FAWC 1: Comfort Zone


"There's a little dive bar that has the best margaritas just this side of loop 1604. I thought we could go there and people watch. You need to eat something, too, and they have some pretty good bar food."

"Yes, mother," she laughed as they raced down the two lane farm-to-market road. She had forgotten what it was like to ride with Dax, and she held on for dear life to the oh-shit handle when he took his half out of the middle around some of the turns.

The trip would have taken Jenna almost an hour in her truck, but half an hour after leaving her driveway Dax was pulling into a dirt parking lot around what looked like a tin shack. She wasn't entirely sure what held the walls together, but the place was surrounded by cars and she could hear the music blasting through the open spaces in the walls.

They walked through the door just as a song was ending and people were spilling from the dance floor to get their drinks. Most of the tables were taken, but Dax spotted an open booth and pulled her along to claim it before someone else could. The cocktail waitress came around and Dax ordered two margaritas before pulling her into the same seat as him. She was wondering why until, a few seconds later, a couple guys came and moved the other cushioned bench over to a pool table for their girlfriends. They were completely alone in the corner after that, and she sat back to watch the people dance and grind on each other.

The margaritas arrived in traditional glasses rimmed with salt and garnished with lime. She smiled at the little cactus that was the stem of the glass, and had to agree that it was one of the best margaritas she'd had after she took the first sip. Looking around, she could see one other occupied booth in a dark corner but most of the patrons sat at tables or in lawn chairs, or on the booth benches that seemed to be the preferred seating for most of the ladies. Even from inside, she still could not figure out how the place was held together.

Another fast-paced song came on and the dance floor filled with people, leaving the bartender somewhat relieved as he dealt with three very drunk women in danger of major wardrobe malfunctions. She was watching as some young men pushed their buddy toward the women when Dax slid his arm her shoulders.

"Isn't this much better than sitting at home in front of your computer?" he had to yell to be heard over the music, even though he was sitting right next to her.

"Only marginally," she took another sip of her margarita and leaned against him. "I can drink a margarita in front of my computer just as easily as I can do it here."

"Yes, you can, but you can't watch this kind of dancing at home," he nodded toward the dance floor where a man was spinning and tossing his partner into the air. The rest of the dancers had cleared a six-foot circle around them and some had actually stopped to watch.

Her attention turned back to Dax when he moved a strand of hair off her shoulder. Her thigh brushed along his as she leaned forward to pick her drink off the table, making a show of licking the salt before taking a drink. She felt him sigh against her arm as he watched her. Her nipples hardened and pressed against the dress as his breath drifted over her skin and she turned to look at him. He had been her friend for a long time, but aside from the occasional touch he had never made any move that told her he was romantically inclined toward her. In fact, she had been there through several of his break-ups. Something was different, though, and she was very aware of how much of her was pressed up against him.

"Is something wrong?"

"No," he said. She couldn't hear his voice, but she saw him mouth the word, "Yes." He bent toward her and kissed her, his hand cupping her cheek and his fingers digging into her hair. A thrill rushed through her that she hadn't felt in a long time. She leaned into the kiss, opening to his probing tongue and relishing his moan when she kissed him back.

He broke the kiss and looked at her, their mouths mere inches apart. "Jesus, Jenna. I've wanted to do that for a long time now."

She smiled, "I've wanted you to do that."

His eyes filled with a heat she had only written about, and then his mouth was back on hers. The world around them disappeared as his hands explored her body, sending shivers up her spine when they touched the bare skin of her shoulders and upper back. She reached out to pull his shirt from the waistband of his jeans so she could touch him without the barrier of fabric, and he moaned as he pulled her into his lap. The dress rode up to barely cover her ass as she spread her thighs to straddle him, and the feel of his hands on her legs had her making small noises in her throat.

She could feel his erection through his jeans as she ground her naked sex over him. Their tongues chased around their mouths, tangling and tasting, and she could feel his moans when she bit down on his lower lip. His hands moved up her thighs to the edge of the dress, and when she broke the kiss to catch her breath he pushed them under the skirt of the dress. The look of shock at her lack of panties quickly gave way to a look of intense lust as he ran his hands over her ass cheeks and pulled her tight against his lap as he moved against her. She wrapped her hands in his hair and pulled his face to her as his fingers found her wet cleft.

His fingers left her moaning into his mouth as his hands slid back down her thighs, pulling the hem of the dress down to make sure she was covered. One hand remained to massage and squeeze her thigh as the other moved up to tease her nipple through the taught material of her dress. The tickling sensation had her moaning again and writhing against him.

The next time he broke the kiss, he moved his mouth down to her neck and shoulders, trailing kisses and light licks along her skin until she was shivering in his lap. His eyes were dark and hooded when he looked back up at her, the lids heavy with lust and his lips parted as he studied her face. He smiled and moved her off his lap, getting in one last stroke of her ass before pushing her toward the edge of the bench. It didn't take a second gentle shove to have her moving toward the door and the parking lot outside.

He pulled her into his arms as soon as they were out of the neon light of the entrance, his hands trailing down her arms before returning to tangle in her hair as the kiss deepened. The kiss ended with her breathless again before he whispered, "Fuck, we need to get out of here before I take you on the ground."

They were back in his car again before she knew it and he spun the tires in the loose gravel until they gained purchase and squealed across the pavement. In a move that surprised her, Jenna reached over and put her hand over his crotch, squeezing the hard bulge that was straining against the denim. "Shit, Jenna, if you keep that up I won't make it to the house."

"Who says we have to make it to the house?" She asked as she pulled her hand back and began to unzip her dress. It took some contortions that would have impressed a cat, but she got the dress off and tossed it into the back of the car. "Pull over at the next gravel road."

She didn't have to tell him twice, and the car went sideways before straightening out again when he took the turn onto the unpaved road a little too fast. Earlier, she would have been scared. Now, she was just too turned on to scare.

"Where to, now?" he asked after he got the car back under control.

After taking her dress off, she had returned her attention to his jeans, managing to get them undone and the zipper down before she looked up again. "There should be a bare spot where you can pull off near the river bridge. Your car should make it a few yards before you'll have to stop." She managed to get her hands inside his pants and could feel him through the thin material of his underwear.

It wasn't long before they were bumping to a stop ten yards off the gravel road. Dax pulled the emergency break and shut the engine off before pulling her over the console to kiss her again. He pulled her hand from his pants as his tongue explored her mouth some more. She could feel herself growing wetter by the second as he held her hands away from him with one hand and teased the nipple of one breast with the other hand. It was disappointing that there wasn't more room in the car, but the gear shift got in the way when she tried to get closer to him.

Finally, he broke the kiss and said, "Get out. I want you on the hood of the car. Now."

She didn't waste any time getting to the front of the car and watching over her shoulder as Dax pulled his clothes off and tossed them back into the car. As he walked around to her, she watched as he stared at her body in obvious lust. He had just reached her knees when they heard the first muffled scream. They both looked in the direction of the river when more screams and what could only be moans and grunts drifted up to them.

Jenna was the first to giggle, and she covered her mouth when Dax turned around, smiling. "Maybe we should give them some competition," he said before dipping his head to my thighs.

She moaned as he kissed, licked, and bit his way from her knees to her hips and back again. He ignored the one place she most wanted his mouth to be, but the feel of his mouth on any part of her had her crying out at the small waves of pleasure it sent shivering through her body. The cries in the distance stilled for a few minutes before they started back with renewed vigor. When Dax ran a finger along the wet slit of her sex, Jenna answered with her own cries of ecstasy that echoed into the dark.

A couple cars passed by them and over the bridge, but their headlights didn't even touch the top of the grass around them. Dax continued to use only his fingers on her, making her moan and cry out and sit up enough to see him in the moonlight. When she sat up, he hooked his other hand behind her head and kissed her as he finally plunged his fingers deep inside her. She screamed against his mouth as she felt herself stretch around his probing digits, and she arched her back and moved her hips against his hand.

His hand in her hair tightened, and he pulled her head back enough to make her back arch more until her breasts were dimly lit by the light of the moon. With his fingers pumping in and out of her, bringing the occasional moan from her lips, he bent and sucked a nipple into his mouth in a quick movement that was out of rhythm with his slow fingers. The different sensations made her wrap her hands in his hair and hold him to her breast. His mouth sucked as much of her flesh as he could before he set his teeth in her just enough to make her cry out. She gushed over his hand in a small orgasm as she clenched over his fingers. His tongue flicked over her nipple as he slowly released it before turning his attention to her other breast. The pain of his bite mixed with the pleasure as his fingers left her to explore her folds.

He released her hair and looked down at her as she lay back on the hood of the car. She watched with sex glazed eyes as he took the hand that was wet with her juices and began to touch himself. He started running his fingers over his stomach and down through the small patch of dark hair low on his belly. When she reached to try to touch herself, he shook his head and held her hand out of the way while his other hand traveled ever lower.

He was tall enough that she only had to raise her head to watch him rub her juices over his hardness. Soon, he was gleaming in the dim light and standing up against his abs. They had apparently been quiet long enough that the other couple thought they were alone again, and the woman screamed her orgasm into the night and began to beg the man to come on her. The talk was hot, and soon they could hear the man crying out as well.

Testing to see how far she could get while Dax handled himself, Jenna started to twist a nipple between her fingers. She arched against the hood of the car, spreading her legs even wider while he stared at her. Her other hand trailed over her stomach to her thighs, and when he didn't stop her she used two fingers to spread her lips away from her hooded button. Looking at him, she could see the precum glistening at the tip of him as he continued his slow strokes.

She dipped one finger down into her depths and then spread the juices over herself, moaning as the touch brought a wave of pleasure to her center. Dax had stopped moving when she started touching herself more seriously, so she continued to give him a show. She spread her legs as far as she could and slid the first three fingers over her wetness and then back up to slap her clitoris, making herself moan loudly at the shock of pain and pleasure. She heard Dax moan as he watched, but she didn't look at him again. Jenna allowed herself to be lost in the sensations as she fingered her mound and twisted her nipples, arching against the car and lifting her hips from the cooling metal.

When she thought she was about to bring herself to climax, she removed her fingers and brought them to her mouth, licking and sucking her juices from them while her body calmed. Dax was watching her, precum dripping from his erection now as she lay spread before him. She smiled and propped her head on her hands as she looked at him framed between her knees. He reached down to the bumper and pulled a foil wrapped package into view and then slowly rolled the condom over himself, making the act into as much of a show as his masturbation had been.

He positioned himself between her thighs, using his hands to guide himself to her opening before looking her in the eyes as he pushed his way inside her. She cried out as he filled her and moved her hips against him. Propping herself up on her elbows she was able to watch as he fought for every tight inch. Suddenly, he reached out and grabbed the hair at the back of her head, jerking her to him for a deep kiss as he plunged the rest of the way into her. The feeling of being very full had her moaning into his mouth and clinging to his shoulders as he pumped in and out of her.

Letting go of her hair, he reached down and grabbed her ass in both hands and lifted her off the car. The angle was deeper and she felt as though he was probing deep into her stomach, and the feeling of it all had her breaking the kiss to throw her head back and scream his name to the sky. It wasn't long before he slid out of her, though, and set her back on her feet only to roughly turn her to face the car.

"Lift your leg, baby," he said, and she put her foot on the bumper as he slid against her from behind. "Higher. God, I want inside you again." She lifted her leg to the hood of the car and he was able to shove into her from behind. The sudden sting of a slap across her ass had her crying out before he reached around to roughly twist her nipples. Without so much as missing a thrust, he hooked his arm under her knee and lifted her until she was holding her torso up off the car with her hands.

Her knees rested on the bumper now as he continued to slam into her, bringing long and loud cries from both of them. She reached down and started to run her clitoris, moaning at the added sensation of her fingers and his wide length shoving deep inside her. Her muscles contracted and squeezed around him as she continued to manipulate her sensitive button. The orgasm was building inside her as she tightened and shuddered around him. Then he flexed his hips differently and sent the entire length of his rod over that spot deep inside her that sent her over the edge. Her hands grasped at the smooth metal of the hood as she came screaming, trying to get a grip on something that might help her hold herself together as she exploded into a shower of sparkles. Not long after flooding both of their thighs with her orgasm, Dax cried out behind her and thrust so far into her she could feel him against her cervix, sending her into another spasm.

She lay twitching on the hood of the car when she became aware of a car stopped on the side of the road above them. The lights were off, but she was sure they were being watched. Dax slid out of her and leaned against the car next to her hip, caressing her ass cheeks and giving her the occasional slap that would make her moan. Slowly, she stood on shaky legs to press against his sweaty body. He held her in his arms and kissed her long and deep before moving his mouth down her neck to her shoulder and finally just holding her. "Why didn't we do this earlier?"

She couldn't speak to answer him right away and just sighed as she melded against him. Then they could hear a truck start up, its diesel engine rumbling loudly somewhere closer to the river before its lights turned on. They stumbled around to the car doors and Dax threw the car into reverse as Jenna watched a car drive off over the bridge.

They both walked into her house a half hour later, laughing and groping each other on the way to the room he had been using downstairs. She fell asleep with him rubbing her back just as the sun was rising over the trees.

* * * *

Jenna woke with a start around noon as something from the night before hit her. She rushed out of the room and up the stairs, not even acknowledging Dax's call of good morning from the kitchen. Instead, she went straight to her computer and began to scroll through the off-shoot story she had begun writing the day before.

"Oh, I see the priorities are back to normal today," Dax said as he came up the stairs. "Ignore the naked man cooking in the kitchen and run to the man in the story."

"Read this," she said, ignoring the sarcastic jab and pointing to the story on the screen.

He read through about two paragraphs before turning to her, "Did you write out what we did last night? I'm not reading your journal or anything, am I?"

"That's what I wrote yesterday," she crossed her arms under her breasts as he smiled.

"Well, your fantasies sure did come true," he reached out and pulled her into his lap as he sat in the office chair. She could feel him hardening against her ass and herself growing damp.

"I wrote that yesterday, when we were still not touching each other. I didn't write it as us, and unless you read it yesterday you couldn't have known about the sex scene. Not enough to reproduce it."

He kissed along the back of her shoulder and reached around to pull her arms away from her stomach, where they were still crossed. "I think it's just a neat coincidence. Besides, it's not exactly the same. I didn't fuck you in the bar like the couple do in the story, and we didn't actually have an audience. Competition maybe," he continued. "But not an audience."

"I think we did have an audience," she said as she leaned a little more against him. "There was a car on the road that drove off when we got back in the Mustang."

"That car could have been driving through and you saw it when we were leaving." His lips on her back made her sigh.

"I saw it when we finished. It was turned off and dark and it drove off when we got in our car." She wiggled against him slightly and he growled at her, nibbling along the side of her neck.

"Well, I hope we gave them a good show," his hands moved across her breasts before sliding down to her hips. "Let's see if we can't influence your story a little more."

She sighed and opened her legs to his questing hands. His fingers were deft as they slid across her slick flesh, and it wasn't long before she was moaning and rubbing her ass along the hard rod that was pressed firmly against her. He grabbed her hips and pushed her to stand as he rose.

"I don't have any condoms up here," he said, almost sheepish as he led her back down the stairs and into the room they had slept in. From his jeans came his wallet and another foil wrapped packet. He slid the condom on with a practiced ease and then sat on the edge of the bed. "Come here, Jenna," he motioned to the floor next to him and she stood where he pointed. He guided her down until she was laying across his thighs with his erection pressing into her side.

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