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A story that I read on this site got me thinking about something that happened to my wife about 10 years ago.

Our second child was a few months old at the time and Kathy had got herself back into good physical shape - and she was in great shape at that time - nice big tits, a great curvy ass and good shapely legs.

We were having some landscaping done at the rear of our house and were accustomed to the landscapers coming and going around the property whenever it suited them to do so.

We were awoken one morning by our child crying. The routine was normally that I would get out of bed, go downstairs to prepare some warm wilk and then either Kathy or I would feed the baby in our bed.

This morning, however, Kathy immediately sprung out of bed and announced that she would get the milk and that I could get some much needed sleep.

I watched her leave the bedroom, quite surprised that she hadn't thrown a robe on before going downstairs. She is normally very conservative, but on this occasion she was wearing the sheer, white baby-doll nightdress (that I sometimes persuaded her to wear to turn me on) over a tiny pair of pale yellow panties. Short, see-through and wide open at the sides it was my favourite of all her nighties. I often told her that I would love it she let another man see her in it. I can't remember the last time she wore it for me!

I was lying there feeling quite pleased with myself when I became aware that I could hear the JCB (a mini excavator) of the landscapers arriving.

I rushed to the bedroom window and could see that most of the landscapers had in fact arrived. I wondered if Kathy knew that they were around as we had not yet fitted any blinds to the windows in our kitchen and they would surely be able to see her!

Then I heard Kathy coming upstairs. She walked into the bedroom and announced "Well your wish to have somebody else see me in this nightie has come true. Barry had a real good look!" Barry was one of the senior landscapers. I wondered just how good a look he got, I planned to ask Kathy for more details later.

I got dressed and went downstairs. I was planning to ask Barry how much longer they would be before they finished the job.

As I was about to open the back door and go out I could hear Barry talking to Robin, the boss of the landscapers.

I could hear every word surprisingly clearly and they did not know that I was there or that I could hear.

He said "I can't believe what happened this morning. As I arrived I saw Kathy walking into the kitchen wearing only a tiny little nightie. She is really nice looking you know."

I wasn't sure whether to take his words "wearing only" literally or not.

He continued "She didn't know I was there so I stood there watching her for quite a while, I got a really clear view of her tits through her nightie. Then she opened one of the bottom cupboards to get something. She bent over and I could see everything!"

My mind was reeling. How could he have seen everything? She had the panties on when she left and when she returned to the bedroom. Anyway I had never heard anybody talk this way about my wife before and I was amazed by the affect it had on me.

He then said that she had then turned around and seen him by the window. She looked shocked to see him and he pretended that he was just walking past the window and went about his business.

I returned to the bedroom and told Kathy about the conversation I had overheard. She said she didn't believe that Barry would have told Robin about what he saw and that anyway he could not have got a really good look because he was just passing the window as she was leaving the kitchen.

We got the baby back to sleep and as soon I could I dragged Kathy back to bed and started to fuck her like a man possessed. I asked her again about Barry's claim to have seen 'everything' and she whispered in my ear that she had taken her panties off on her way downstairs. I blew my load!

This was the first of a few adventures with exhibitionism for us. To this day when I bring up the story of what happened that day she insists that she did not take off her panties but only said she did to drive me wild. I guess I will never know the real truth.

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