tagNonHumanFated Hearts Ch. 07

Fated Hearts Ch. 07


So. This chapter was fun to write in a morbit sort of way...but I hope you enjoy it. My editor is awesome, so I'm glad for that. And I'm warning you now that this gets a lot uglier before it gets better (if it gets better). Don't despair. Just keep reading and leaving comments. I would love it very very very much to see what you guys think of Fated Hearts and Thessa and Eric. Even if it looks similar to the last comment....comment anyway!!! Enjoy!


Thessa heard Eric cry out in pain. She frantically searched for the faint telepathic connection between them and panicked as she drew blanks. It was as if...

He's alive, human. Our mate is hurt, but alive. Her wolf reassured frantically. At the same time, Thessa's fear amplified as she felt another presence in her head. It hurt, almost as if the connection between them was being forced open. She pushed herself to the surface with a scream as the high pitched frequencies assaulted her sensitive ears. A trickle of blood dripped from her nose as she clawed at the slick bank of the pond, gills vanishing as she shifted back to her human form. She gasped for air as the waves seemed to overpower her, screaming in terror as she felt the jab of the needle in the side of her neck.

"Mistress will be very proud." Anton smiled to himself, ceasing the paralyzing incantation.

He jogged over to the tarp he laid nearby to help him drag his heavy captives away. Once he got Thessa onto it, he dragged her to the unmarked van he had hidden near the path near the lake. He heaved her into the back, pushing her in to make enough room for the even bigger wolf. Eric was much too heavy for him to carry on just the tarp, so he looked around before shifting into his wiry gray wolf, using his strong jaws to pull the wolf to the back of the van. With a grunt, he deposited the Alpha next to his mate and slammed the door shut. A sense of pride washed over him as he climbed into the driver's seat, adjusted the rearview mirror and pushed in a CD. He hummed along as he took one of the back roads out of the pack land toward the other side of town.


When Thessa woke up, the first thing she smelled was the damp musty scent of an underground room. She opened her eyes and her vision was filled with blackness. At first she feared that she was blind, but then realized, after her initial panic, that the strip of black cloth over her eyes was the source. She heard her own shallow breathing and felt the cold, dead weight of the shackle circling her bare ankle. Realizing that her hands were indeed free, she reached up to snatch the blindfold off, then sucked in a sharp breath and wished she'd left it on.

Sweet Jesus, we're in a torture chamber. She looked at the various whips and devices littering the dim room, choking back the rise of bile in her throat. For once, she wished her vision wasn't so superb.

She looked around, relieved when she saw that Eric was on the other side of the room. She took a deep breath and squeezed her eyes shut; searching again for the telepathic connection she shared with Eric. She almost cried out in relief when she felt it there. It was weak, but still there. Thessa tried reaching out to him, but was met with silence. When that didn't work, she took a deep breath and tried to shift. She almost buckled when her head started pounding, as if someone was beating on it like a drum. With a sigh, she lay her head back on the wall, forcing herself to calm down. There would be no way she could get herself and Eric out of this mess if at the most conscious one between them was in hysterics. When she opened her eyes again and caught sight of the open Iron Maiden. With a faint cry, she hugged her legs into her chest and sobbed quietly to herself.

It's not supposed to go like this. Where's my happily ever after? She sniffed. Her wolf stayed quiet. The animal had reacted badly to the tranquilizer. Thessa decided that there must have been something else in the shot to suppress her shifting abilities. The grim realization almost dimmed her hope for survival.



Wake up, please! She begged, crawling forward on her hands and knees. The rough cement floor scratched her knees and palms. She felt him stir in her mind and kept moving until she ran out of chain. She was almost at his hand. She lay on her belly, stretching over his lap as far as she could reach. She jumped when the chain on his wrist jingled faintly as he lightly brushed her hand with his fingers.

I'm awake, but I don't know who is watching. I need you to pretend like you didn't get a response. He ordered. The tranquilizer wasn't enough to keep me out the whole ride over. I was awake by the time he took us out of the van. But something is wrong. I'm extremely disoriented. I just need to find a way to contact Stephen or one of the other advisors. Something like this was deliberate. It was planned. Thessa could sense his anger almost as if it was a visible shroud around him.

What about the pain in my head? Thessa asked, dropping her head onto Eric's leg. Tears seeped from the corner of her eyes as she remembered the searing intensity of the noise, loud enough to drive her insane.

I don't know...I'm thinking some kind of spell. Do you know any witches? Eric kept his eyes closed, the effort of communicating telepathically was taking a toll on him. He felt himself drift off and flexed his fingers in an attempt to keep himself awake.

As Thessa was getting ready to respond, the only door in the room squeaked open, the heavy wood protesting against its hinges.

"Oh well hello, lovely. Look who's awake." A tall statuesque woman walked through the door, followed by an equally tall, thin man.

Thessa narrowed her eyes at them, only partly feigning the anger she wanted them to feel. She took the time to take in every detail of the woman's face, storing it away for future reference. The woman was beautiful, but her beauty was flawed by the cold, expressionless glint in her eyes. She wore a ridiculously ornate gold and red Venetian mask, the light hit it and the designs made her face look horribly scarred and burned. Thessa forced her heart to slow down. She focused on the woman's voice, allowed her heart to slow down to match each ominous click of stiletto on concrete.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to my humble home." The maniacal laugh that erupted from her ruby red lips was filled with hatred and scorn.

Thessa shivered. This whole setup was bizarre, their...hostess was obviously mad. She clutched Eric's wrist for protection.

"Oh, don't worry about him. We made sure he wouldn't wake up anytime too soon. Eh, give it a couple hours." She shrugged off the robe she was wearing. Her body was as beautiful and flawless as a Greek statue.

"Isn't it beautiful?" She sighed, running her fingers over her perfect olive skin.

"This is what he likes, you know? He told me I wasn't good enough, but now I am. It only cost...well, my mind. He drives me crazy...so fucking crazy." She shook her raven hair wildly over her shoulders.

"We'll have to thank...well, don't worry about who we have to thank for this, let's have a look at our man there hmm?" She leaned down between Eric and Thessa.

"This just won't do...Anton."

"Yes Mistress?" Thessa's eyes widened as she noticed the omega that was sneaking around when she was eavesdropping on Nyoko and Eric's conversation previously.

"It's you!" She growled, getting ready to stand.

"Yes it is." He smiled sickly, holding up another syringe. He was beautiful too. They both looked so unnaturally wonderful.

He and the woman had an equally cold voice.

"Oh you didn't like my spell, huh? Want me to say it again?" He opened his mouth and Thessa cringed.

"Enough. Just hold her back. I need to do something." The woman's lips tilted into what would have been a smile...if her canines weren't extended and sharpened into points as steep as her heels.

Thessa yelped as the chain attached to her ankle was yanked back. She clawed at the floor, biting back the scream as she saw the faint trails her blood left as she was dragged over the unyielding floor by her equally unyielding captor. She tried to reach Eric and found the connection was closed again. She thought at first it was to keep up the farce that he was weak and defenseless. She noticed however, that his muscles were tense with nervousness.

"Who are you?" Thessa asked, fighting the urge to lunge at the woman as she caresses the side of Eric's face lovingly.

"Ugh. Did I ask you to speak? Anton, drug her please? Only a little though, I want her to watch." She waved her hand at Thessa dismissively.

"No! Stop! I'll be quiet." Thessa begged, whimpering to show her submission. She felt her wolf surge awake with anger within her and pleaded with the animal to hold on just a moment longer.

I know what I'm doing, wolf. She said softly.

I don't usually beg, human. Do NOT let that woman touch our mate. It will not end well for her if she does more than what she is doing. Thessa's wolf growled. She could feel the animal pushing forward and pushed it back.

She watched the woman straddle Eric's lap and coiled what was left of her chain around her wrist. Her hand pressed against the wall and noticed that one of the screws holding the chain in place was loose. She almost wept for joy as it unscrewed easily. Her wolf howled in relief as she finally allowed it to push forward enough to lend Thessa some of its superhuman strength. She took a few deep breaths, working up the courage to yank the whole thing out of the wall.

The woman growled in frustration. "Anton!!! Why isn't he hard yet? The witch said...she said it should have worked!!" She whined frantically grinding herself on Eric's lap.

Thessa took a final deep breath and growled in pain as she hooked the claws of one hand into the rings of the chain and pulled. The groan of metal as it was forced from the wall echoed in the room. With a howl she stood and swung her arm, catching Anton off guard as she punched him squarely in the face with the chain. His face was a mask of shock and fear: a spark of humanity in his otherwise empty grey eyes before he fell unconsciously. Satisfied that he was out for the moment, she advanced on the woman now scrambling to her robe. She held up a scrap of paper and started yelling the words. Another howl escaped her as the same wail penetrated her skull.

No! She ground her teeth together, forcing herself to push forward. She had only precious minutes left before the spell would render her wolf helpless and knock her out. She took one final deep breath and swung the chain, whipping her wrist so that the end caught in the woman's leg and pulled.

The scratches weren't deep, but the scars they left would be infected given how rusty the screws were. It had the desired effect. The noise in Thessa's head shut off as the monster screamed. She ignored the instinct to flee when her captor's eyes burned as gold as the detail on her mask. The picture was frightening; claws and fangs were elongated as she charged.

It was easy to catch her off guard, Thessa almost laughed as her tormenter lunged, carelessly leaving herself open to the oncoming blow to her hip. She cried out, the sound was frenzied, and she used the energy charging the room to shift and go straight for the pulse beating erratically at the side of the other woman's neck. With a satisfied growl, she severed the jugular and tugging to rip through the rest of her throat. She crouched over her victim, dark red blood turning her dark brown fur black. She was exhausted with the effort it took to control here wolf. She was still wounded. The scratches on her side from the woman's frantic attempt to hold onto something as she died burned as her sweat trickled into them.

She looked around and saw the glimmer of a key on the ground near the discarded robe. Thessa picked up the key and the paper with the incantation and pulled on the silky material. Despite the temperament of its previous owner, Thessa felt a sense of relief from having something on her body. With trembling, bloodied fingers, she unlocked the shackle from her ankle and Eric's wrist and ankle cuffs.

"Who was she?" She asked quietly, forcing herself to calm down.

"It's not what you think." He started, staring up at her.

"DAMNNIT Eric, I'm not stupid. What was she talking about?" she was taken aback by the surge of jealousy that felt too foreign to be her own emotion.

She shook her head and tugged one stained hand through her tangled hair. "I don't know what that was. But I need to know who she is, and we need to leave." She said, the adrenaline from her fight distracting her from the blood pooling on the floor.

Kill him. She turned to Eric, surprise crossing her features.

"Why? He's knocked out. We don't have to kill him." She stood over Anton, lips tugged into a frown.

"Thessa, what is going on babe?" Eric put a hand on her shoulder, worry displacing his anger at Diane and pride that she was able to defend them.

"Didn't you just tell me to kill him?" She stripped Anton's shirt and pants off and turned to hand them to Eric.

"No. I didn't say anything, Thessa...Thessa?" He caught her as she started shaking.

"Eric, what's happening?" She dropped the clothes, lifting a shaking hand to her mouth.

"You're going into shock. We have to go." He ignored the mess and lifted her into his arms, wishing he could shift into something that could take them from this place as quickly as possible.

He tightened his grip as she started crying. His hand rubbed her back soothingly.

"Eric, put me down. Oh god." She dropped to her knees and emptied her stomach. He picked her up, wiping the edges of her mouth with the robe and continued. The flights of stairs upward seemed endless, but he finally reached a door.

"Can you stand up? I don't think we'll both fit through the door. Here, let me go first." He murmured.

The procedure was all too familiar: every time he'd gone into battle with younger werewolves, they had reacted the same way upon seeing their first kill. It was hard seeing their innocence wash itself out of their eyes, and it was harder still when it was his mate who was enduring a similar reaction. Eric's face was grim as he passed through the door, stopping when he sensed the presence of someone nearby.

"It took you long enough to kill them. I was starting to worry they weren't weak enough. Can't have you dying, right?" A figure in a cloak lay draped over the couch. Catlike green eyes stared back at him from under the black hood.

"Mourning clothes. Fitting, isn't it?" She sighed and snapped her fingers.

Eric gasped when invisible hands pulled him forward from the door.

"Ah, this is your mate. Thessaaa, come out kitten." She cackled and Eric cringed inwardly at the dry, raspy voice.

"No, no no!" She clutched the door frame, eyes wide with terror.

"Oh come now babygirl, don't be shy. I don't bite...much." The woman laughed again.

"Where are my manners? Thessa, introduce us." A hand fluttered from under the cloak and Thessa stumbled forward.

"P..P..." She shivered violently.

"STOP! This is an expensive rug. We will have none of that." She waved a hand dismissively.

"Actually, forget it. Don't tell him my name. I'd know." She tapped a finger to her forehead and Thessa knew who the voice from before was.

"Dennis." She called out and Eric growled low in his throat. He should have killed the man when he had the chance.

"Yes, Mistress." He bowed low, his eyes locked on Thessa, taking in her wild hair and frightened eyes.

"Take the girl away, and send my son in to take away the man, he should be coming to any minute now in the basement." She yawned.

"Do be careful, It's a bit messy down there."

"Wait." Eric blurted out, a plan formulating in his mind.

"Oh what is it now?" The cloaked figure turned its probing gaze to Eric.

"If this is the last time I'm going to see her, let me at least have a moment to say goodbye...privately?" He asked, softening his voice.

"Well...I don't see why not. Dennis, stay outside the door. Don't try anything stupid." He nodded once and moved to stand outside the door. With whisper, she vanished, the black cloak lying flat on the stuffed couch.

"Thessa come here." Eric said, his voice filled with longing.

"Eric, what are you planning."

"We're going to mate."

"Right now? But what about the—" Thessa was cut off by the crush of his mouth against hers.

"We don't have much time. If I want to be able to find you no matter how far we are from each other, then you have to take off that robe, and kneel in front of me." He started undoing the belt. As he revealed her body, his reaction was immediate.

He watched and she got onto all fours in front of him and he knelt behind her, lined himself up with her soaked entrance and pushed himself in with one thrust. Thessa locked her elbows as the sensation threatened to turn her bones to jelly.

It's been too long. Eric groaned telepathically.

Do you know the mating ritual words? He asked as he pumped his hips, faster and faster, trying not to make too much noise.

Start, quickly. They won't leave us alone much longer.

I take you, Thessa, as my mate for all eternity. Everything that is of value to you has now become of value to me. I make it my duty to see that your needs are met, and no danger comes to you. He hesitated at that point, for he was about to renege on that point in a few seconds. He sped up his thrusts, no longer caring how much noise they made.

I take you, Eric, as my mate for all eternity. Everything that is of value to you has now become of value to me. I make it my duty to see that your needs are met, and no danger comes to you. She cried in her head, tears slipping over her cheeks and onto the rug under them.

I love you. He wept. He heard her sharp gasp and the clamp of her pussy around him. It was time.

I love you. I'm sorry. He felt his canines elongate as he leaned back and turned her around so she faced him.

The next moment was one of great confusion. The couple hadn't bitten each other for more than a few minutes before the door burst open and Dennis and another man stormed in.

"Fucking bitch!" Dennis growled, slapping Thessa roughly.

He ignored her screams, and the gasping sobs of pain as he pulled her away from Eric. He locked his arms around her to keep her from hurting herself as he pulled her through the door. Dennis forced her to watch as Eric was sedated again as Anton and another man dragged him from the room.

"Don't worry kitten...I'll take good care of you." He leered.

Thessa spat in his face and was rewarded with another slap.

"Listen to me, bitch. You're mine now. You've always been mine. There isn't any stupid fucking mating ritual that's going to change that. He won't even recognize you when I'm finished, much less want you." He shook her roughly as he handcuffed her wrists and ankles to the wheelchair waiting outside the door.

"I will never be yours." She snapped at him.

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