the house too? God, I'm so embarrassed."

"No. That's why I'm asking. And don't be embarrassed, I think it's hot as hell, and I have to hear more."

I could tell she wasn't going to let it rest until she got the whole scoop, and frankly I felt like talking about it with someone who wouldn't be too judgmental. Sharon showed no signs of that. So I told her every detail. Every one except how Mark had been behaving since. That was a little too painful at the moment.

When I had finished the story Sharon said it was the hottest story she had ever heard. I said, "Oh come on, you seem like a girl with some stories to tell."

"Well, none quite that good, but I'll let you in on a little secret that I wouldn't tell to just anyone. Kevin and I have an understanding about when I'm overseas."

"An understanding?"

"Yes, it just didn't seem reasonable for us to be monogamous when we couldn't have sex with each other for almost an entire year. So we are allowed to date."

"So have you 'dated' since you've been there?"

"A few times, a couple of one night stands, and then there was one guy who I hung out with for about a month. I broke that off though because it started to feel too much like a relationship."

I just couldn't imagine how she could do that. This one night was making me crazy. I asked her how she did it without having it screw with her mind. She said "It gets a little complicated, but I really like getting laid and the thought of going a year without it just doesn't work for me."

"Wow Sharon, that blows my mind, I guess it shouldn't given what I just did, but ...wow. So...Kevin...he does this too?"

Sharon got a sly look in her eye and said "Well, why don't you tell me? He tells me you two spend a lot of time together."

"Oh, no way, nothing even close to that ever happens I swear!"

She smiled and said "Relax, I believe you. Actually I believe Kevin. Part of the deal is that we have to tell each other everything and I sincerely trust that he does. Actually, he sounds a little like your husband; he seems to get a bit of a jolt out of it. I mean he's not a cuckold or anything, but under the circumstances, it's almost like reading a good erotic story. But to answer your question, no, he hasn't yet. I feel a little bad about it. He's just so busy. Running the farm doesn't give him the opportunities. I, on the other hand,am overseas with a bunch of horny expats. He would do it, but he just hasn't had the chance. I wish he would, it would make it a lot easier. You should do him sometime."

"That's not going to happen."

"Why not? He's a cute guy, and you like him don't you? Throw a poor lonely farmer a bone once in a while. It's a big pie; Mark won't miss a slice every now and then."

"Oh my god, you are so casual about all this."

"Why shouldn't I be? People stress out way too much about all this stuff."

"I agree with you there, but having an affair with a next door neighbor is not something I'm going to do. Even if it is your hot husband" I said, smiling and winking at her.

"Ok so how bout this. I'll fuck your hot husband and then it'll be ok."

"Actually, that's not a terrible idea; maybe getting laid by you would get him out of the funk he's been in since I slept with Joe."

I wasn't serious, of course. I thought we were joking with each other. Sharon's eyes lit up, though, and she said, "I bet I could do it if we all got together for holiday party."

"I was joking Sharon."

"I'm not...I mean if you were ok with it. It could be fun and we could end up swapping partners. It would solve a little problem for each of us."

"Well...my first thought is 'fuck no bitch' but things are so fucked up now anyway, that I'm actually thinking about it. I know Mark would love to get his hands on you. I wonder if we could work it out so you could do him, without me fooling around with Kevin. I think that would be better for my problem."

"It wouldn't help me though. Well, not with Kevin. Why wouldn't you want to sleep with Kevin?"

"I didn't mean that, it's just that me having sex with another guy, would still have me two up on him."

Sharon suggested we just plan the party and think more about the rest later, and I agreed.

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