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Fed Ex Delivery


So it's getting closer to Christmas and I've ordered the last of the presents online hoping they will arrive today just in time to take on our early Christmas long weekend as we have a prior engagement with his family on Christmas, therefore it's my family this weekend and I have so much to do.

First thing this morning it's off to the beautician to ensure that everything is neat and tidy down there for our weekend away even though it's with my family... you never know when the opportunity may present itself and where! Would rather be prepared than not so after my appointment it was time to head home in time for a quick shower before heading out for a girls lunch or at least that's what the plan was! Literally arrived home with just enough time to shower, dress, make up, check work emails and get out the door. Had no sooner stepped out of the hot steamy shower to hear the doorbell chime...fuck it must be the delivery guy with all the Christmas parcels...shit can't leave him out there to long as he won't leave parcels and then I will need to collect and I don't have time for that this week.

I yell down the stairs 'be there in a min' and quickly put a shirt on and yanked on a skirt and thought yep all good. I'll duck downstairs quickly sign for all the parcels and be back upstairs before I know it to dry off and get dressed. I quickly race downstairs saying coming and open the door to the Fed Ex parcel delivery guy. ...mmmmmm I think he can place his parcel in my box anytime! Oh hang on what am I saying. ... what a fine specimen to look at today or any day mind you. Mumbled hi and said sorry it took me a little while as just jumped out of the shower and ran down the stairs as quickly as possible. He just smiled and said yes I've noticed that as I caught his eyes moving down my shirt and stop at my breasts... I wonder if he could see how erect and hot they felt under my shirt or if he would notice me shifting legs as I haven't dried myself properly and water was running down the inside of my leg or was it something more than water. ...no it couldn't be!

He mentioned something about 3 or 4 parcels he had for me and where would I like them... ...mmmmm where would I like his parcel...well, oh hang on I couldn't corrupt this poor college student and encourage that behaviour or could I? I mentioned to bring them in and place them in the office behind me. It was at this stage that I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and saw that my wet hair not being completely drier had caused my shirt to become very see thru and sheer and could now see why his focus had moved and stayed on my breasts. The whole front of my shirt was like being in a wet t-shirt competition and he could see how erect they were as he was the only one in the audience admiring them. I didn't know whether to be proud or embarrassed and cover them up... I went for the proud option as it didn't seem to faze him. Upon turning around I also noticed that the skirt and not having time to put on any underwear didn't help either as the top of my skirt was also wet and you could just see just the outline of my arse...omg what to do! Too late now as I decided I would see where this would take me as the thrill and adrenaline was starting to take over.

I ran my hands over my wet shirt so my nipples could be seen clearly now thru my wet shirt and waited for him to walk back into the office and see what his reaction would be and what a reaction it was. ... he got as far as the office door and stopped dead in his tracks dropping 2 of my parcels whilst trying not to lose focus on my wet shirt and what was very visible underneath. He nervously smiled and apologised and I said don't worry let me get them for you. ... I walked over to him just close enough to bend down in front of him so he would enjoy the view from the top of the shirt whilst collecting the dropped 2 parcels and upon coming back up I let my hand slowly graze past his crotch just in case he missed any of the other signs I had just put out there...

He smiled, shifted in his spot and mumbled thanks and said he would be back with the other 3 parcels for me. ... 3 I thought it was only 2! Thought oh well whatever works for me. This gave me enough time to undo another button or two so if I bent over again he would see everything and maybe take the opportunity presented. He returned with only 2 - dropping one again after seeing the shirt buttons were a little lower and more flesh was now on display. Once again I said please allow me and this time I heard please do...there was definitely no mumbling this time around.

I had grabbed the parcel when I heard please allow me but his hand wasn't helping with the parcel as it had moved past it as his thumb and his fore finger slowly grazed and then pinched my right nipple... it was at this stage I dropped the parcel. We both took a deep breath and smiled as his other hand dropped the remaining parcel and clipboard and moved to the front of my skirt gently rubbing my pussy thru my skirt...mmmm feels so good. He moved closer to me whispering did I know or want the other parcel now...it was at this stage I knew what the other parcel was as my hand slowly reached down to find his hard cock wanting to come out to play. Omg it felt so nice!

The next thing I know is he had ripped open my shirt not caring for any undone remaining buttons to expose both naked breasts and with one hand still massaging one he takes the other in his mouth and sucks and flicks his tongue over my nipple and sucks, omg sending me wild and getting me wet. His other hand has now moved down under my skirt pushing it up to find my neatly manicured waxed pussy... or more to the point a very moist wet pussy by now. He says is this what you want...you want my parcel inside your box...come on tell me, tell me now. He pushes me back onto the office desk, thank god I had cleaned it up this morning. ..the only things on there was a tray of paperwork and a couple of books which all ended up on the floor as he swiped them off and forcefully pushed me back on to the desk.

His mouth continued to suck and bite my tits before making its way down my stomach to his fingers which were having their own fun again and again teasing my clit and playing with my pussy. Oh god yes I scream...that's feels so good. He takes his fingers out only to be replaced by his tongue and mouth. His tongue darts in and out licking and sucking whilst he moves his hand back up to my tits and pinches and massages them whilst dining out on my office desk...omg I can't stop squirming as his tongue gets faster and faster! I want to come but he says not quite yet we haven't finished! I whisper please, no he says you haven't had your last parcel...at this stage he stands up and I see his hard cock is standing to attention and his smiles and says are you ready for your final parcel to be delivered...hell yes!

He pulls my skirt off so has full uninterrupted view and smiles as moves his mouth down quickly on mine kissing me...kissing me hard whilst his fingers find my pussy one last time before he replaces them with his hard throbbing erect cock. Deeper and deeper he goes. ...oh yes harder harder fuck me I say as my hands reach up and grab his arse as my legs wrap around his waist whilst he stands at the front of the desk pumping and grinding my wet pussy harder and harder, deeper and deeper.

His hands are grabbing my nipples and pinching and twisting them which is making me squirm...I squirm closer to him on the desk trying to take him deeper.. making me moan louder as he pinches them harder. ...omg I'm soooo wet yes yes now please let me come! Just a little longer he yells as his breathing gets quicker along with his thrusting cock in my dripping pussy. Nearly there he says as he thrusted his cock into me deeper...your pussy feels so good and warm and wet. ...just...a...little...longer! My legs get tighter around his waist as I take him in again and again pounding my pussy getting quicker and trying to get closer as he tries to go deeper. ...I can't I'm ready to explode...

He says shhh as I feel him thrust again but have also noticed his fingers have moved back down there and are helping out playing with my clit... moving with the same speed as his cock...this is heaven I think or am I just imagining this but its back to reality for me as I heard him breathing faster and faster in sync with his thrusts pounding my pussy. Yes yes yes he says and with one final thrust we have both come...one parcel in a box delivered at the right time... omg he smiles says that was fantastic as he collapses on my breasts with his cock still in me.

I definitely agree and unfold my legs from his waist! What a way to have your parcels delivered...no other way I think! He slowly takes his cock out of me and stands up. ... I let him know there's a bathroom behind the door to the left for him to freshen himself up as I have about 15 mins to get out the door as well...but after that who cares if I'm late that was worth it. I slowly get up and put what's left on my clothing on and move towards the parcels and clipboard on the floor to be meet by this voice that says let me. ...I laugh and say I've got it. I place the parcels on the chair and hand him his clipboard and say thank you. ..fed ex definitely know how to keep the customer satisfied. He smiles and asks me to sign for the 4 parcels...such a shame the 5th one can't stay longer and enter another hole...oops I mean box ..I sign, smile and say thank you once again and show him out the door. Omg I say to myself as I lean on the back of the door. ..what just happened! Whatever it was and whatever his name was it was worth it...must get fed ex to deliver more often lol.

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