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Fast Layne


My wife and I had just spent almost two years building a car. It was our project and had brought us nice and close together. Now that we had this hot rod, we really wanted to test it out. We knew that there were a bunch of local street racers around so we began taking note when we saw them. It didn't take long to learn where they were and realize that we knew some of them from parts stores and cruise nights. One Sunday we saw a bunch of them heading out towards the industrial park at sundown. We quickly made the decision to go with it. As we arrived we were surprised by how many cars were there. There were probably twenty racers and at least that many spectators. While we watched a few races my wife told me she was wearing her special red outfit, and wanted to fuck me bad when we got home. The special red outfit is a totally see-thru both top and bottom bra and thong set, with NO lace, just a sheer Lycra material. So you can see EVERYTHING with a red tint to it. We were both hot, and pulled forward to signal we wanted to race. I noticed my wife getting a few looks as we leaned on the hood.

Let me tell you about my wife. Layne is small at barely five feet, but she has a mean c-cup rack that's firm all day long. However my favorite part is her ass. When she bends over and I can see under her firm round cheeks right into the pie shaped wedge of light brown hair around her pussy, it kills me on the spot. After a little while two guys approached to check out my car and ask me if I wanted to run. I said yes and the negotiations began.

Once we knew what the other had the guy came out with a grand right away. My wife and I had discussed it and we had twelve hundred plus three in checking. The twelve hundred was free and clear, the three might hurt a little to lose. We went aside to confer and my wife asked me if I could win. I whispered yes and she came back and told the guy 1500. His eyes got wide and I think he sensed the new comers might be hustling him. 1100, was his reply, and my wife got a devilish grin on her face.

"You better win, because there's something I HAVE to do and if after I do it you're too bummed to fuck me, I'm going to be hurt. I wanna show off now that I can." She whispered. She had been going to a gym for close to a year now. I looked at her wide-eyed and she winked, so I gave her the floor. "Just like Grease, but Olivia Newton John can kiss my ass." She whispered and walked back over to the guy and his buddy.

"$1250." My wife said. "And I send you both off, in just my bra and panties. I caught you lookin'. They're see-thru." She finished.

The two guys looked at each-other then walked over to a four door with four guys in it. After a moment the whole car looked at us and the passenger handed my opponent two crisp hundreds.

"Let's go." He said. His buddy climbed into the four door, which was now stuffed and we got in line to race. There were two cars in front of us and while they staged and ran, my wife stripped down. My cock was so hard as I watched her step half naked out of the car and walk to between the two vehicles. I stroked my shifter as my wife got ready to start us, as she dropped her hands we took off. I didn't miss a beat paddling the car through the gears. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the guy fall back, first into my blind spot then into my rearview. As we reached the end and got ready to turn he pulled up and threw a handful of cash through the open passenger window.

"Here!" He said and turned, as he did sirens and cruisers erupted all around us. I looked back down the track. There were more cops there than where I was, and there in the middle of the street was my wife's frame exposed in the streetlights. She jumped back and forth in the middle of the street as cars and cruisers whipped around her. I'd never make it, it looked like the prize money might be bail and impound. Then I was amazed to see MY WIFE dive headfirst through the back window of the four door, which promptly peeled around a cruiser and took off. They were getting closer and my shock wore off quickly as I cut through two parking lots and across the main street, flying to get home as quickly as possible.

I pulled around back and grabbed the cash, my wife's clothes, and the cell phone. I then ran out front and waited. Minutes passed. I checked the cell phone to make sure it was on. Finally the inside phone began to ring. Frantically I tried to unlock the door, but didn't make it. There was no number on the caller ID, so I sat and waited. Looking down at the $1250 dollars I had just made.

I wondered where she could possibly be. A half hour passed. Finally the phone rang.

"HELLO!?" I said.

"Thank god you're home! Where were you?" She asked.

"I was out front waiting with the cell phone! Where are you, are you alright?" I asked frantically.

"Pretty much. I'm at their house. they say the cops keep going by, so they can't leave, because half of them are on probation."

"I'll pick you up. Where are you?" I said

"No clue, but they said no to that too, they KNOW the cops saw me, so if they see me leave here, they'll come in." Layne said

"What are you wearing?" I asked.

"The same." She said.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

"Mostly, the ride over was a little rough." She whispered.

"what happened?" I said

"I don't want to talk about it." She said. "they won't give me anything to put on."

"So what now?" I asked.

"They say they'll bring me home in the morning." She said.

"Are you serious?" I yelled.

"Yeah, but I think I'll be ok, I made it clear that I'm off limits, and I don't think they'd rape me, they're on probation and you could ID them as easily as I could." This time she spoke clearly.

"Alright, if you say so, I'll call in." I said.

"Oh yeah, it's Monday. sorry." Layne said and then someone else grabbed the phone.

"Hey when do you get off work?" The voice asked.

"Five." I said.

"We'll drop her off around six, don't worry, she's in good hands." With that there was a click.

I sat alone on the couch for a good half hour thinking it all over. My wife was in some strange apartment on display, and there was nothing I could do. I finally realized that I was rock hard. I became angry with myself for the erection, but that didn't make it go away. Gradually the thought of what they wanted from her began to unroll into a fantasy and I pictured her and I pictured it, and I found myself jerking off. When I came it was paralyzingly strong and for a few minutes guilt washed over me as I lay on the living room couch with cum all over my lap and my heart pounding. Then the images began to come again, and I welcomed them as my cock began to stir for an encore. I couldn't believe some of the depraved acts I was picturing my wife doing. Little did I know.

It was one AM when the phone rang. I was asleep on the couch.

"Hello!" I said nervously awoken from a dream of my wife giving head naked in a parking lot to a total stranger.

"It's me!" My wife gasped breathlessly.

"Are you ok?" I asked now wondering if I was still dreaming.

"YES!" She grunted and I realized there was an unmistakable rhythm to her tone and steady breathing. "I'm-pant-pant-sorry." She hissed and then let out a long moan. Then the phone must have fallen because I lay there listening to at least three distinct voices fuck my wife. Giving her directions like 'roll-over' and 'yeah just like that.' They said things like 'Bitch just won't quit,' and 'fuck her harder she wants it.' I couldn't believe my ears, I began to jerk off. It went on for HOURS, I tried to count the voices and couldn't I lost count at nine! There was one ever present voice though, my wife's asking for more and more and more. At three o'clock I distinctly remember someone saying 'damn look at all the cum!' I passed out not long after. My alarm clock went off at seven and I did end up calling into work. The phone was emitting a busy signal.

I went out to get the paper and a flash of red in the mailbox caught my eye. As I opened it the pungent smell of sex and cum filled my nostrils. Inside were my wife's panties and they were coated completely with cum. At the bottom of the mailbox was a Polaroid. I took it out, and there was my wife with a cock in EVERY hole. the day dragged by, I drifted in and out of sleep on the couch, and finally at two I could take no more and went to the bank to deposit the cash I had made. When I got home, I had missed a call. I frantically rushed to the answering machine.

"Hey it's me, I just woke up, and I wanted to tell you that I'm going to be late to be dropped off. I thought we were done for until they held the phone to my ear last night and I got to hear you beating off. If you liked that, wait until tonight." Layne said to the machine. Fear began to grip me. This was going too far wasn't it. My dick was sore from too much jerking off, but as I played the message over and over again it got hard. I rubbed my balls and the base of my penis for over an hour dreaming of my wife and the debauchery she was involved with before I finally came. I ordered pizza and sat alone eating it. At eight thirty the phone rang. It was a man's voice.

"Hey, don't talk, just listen." he said. I could hear slurping and muffled moaning. "That's her, she's sucking my dick right now. There's only four other guys here now, but she made us promise to invite more, the little slut likes to pull trains. We lost count of how many times yesterday, but we can tell you there were a total of seventeen dudes. You'd think that would last her a month right. Fuck no! Bitch said gimme more. We've got more pictures for you, they should be in the mailbox now, we dropped them while you were out. We had them developed at the drugstore on the corner of your street. Clerk seemed to like it man. Hey keep suckin', I'm almost there." With that I heard the phone moving and another voice got on.

"Hey, I'm about to stick my dick up your wife's ass. Yeah I thought you'd like that. She just stuck it out more, she wants it. Tell me you want it."

"Do it, fuck me up the ass." I heard Layne's voice, then the slurping resumed. Then I heard her inhale sharply as whoever was talking penetrated her ass. I was on the phone for almost six hours! While they told me everything that was happening and occasionally put Layne on to moan and grunt in my ear I laid out the snapshots. There were seventy two photos, they had gone through two big rolls of film. There had been cum flowing out of her pussy, her asshole, her belly button, off her breasts, in her hair, all over her face. At one point after she had passed out they had laid her in the bathtub and there were five pictures of different guys pissing on her. I didn't know how much more I could take. At Two fifteen when they finally hung up the phone, she had been out cold for almost an hour and they had just kept fucking her. At one point some guy had told me there were ten guys in line, three going at her, and six had just finished. I passed out again.

Work called at nine, I told them I was sorry, that I was really sick, and would try to make it in on Wednesday. I spent Tuesday sequestered in the house checking the phone, and mailbox religiously. Finally at six-thirty that night a car pulled up and three guys carried her from the curb to the door. She was out cold, naked and coated in cum. As I opened the door they carried her into the house, and laid her on the bed. On the way out, one of them handed me a massive envelope, full of close to five hundred pictures. Once they were gone, I looked at my wife's naked form on the bed. They had lain her on her back with a pillow beneath her butt so I could see both her stretched out pussy and asshole.

Cum flowed freely from both orifices pooling on the bedspread. Her hair was slick with it and her pubic hair was matted. All over her body were messages in permanent marker. Things like 'oh yeah baby' 'fuck her harder' Signatures with hash marks beside them, tags, drawings of joints, it was everywhere she looked like a train station bench. I crawled in beside her and collapsed amidst the stench of sex, and when she woke up I carried her to the tub and tenderly washed every inch of her sore body. I had to drain and rinse the cum out of the tub TWICE to do it. The permanent marker took two days to get off. As Friday approached we really hadn't spoken much about it, until she told me, we were going racing on Friday.

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