tagIncest/TabooFeast of the Virgins

Feast of the Virgins


"Guess what they are wearing for a loincloth."

"Probably a stamp," I replied to my sister Shannon sarcastically. "From what I have heard about that fraternity, that should just about cover everything. None of them are Steeler fans, you know. That is one of the prerequisites for joining."

"They are wearing one hundred dollar bills as loincloths. They want the girls to wear nothing but terrible towels."

"Say what?"

"Well Sarah, it's not like our terrible towels did us much good in the playoffs this season, now did they?" Shannon whined. Then she started to sob miserably, again. Shannon had been terribly depressed ever since the refs let the Jaguars hold their way to victory.

Shannon got up off her bed in the dorm room we shared and handed me the advertisement pertaining to the Valentine's Day party being sponsored by the newest fraternity on campus, I Felta Thi.

"I'd have to get a bigger terrible towel. The one I have now isn't going to cover both places. Why are they calling it Feast of the Virgins I wonder?"

"Oh, they didn't want to call it Feast of Lupercalia because they thought nobody but Italian majors would understand what that meant," Shannon responded.

"I know what the Feast of Lupercalia is, and I'm not an Italian major. Valentine's Day originated from the Feast of Lupercalia. Way back in the days of the Roman Empire, young men ran around the city in loincloths and struck young women along the way with whips. I can't remember what happened next, but I bet it was kinky."

"I'm not sure about the kinky, but those Romans did like their orgies," Shannon offered matter-of-factly. "I do know the celebration featured a lottery in which the names of girls were written on slips of paper and placed into a vase. The young men would draw a girl's name from the jar, making these two partners for the duration of the festival."

"Partners for what?"

"It says here on the flyer that girls who remove the one hundred dollar bills with their teeth get to keep them."

"Yeah, and what do you suppose they will want us to do then?"

"Sarah, it's not like we have dates or anything better to do."

"We don't have dates because we took the LUG pledge. You know—Lesbians Until Graduation, so that we can concentrate on our studies. By the way, I'll be getting an 'A' in Phonetics and Oral Expression."

"What's that class about, anyway?"

I explained to Shannon that it was a study of the phonetic structures of the French language with intensive exercises to improve pronunciation and aural comprehension, and that a major portion of the course is dedicated to preparing a public performance in French of a play, scenes from plays, poems, or songs.

"You know, I'm in the mood for some oral expression at this very moment, Sarah. Is cunnilingus sex? Or fellatio?"

"Not according to one of our presidents. If you can't trust a president, who can you trust?"

"Good point. I just wanted to make sure we are not violating our vow not to engage in sexual intercourse. Are we virgins?"

"We are born again virgins, ever since we went up on that altar call at church. So Shannon, do you want to express yourself to me orally first, or vice-versa?"

Shannon didn't wait for an answer. She kissed me softly and sweetly. "You know, kissing you is like kissing myself since we look so much alike."

"Shannon, I have red hair. You have blonde hair. I'm three inches taller than you." I slipped her T-shirt over her head, and she did the same to me. No bras. "And who has bigger boobs?"

We slipped off our jeans and panties. Shannon played with my hair, running her fingers through it over and over. "Your hair is so beautiful," she complimented, which I had heard many times before. "I wish I had red hair like yours. It matches so perfectly down there." She began to play in that hair too.

Shannon's lips descended downward on my body. First my nipples and then my belly button. I pushed her away. "You're tickling me!" She moved lower and kissed and nibbled the inside of my thighs. I pushed her head closer to my pussy. "Do me, Shannon. Do me. Eat me. Please eat me!" I begged.

"Oh, aren't we just the eager one?" she joked. "On the bed with you, then."

"Do me quick and nasty, Shannon. I'm already warmed up."

Shannon ran her tongue between my inner and outer labia on one side, as she held the two together with her lips. She did the other side. Then she fucked my pussy with her tongue. She spread my outer lips with her hands and with her tongue pointed and stiff, she gently flicked here and there, occasionally giving my clit a quick little suck and letting it go.

"Ohhhh . . . oh yeah . . . oh fuck . . . oh yeah . . ." I began to moan over and over as my clit throbbed in her mouth. She rolled her tongue into a tube around the shaft of my clit and slid it up and down, making her tongue like a little pussy for my clit to fuck. I was right on the edge. My legs shuddered. Then I lost it, squeezing my thighs against the sides of her face as I screamed, "Oh my fucking God!" repeatedly. But Shannon didn't stop. No, she made me cum twice more.

"There is nothing like having your beautiful sister cum in your mouth," Shannon cooed. "It just makes you feel so good."

"Well now, then I'd like my beautiful sister to cum in my mouth." With that, I returned the favor, or should I say favors.

Afterwards, we talked it over and decided that the frat party didn't sound all that appealing, and that we would spend quality time with each other for Valentine's Day and maybe include a couple of our girlfriends.

* * *

"I want to jam my dick down the throat of that stuck-up snotty redhead who sits in the front row in my Phonetics and Oral Expression class. She wears those little miniskirts for the professor's benefit. She sure won't give me the time of day."

Ross Coldfinger, the president of I Felta Thi, continued to complain to his fraternity brothers who had gathered around him about the girl who had starred in his masturbation fantasies since the beginning of the semester.

"You'll never get that hottie to suck your dick!" one of the frat rats, Shaun, insisted defiantly. "But I'll drain your hose," he offered, as he squeezed Ross' buns playfully.

"Hey, I won the cum drinking contest!" another frat rat, Kris, complained. "If anybody blows Ross, it should be me!"

"Now, now, settle down boys," Ross ordered. "I'm getting a little bored with dudes going down on me. I want that redhead cunt to peel my banana. I have a plan!"

"What's your plan?" Shaun questioned. "She's not coming to our Feast of the Virgins. I heard her say so to some of the other girls in the cafeteria."

"I have observed that she stays in the classroom after Phonetics and Oral Expression," Ross replied, "even after the professor leaves. All by herself. We'll have our Feast of the Virgins. Bet me. She'll be feasting on my one-eyed wonder worm. And after she blows me, maybe I'll let you dudes cum on her face and those bodacious tatas."

"Yes!" all the frat rats exclaimed gleefully in unison.

* * *

"What do you dudes want?" I asked as they entered the classroom. "I'm studying—don't bother me."

"We hear that you are not coming to our Feast of the Virgins," Ross replied belligerently.

"Yeah, so? I have other plans. My sister and I and a couple other girls are going to Burger King to celebrate Valentine's Day for all the Whoppers you can eat. Coupons, we have coupons."

"You'll get all the whoppers you can eat, bitch!" Ross yelled.

Ross dropped his pants. No underwear.

"If I were you, I'd be really embarrassed to be showing off that little thing," I snapped. "Now put your wee willie back in your pants and get out of here before you get in big trouble."

"I don't think so, bitch. Not until you give me a hummer. I bet you blow every dude at a frat shindig for a few glasses of foamy beer."

He moved closer and stuck his dick in my face. The other frat rats dropped their pants, eager looks on their faces.

"What the hell is going on here?" a voice roared. They hadn't heard the door open. There he stood—Dr. Alex Todd, our Phonetics and Oral Expression professor.

"These idiots want me to . . . uh . . . perform fellatio on them. As if!"

"Sarah, do you want to press charges?" the professor asked, glaring at the culprits. "I'll call security."

"No, I don't think so. As long as they never bother me again."

Quickly the frat rats pulled up their pants and ran out the door.

I told Dr. Todd what exactly had happened.

"Well, I'll tell you this, Sarah, I'm going to cancel their Feast of the Virgins. What are you doing for Valentine's Day, anyway?"

"I'm doing Burger King with my sister and girlfriends."

"Burger King? No, no, my dear, you simply must come to my place for dinner. We can have our own little feast."

I contemplated that for a bit. I had heard that Dr. Todd was a wonderful cook, and I knew he had been a guest chef on one of those culinary TV shows. "I don't know, I promised my sister . . ."

"I'm preparing salmon roulade, stuffed with lobster, crab, and morels, baked in puff pastry and served with a wild mushroom and cognac cream sauce. On the side, some caramelized pearl onions and baby carrots with baby zucchini and fresh dill tossed in at the end."

I think I began to drool. "Yeah, okay, I guess."

"Great! But I would like you to do me one very special favor."

"Oh, what's that?"

"Would you please wear panties?"

"Oh my God! I didn't think you could see that far up my skirt when I sit in the front row." I know my face turned five shades of red. I jumped up. "I have to run off to an appointment. I'm so embarrassed!"

"Don't be, Sarah. Now you're still coming to dinner? It wouldn't be right if you stood me up after you said yes."

"Yes, I did say I would. I'll be there." I hurried off.

* * * I dressed for dinner in a Planet Funk pleated sleeveless satin top with a ribbon belt and a Chanpaul brocade skirt with tulle. I wore my suede ballet shoes, not wanting to look any taller than him than I had to.

Dr. Todd watched me pull into his driveway from the window and greeted me at the door. He wore a tuxedo.

"You are extraordinarily beautiful, my dear." He handed me the white, pink, and yellow roses arranged with some babies' breath in an antique-looking vase.

"Thank you, Dr. Todd."

"Please call me Toddy. All my friends call me Toddy."

Dr. Todd had a lovely home. The pink frilly lace curtains made the place look a bit feminine, but all the Steelers decorations on the walls counteracted that. He led me to the dining room where he had placed dinner on the table in covered dishes. He pulled out my chair, I sat, and he served me. In addition to what he had promised me for dinner, there was a trio of crepes: chicken and fresh peaches with a veloute sauce, escargot with lots of garlic and butter, and shrimp with fresh ginger and scallion and a ginger hollandaise.

I ate and ate and ate. Dr. Todd just mostly watched me, not saying much, and toyed with the food on his plate.

"This is just incredibly delicious, Toddy!"


"Yes, Toddy?"

"Did you wear panties?"

"Yes, I did." I'm sure I blushed, not as bad as before, but I could feel the flush.

"Would you take them off, please?"

"Say what?"

"I want to wear them."


Dr. Todd started to cry. "Oh Sarah, I have this incredible panty fetish," he sobbed miserably. "I just can't help it."

I gobbled down the shrimp, finishing it. "Do you have any more shrimp?"

He went into the kitchen and quickly returned. "Try these coconut shrimp. I made them last night."

"My goodness they're big!" I dipped one into the sweet sauce and swallowed it quickly. "So tell me about your obsession, Toddy. You can talk to me."

"I like to wear girl's panties. On my head mostly. I like to sniff them. I like to lick them." He started to wail like a wounded banshee.

I ran over and put my arm around him. "Toddy, Toddy, it's okay." I took a handful of the coconut shrimp and munched them while I consoled him. "Everybody has something they obsess over. Why, look at me and food."

"I have something special for you, Sarah." He perked up.

"You do?"

"Yes, my lovely one." He got up from the table and went into the kitchen again. Two minutes later he came back with his arms full. "Do you like banana Bundt cake?"


"How about rose geranium pound cake?"


"And then we have chocolate mousse cake. Ten quarter-inch layers of light, not too sweet chocolate cake separated by quarter-inch layers of mousse made with Michel Cluizel Chocolat Grand Amer. Frosted, of course, with more mousse. Puree some raspberries and guava, set with a little gelatin, and onto the mousse in a swirl design, and then top if off with chocolate shavings."

"Oh God, my panties are getting wet!"

"Here." He placed the three cakes before me, and watched me enthusiastically devour the dessert.

"Fantastic, just fantastic," I complimented. "I'm stuffed. Can I take the rest home?"

"Perhaps. So please tell me about your panties, Sarah. White, I bet."

"How did you know? Fruit of the Loom Fit for Me. Bikini as opposed to brief or hi-cut."

"Do you have any Hipster Body by Victoria seamless stretch panties? Perhaps in teal, muslim or glacial blue?"

"Uh . . . no."

"I'll buy you some. My treat."

"I have plenty of panties. If you want to buy me something, get me some groceries. And come over to my dorm and cook them."

"Please don't be angry with me for saying this, but I would like to watch you masturbate in your panties. Then I want to keep them."

"You got to be kidding!"

"No, I'm not kidding. I am obsessed, like I said. I'm such a pervert. I can't help it! I'm addicted to panties."

I couldn't stand his whining. "Well, I guess it wouldn't be fair if I ate and ran."

"One more thing . . ."


"I want you to use a cucumber and a squash." He produced the vegetables—a really big cucumber and a much smaller yellow squash.

"Don't you have zucchini?" I inquired, a little self-conscious. "That cucumber is quite the big fella."

"The cucumber is for your . . . pussy and . . . uh . . . I'd like you to stick the squash up your cute little bum."

I laughed. "Oh, I doubt my bum is that little after all I ate. There are going to be several conditions if I do what you want, Toddy. That's all I'm going to do—masturbate. Don't be asking for sex. One more thing. I want you to come to my dorm on Monday and prepare dinner for all the girls."

I knew what that would get me. Emily would be doing my laundry, and I'd be driving Jessica's BMW. Amanda would lend me her $650 Hollywood faux-croc over-the-knee flat boots and designer dresses. And on and on and on. The other girls were just as disgusted with the cafeteria food as me.

"Uh . . . I won't ask for sex, Sarah, but do you mind if I masturbate while I watch you? And I'd just love to cook dinner for you and your friends on Monday night."

"Toddy, if you insist on masturbating, then you have to come over and cook on Tuesday night also."

"No problem! Can I see your breasts?"

"I suppose," I muttered, lowering the straps on my satin top. No bra.

"Oh my God!"


"They are . . . exquisite!"

"Thank you. I rather like them myself." I began to tease my nipples. "Let's see, now how am I going to do this I wonder? Shall we go into the living room? I noticed you have a recliner."

I sat in the recliner and adjusted it to the right position. I lifted my skirt. Toddy pulled up a foot stool so he could get a good view. I slipped down the panties a bit.

"I love that little patch of red hair!"

"Thank you, Toddy. I keep it neatly trimmed. I mean, I wouldn't want you to get a face full of bush when you eat me."


"I'm kidding, I'm kidding." I giggled. "I said no sex. All you get to do is watch and jerk off."

"I'm satisfied with that." He pulled out his cock and began to stroke it.

"You have a really pretty penis." Finally I found something to compliment him about other than his cooking.

"Thank you. I wish I could put it inside you instead of the cucumber."

"No way. Cucumbers don't get you knocked up."

I spread my legs. His eyes looked like they might bulge right out of his head. I placed my thumb and forefinger around my clit and rolled it gently between my fingers. Rolling, rolling, rolling. Putting on this little show for Toddy was beginning to turn me on. That and my fingers.

"Is that good for you, Sarah?" Toddy asked, somewhat shakily, as he stroked himself harder and faster.

I shook my head and winked as I pulled my pussy lips back with my left hand so that my clit was totally exposed and used the index finger of my right hand to tap on it softly. When I got real juicy I picked up the cucumber and the squash. I wet the middle finger of my left hand with pussy juice and inserted it in my back door. Then I replaced my finger with the squash. The cucumber went in my pussy. I rubbed it against my already swollen clit.

"Oh baby, fuck me, fuck me!" I cried as I fantasized. I closed my eyes, imagining my lover's big cock filling me up. "Fuck me, baby, fuck me!" The cucumber did, until I climaxed with the big pickle-to-be rammed all the way up inside me. After catching my breath, I removed the cucumber and squash and handed them to Toddy. "Here's your veggies back. I hope they had fun."

"Yes, I'm sure they did. Don't they look happy? Why, they're smiling."

"I slipped the panties off and gave them to him. "A little damp." Actually, they were soaked.

Toddy put the panties on his head, took a bite out of the cucumber, and choked his chicken even more frantically. "I wonder how much flavor the squash will lose if I cook it?" he inquired, looking quite serious.

I straightened myself up. "I have to go now, Toddy. It looks like you'll be amusing yourself for awhile, anyway."

"Thanks for coming, Sarah!" he called out as I left.

"My pleasure!" I called back.

* * *

I got back to the dorm and the room I shared with Shannon. She bombarded me with questions about dinner with Dr. Todd. Of course I had to tell her the whole story.

"What a pervert he is!" she exclaimed, giggly. "Do you think you can get him to come over to the dorm and cook dinner for us all?"

"Every night. Until the panties run out."

"We can always buy more."

"Shannon, I feel real guilty."

"Well, you should, Sarah. I had a Whopper at Burger King for Valentine's Day. Okay, so I actually had four, and they were Double Whoppers. While you dined on salmon roulade and coconut shrimp. Not to mention the cakes."

"No, not about that. We didn't get Daddy anything for Valentine's Day. Not even a card. And he's so lonely since Mom died."

"Hey let's go over to the house and see him. We can get there in an hour."

"He'll be sleeping."

"So we'll wake him up!"

* * *

On the way Shannon and I discussed what we should give Daddy for Valentine's Day. We didn't have much money, and we wanted to give him something he would remember always.

"Now be quiet!" I demanded as we crept up the stairs to our father's bedroom.

He snored, lying there on his back.

"Oh my, he's naked," Shannon whispered.

"That makes our job all the easier."

"Wow, he has a big penis, and it's not even hard."

"Don't worry your pretty little head about that, Shannon. I'll take care of the deepthroating. But you're going to swallow too. I think we should get naked, like him."

I took my father's flaccid penis in my mouth. Shannon nibbled gently on his balls. He didn't stay soft long.

"Ohhhh . . . ohhhh," he began to moan as his manhood stiffened. He opened his eyes. "Wha . . . the . . ."

"Now you be quiet, Daddy," I admonished. "Shannon and I have a special surprise for you for Valentine's Day." I put his cock back in my mouth.

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