Feldare Tales: Turning Gold to Silver


"Amelae. No." He said, his voice as soothing as he could make it. "You could not have known. And now that I think back on what I said, I guess I can see where you misunderstood me."

The elf had risen and was wrapping her dress about her waist. "I beg your forgiveness, master, for shaming you, and myself." She said, pulling the cords that tied it tight and knotting them. "I was a fool."

Gurdaz tried to provide a smile. "Actually, I was quite honored there for a long moment, when I thought you were interested in me." He said. "I wish I could have known what you were offering me, but I would not have it by deception."

Turning to face him, she said. "I had convinced myself to want to, actually." a wan smile playing on her thin lips. "I even was looking forward to it. You are a man of great skill and sensibilities, and a fine lover I deem."

The dwarf grimaced. "Don't tell me such things, lass." He said, his eyes twinkling over his thick beard. "Else I will kick myself in the butt all the harder for passing the chance."

Something in Amelae's eyes changed, the set, even the color. They were tinged now with blue, and she walked toward him. "Why say you the chance is gone?" She asked, her voice now lower in tone and much breathier. "I have yet to flee your bedchamber."

"You would really take me into you?" Gurdaz said, his eyes again wide. "Even knowing that I cannot command you to do so?"

She nodded and reached for the knot holding up her skirt. "I would, Gurdaz." She said. Her eyes held his, and he could see little else, just the motion on the edge of his vision of the skirt falling to the floor. She stood just before him now, and reached down and took his hands from his lap. "You may take me, by my own free will."

She guided his hands to her slim hips, then sat upon the newly vacated lap. His skin felt rough to her and she found it excited her more for that. Under his hands, he felt softness to rival silks and satins, or even the smooth side of a well-polished sword.

Gurdaz sighed as she curled up to him and ran her slender fingers through his beard. "I really do find you appealing." She said, kissing his cheek above his beard.

Her warm lips were very soft, and he relished their touch. His powerful hands moved over her skin again, sliding up to her back and pulling her to him for a real kiss.

Amelae responded by pressing her lips to his and then opening her mouth to allow his tongue entry. His thick tongue slipped past her lips and filled her mouth with warm, soft flesh. She sucked upon it gently; enjoying the sensation of fullness it gave her mouth. She moaned as his hands began kneading her somewhat sore shoulders gently.

Her moans intensified as those hands began kneading harder, employing the impressive muscles dwarves had in their corded arms. It hurt a little, but it felt wondrous, too. Her body pressed to him and she put her arms around his neck, twisting her hips and spreading her legs to go around his thick trunk, then locking her ankles behind his back.

The thick hair on his chest tickled her own chest and stomach as he began to kiss her neck, dragging the stiff bristles of his moustache and beard over her skin. His breath was very warm and she felt a shock of pleasure run through her as he exhaled heavily onto her neck.

"Damn you're soft." Gurdaz said into her neck. "You sure I won't break you?"

She smiled into his neck. "You can try, master." She said. "Though I think I'm tougher than you estimate." Her arousal was now clouding her better judgment, but she was past the point of concerning herself with trivialities, such as the ability to walk the next day.

He chuckled. "Be that as it may, Amelae, I will go easily." He said, moving one hand down to her rump and squeezing it. His thick, strong fingers indented her soft skin and the tips pressed into the crease between the round lobes.

She had never had her ass fondled quite so, well, intimately, and it caused her to sigh as one finger found her tight opening there and pressed against it gently.

"I have never had anyone touch me there." She whispered as the finger wiggled at the entrance, not really trying to enter, but pressing just enough to feel as if it might.

Gurdaz kissed her neck again, then said. "I'd do more than touch you there, if you let me." He said. "But for now, there's things I feel more pressing." He moved both hands now, ceasing the massage on her shoulder and the groping of her rump. They grasped her about the waist and lifted her easily from his lap.

The sensation of being picked up so negligently by the powerful dwarf thrilled her quite a lot. She giggled as her legs unwrapped from his waist and her arms from his neck.

"Where am I being put?" Amelae asked, smiling as he moved her aside and sat her upon the bed, rather spread eagle.

Gurdaz stood up and took hold of the large towel wrapped about his belly. "You're sure about this, lass?" He asked.

She smiled and moved her legs apart, and lifting her knees. She moved one hand down to her slit and slipped two fingers into herself. "Very sure." She murmured as she shoved the fingers deep.

He shrugged and pulled the towel loose of his waist. Her large eyes widened further upon sighting his large organ. It was considerably larger than an elven lad's, she noted. Fully half again longer and twice as thick. She swallowed hard and then smiled.

"I may regret this on the morrow." She said, leaning forward and reaching toward it with one of her delicate hands. Her fingers could not encompass its huge girth. The length was not terribly disturbing in her mind, but that thickness was going to cause some discomfort. She pushed the foreskin back and revealed the bulbous head, swollen and very red.

The expression on Gurdoz's face was one of happiness as she began stroking the thick cock. "I've not been touched thus for many long years, lass." He said as she moved her other hand to his dangling sack, cupping his balls and gently kneading them.

She smiled up at him. "Well, you have two years to grow used to the sensation." Amelae said.

He nodded and watched as she sat on the edge of the bed and began moving her mouth toward his organ. He touched the side of her head with his hand.

"Dwarves don't normally do that, lass, though we hear others do." He said, gently halting her head's movement.

She looked up at him. "Why?" She asked.

"It is not normally our way, is all." He said, not really having a true reason for that limitation.

"If I truly wish it?" She asked. "Truly wished to do this for you?"

He sighed. "Well, it's not normal to bed an elf, either, I suppose." He groused. "If you are really set on this."

Amelae smiled again. "I am." She said, and moved her head forward, and opened her lips around the wide head of his organ.

She could tell he'd never felt such as that before. He groaned loudly and his cock twitched against her tongue. A small amount of precome flowed into her mouth and she let it roll around, mixing with her saliva as she began to take all she could of the hugely thick rod into her small mouth.

It was not much, but her hands quickly took up the slack, one gripping the base of his pole and stroking as she slipped the small amount of cock she could accommodate in and out of her mouth, loving the feeling of fullness again, like his tongue had given her.

He grunted again. "Whoa, Amelae." He said. "You better stop, else I'll spill seed the wrong way." He complained.

She looked up at him and her eyes flashed mischievously. She doubled the suction upon his cock and began stroking the shaft faster and gripping it harder, as well.

Gurdaz gasped as his orgasm spiked through him, driving him forward as he bucked his hips and filled her small mouth with his thick seed. She swallowed it as fast as she could, but had no idea how much semen a dwarf gave off in a single spend, and was quickly overwhelmed as semen spilled around the imperfect seal of her lips.

He finally quit squirting come into her mouth and she slowed, then she began lapping around his cock and her hand, were the elusive semen had wound up, coating her fingers with the thick white fluid. Soon she had lapped it all up and looked up at him.

"Why did you wish me to stop?" She asked.

He shook his head. "I wouldn't think you would wish that." He said. "I can see I was mistaken."

Her fingers about his thick shaft noted not even a minute change in the hardness and thickness of his cock. He was not going soft at all. "Can you go again?" She asked him, her eyes a little surprised.

He nodded. "At least two more times, though as worked up as I am right now, probably more."

"Oh my." She said, looking at the thick pole. "Well, I suppose I started it, hmm?" She said.

Gurdaz chuckled, causing his beard to rustle gently as he smiled under it. "You certainly did, lass." He said, still moving his hands over her soft shoulders. "Tell me, did you enjoy doing that?"

Amelae smiled up at him. "I enjoyed pleasing you." She said. "Though it did give me some pleasure to feel your thick organ in my mouth, filling in a way."

He nodded. "Good, I'd not have you do something for just my pleasure, but if you enjoy it, all is well." Gurdaz said.

She still marveled at the magnificent thickness of his cock. "Is this a normal-sized organ among your kind?" She asked.

Gurdaz shrugged. "We don't speak much of such things, honestly." He replied. "I would guess yes."

She rose from the bed and onto her knees upon it. "Well, the time has come." She said, pulling on his organ playfully. "I would feel that thing in me. That is, if you are still willing?"

He chuckled and moved up to her. Amelae laid back onto the comfortable bed and spread her legs apart.

He looked down. "You're so damn smooth, girl." He said. "It's not natural."

Amelae ran her slender hands over the thick curls of his muscular chest. "And this fur is?" She asked, giggling.

"You seem to like it fine, lass." Gurdaz chided, showing remarkably white teeth. "Else why keep running your fingers through it?"

She smiled and slid her fingertips down his chest to his still erect organ. "To find this club, here, Master." Amelae said.

She pulled him toward her gently, and he moved down and held his upper body up off of her with his massively muscled arms. Amelae aimed the massive head of the cock to her delicately folded entrance and moved her long, slim legs around his waist and locked her ankles behind the small of his back.

The thick cock opened her like nothing had ever before, spreading the lips painfully apart and then sliding down the fluid-slicked walls of her deeper passage.

"Spirits help me." She whispered as she felt her insides shift with the massive girth of his cock.

He pushed down more, inch after inch of it opening her wide and spitting her upon his shaft. Amelae's face went through several differing variations of pained expression, then as he finally had every bit of his huge cock buried in her tight slit.

She locked her legs on Gurdaz, forcing him to stay put a moment while she caught her breath. She gasped and moaned even as she simply adjusted her position slightly.

"You're okay?" Gurdaz asked.

She smiled up at him. "Better than okay, master." She said quietly. "I feel like I'm completely owned now. Stop concerning yourself and take me as you wish."

He pulled himself back and it felt almost as if the skin of his organ would be pulled off by her incredibly tight hole. She grunted and he could see her stomach fold inward slightly as he pulled forth.

Gurdaz then pushed forward with all his strength, ramming the pole to the hilt in her accommodating body. She cried out, adding her hands to her legs' effort to pull him in harder.

Backing up again, he plowed in again, over and over. Her cries grew more pleasured and eventually settled into low moans of pleasure, as he continued the moans grew more gaspy, and intense.

"Master, harder, please, use my body for your joy." Amelae said, her silver eyes beginning to tinge more with blue.

He increased the rate and fury that he pounded his pole into her body, his muscles cording tightly as he gripped the headboard and pushed so furiously that her body scooted up the bed a few inches.

Amelae lifted her hands over her head and pushed down from the headboard, meeting his next thrust so thoroughly that their bodies literally slapped together like a blow, knocking her breath from her lungs. "Yes!" She cried out. "Like that!"

He settled into the new, more intense pattern, their bodies hammering upon one another with increased passion.

She cried out again, but this time the note held, and held, and held. Gurdaz carefully maintained the even, steady, and powerful strokes of the wide cock into her and the poor elven girl stayed at the very peak of her orgasm for almost a full minute, her body locked and tensed and receiving the brutal pounding of his thick pole with her cunt.

Finally, she fell from the summit, and her entire body went limp, her legs falling to his sides like vines cut from a building. She sighed massively as he continued the mechanical motion and kept filling her then emptying her inner depths.

Her eyes fluttered open as she regained consciousness. "Give me your seed, master, fill me." She whispered, focusing her intensely blue eyes on him like shards of deep compacted ice.

Gurdaz squeezed his eyes shut, and grabbed her thighs. Holding them to his chest he stood, lifting her light body halfway off the bed. He held her to him to prevent her moving away as his hips bucked against her, driving the intruding pole deeper.

He grunted out as he climaxed and she felt the first hot blast of semen strike the deep recesses of her womb, then another. "Dear Spirits, give me strength." Amelae screamed as another climax of her own overcame her from the combination of the intense use and massive stimulation of her clitoris by the sliding cock that opened her clear to that level.

At long last, he slowed, lowering her body back to the bed, and slowing still his twitching rod inside her as it thrust a last few times. He pulled his cock free of her, and it made a soft wet sucking sound as it left a massive vacancy in her groin. She whimpered at its absence, and smiled at him.

"Perhaps I was a virgin." She said. "For this is the first time I feel quite so completely used." She looked down at her entrance, stretched and red and raw. "Master, you have made me a true woman this day."

Gurdaz smiled. "Hell, Amelae, you were already a woman." He said. "No girl would have encouraged me to go that hard at them."

She giggled. "I fear I may not be much of a worker tomorrow, though." Amelae said. "I may not even be able to walk."

Gurdaz stroked her long, hairless thigh. "I think I can forgive one day of rest for your extra effort this night." He said as he bent down and kissed her.

"Thank you master." Amelae said. "Will you be requiring my services again tomorrow, as well?"

He nodded. "Every day." He said. "At least once."

Amelae's eyes widened. "Every day?" She asked. "Oh dear."

"Trying to shirk your duty?" Gurdaz asked.

"Never master." Amelae replied. "I would never, I am yours to command and now to use as you like."

Gurdaz looked at her sternly. "Do you mean that, Amelae?" He asked.

She thought a short moment. "Yes. I think I do." She replied. Amelae suddenly realized she liked being owned and used. She would give herself fully to the man who legally owned her, to make that ownership total and complete. "I give myself fully to you, master." She said.

Gurdaz was now sitting upon the edge of the bed facing away. "You really do mean that?" He asked again.

"Master!" The young elf said. "Yes, I give myself, body and soul, to you. I am your slave in every way now."

"Good." He said, peering over his shoulder at her. "I still need my room straightened and dusted."

Epilogue —

Amelae put the finishing touch on the new axe she had been commissioned to forge, grinding the edge to a razor's sharpness. It was fine workmanship she had to admit. The carefully engineered angles of attack and time-honored techniques of metal purifying and grinding, combined with her delicate and precise hand's knack for detail work to make an axe of both magnificent utility, and awesome beauty.

As she pulled it from the massive grinding wheel, she looked over her shoulder at Gurdaz, still pounding the impurities out of a sword blade. "Master, I am done." She said.

Gurdaz walked over and smiled at her handiwork. "Amazing fingers you have there, lass." He said in his gruff voice. "Having you around is a godsend."

She smiled. "Thank you, master." She said, her face fairly glowing under his praise. "Does that mean twice tonight?"

He nodded. "Or thrice, perhaps, I'm feeling a bit frisky." He said, stroking his beard.

She rose from her stool and kissed his forehead. "I'm glad you bought me again." She said.

"I can't believe you went out and blew all that money from last time and wound up two thousand marks in debt in two days." He groused. "Now, I've got you for five more years."

"Sorry master, they would not give me any more credit than that." Amelae apologized. "I tried to get it up to five thousand as you ordered."

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