tagIncest/TabooFather's Day Present Ch. 1

Father's Day Present Ch. 1


I have been married for about 22 years now. My wife Susan is a gorgeous woman. She is sweet, sexy, very bodacious, workout-queen, and very very tight. There is something about young, tight, perky 20 some things that turns us older men on - perhaps its the age thing or may be its the innocence, or even the tightness of their bodies. For me my wife fulfills my fantasy of being with that younger woman. She has catholic school girl outfits, pigtails, tight jean short shorts, thongs - you name it. She goes out of her way to keep me happy. All I have to do is show up in a policeman's uniform every once in a while and my wife goes to heaven multiple-orgasmic style.

We have a daughter - who has taken after her mother in looks, mannerisms, and sensuality. she takes care of herself, manicure, hair, makeup, very nice clothes and keeps in shape. She even at times looks like her mother used to when we first met.

My wife is about 5.8, I'd say about 125 lbs, 36D. Her perfect round gorgeous tight ass fills up a pair of jeans real nice - giving a tight crotch view. Her breasts are nice and perky and her nipples are always visible when I am around.

Anyway this happened during my daughter's first summer back from college. It was a work day but I had worked late the night before so I decided to sleep in a little and go in late. When you are the boss you can do things like that. ~smile

I always sleep in silk boxers and tee shirt. Silk boxers are my favorites. This morning I was wearing blue silk boxers and a white tee shirt. I was having a dream - dreaming of my wife wearing tight short short hip-hugger jean shorts showing her black thong, hugging her sweet gorgeous round ass, half shirt no bra, belly button showing and nipples hard as pebbles sticking out begging for my attention. I grab hold her pigtail and guide her down on her knees - I love it when she smiles and winks at me and looks at me with those naughty eyes as she works my shorts and ....

I woke up feeling a soft hot and wet mouth on my swollen cock bulging and getting harder and harder. Its now about 7" long and about 5" round. I shave my pubic area and balls cause that's how my wife likes it. she loves sucking on my huge heavy smooth balls.

I feel soft smooth hands fondling my balls and that puts a smile on my face - thinking how lucky I am to wake up to such a sweet thing. Then my smile turns into panic 'cause I remember my wife is spending the weekend at her mothers 5 hour plane ride away.

I open my eyes and lift my head up to see my lovely 19 year old daughter slurping away at my fat cock. Her pigtail is bobbing as her mouth and her whole face moves up and down my huge shaft. Her soft hands fondling my balls kneading them and massaging my shaft with the other. "what the h*** are you doing honey?" Jessica lifts her head up and with a big naughty smile licks her lisp and says "happy father's day daddy" and smiles again winks at me and then goes back to sucking my cock. I am in shock. I want to stop her but my cock is getting fatter and harder and longer in her sweet mouth. I close my eyes, caress her hair and feel the tip of my cock hitting the back of her throat.

"Where did you learn to do that sweetheart" "ummmm slurp slurp ..." is all I got out of her. Finally after about 30 minutes of sucking my fat cock she started to massage my balls to make the cum boil up, my cock knob swells up and I feel the cum rising up thru the thick shaft. "I am going to cum baby ..." "ummmm ummmm slurp slurp ...ummmm slurp giggle - cum daddy in my mouth smile" that was it I grabbed her head locked her onto my cock pushed her face down my swollen fat cock and started to unload gushes and gushes of thick creamy white cum down her throat- I could feel my cum hitting the back of her mouth.

I am dumbfounded and staring at my baby girl as she licks her lips, smiles at me and climbs up on top of me to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Then her kiss moves to my lips and she slides her tongue in my mouth and kisses me deep. I notice that she is wearing only panties no bra nothing else and she is grinding her tight teenage slit against my now semi-hard cock. I kiss her back feeling her bare nipples on my bare hairy chest. They are getting harder as she grinds herself against my cock over and over again.

She lifts her head up - smiles at me and says present number two - daddy you need a shower. Well that's part 2

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