Writing erotic stories and posting them on literotica.com, has been one of the most rewarding and constructive pastimes I have taken up over the past few years.

My first story, 'Magic Medicine', received its first feedback e-mail within a couple of days, and from that first feedback e-mail, the character Ann was born and a rewarding symbiotic relationship developed. (But that is another story.)

However the receiving of feedback is a fickle and rare occurrence. I have stories with 100000 downloads plus and good numbers of votes and in my opinion good scores (over 4.6) for nearly half my submissions.

Not so long ago I received this feedback message via Literotica.com. I always reply to these messages; it takes a lot to write a story and if someone did really enjoy, the story the last thing on their mind is to thank the writer.

The message read:

I just read Earl Grey and Two Sugars and find myself breathless. Ooooo to be a character in your stories. Very exciting; I practically held my breath anticipating your next move.

Can't wait to read more. Thanks for posting.

Danielle: Daniellenisx@yaboo.com"


So being polite I wrote back...


Dear Danielle

Thank you for the feedback on my story.

I would like to know in more detail please, what you found 'so sexy' about the story.

Also, where are you on this tiny planet? So I can put a mark on my Google earth.

Respect and Honour



Normally one doesn't get a reply to the response so when a reply did comeback I was pleased and even a little excited with the content.

Dear Hitchhiker

I shouldn't tell you but I live in the UK very near Oxbridge in the little village called Chillington I hope you can find it. How many thousands of miles away do you live?

What did I find sexy about your story? I have now read several more of your stories, Ann and the looking Glass, is very, very sexy. I have fantasised about my own mirror having an invisible lover inside. Last night I lay on my bed and fucked myself with my vibe and imagined it was the man from the mirror. I also very much liked, 'By a mountain stream' I bet you enjoyed yourself with those two.

You might want to know about me. Well, I'm 20 I have mousy shoulder length hair. I'm 5ft 10ins tall lightly built, but not skinny. My breasts are C-cup my best bits are my legs which are very long. I have never been with a man but have had lots of sex with girls.



Whoa this girl is a little firecracker I thought, and she fucked herself with her vibe! Reading, one of my stories. I could not resist in writing back somewhat aroused and even a little nervous.


Dear Danielle,

The picture you put in my head of you thrusting your vibe into your hot little quim was nearly too much. Why? Because you don't live thousands of miles away from me but less than 25 miles, so beware you might even find me appear behind you in your room as you stare at your naked reflection in the mirror, wrap my arms around your waist and nuzzle your neck nibbling the lobes of each ear in turn. Sending shivers down your spine as your body pushes back into my embrace. You turn your head allowing our lips to meet.

My hands slip gently up your sides cupping the outside of your breasts, then pushing you gently around I pull you into a full embrace cupping your left breast in my right hand and kneading the hot firm flesh.

As my fingers feel your nipple become aroused and harden, the finger and thumb pinch the little bud and begin to massage it gently back and forth increasing the pressure to almost the point of pain.

Our kiss has become intense with my left hand behind your head holding tight so our tongues can explore and taste each other.

You are becoming breathless, your body is trembling, shaking, beginning to perspire you don't know if you should scream or surrender to this entity that appeared behind you only seconds ago.

Is it real or is it just a dream??

A dream? Then surrender, to your imagination and let your passions grow.

As you surrender to emotions, desire and lust, you become aware of something new, you feel, a wonderful hardness pushing into your tummy. You respond by lifting yourself on tiptoe so you can feel the hardness against your vulva.

Little flashes of lightning course through your pussy and your quim starts to yearn to be filled to receive penetration, fulfilment.

My mouth breaks free of yours and chases my hand over your shoulder nipping at the flesh. But my mouth desires those globes of delight my hands grasp a breast each and push them together allowing my mouth to devour each nipple while my tongue simultaneously licks each nipple wetly and my teeth nip. You want to feel the hardness of my erection and reach and grasp it in you right hand, it feels so hot almost throbbing with lust, a yearning that has been generated by your own naked body.

Should I continue? Or would you like to take up narrative?

Respect and Honour



Well we shall see what sort of reply that gets, I thought as the bits flew out into the ether.

I got a reply the next Day.

Opening the e-mail I saw the text in big bold letters

"CONTINUE please, please, pretty, pretty, pretty please."

Oh my, I hope that you never stop.

As your mouth covers my breast, I can only gasp in pleasure

I feel your tongue as you circle the hardened nipple and my hand reaches to your shirt impatiently I begin to unbutton your shirt but my hands are to clumsy and in need of more flesh I rip at the shirt, buttons fly everywhere, but they are of little concern to us now my back again arches as you nip my nipple with your teeth; and my hands reach to undo your belt and Trousers. My fingers grasp the waistband of both your trousers and pants and push down, sliding them over your hips; I can feel your manhood and am both nervous and excited by what I feel.

Your hand reaches down to grab my crotch and a wave of excitement washes over me, my body in one quick moment has become yours to take and use as you wish.

The text then dropped to a normal font,

"My dearest Adam

What you wrote was so sexy I nearly fainted when the message stopped. I tore my knickers aside and read and re read your words. I wanted you there and then. But I couldn't reply straight away because my bloody computer crashed, my brother was out and I couldn't fix the problem.

Instead all I could do was lay in bed naked and reread Ann and the looking Glass over and over again.

If you can make love as you write my dear wonderful eloquent Adam I want you to come and visit me. Call me on 07777 676869.

In lust for you



Dingdong...., carry on...., what a girl? To good to be true was my first thought. Could it be that at long last I had found a woman close by, that was different?

I reread her writing and thought how subtle and clever she was to stop, as I had done, to return the tease, so to speak. This was fun, but there could be problems ahead.

In somewhat of a dilemma I pondered on what I should do next. Phoning her was fairly safe. She wouldn't be able to know where I was and distance would still be on my side.

Nervously my fingers dialled the number on the screen, Brrrrr, Brrrrr.


"Can I speak to Danielle please?"

"Who? Is that you Adam?" Asked a tremulous young sweet voice who spoke with an educated and refined accent.

"Danielle it is I. I don't know if this is the wisest move I have made. But I had to speak with you, to find out if you are for real. Sorry to sound so doubtful." I had broken the ice, what happened next, I would play by the seat of my pants.

"Oh... You.. Ah.. You sound as sexy on the phone as your writing. When can you come and see me?"

Her voice was full of girlish excitement, and I felt I had to calm the situation down, to make sure she understood what we could be getting into. I know I sound like an old killjoy but I wanted to get everything clear from the start.

"Danielle you too sound as sexy as you write. But I would like to talk to you first. Set ground rules, find out what we both expect and want from this relationship. It is no longer an Internet cyber fantasy. We are real and real close too. You have seen my picture on my member's page so you are aware that I am very much older than you in years. 30, to be precise!"

I finished my statement and waited with baited breath for her response.

"I like your picture I have printed a copy. I hope you don't mind? You look kind and thoughtful, as the characters in your stories are. So the age doesn't matter and you are hopefully what I'm looking for. A man to teach me, I don't want a husband I want a real lover. So one day when I do get married I will know what I want and what I should do to make my husband happy."

Well she certainly knew what she wanted from me. This was one canny girl I had found or rather she had found me.

"What can I say?" I replied in somewhat of a stunned tone. This young lady had worked the situation out.

"Danielle this sounds too good to be true, I must admit. You want to be shown the delights of the flesh, so you want me to show you how to please a man and how to enjoy your own body."

Silence filled the air space, and for a moment I thought I might have gone too far. She was, just a moment ago, very sure of herself, but now she had heard what it was that I was suggesting and on hearing it stated in the cold light of day. I was sure she was rethinking what she wanted.

"Adam," she said nervously. "I am in need of a teacher, and am hoping that you are the kind man who can take me to places that I desire. I like the way you write and if you are as passionate in the flesh as you are in your writing, then I would like for us to get together. I am looking to learn how to pleasure a man and at the same time I hope to learn how to pleasure myself with a man."

Again silence, as I considered my words carefully. I have in the past taught several girls the path to womanhood. Simply because I have had some very good teachers of my own, older women that found me cute and so taught me how to love and to make love to women.

"Danielle, Thank you for your trust and confidence in me I will do my best to teach you. But really I'm still only learning myself for I'm sure I am by no means a Casanova or even a Byron in the ways of love." Oh boy did that last statement sound crass? I grimaced to myself and waited for the knock down. Casanova or Byron hell's bells what will the girl think, I thought!!

"Adam, Adam. I don't want a Casanova or Byron I want someone who knows himself, has kindness and sincerity. I have read your stories you don't come across, as some big headed know it all. If you want me as your pupil I want you as my teacher... Please... Sir?"

"Then Danielle I agree to consider the idea in principal. But first I want to know all about you. If that's OK?"

And so for the next 30 minutes Danielle told me about herself. How she had, had a wonderful childhood, her father was rich and successful, her mother beautiful loving and clever. She told me all about her older brother who was a computer guru working for both a very large computer company and one the universities in near by Oxbridge.

At the age of 11 Danielle had been sent to boarding school on the south coast just outside Brighton only coming home on the holidays to be with her family.

Now though she lived at home because she was at university in Oxbridge studying oriental arts. She had been given the best in all things material but she felt she had missed a lot by not going to the local school.

"Well Danielle I have not been educated formerly I went to an ordinary school and as you can hear I speak with a common English accent."

"You are not ordinary Adam. That is so clear to me. Please say you will be my teacher. I promise to do anything you ask of me, I mean anything."

Her voice quavered in a tone of begging and anxiety. How could I refuse?

"Well Danielle I'm sure we can at least meet and see how we strike it off face to face. Do you drive?" I said hoping she said yes.

"Yes I drive, and I have my own car. Where shall we meet?" She asked excitedly. "This weekend would be good, can you make it?" Her voice had now become a little more relaxed and I could tell she was smiling. I was to; I was also becoming aroused at the thought of meeting this young lady in the next few Days.

"Danielle do you know the Red Lion at Great Whetting?"

"Yes" She replied excitement in her voice.

"Can you be there at 10:30 on Saturday morning we can park there and go for a walk in Whetting woods the weather is forecast fine and I don't know about you but walking in the woods is a rather romantic thing to do." The plan had been made, would she accept it or ask to meet in a more public place?

"Adam I will be there; I drive a green Mazda M3."

"Well then my dear little lady the date is set. An M3, I bet it is just you. And I drive a Dark Grey Fiat with decals on the side. Wait in your car I'll come and find you." Now I was the one to be excited.

"What shall I wear? What would you like me to wear or shall I surprise you?" Danielle said giggling at the idea.

"Mmmm what shall she wear for our first lesson?" I mussed out loud. "You will wear something light and feminine a loose blouse a longish skirt. You may wear under wear if you wish, but I would be most pleased if you did not."


Saturday dawned clear and bright it was forecast warm and still.

I had told my wife about my meeting with Danielle and how she had found me on the net. The first thing she had said was "It sounds like this young woman wants my husband to be her teacher."

"What would you do if I became her teacher?"

Mia had put her arms around my neck and kissed me saying

"Kita and I would trust you to be kind to her and you know we will still love you. She might even want to meet us and you never know what might happen then." The smile on her face and glint in her eye confirmed her sincerity. (Yes, I know, lucky bastard!)

With my wife's approval I drove along country lanes on a fine warm summer's morn to meet with Danielle. I didn't know how the meeting would go she might see me in person and become cold and withdrawn, but I thought this unlikely, chemistry though is a fickle thing.

I turned off the road into the pub car park there was only one car, a green M3. I pulled up along side turned my head and looked. My jaw must have dropped half a yard. Danielle was absolutely, gorgeous. She turned and smiled at me. I couldn't wait to be near her in person. But she was out of her car before me.

By the time I had opened my door she was there flinging her arms around me.

"Thank you, thank you for coming. I thought you would think better of the whole idea and not come." She was crying into my shoulder.

"Hey, hey come on now." I cooed wiping away her tears with my thumbs. I held her head in my hands and kissed her tenderly on the mouth. She pulled me tighter and I enveloped her mouth forcing a mirrored response from her. Danielle's lips parted and my tongue found its way inside it snaked up under her top lip and slithered across her teeth and gums, as I sucked her into my passion.

Being slightly taller than me, Danielle pushed me sideways against the rear window of my car. I don't normally push a lust filled woman off me. But in this situation I had too.

"Hang on there girl. " I drawled in a mock southern states accent; trying to cool things down. Danielle lifted her body off me and smiled down into my eyes.

"You are smaller than me." She giggled. "You didn't tell me how tall you were and I just presumed for some reason you would be taller."

"Well I hope you aren't too disappointed. You on the other hand are just drop dead gorgeous and how the hell you have remained such an innocent defies belief." I must admit I was a little taken aback at her initial enthusiasm, and so I must have seemed a little aggressive in my reaction.

"Come on lets go for our walk. For one thing your teacher needs to calm himself down." I opened the tailgate of my car and removed the Daypack I had prepared for our meeting.

Danielle was stunned by my outburst, and was silent for a moment. She was clearly considering her response, which was equally curt.

"I shall tell you, how I have remained innocent! I don't like boys I prefer girls or think I prefer girls." She said tentatively, "I went to an all girl's school, it was very well protected and no boys were allowed within the walls. So we spent a great deal of our free time experimenting with each other. At the age of fourteen one of the girls smuggled a dildo into school. We thought we had all died and gone to heaven. From that point forward, we all played together. We never thought about boys, and this was okay by me. All my friends and I were on the gymnastics team. It was a slice of heaven for me. When I was at school all there was, were girls. Being on the gymnastic team was just wonderful.

"Sorry sweetness. I didn't mean to be nasty I was just a little shocked and now I must admit much chuffed at your reaction on our first meeting." I turned and pulled her into my arms. "Come here and let's start again." I kissed her holding her for a few seconds just letting our bodies feel the contact. My dick was hard and pressed against her vulva, I must admit I was as randy as hell and couldn't wait to get into the classroom. Breaking the embrace I took her hand and guided her toward the gate leading off into the cool green woods. We walked without speaking just letting the closeness develop between us. Danielle had dressed herself in a lacy gypsy top and a knee length scarlet coloured skirt in the same style. I could see she had not worn a bra so I guessed she was without knickers as well.

My mind was in turmoil not only at the start to our meeting, but also at what she had said about preferring girls. Questions formed in my mind, I was curious and wanted to know what made Danielle tick.

"So.. Why and how did you pick me to be your teacher, when it would have been far more natural for you to choose someone nearer your own age?" I looked at her as we walked and she just glanced at me clearly considering her answer.

"Mmmm why not pick someone nearer to home? Answer there isn't anyone I fancy. Plus I was only looking at the stories on literotica when I came across your stories by accident in the mature section. The stories there are so much more romantic. From there it is history I sent you feedback and here we are." She stopped walking and looked at me.

"Next question," she said with an impatient tone for Danielle was clearly baiting me. We continued on our walk deeper into the woods. I knew where I was leading her and turned us off the main path.

"You said you were on the gymnastics team and it was heaven for you. Why was that?"

"For a start we all wore very little clothing whilst we practised. We could touch one another as we bent and pushed our bodies in ever more contorted positions."

"You are a contortionist?" I asked a grin like a Cheshire cat right across my face. "I have always wanted to meet a contortionist. How supple are you?"

"I thought you were the teacher." Danielle laughed. "I think you will be impressed when you see what I can do. Let's put it this way I can watch a dildo go into my pussy."

After walking for nearly a quarter of an hour we arrived at our destination I led the way through the thick hedge of Rhododendrons and out into the small circular arena in their midst, at the centre of this natural circus there is an ancient stump of an Oak tree it's about 4ft high and 6ft across it is not solid the wood having decayed long before the tree was felled to form a horse shoe shaped wall of wood. The site always reminds me of a Druid temple deep in the forest hidden away out of the sight of disapproving eyes. What better place to bring Danielle for her first lessons in the delights of procreation.

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