tagMatureFather Uses Huge Asset Ch. 08

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 08


Kim clasped her wonder bra around her huge tits. Her 32 double D tits sat high and firm without assistance but this bra made her look pornographic. Her kind, pretty eyes and tumbling dark hair made her look like an angel who you would take home to your mum, her body made her look like a top porn star.

Her legs were strong, tanned and shapely. She accepted that they were not quite as long as Sally's but her bubble shaped arse was so firm and shapely that not even Sally could compete with her. Her slim waste and flat tanned and toned stomach completed the perfect package.

She admired herself in her dress. It wrapped around her and it could make men cum in their trousers from 20 yards away. Her huge cleavage bulged firmly out of the top. The dress crept just off her arse and hugged her fantastic curves. High heels emphasised her legs. She slipped a full length coat over her shoulders and buttoned it up before meeting Martin downstairs.

She looked gorgeous and although he could not see beneath her coat Kim convinced him in the car that he would need to cum when he saw her and that he should have some condoms ready so that he did not cum in his trousers – again. He pulled out a condom box and she grabbed it playfully from him. She pulled one out of the box and shoved it down her cleavage:

"Well you never know whether I might get carried away in the private room" she said smiling.

When they reached the restaurant Martin wanted to get into the private room as soon as possible to see Kim step out of her coat. They were about to step into the restaurant when Martin heard someone call his name. His father strolled up to them and Kim immediately saw why this guy had success with women. Tall with thick dark hair and a deep tan, he was broad shouldered and muscular and held himself with arrogant self confidence, aided by the sizeable bulge in his trousers.

Kim smiled at him and took control:

"Hello I'm Kim, Martin's fiancée."

"Fiancee, wow" replied Richard. Congratulations son."

"Thanks, we are just going in here to celebrate" said Martin.

"Would you like to join us for our meal sir" said Kim. "It would be rude not to invite him Martin."

"Er well, what about the private room and your dress."

"What about her dress Martin" asked Richard. Martin looked embarraced.

"We are getting married so we should celebrate with your family. I have never even met your parents before. Have you been hiding them?" asked Kim firmly.

Martin felt awkward and frustrated. He had been hiding Kim from his father after his discussions about Sally and Fiona and his doubts that maybe his father had fucked them both with a huge cock – which of course he had. Martin wanted to be alone with Kim, not having a family celebration with his fiancée dressed to tease his faher's big rod. He meekly accepted Kim's proposal though.

They sat having a drink whilst their private room was being prepared. Richard couldn't believe how pretty Kim was and was intrigued by what she would look like under the coat. Why would she be marrying my wimpy son he wandered.

The waiter came across and said that a sport's car's alarm had gone off in their car park and that it may be Richard's. As he rose he felt a sharp kick from Kim under the table and she noticeably stared at his crotch. Richard smiled. He realised Kim was controlling what was happening.

"Son, could you run and check it is ok in the car park."

Martin looked angry but slumped off to check. This evening had been ruined by his father and now he was bossing him about like a little boy.

"I think OUR private room is ready" said Kim as she stood and started to peel her coat off.

Every guy in the restaurant stared at her amazing body. Her fabulous, huge firm tits looked so smooth and tanned, her strong tanned legs and amazing arse curved out of her coat.

"Hope you think I am good enough for your son Richard" she said and walked to the door of the private room and, whilst in full view of the waiter, felt Richard's throbbing crotch. Richard's cock was straining against his trousers and he was aware that for once he was not in charge – she was.

Kim smiled at the waiter and passed him £100.

"We have booked the private room" she told him. "Meals are to be served through the hatch. Just the 2 of us" she said pressing her arse into Richard's groin.

"Yes of course" the waiter said staring at her huge tits.

Martin re-entered the restaurant and glimpsed Kim from side profile looking amazing, like a top Hollywood actress converting to a porn role. Then the door slammed shut.

He smiled in frustration and walked up to the waiter.

"Excuse me, you have just locked that door, I booked the private room, please can you unlock it."

"It is booked as a strictly private room for 2 people and 2 people have gone in. Our house rules are that no-one then disturbs the guests once the room is locked."

"But you could see that I was with them. She is my fiancée."

"Congratulations sir, she is very beautiful but I assumed she was with the handsome gentleman" and he turned and walked away.

Kim and Richard had made their way to the table but not without Richard groping every inch of her amazing tits and fabulous arse. Kim was feeling his huge log which strained against his trousers as she sat on the table and crossed her legs and bent forward.

"If I am marrying into this family I need to see what is going to service me and it certainly isn't going to be Martin's 4 inch thing. I should warn you, my golden rule is never less than 9 inches so I'm used to huge cocks. My body deserves the best" Kim cooed.

Richard eased his huge monster out. It sprung out and he had never seen in look harder, longer or thicker. Kim bent forward and it slid between her tits. It hooked onto Martin's condom packet she had tucked in her cleavage.

"One of your son's I'm afraid. Let's see if it fits" she giggled.

It struggled to stretch over the head of his huge cock. She pulled it down and it covered the head and 2 inches of his throbbing meat.

"I bet this covers your son to his balls but you seem to have about 11 inches left" she said.

"I never wear condoms because this tends to happen" he said.

He held the end of the condom with one hand and pushed gently forward with his hips. The condom disintegrated as his huge piece of meat ripped through the end of it as the material stretched beyond breaking point and his wseapon bumped into her lips.

Kim laughed and the sex started.

"I expect my studs to last 20 minutes" she said.

She started sucking his rod down her throat whilst feeding the remainder of the shaft between her huge tits. Soon her tongue was licking his balls with 15 inches rammed impossibly down her throat. Lots of practice with huge cocks had given Kim some unique skills.

Richard prided himself on not cumming despite his amazing desire to release buckets of the stuff. The phone rang. Richard saw it was Martin and answered.

"Sorry about this son. You were right that Kim does look amazing in her dress. Kim was wanting to come out but I said that you would understand that she should have a good evening in here and that she would lose the room if we left" he said.

"Can I speak to her?" asked Martin.

"She has her mouth full at the moment. Kim, is that better?" he said as he pulled his rod out of her mouth for the first time in ages. Kim was short of breath and very excited but she composed herself and took the phone. As she did Richard picked her up and buried his head between her legs.

"Hi Martin. Sorry about this but at least your father is getting to know me and he seems to be enjoying himself. We are still on the first course so you might as well go home."

She stopped and shuddered in orgasm but then felt Richard's huge cock pressing between her toned legs and heard her thong snap as he ripped it off her tanned arse. He was inside of her, 6 inches then 11, then 15. Three thrusts. Her first thought was Sally, you lucky girl, how many times have you had this in you. Then she shuddered with another orgasm. She managed to mumble something to Martin before pressing the off key and screaming:

"God its huge, fuck meee!"

Richard ploughed inside her and after 25 minutes he realised there had been a shift in power. Kim had tested him with her body and he nearly came in his trousers when he first mauled her fantastic tits. Now though it was Kim pleading for his cock and saying that she would do anything for him as long as he fucked her.

"25 minutes, I think I passed the time test".

"You set new standards in fucking. I belong to you" she said.

"You are really marrying my cock so you must never touch his. I will get you pregnant, I will find a way to fuck you every day and every night. You are my future daughter in law and you are the culmination of the way I have lived. I fuck women and they fall in love with me. My son is not capable of breeding you so I will take over as the husband. He gets to marry you – his dream girl – but when he sees something like this he will understand the ways of the world. He pointed his dick at her face and she cooed:

"Cum for me daddy in law. I brought protection but it isn't my fault if your huge penis shredded his tiny condom."

With that his stomach rippled with power and he thrust his huge weapon across her face and he erupted in her face. It was like a hose pipe had been turned on. She made no attempt to swallow it as it sailed into her face and hair, down her cleavage and all over her bra and dress. After a minute he pressed it into her arse and started cumming, he pulled out and coated her tanned arse with his thick white cum which ran down her legs.

He moved round and drove his cock between her tits and her cleavage filled with cum.

"Do you ever stop cumming?" she gasped.

"Not yet, you are so hot" he gasped.

He stuffed his cock in her mouth and stared into her innocent looking deep brown eyes. His balls churned with excitement and further jets of cum were released into her mouth. She swallowed eagerly.

He pulled his cock out and smiled at her:

"We have been here half an hour and you are covered in your future father in law's cum. You naughty girl. You are the best I have ever had. Let me get you out of these wet clothes and see how many times you can make me cum tonight. I will try not to drown you."

Five more times he came as powerfully as the first before they left the restaurant.

Martin hadn't waited up for Kim but if he had looked out of the window he may have seen a sports car pull up with a very pretty topless busty woman spread eagled over the steering wheel as the man tried to steer whilst fucking her arse over the wheel.

Finally she pulled her coat on and sneeked into the house. Richard had arranged to meet Kim at Martin's house the next morning as soon as his son left the house for another session. Richard drove home with a smile on his face and a satisfying ache in his big balls – life was perfect.

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