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Fat and/or Ugly


I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read, "I may be fat but you are ugly and I can always go on a diet."

That bumper sticker made me realize that there are many not only fat but, also, ugly people out there. Sure, I see lots of fat and/or ugly people every day and everywhere I go. Fortunately, I am not fat or ugly. Thankfully, there go I before God, I scored high in the accidental gene pool at birth. Additionally, I exercise and stay away from fast-foods. Yet, it is all relative. If I was standing next to a Marine just out of basic training, he would consider me fat. If I was standing next to any one of those bachelors that they show on that reality television program, The Bachelor, then, I would be deemed ugly.

Yet, what about all the other people out there who do not measure up to our standards of those who have a great body and of those who are beautiful or handsome? Certainly, we do not see very many fat and/or ugly people on television. Even that reality television show, The Big Loser has good looking albeit fat people on their show.

Most of the characters in Literotica's stories are always gorgeous people with great bodies. Generally, we do not lust over fat and/or ugly people because we are superficial and cannot see beyond the fat and/or ugliness. Rarely, do we take the time to see the real person beneath the surface even if they are superior in every other regard, intelligence, personality, sense of humor, and goodness. Yet, if she or he was good looking but a nitwit and a bitch or a bastard, we would still take the time to know them better overlooking the fact that they were intellectual morons and not a good person. Does that make us all shallow? Don't laugh, Miss Right may not be the hot, sexy blonde or Mister Right may not be the tall, handsome Adonis, but someone we overlooked and immediately dismissed because he or she is fat and/or ugly.

I think that I would be safe to write that half of the population in this country falls in the category of either fat and/or ugly with many winning the prize of being fat and ugly. Still, if we were all blind, we would have to reclassify our definition of fat and ugly. Moreover what you or I may see as fat and/or ugly may not be that, at all, to someone else.

If I had to choose one or the other being either fat or ugly, I would choose fat because just as the bumper sticker stated, I can always go on a diet. If you are ugly, what is your alternative, plastic surgery? How many of us would really go under the knife, even if we could afford the tens of thousands of dollars for the makeover that would make us better looking?

Then, I was thinking, who do the fat and ugly people consider fat and ugly? What measurement do they use to declare who is fat and who is ugly? Are they offended and turned off by the majority of stories that appear on Literotica that tout beautiful people? Do they even read those stories or do they skip them? Do so many of those stories that appear here about beautiful people make them depressed and encourage their cycle of overeating?

I suspect that if I was fat and/or ugly that I would be depressed reading some of the stories about the young, tall, beautiful, blue-eyed blonde with firm C cup tits and a round, shapely ass, as I would reading about some 6'2" tanned, muscular stallion who is also a rich doctor. Even I cannot stand to watch the soap operas. Where do they find so many good looking people? There's not a fat, ugly one in the bunch.

I dare say that I am missing an entire audience of readers who, if I wrote more stories about fat and/or ugly people, they may not only read my stories but, also, vote and give my stories high scores. Would not it be odd, if fat and/or ugly people preferred to read about fat and/or ugly people? Would not it be odder, if fat and/or ugly people preferred to read about thin and/or beautiful people?

We need a reality television show called The Fat and Ugly. Sure, there is Ugly Betty, but she is not fat or ugly in real life. I think it would be interesting if a cameraman followed a fat and ugly man and a fat and ugly woman around to give the rest of us shallow people a reality check as to what they must deal with every day.

Imagine going through your day fat and/or ugly? Imagine being lonely or alone because you are fat and/or ugly? Imagine people staring at you? Imagine strangers telling you to diet? Imagine never having anyone hit on you? Imagine never getting the eye from someone? Imagine having zero self-esteem and confidence? Sure, I have some bad days as an average guy, but I cannot imagine the misery of someone who got shafted in the face and the body department. Yet, let it be said that not all fat and/or ugly people are dissatisfied with their lot. Many are well adjusted and happy to be alive albeit fat and/or ugly.

Sure, you can say, there is always worse out there. Yeah, I know, I felt bad because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet. Still, my point is this; we, all of us, do not look past the outside appearance of someone. There is a real person beneath the fat and the ugliness. They have feelings, too. They are no different than the rest of us, in that regard.

Most of what is written here is obvious but, obviously, it needs to be written and it needs to be read. I want you to go outside right now. That's right, now. Stop whatever it is you are doing and go find a fat and/or ugly person. Walk up to her or him, introduce yourself, befriend her or him, give her or him a hug, make a pass at her or him, grab their ass, and invite her or him to your bed for hot sex.

Trust me, you will feel better about yourself afterwards. And, who knows, you may find that you like this fat and/or ugly person more than you do the thin and/or beautiful person you are with now.

And to all of you fat and/or ugly people, I want to hear from you. Make a comment to this story telling everyone that you are proud to be fat and/or ugly. And to all you thin and/or beautiful people, I want to hear from you, as well. Make a comment to this story letting everyone know that you are shallow and superficial and are now ready to change your evil ways by looking for a fat and/or ugly person to love. Who knows, you may make a love connection with someone who is compatible or sympathetic to you. Good luck.

Uhm, to that guy who is dumping the young, tall, beautiful, blue-eyed blonde with firm C cup tits and a round, shapely ass for a fat and/or ugly woman, tell your ex-girlfriend to e-mail me her telephone number. I, uhm, just want to talk to her for a minute.

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