tagBDSMFear Ch. 02

Fear Ch. 02


Laying back, snuggled tightly into your loving embrace, content. Basking in the afterglow of your tender lovemaking. Smiling as I look into your eyes. Raising my eyebrows as I see your eyes change from lustful smolder to dark and angry. The smile fading from my lips, I reach to touch your furrowed brow.

Strong hands gripping my wrists, you pull me forcefully from the bed and push me roughly to my knees. Looking at you...fear creeping along the edges of my senses....I see you reaching into the suitcase you brought....eyes wide as I see what is in your hand.

You reach into my pussy and scoop up the mixture of our spunk and smear it on the giant butt plug in your hand....pushing on the back of my neck...til I am forced to all fours. I feel your hand spreading my cheeks...running a finger along my crack, smearing pussy cum all over my ass crack.

And then....omg....screaming....my ass stretched and violated as you ram that plug deep with out any hesitation....my cunt pouring fresh fluids....the pain so intolerable....begging to be released..."Please, take it out!"

Hearing your chuckle...my body trembles...not a happy chuckle...almost maniacal. Instead of removing it...you give it a wiggle and attach a weight to it...I can feel it pulling, threatening to expel the foreign object. A whispered warning in my ear...."Don't let it out, or you will regret it...hold those muscles tight."

Gasping as I clench my ass cheeks, I look up at you. Begging and pleading with my eyes..."Why are you doing this?"

Your answer...."Because you need it." Your hands rain down a series of hard spanks to my ass...screams pour from my lips...as my ass jiggles, the heat radiating...filling me with warmth.

"You will do as ordered...now fetch me a glass of wine....and do not leave your knees unless told to...CRAWL!"

Crawling to the cabinet...pouring wine for two....

"Wine for me only wench....pour that other glass over your breasts , tip some onto your cunt....and bring the bottle with you....and do it quickly!"

Sobbing as I pour the contents over my breasts, let it dribble down and soak my pussy, reaching in to smear it onto my clit...closing my eyes as my fingers dance so delectably.

Screaming as your hand tattoos my ass and thighs....spilling the wine in the glass as i shake and shudder.

"Bad wench...touching yourself without permission....spilling my wine..."

I feel you take the glass and bottle from me.... forcing me once more to hands and knees...I hear a rustling...my body is pushed forward from the force of the paddle as it connects with my tender ass. Before i can even utter a protest...you apply your attentions to my inner thighs....the paddle hitting the weight hanging from the butt plug...my cunt pouring, nipples so swollen as they sway.

A foot in the curve of my neck...forcing my head down...ass up....I can hear the cork coming from the wine bottle...butt plug yanked out...and the wine bottle pushed in until the neck widens and my sphincter will take no more stretching. My hungry ass drinks every drop....emptying the bottle....you pull it out and replace it with the butt plug...

Amid my screams I hear your voice...."There's your drink my greedy wench!" As a new round of blows fall on my ass and thighs...the paddle slaps at my breasts, the redness spreading on my body...skin so enflamed...it aches to be stroked. My bowels protesting the cold liquid...threatening to explode...the plug so tight...I need to cum, "please may i cum?"

Gentle hands on my shoulders, lifting me up and looking into my eyes..your lips falling on mine with a hunger, a ferocity. Sighing and moaning...my hips undulating, my mound pressing desperately to you.

Guiding me backwards, I feel the bed at the back of my legs, you push me onto it..."Get comfy...I want to watch you cum."

I wriggle back until my head is resting on the pillow...I feel your hands guiding my hips... I lift, a pillow propping my cunt high in the air. You hand me the bottle that has just assaulted my ass and tell me to use it...cum ....and do it quickly. I grip the bottle tightly in my hand....my other spreading my pussy lips...as I push the neck into my dripping cunt. My hips taking on a life of their own start humping at the bottle..my fingers playing over my clit...feeling it swell and heave. It bucks as my fingers stroke, pulling it free of its hood...teasing it to fullness. The shiny barbell dancing across its surface adding a new dimension to the pleasant sensations. Fucking the bottle, my hips pistoning up and down, my fingers flying over my convulsing clit...so close...so ready....tensing....holding my breath and waiting for the orgasm to overtake me.

The pain registers at the same moment as my climax...not sure which is causing me to scream...my throat ragged and hot...unable to draw even a hint of a breath...the whip finding its mark...it licks over my fingers, its tail striking my clit....my body out of control....as I writhe and roll on the bed...hearing it whistle once again....it snaps at my swollen nipple. My wanton body still fucking the bottle. The tell tale whistle as my other nipple is kissed by the tails of your newest torture device. bringing both hands up to protect my breasts, I roll over....only to have the whip land in the crack of my ass....my tender sphincter spared by the cruel plug.

As the pain ebbs away, so does the orgasm, leaving me sweaty and breathless...panting in a pool of my own cum. Tender caresses along my back...soft soothing sounds as you whisper in my ear, trembling as I roll to wrap my arms around you. I close my eyes and drift into a fitful sleep...tossing and turning, tremors still rocking my prone form.

Slowly opening my eyes, I let you guide me to my feet, follow you as you take my hand and lead me to the bathroom...the steam heavy in the air, the aroma of my favorite bath salts filling my nostrils. You command me to bend...removing the plug and allowing me to expel the wine into the toilet...the relief evident in my eyes as I stare at you...amazement still to have you here with me. I let you help me up....and step into the tub...you wriggle in behind me...wrapping your strong arms around me...holding me...rocking me...kissing my neck...I melt into you.

My eyes closed, relishing the feel of your hands as you soap my neck and shoulders, run your hands over my breasts, slippery, the scent filling my nostrils as I struggle to take a deep breath. Shuffling my feet in the tub...your hands dipping lower to run along the edges of my still swollen lips. My hips lifting as one of your hands caresses my bottom, spreading my cheeks to soap me down. Slowly standing as you guide me to my feet, I let you continue the sensuous soaping of my body from neck to toe, hearing the plug pulled, water draining, I open my eyes to find you staring at me.

Your hands so gentle as you wash my hair...the hot water cascading suddenly from the shower, rinsing the soap bubbles, I twist and turn, feeling the water soothing and bringing my skin to life at the same time. I lean into you, finding your lips with mine and letting my hands dance along your body. Lazily tracing the lines of your hard body, feeling the muscles rippling beneath my fingers...sighing softly.

You reach to turn off the water and grab a towel enveloping me in it. I step from the tub and wait expectantly for your hands to find me again. Shivering, not from the cool air but from the anticipation of your touch. My hips undulating under the towel, already feeling the moistness seeping from between my pussy lips.

Smiling at me, you towel me dry..the friction turning my skin a glowing pink...enflaming every nerve ending. Kissing my skin as each inch is revealed, the towel gapes and falls to the floor.

Leading me by the hand back to the edge of the bed, I watch as you get a box from your luggage and lay it on the bed. "Put this on while I run back to my room. I'll be right back." punctuated with a hard kiss on my lips.

When the door closes, I reach for the box and pull out the scarlet colored fabric...and let it run through my fingers, shivering as I can imagine the feel of it against my skin. It is a dress, of the sheerest of material, soft and sensuous, yet cast in a scarlet hue...bright and bold. I let it drop over my head and feel it cascading across my nipples. Licking my lips as I issue a soft moan. I walk to the mirror and wide eyed see that every nuance of my nudity, and my arousal is quite evident. Rummaging in my own luggage, I find a sweater...and panties and pull both on hastily. There...mostly hidden from view...although the sweet swell of sex still rises from my heated flesh. I step into the classic style of fuck me bedroom shoes and give a little giggle. The door opens and there you are...dressed in a dark suit that accentuates the very maleness of you. I draw in a ragged breath as my eyes roam from your feet up to your face...seeing the frown...I falter.

"You have added a few accessories...TAKE THEM OFF!" you say through clenched teeth.

I hesitate for what must be too long as in three quick strides you are at my side...ripping the sweater from my shoulders. In the space of my quickened next breath I find myself draped over your lap, your fingers hooking the panties and tearing them from covering my ass...you hand spanks me...hard, angry spanks, my cheeks turning red, bringing tears to my eyes, a heat that makes my pussy drip onto your lap. Wriggling and protesting, I reach to cover my quivering globes, only to have you capture both of my wrists in one hand...holding me in place as your other continues the spanking...each strike harder than the one before. Just when I am sure that I cannot bear one more ... you stop and tip me from your lap...landing in a heap on the floor...I turn to look up into your dark eyes. Silently pleading with you for acceptance...an apology poised on my lips...you offer me your hand. I take it and rise...standing shuddering in front of you.

"Now, I will finish dressing you. We have reservations at the restaurant in ten minutes...don't move.

I see you reach for the shopping bag that you returned with...and catch the glint of something shiny in the light. You lift my dress and attach a shiny clip with a chain and a colored stone to each nipple. Gasping as the clips bite into my already swollen nipples...I bite my bottom lip, resisting the urge to reach up and touch myself. Pushing my shoulders down...you guide me into a bending position and I feel your hands spreading my sore and heated cheeks. A scream comes unbidden over my lips as you push a plug into my ass. Pulling me upright you kiss my quivering lips. "Now you are dressed for supper!" a smile spreads across your face...as you guide me to the mirror.

Staring at my reflection, it dawns on me that you are making me appear in public like this. The dress barely covers the globes of my ass, my adorned nipples are clearly visible through the sheer fabric, and every movement makes the material dance across my taut nipples. The plug inserted into my ass appears to have a tail attached to it, it tickles my inner thighs. How will I bear walking outside the door?

Blushing, my entire body heated as you open the door and lead me into the corridor. With tentative steps I follow along behind you, breathing a sigh of relief as the elevator doors close and I have a moment to catch my breath. In the time that it takes me to blink...you are upon me...wetting the fabric over my nipples with your tongue...they strain at the thin cloth, swelling even more around the clips. Moaning as I push back against the cool wall, your hand snakes between my thighs, pushing and tugging alternately at the plug while rubbing my clit. I whimper and wriggle, feeling the moistness seeping, lubricating oils flowing from my still hungry cunt. My eyes closed, a moan still on my lips..you step away leaving me in full view as the door opens to allow more people to crowd into the elevator. They surge into the empty space between us. I feel several pair of eyes on me as they wrinkle their noses, the scent of aroused sex heavy in the closed air of the elevator. I raise my arms to cover my heaving breasts, only to have the hem of my dress raise as well. I can hear the appreciative sighs of the men letting me know that my quivering lips are partly in view.

Closing my eyes, trying to ignore the stares, cowering against the wall I feel the elevator come to a stop...anxious to be out of the small space I open my eyes and surge forward. No one else is moving...but all are smiling. My cyber lover has hit the stop button and I am trapped in this small box with 6 men...men whose eyes all smolder with lust. They come towards me...my dress is lifted, my nipples pulled and stretched. A hand pushes hard at the plug while another finds its way between my cunt lips. Fingers push deep inside me as I look to my lover, he just nods and smiles.

As the fingers withdraw from my heated cunt, my muscles tighten, trying to hold them in place. He looks into my eyes as he unbuttons and lowers the zip of his trousers...all of a sudden I am looking at the naked and tumescent cocks of 6 men. Hands are pulling and pushing at me...fingers dipping into me, stretching me...unable to take even a shallow breath, my eyes are wide with fear. As I am bent forward and the plug removed a hand strikes my already reddened ass cheeks...and a general murmur of approval rings the room.

Each hand takes a turn at my flaming cheeks, as my cunt and ass are stretched by other hands. A cock is stuffed into my mouth, all the way to the back of my throat, as I gag, my cunt convulses spitting out the fingers that were exploring my depths.

A hand grabs my breast and squeezes, making the clip on my nipple bite into the swelling flesh. Soon I cant tell what cock is where as the men jockey for position, all six of them using their cocks as weapons as my body is filled and filled and filled again.

My screams muffled into silence by the constant slamming of a cock into my mouth, lips stretched cruelly as a second hard shaft is pushed between my lips. Drool pours out of my mouth, dripping over my chin and soaking into my dress that has found its way around my neck. As I vaguely hear an alarm bell sounding, my body shuddering as orgasm after orgasm is ripped from me...I have six cocks filling me everywhere with spunk...hot shooting ropes of cum filling me, covering me....my greedy mouth swallowing as much as possible.

Dazed and dizzy as they all withdraw, zipping their flies, hands tugging my dress back into place, pushing the plug back into my gaping and filled ass. The elevator moves forward once more. The doors open and the crowd surges out, leaving me standing, wide eyed at the crowd of people who had gathered to watch the in car camera. A round of applause goes up as my cyber lover, smiling, takes me by the hand and whispers, "Quite a show baby, lets go eat...or are you full already?"

To Be Continued...

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