tagLoving WivesFeast for Three

Feast for Three


“I have a treat for you,” she told me first thing when we woke up. She directed me to only work a half-day and rush home. I rushed home at lunch to find a sex-kitten vision in a tight tank top and mini-skirt, along with a long wet kiss. My immediate fondling move was rebuked as she ushered me to our shower upstairs. She told me to strip, and to wash. Not waiting for the water to warm, I hopped in and soaped up a sponge. Shannon sat on the edge of the vanity, raised her skirt and gently stroked herself as I watched through the clear glass of the shower stall. My cock swelled as I lathered it.

“Make sure you clean that ass big boy,” she said as she smiled and sucked a wet finger into her mouth. I turned, bent at the waist, and gave her one of her favorite shows.

With soapy hands I washed my shaved balls, crack and hole, making sure to push a finger slowly in and out of my backdoor. “Oh you naughty boy, you better not make yourself cum yet.”

I sank to me knees, determined to give her a show she’ll thoroughly enjoy. “Oh no you don’t, on your feet, and rinse off. I’ve got other plans,” she commanded.

As I rinsed and hopped out, Shannon shimmied out of her skirt and lifted her top off. She grabbed my rigid pole and led me to the bed. Turning me around, she reached in her drawer and pulled out a sleeping mask. Placing it over my eyes, she grabbed my cock again, and led me down the stairs. “We’re going to take this matter into the dining room,” she whispered in my ear.

She helped me to lie on top of the table, face up. I felt the cold slate along my ass and back, sending a shiver through me. I heard her placing things around me, encircling me as if I was the centerpiece. In my heightened auditory senses I thought a heard a second set of footsteps with us. “Is there some one else here?” I asked. We have had a couple of threesomes in the past so I was not too concerned if it were true.

“Shhhh,” was the reply as a felt a warm, slippery finger press against my lips.

Shannon had dipped a finger in warm fudge and I eagerly sucked it in my mouth. I bobbed and licked at it like a mini-dick, cleaning it until she pulled it out. She then poured warm fudge across my neck, hairless chest, trailing down my belly, through my trimmed bush, then along my hard cock. She took a can of whip cream and traced over her fudge trail, adding delectable pasties on my nipples. She proceeded to run her tongue down the trail, sucking on my neck, swirling the tastes on my chest, nursing on my diamond-hard nipples, and smearing her mixture on my belly with her lips. As she inched down my body, her own was slowly sliding into a 69 position with mine. I blindly returned the oral favors, albeit not artificially flavored, with kisses, and licks. Even with Shannon’s body hovering over mine, I felt the presence of another lurking above both of us, but I didn’t care I just desired more of Shannon’s touch.

She reached my cock with her hand; gripping it, she worked the warm fudge and cool whip cream into a delectable lubricant with steady strokes along its shaft. Her mouth stayed on my stomach, focusing her tongue on the pool of sweets in my belly button, lapping at it like a kitten lapping milk. I knew her pussy was just out of my mouth’s reach, parted and glistening in its own moisture, but achingly I could not see it as the blindfold kept me in the dark. I felt her thighs with my hands, following up until my fingers found her pussy. She removed her mouth from my belly, shifted her weight, and arched her back. Just as I pictured, she was wet, but not with the usual consistency of her girl quim. Feeling a warm drizzle crossing my fingers, she must be pouring some of the fudge down her backside across her pussy. I needed to taste her bad, and tried to move her further down so I could suck on her puss. She recoiled against my hands on her hips and stayed put, and returned to cleaning my body. I busied myself working the sticky confection into her already slippery pussy. I slowly smeared the goo in circular motions, covering both her outer and inner lips. My hungry grew as I dipped my other hand’s fingers into the mess, and gently pulled up along her labia to frame her clit. Shannon liked what she felt because her stroking on my rigid cock became firmer as her mouth now started to work on my pubic mound. I inched a gooey finger into her pussy; it was noticeably hotter than the slop I was working with on her exterior. Shannon’s hips began to flex, and she encouraged me with her sweet siren song of moans.

Shannon told me she had arranged various foods on our table, so I blindly reached for anything, planning on using whatever it was. My hand came into a large bowl of chunked ice. As I reached for a cube I felt various poles: long and hard. By the smell of the one I picked I could tell it was a peeled and frozen banana. I knew I could immediately plunge it in her. Holding it, I noticed she had picked a rather large one; I brought it up to her sticky pussy. A gasp escaped her mouth as I clumsily rubbed the cold fruit across her hot puss. Using my fingers to find her spots, I guided the ice-hard banana to run its length along her outer lips. Shannon’s hips rolled. I found her clit, extended its hood, and slowly dragged the cold member across it. “AHHHH, AHHH,” she had to remove her mouth from me in the frigid shock.

Shannon’s hand was pumping my cock hard. As she hit its base she would extend her fingers around my balls, pulling up on their sac as she brought her hand back to the head. Resting her arms on my hips, she squeezed my balls with one hand, and separated them, all the while continuing her firm strokes with her other hand. After a few strokes, she released her grip, and her weight shifted; she was reaching for something herself. I grunted as I got a shock from a cold phalanx being shoved in my ass. About the diameter of a big finger, it felt like she forced in about 4” of the icicle into me: I loved every inch of it, and felt its coldness creep into my shaft through my prostate. “MMMMM,” I heard as I lifted my legs high and wide.

Shannon’s hips bucked as I ran fingers inside her inner lips, scooping up the mixture of girl juice and confection. Tasting my find, I discovered she had poured caramel onto herself. My state of lustful bliss increased ten-fold and I could no longer play along in the blindfold game. I ripped off the mask, grabbed her ass cheeks, and forcefully dropped her hips to my face. Sucking with all my might, I engulfed her pussy with my mouth, drinking in her intoxicating elixir. “Fuck yeah, eat that pussy Stud Bull! Lick up that mess!”

I arched my neck back to come face-to-face with Vicki, the gorgeous divorcee who had just moved in next door a couple of months ago. She was naked and holding a video camera with one hand; she had her other hand working her own pussy. My mind raced: I had never touched her before, but wondered how long she and my wife had already been sucking each other. Quickly I caught myself and went back to my afternoon delight.

Shannon released my cock to hold herself up with her hands on the table and sat up a bit to grind her sloppy pussy on my face. She had poured the caramel at the top of her ass crack, which left a trail down her cleft, across her rosebud, then into the folds of her pussy. The banana still in hand, I positioned it to rub and almost penetrate her puckered rosebud. Her heat was rapidly defrosting the fruit, and the outer portions of it had begun to melt off, creating a potassium-enriched mush to mash against my nose. With out removing my face from her pussy, I fumbled around with a hand, seeking for the can of whip cream. Vicki’s intuition told her what I was searching for and she sprayed a large dose just out of my tongue’s reach along Shannon’s crack, which instantly began to melt down to her pussy and my hungry mouth. Harmonizing “OOOO’s” echoed in the room as the girls voiced their approval.

I craned my neck and began to run my flatten tongue across her ass then back down across her enflamed pussy. Smearing the cream and sauces across those glorious cheeks, and my face; Shannon began to grunt with approval. I pushed the tip of my tongue at the bottom of her rosebud’s ridge ring, expanding it forcefully, yet teasingly just staying out of any form of insertion. Shannon pushed her ass back, enticing me to take the plunge, I went back to her pussy, causing her to elevate her hips again. She took my cock head into her mouth and raked her teeth across its head, voicing her frustration. I gave her a swift swat on the ass, and her bites became licks and sucks. Vicki added a couple of swats of her own, “Yeah spank that ass stud-bull, make her suck that big dick,” she cheered.

Vicki’s dirty talk got me and I began inserting my tongue, alternating attention to each hole, as rapidly and deeply as I could. Shannon brought back her furious stroking pace. Shannon wrapped her lips around my cock head, her throat moaning in deep groans, beckoning my cum to coat her mouth.

I repositioned the half frozen banana and inserted it into her pussy. Grabbing the other half between my lips, I began to bob my head, fucking her with it. “Get that tongue on my clit!” she shrilly commanded.

I encircled her nub with my mouth, and sucked it in. Leaving the banana inserted in her pussy, I began to flick her clit along its length. Shannon’s mouth suddenly engulfed my cock again, taking its length all the way in, sucking whatever pre-cum inside it down her throat.

“Oh you nasty whore! Suck that donkey-dick! Suck the stud’s cum out!” Vicki exclaimed with glee. Shannon grabbed the cold phalanx in my ass and started to jiggle it, angling it to press on my prostate. I had to release my mouth to gasp this time. Vicki took this as her cue to redirect the camera angle to Shannon’s oral skills. Returning my tongue to its desired place, I reached into the bowl of ice and grabbed a piece.

Holding it, I began to melt off the sharp edges, allowing the cold drippings to fall against her rosebud. Shannon liked that as she moaned onto my cock as she face fucked its length. I felt my balls clench, Shannon was hitting my G-spot, and I felt like peeing, but I knew my eruption would be solely sex juice, and it was going to be one of the biggest loads I ever released. I pressed the ice cube against her bud, and with a quick push, inserted it to a finger’s depth.

Shannon released me, let out a scream, and her hips began to violently spasm. I mashed my tongue against her clit as she ground down on it, her orgasm shaking her to her icy core. I watched as her ass clenched; melting ice water began to stream out of her sphincter as it convulsed. Her pussy popped the banana out, leaving a syrupy splash across my cheek and ear as it found the table. This vision of ecstasy was all I could take, and without warning I erupted. Our combined orgasmic screams bounced off the dining room walls. Shannon hurriedly covered my cock head with her lips, rubbing them in a circular motion as my continuous load streamed out. Her hand was stroking me hard. Vicki was practically yelling: “Yeah, FUCK YEAH, THAT’S INCREDIBLE, EAT THAT SHIT, EAT HIS CUM!”

Shannon opened her mouth and tongued my cock’s head as the last of my eruption coated her mouth, while one hand was twisting and pumping the shaft, and the other held the cold anal probe against my clenching prostate. “FUCK, OH FUCK!” I yelled as the intense pleasurable pain of her tonguing felt like my cock would burst.

I muffled my cries by forcing my mouth hard onto her still convulsing pussy lips; driving my tongue in as far is it would go, tasting caramel banana. I placed two fingers along her clit, pushing against it, but not on it, and my other hand found an ice-cold cucumber from the bowl.

Fucking her ass with the cucumber, I sucked the juices out of her flowing pussy. She again had to release my cock to focus on her own sexual lusts. With quick and shallow thrusts, I fucked her ass with abandon, and another orgasm overtook her. As she started I changed the style of the fucking: from in and out, to rotating the cuke, her rosebud scrapping against the little ridges and bumps. “Yes, Yes, Don’t stop,” her ass cheeks and thighs were shaking, “feels so good, IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! AH, AH, OOOOHHHHH! OOOHHHH!”

She collapsed on top of me, pulling away from my mouth. Leaving the cuke inserted, she used her fingers to press down on her outer pussy lips as I watched her inner lips and hole pulsate with aftershocks.

I looked away to make eye contact with Vicki, she gave me a very devilish wink as she had placed the camera on a tripod. Before I could say anything she started licking my balls, cleaning off the mixture of fudge and cream, both whip and cock. She grabbed whatever was still stuck in my ass and began to fuck me. Grabbing my still rock hard cock, she angled it straight up as Shannon mounted me reverse-cowgirl style. Vicki sucked a ball into her mouth as Shannon slowly impaled herself with my pole. Extending my arms I sat myself up on my hands, Shannon leaned back on me. She turned her head and I inserted my tongue in her mouth, sharing all the tastes of our feast. She rocked slowly as Vicki began to lick up my balls, past the base of my cock, to Shannon’s clit, and then back down again. I saw a bowl of strawberries and grabbed as many as I could. I mashed them on Shannon’s bald mound; the juice and berry bits running down her engorged lips past my balls to the thing in my ass. Vicki began sucking in the offering. Shannon broke our kiss, grabbed the can of whip cream and sprayed a huge portion all over the pussy/cock union, and to our delight, plastering Vicki’s face. The two of us giggled at the site, but Vicki wantonly ate up everything our sexual bounty had to offer.

As Vicki’s mouth was eagerly licking and sucking our fuck connection, I saw a small bowl of what appeared to be vanilla pudding. Scooping up a handful, I squeezed Shannon’s breast with the goop, pinching her nipple. Shannon placed her hand under mine, lifted her breast to her mouth and sucked in her areola. Vicki wandered her mouth up Shannon’s body, grabbed more strawberries, and crushed them on Shannon’s other breast. She placed her mouth over the nipple and began nursing. Shannon began bucking, bending my cock as she slid her ass cheeks back and forth over my hips. I felt a hand rubbing Shannon’s clit, not knowing which girl’s it was. The anal probe I had in me slipped out, taking my breath away, and causing me to fall back. With all my power I had to control my PC muscle spasm to cease before I lost my load.

I began kicking my feet trying to control my body’s urge to cum. “He’s cumming again! Let it go baby! Let’s us eat it!” Shannon shrieked as she climbed off and pushed Vicki’s face down to my crotch.

She grabbed hold of my shaft and with only one downward stroke I sent my first burst to land on my upper chest. The girls squealed and grabbed my cock to milk it for all its worth. They wrestled their tongues against each other’s right at my hole as my second, third, and fourth shots rocketed out. Their hungry mouths taking in every drop. Vicki took over and engulfed my cock, sucking down the next three shots my cock offered. Shannon moved up to lick my chest, mixing my first shot of jizz with the remains of chocolate, strawberries, whip cream. She brought the sweet offering to my mouth with hers. We shared it deeply, wrestling our tongues, sucking and plunging.

Shannon broke our kiss with a devilish smile, her face a sloppy mess and beautiful. She grabbed a frozen cucumber from the bowl as she moved behind Vicki who was bending over the table as she continued her feast on my cock, which was slowly losing it hardness, obviously spent for a while. Never breaking our eye stare, she inserted the cold cuke into Vicki’s pussy: “OOOO, fuck me girlfriend, cool down my hot pussy, fuck me good.”

As I sat up to watch the show, I saw that it was a carrot that had been in my ass when Vicki moved to look back. Shannon lowered her face behind Vicki’s ass, her tongue already extended.

“Yeah, lick my hole you nasty bitch, show the stud how you lick me clean. Make me cum Shan, make me cum all over that dirty face,” Vicki was looking back to watch Shannon’s head bob up and down.

“Uh huh, lick my ass, like that, uh huh, fuck me, fuck me, mmmmm, mmmmmm.” Vicki’s hips lowered as she spread her legs, giving Shannon as much access as possible. She reached back with her hands to spread her ass cheeks as she laid her tits on the table to lower her mouth on to my cock once again, muffling her moans. Shannon increased the speed of her thrusting, and had forced a good 2 inches of tongue up Vicki’s ass, thrashing her head in circles. Vicki’s moans soon became heavy grunts as her orgasm approached; her mouth acting like a suction vacuum on my cock, trying desperately to harden it once again. With an audible pop, she released my cock, arched her back, and threw her head back.


Vicki grabbed a breast, pulling it away from her chest, using her nipple as a handle. From my angle, Shannon’s head was buried in Vicki’s rear; eyes closed, tongue plunged deep in Vicki’s rosebud, her whole head thrashing around.

“AHH! Yeeeeessssssssss! Baby you do that so good. You always know how to make me cum.” Shannon’s insatiability left me in a stupor of lust and giddiness, while Vicki’s desire left me craving for more.

Shannon ran her tongue up Vicki’s back as she stood, pulling her up until they were both standing upright. Vicki turned into her, engaging in a deep tongue kiss, rubbing tits together, Vicki’s hands grabbing Shannon’s ass and Shannon kept the cuke in Vicki while her other hand tangled in Vicki’s hair. I eased off the table, grabbed some strawberries and the can of whip cream. Wedging myself in between the girls I mashed the berries on to Vicki’s steaming pussy, and sprayed what remained of the cream on top of that. Grabbing the cuke from Shannon I buried my face into her puss. I licked, sucked and cleaned what ever bit of sex flesh I could wrap my lips around while maintaining a steady twisting, in and out motion with the cuke. She grabbed my hair and forced my head into her even harder. Her knees began to buckle as the ecstatic sensations began to overcome her. Shannon helped her fall back on to one of the chairs, and began to nurse on Vicki’s tits. I enclosed her clit within my lips, sucked it in as far as it could extend, and rapidly flicked it with a feather touch.

“AHHHH SHIT! YOU FUCKING WHORES, MAKE ME CUM AGAIN! MAKE ME CUM AGAIN!” Vicki was screaming. She lifted a leg to rest it on the table top, legs almost spread in to splits, giving me full access to her sex. I continued my pace on her clit. Vicki had pulled Shannon back up to tongue wrestle her, Shannon forcefully kneading Vicki’s tits.

I inserted two twisted fingers into her pussy and angled them at her G-spot. “UH-HUH, UH-HUH, OOOHHHHH!” Her voice quivering, “OOOHHHHHH! OOOHHHHH YEAH!”

I could taste her pussy juice over the tastes of the berries and cream. I lapped at it up, and around her pussy hole, as fast and furious as I could. Her juices were like Viagra as I felt my cock respond, and start to swell. Using a foot against my shoulder, Vicki pushed me away from her too sensitive pussy buttons; I slowly pulled the cuke out as well. The girls kept their lip-lock as I stood.

I caught of glimpse of myself in a wall mirror and had to chuckle. I was a mess from my knees to the top of my head. The girls were not any cleaner. I joined them in a 3-way kiss as we slowly caught our breath. The girls felt my half hard cock against their skin, looked into each others eyes, smiled and said: “Let’s take a shower.”

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