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Farnborough Rooming House


As with many of my stories there are several categories this would fit into including incest, lesbian, gay male, and reluctance to name a few. Hope you enjoy.

Note: This story is submitted with apologies in advance to the wonderful people of England for any misconceptions the author has of your country as I am writing with an American perspective of life there. I won't use uniquely British words unless I am sure of their use. Of course the act of sex itself doesn't change with geography.

Travel to England and just outside of Farnborough you'll find a large rooming house. It is set in the hills in the beautiful countryside and caters to men. It is a very large three story structure with 16 rooms. It is much nicer than many other such establishments of its kind. For one thing each room has its own restroom and small refrigerator.

Also, there is a lift for roomers on the second and third floor that was put in by the previous owner when the facility served many disabled servicemen after the war. Now it serves some agricultural workers but mostly is home for many of the workers at the nearby aircraft plant. Families are sometimes allowed to rent a room during the air show every two years.

A couple of years ago Mary Douglas and her daughter Jenny Collins noticed that the place was for sale and decided to buy it. However, they couldn't raise enough for the down payment so pooled their money with Lucy Thomas and Ruth Richards. Lucy and Ruth were life long friends and had known Mary and Jenny for over ten years and to most in the town the foursome seemed attached at the hip.

Little did the four women realize how difficult owning a rooming house would be. After taking over it was quickly decided that they would have to take turns staying overnight to keep some of the rowdier men under control and to protect their property. They also discovered there were fringe benefits to owning an all male boarding house.

What follows are accounts of some of their bawdy adventures with the men who made Montego's Inn the place to stay in southeast England. But, first, one cannot fully appreciate such accounts without a brief description of the four landladies. Mary is a widow, her daughter is single, and their friends are married and all have comfortable lives.

At 48 Mary is the mother of the group but looks more like a model. She is 5'6" weighing about140 pounds with curly black hair and blue eyes. Age has been very kind to her as there is absolutely no sagging in her 36-28-40 figure. Her daughter, Jenny, is 25 and the spitting image of her mother but weighs ten pounds less and has a 38-30-38 figure.

Lucy is a 34 year old buxom blonde with deep green eyes standing 5'4" 120 pounds with 40-28-38 measurements. And, her best friend, Ruth, is also 34

And has brown hair with sultry blue eyes and is 5'5" and is slightly heavier at 155 pounds but carries it very sensually with 40-30-42 measurements. As you can tell by the descriptions all eyes are on them when they are out together.

Problems started for the women as soon as they took the place over. Many of the gentlemen were lazy about paying their rent on time. Ruth came up with the idea of taking the mattresses out of the room and usually the rent was promptly paid. Paul was the first man that still refused to pay after his bed was taken out.

He simply brought his old sleeping bag out and slept init thinking he had the upper hand. He got away with this figuring that Mary and the girls would not call the constable. On the third night Mary snuck into his room and took every stitch of his clothing. She even took all of the towels and the drapes from the window. But she did not stop there.

Knowing that Paul didn't have to work the next morning she left him a dress in his size along with all of the trimmings including stockings, bra, panties, and high heels. Mary was pretty sure that Paul slept in only his birthday suit.

The next morning she waited patiently for the dead beat to get up. She was determined to teach him a lesson. Besides she liked the idea of showing the 6'2" muscular 210 pound man that she was really in control of her boarding house. He wouldn't know what hit him. At 8:00 she heard loud noises coming from his room.

Paul rummaged through the closets and drawers but to no avail. Soon Mary could hear her victim cussing and screaming. She braced herself for the inevitable charge into her room. Sure enough a couple of minutes later here came Paul wrapped in the sleeping bag. She greeted him with a smile, "Good morning Paul."

"Where the heck are my clothes," he bellowed.

""I left you adequate attire and we'll talk once you are properly dressed or should I call the cops?" she said almost in a chipper tone.

"I'm not putting on that damn dress lady," he hollered even louder.

"Yes you are Paul," she said sternly and then turned away. Knowing he would not find his clothes in the massive building and knowing that his landlady was serious the man reluctantly sulked back to his room. Mary's heart fluttered in pure delight and she felt a familiar tingle between her legs.

For several minutes Paul just looked at the garments wondering where Mary had gotten a dress that would fit him. Finally he caved in knowing he wasn't going to win this round short of being evicted or arrested. Strange feeling surged through him as he put the stuff on especially as he worked the stockings up his legs.

Paul knew that his landlady expected him to come looking for her once he had the dress on. He just hoped she was still in her room just down the hall so none of the other tenants would see him like this. He peeked out his bedroom door looking both ways before hastily making his way to Mary's room. It was difficult in the high heels as he couldn't keep his balance on the tiny pointed heel.

The man was half way in his landlady's room before his eyes caught sight of what was happening on the bed. He almost fell over as there was Jenny eating her mother's pussy. Mary's hands were wrapped in her daughter's hair as she ground her cunt feverishly in Jenny's face. Just then she saw Paul enter the room and cooed, "Jenny look at who has just come in."

A need to flee gripped Paul's entire body. He did not belong here watching this lesbian encounter between mother and daughter. But, somehow his feet would not move. Mary released her daughter's head long enough for the girl to look over at him. Jenny licked her lips, Oh mommy he sure fills out his dress nicely. Can we keep him as our toy?"

"Paul, or should I say Pauline, have a seat right there. I'll be with you when I am finished with my cunt lapping daughter," Mary whispered as she lowered Jenny's mouth back on to her pussy. An erection now obvious in his pants he settled in to watch the show. Then suddenly his view was totally obstructed by Ruth's ass in a pair of red silky panties.

He was so intent on the hot bum in front of him that he didn't even notice Lucy wrap a rope around his chest and tie him to the chair. He only began to struggle when she tied his arms up followed by his legs. Finally he moved his eyes from Ruth's knickers only to see Mary putting on a strap-on cock.

"Oh gawd yes mommy fuck me with your cock while we watch Ruth and Lucy play with our toy," Jenny purred. The girl wiggled her heart shaped ass at her mother as they got into position. As Mary shoved her dildo into Jenny's quim Lucy brought a box over to Paul's chair. Ruth placed a piece of two sided tape on Paul's forehead.

This was quickly followed with Lucy putting a long blonde wig on his head securing it in place with the tape. Next, Ruth inserted a piece of conical shaped memory foam inside of each of Paul's bra cups. As Lucy put clip-on earrings and a necklace on their victim Ruth applied lipstick and makeup. He was now fully transformed into a real lady.

"There isn't a person alive who could tell that you are a man dressed like that. You are one hot woman," Ruth cooed as she caressed his tits. Lucy grabbed his crotch and squeezed his cock through the knickers and looked him in the eyes.

"Yeah, all you need is a pussy and our job would be done," Lucy said laughing. Ruth and Lucy tenderly hugged each other satisfied in the work they had done. Paul was on fire seeing the four women and would do anything to, at least, play with himself. It was as if Lucy read his mind as she knelt before him and pushed the man's sexy knickers away from his throbbing erection.

As Ruth joined the other two on the bed Lucy swallowed half of Paul's seven inches. Torridly Ruth sucked on Mary's tits as Jenny came from her mother's assault on her pussy. It wouldn't be long before Paul would shoot in Lucy's throat but it was not to be. As his balls swelled Lucy suddenly pulled away. She carefully put the underwear back as she found them and smoothed out his dress on his lap.

Paul cried out in agony as the only thing worse than being forced to watch without being allowed play was having a girl bring him to the edge of climax without letting him spray his load. Seeing his predicament the women busted out laughing. Mary left the other three and strutted over to Paul with her cum covered dildo swaying from side to side.

"You are nothing but a deadbeat and worthless piece of crap. From this moment on you will do whatever any of us tell you to do. You will dress in woman's clothing anytime you are in this house or will not be allowed back in. You are now Pauline Paul's twin sister. Do you understand?" Mary said firmly.

"I'll go to the bank and get you the rent money plus interest," Paul pleaded. As much as he wanted to fuck all four women he didn't want to be their cuckold. Mary now knew she had achieved total victory as Paul's pleading was so sad and pathetic she walked closer so that the fake cock was only inches from his face.

"Yes Paul you will get the rent money but still only Pauline is allowed back in the house. Think hard as you know with the air show coming up there isn't another bed in the whole area. So now Pauline I know how sluts like you like to suck cock; so suck me," she purred victoriously . Paul turned his head as the cock approached.

The older woman grabbed his head and rubbed the knob of the dildo against the defeated man's lips. Taking a deep sigh of surrender Paul opened his lips and let the thing slide in. Action on the bed had come to a virtual stand still as the three women gleefully watched Mary fuck Paul in the mouth.

Once Mary was satisfied that Paul had gotten all of her daughter's pussy juices off of the dildo she went to her knees and sucked his cock hard and deep. She wanted so bad to feel him shoot in her mouth but knew she couldn't. This went on for another hour as all four of them frustrated Paul beyond belief.

Then as they got dressed Jenny touched up his makeup and they took Pauline down to breakfast and made the introductions to the housemates. None of the men there suspected a thing and all seemed to except Jenny's explanation that Paul had moved in with a girlfriend and let Pauline take his place here. Pauline didn't say more than two words during the meal and retreated to the safety of the bedroom when the meal was over.

Later that morning Jenny and Mary waxed his legs and chest and told him exactly how things would work. They revealed that his clothes were in an old butler's closet near the back door. When he left the house he would change into Paul and when he came back he would put on whatever outfit was waiting for him.

Ruth was in charge of teaching him how to apply makeup and Lucy would pick out his clothing. Mary wanted to be sure that when she sent him to the bank machine to pull out his rent that he came back so she figured that she ought to show him a little taste of the fun he would have even though he would be a cuckold.

Mother and daughter took their new conquest to the landlady's bed and made him sit there as they stripped each other. Paul could have easily reach out and touch them as they did this; but he already knew better. The smell of their sex was overwhelming and his frustration peaking just as Mary pushed him to the bed.

Jenny violently kissed him and then sat on his face. At the same time Mary impaled herself on his stiffie. Facing each other mother and daughter kissed as they rode the man's body. It took less than a minute for Paul to fill up Mary's quim but he stayed erect until he felt both women flood him with their juices.

When they were through with him the newly transformed cuckold went to the butler's closet and washed off the makeup, removed the wig and changed back into a man. Halfway out the door he felt the wig tape still on his forehead and quickly discarded it. His mind was a mess; a myriad of thoughts racing through it.

He was sure the four women would provide him plenty of sex but he didn't know if the virtual slavery the rest of the time was worth it. Of course, the biggest concern was the total humiliation of being dressed like a woman. Mindless he took the money from the bank and on his way back he stopped at a pub to think some more and have a cold one.

Reluctantly he decided to let the women have their way. It was the nicest rooming house in town and the food was wonderful. Head down submissively he walked back to see what would happen next. He was surprised when he got to the butler's closet that the conservative dress had been replaced with a French Maid's outfit.

It was complete with black bra, matching silky panties, garter belt and stockings. His face grew red with anger. He had never thought his tormentors would go this far. He slammed the stuff down on the counter and stormed out of the room. He was met immediately by Lucy holding a butcher knife. He roared at her, "There is no way in hell I am going to wear that get-up!"

"If you want in this house you will put it on right now and hand over the rent money. It is your choice dead beat," she snarled holding the knife threateningly. She wasn't going to use the weapon unless she had to. She wasn't afraid to use it either as she had been in an abusive relationship before her current marriage or a butcher knife was the only thing that saved her life. Paul could see that this seemingly crazy woman was serious.

Slowly he handed over the money and timidly turned around to put on the garments. It took him awhile to dress as he had no experience putting on stockings or a garter belt. As Lucy watched laughing at the man's ineptness as he finally clasped the hooks of the garter to the stockings. Showing him pity she assisted him with his makeup.

"Oh my goodness we are sure going to have fun with you," Lucy cooed as she squeezed his bum. Paul felt funny in this role reversal. He was beginning to understand what being treated like a piece of meat felt like. He couldn't count the number of women he had treated like this. As they walked through the kitchen Lucy put the knives away.

Grabbing his wrist Lucy pulled the man into her arms and kissed him hard and passionately. This kiss felt hot to Paul but he wasn't used to having two sets of large breasts smash against each other. It was a delightful forbidden feeling and his member came to full attention straining to free itself from the skimpy panties.

"Get your ass to your room right now Pauline," Lucy growled like a lioness about to pounce on its prey. As he walked by she gave his rear end a hard smack causing him to jump. However, he found himself almost jogging to his room as the sting of her smack radiated through his cheeks. Within a minute he looked over and saw Lucy sporting the same strap-on that the women had used a couple of hours earlier. She was also wearing a black garter, stockings and matching bra.

"Uh, Lucy, I'm, uh, I don't know about this," the victim stammered out. Lucy just kept walking closer and closer to the bed. The fake cock was swinging back and forth leading the way to the nervous occupant. She stopped right in front of him and gently caressed her cock before sitting down beside him and placing her arm around his shoulder.

"Now, Pauline, don't worry about a thing. It won't hurt that bad and soon you will be begging us to fuck you up the ass," she whispered as she pulled a tube of lube from her bra and put it on the pillow. She then pushed him back on the bed their lips meeting in pure animal lust as she climbed on top of him.

Their tits smashed together as their tongues danced in one another's mouth's. Paul got to feel Lucy's beautiful round ass for the first time. At the moment it didn't feel much different than sex with any woman especially when Lucy moved down his body to his crotch and pulled up his skirt. She then quickly yanked his panties away from his member and swallowed its entire length.

Lucy knew this wasn't part of the plan to make this man totally submissive but couldn't help herself. She just loved the taste and feel of a man's stiffie in her mouth. The truth was that Paul would have done anything this lady asked of him at that moment as her attention felt so good that he would have killed for her.

It wasn't long until the man's hips were coming up to meet each stroke of the mouth fucking that Lucy was giving him. She gave Paul's nuts a rough squeeze and he instantly exploded shot after shot of sticky seed into her mouth. Licking her lips in delight Lucy pulled back up Pauline's panties. She pulled them up until they created a wedgie before returning the skirt into position to cover the upper thighs.

Returning to the grand plot Lucy had Paul/Pauline kneel on the floor in front of her. It seemed like an eternity to him as Lucy was apparently ignoring him as she watched her pull back the comforter from the bed and did other tasks. Suddenly her meaty ass was filling his entire view less than six inches from his face. "You fucking deadbeat you aren't worthy of my shit. Do you understand?" Lucy growled.

"ah, yes; I um understand I'm a worthless piece of shit," Paul gulped knowing for sure that he was in way over his head. He wondered how far these women would go. He wanted to pounce on Lucy as he could smell the aroma of her sweet honey leaking from her twat but already knew better than to defy her.

"From this moment on you are the property of the women of this house and will be the house slut. You will do absolutely anything the four of us tell you to do. You will not piss, eat, sleep, shit, or cum without our consent. If you agree to abide by our commands and completely submit to us then begin by cleaning out my shit hole with your tongue," Lucy purred confidently very sure of her new slave's reply.

"Oh gawd yes ma'am, I'll be your hot sluttie girl or anything else you all want; anything for your magnificent ass," he drooled knowing that he was giving up all power inside those four walls. Gently he placed his hands on her ass cheeks as Lucy leaned slightly forward. He gazed at the crack that led to her brown puckering hole.

There were small tufts of peach fuzz along its length. Lucy cleared her throat signaling him to get on with it. As Paul's tongue began to stroke up and down her crack Lucy sighed contentedly. Lust soon overtook Paul as he jabbed his tongue in and out of her bowels. Lucy was getting weak in the knees and had to hold on to the nearby dresser for support as Paul did a thorough job of cleaning out her bum hole.

It didn't take long for her to orgasm. After calming down slightly she turned around and forced the rubber cock into his mouth. Paul didn't resist as he just let it slide in. After watching him giving the dildo an expert blow job she ordered him onto the bed on his hands and knees. Grabbing the lube she generously smeared the surface of the strap-on with it and then did the same to his rectum after pulling his panties off his ass cheeks.

Without another word being spoken she aimed the head of her fake penis at his back door and slowly let herself in. Paul wanted to scream in pain but held it back the best he could letting out only grunts and groans. Lucy reveled in the feeling of total power as she began to pump in and out of this formerly strong and dominant man's ass hole.

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