tagNovels and NovellasFelicity Ch. 37

Felicity Ch. 37


Chapter 37. Andrea

I had just finished my freshman year at the university which turned out to be a surprisingly easy year for me. Mom had home schooled me every school year except first, sixth and twelfth. Those years were for social development she had said. I had yet to go into a classroom without already knowing the lesson being taught.

I had found that getting laid was also easy for me. I was tall with a nice smile and easy-going disposition. I played on the varsity baseball team and ran track.

I looked vaguely like a nearly redheaded Asian; which was not surprising, my Chinese grandmother had married a redheaded Texas guy. Mom looked like her mother and had married a tall American soldier and I was what I was.

It was an end of the school year party at someone's house; I was on the floor, naked, with a pussy on my face and a pussy over my cock. I had reached for both set of tits and guessed I did not know either girl.

They had their orgasms and left me on the floor with my unfulfilled cock straight in the air. Before I got up a woman said, "Stay, it's my turn."

I thought of her as a woman, she looked to be about three or four years older than me and had a deep slightly gravelly voice that was memorable. She raised her skirt and impaled herself on me with a sigh. She pulled off her shirt exposing her marvelous tits and brought them to my lips. I gently devoured them and she moaned.

"I know you," she said. I know you are polite, caring, and very smart. You are also very handsome and very athletic. You will sire fine children."

She kissed me and began the fuck but it occurred to me I was in a trap. My expression apparently told her what I was thinking.

"No, I don't want a man in my life but I do want a child. You will get me pregnant tonight then never see me again."

I looked into her eyes and saw she was telling me the truth but I was still uncomfortable about our tryst and pried her off me and stood.

She gave me a small smile and began to walk away until I took her hand and said, "Wait. Let's go get something to eat and talk. You may still get your wish tonight."

She nodded and we got dressed then I took her hand as we walked to an Italian Café. I had seen her there with some girlfriends almost as often as I had seen her in the education building.

She was beautiful but didn't know she was. She was apparently very intelligent as she had been summa cum laude in high school and in her undergraduate studies. I had heard her friends call her braniac and kid her about her awards.

Had we been closer in age I would have already asked her out but I had been taught to respect my elders, not ask them for a date.

We sat in a booth and ordered then I introduced myself.

"I know who you are," she said.

"But I don't know who you are."

She looked at me in silence for a while then said, "I'm Andrea."

I already knew her name was Andrea as I had heard her friends call her that.

"Andrea, nice name. Are you graduating this weekend?"

"Yes, masters in education. I already have a job."

"And want to be a mother. Why me?"

"You have the best genes and I want the best genes for my child."

I was sure she had noted my Asian heritage and was not bothered by the possibility of having an Asian looking child.

I liked that and I liked her.

I nodded and smiled at her as our dinner was placed in front of us. We had both ordered calamari in egg noodles and Alfredo sauce.

"You are a gorgeous woman, why were you alone at the party and why don't you have a boyfriend?"

"Thank you. The truth is I prefer women but my girlfriend took off with another yesterday and finding myself alone made me think I did not want to be alone all my life. I decided that a child would be he best way to solve that. You were the first man in me. Do you remember me being here?"

"Yes, you were with three other girls."

"The blonde was my girlfriend."

I realized she was inexperienced. I mulled things over in my mind then went fishing.

"But you were OK when your partner left, you did not love her."

"Yes, probably true. But she was company and the sex was good although apparently not good enough for her."

"She was already cheating on you."

"Yes, but she told me we were a couple."

"But you did not believe her."


That conservation seemed to have shaken a gloom off her and her smile turned from polite to real.

After we ate in silence for a while I said, "I love this."

"Me too."

I nodded as we finished our food and drank our ginger ales. As we waited for my check I kissed her softly. She smiled and kissed me back.

As we walked to the register we held hands.

"When are you leaving town?" I asked as we stepped outside.

"Sunday morning."

It was Friday evening.

"Let's go to my place and get you pregnant."

She smiled softly and followed me home. We took a shower together then I made love to her until she had an orgasm then I filled her pussy with ejaculate. I cuddled to her and we went to sleep.

The experience had felt natural somehow. It was not my most passionate fuck but it may have been the most memorable fuck, sex, lovemaking experience I had ever had. Fuck too or did I already say that.

She was astride my body fucking me when I woke up the next morning. I kissed her tits and caressed her ass until she had an orgasm then I filled her pussy with cum once again.

We got out of bed, showered and dressed then went to breakfast. We ran into some of my friends and I introduced her as my tutor and complained she would be leaving me the next day.

I was not aware we were holding hands until I saw my friends looking at them.

The guys asked her how she could work with me without strangling me and she smiled sweetly and said, "That was the hardest part."

Great line. Our child had a very good chance to be special I thought.

I gave all a mortally wounded act before Andrea and I returned to my home still holding hands.

We immediately got undressed and fucked again. I did not cum that time; her orgasm had come before I was anywhere near ready for mine.

"I did not know fucking a guy could be so, so, entrancing. Thank you for making love to me and my pussy," she said.

"I like you and your pussy. At what time do you need to be in the auditorium?"

"At one."

"Is your family going to be there?"

"Yes but they will be leaving directly after the ceremony, they are flying to Venice."


"No, it's a fuck, eat and sightseeing trip. They call it FEAST trips but I figured out that is what they do."

"Nice. Have you been on trips with them?"

"Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. They invited my ex on the last one. I learned I was not in love with her when she stayed at the apartment of a friend and they were having sex but I still wanted to be in Costa Rica with my parents. I rarely thought of her those ten days.

I told her I had spent a week in Costa Rica and we shared our experiences. My trip was with my Mom.

We cuddled silently for a while and I could sense she wanted me to fuck her again.

"Have you ever sucked a cock?"

"No. I have heard that semen has a tremendously bad taste."

"I was thinking in terms of getting my cock erect so we could fuck again."

She smiled then slid down my body and slurped my cock into her mouth. A few sets of directions later she was doing an amazing job of resurrecting my cock. I pulled her over me and she was soon in mid fuck.

She was no longer in it for the sperm; she was in it for the orgasms. She had three before I ejaculated into her.

She kissed me and began to get off me but I held her in place and resumed the kiss. She giggled and we just kissed until my cock slid out of her.

She again began to get off me but I kept kissing her so she stayed.

Several minutes later we were both asleep.

Something told me we needed to get up and when I looked at the clock I saw it was after twelve.

"Get up, you have a graduation ceremony to attend."

"No problem, I'm already dressed," she mumbled.

"Sweetheart you are naked draped over a naked guy with your pussy kissing his sleeping cock."

She giggled and said, "Oh, then I better go home and get my gown."

She dressed and left claiming she did not need a ride so I went into the shower then dressed well. I got to the auditorium with plenty of time and made sure she saw me. She gave me a big grin. I figured out who her parents were and they certainly looked very proud of her. Both were close to tears.

After the ceremony I stood back until her parents left then walked over to her and took her hand. I took her to a seafood restaurant and we ate a late lunch/early dinner before returning to my house for another fuck; no, we made love. There were more kisses than strokes that time.

We slept in each other's arms for a while.

That night she asked, "Do you have any porn videos?"

"Well I have two that have explicit sex although they are not classified as porn, Short Bus and Nine Songs. I also have two from the eighties that are porn, Behind the Green Door and Insatiable."

"Lets watch one of those."

We remained naked and watched "Insatiable" as she caressed my cock and I caressed her pussy. She had two nice orgasms before my cock became useful again.

She straddled me and sunk my cock back in her but did not fuck right away; instead she watched the movie and kissed me.

I kissed her tits and caressed her ass and eventually she began the fuck.

She said, "You got me pregnant on our first fuck last night. This and all the other fucks are because I wanted more, wanted you. You have been even better than I hoped and have treated me as if I was the love of your life. I thank you for that.

Don't worry about our child or me; we will be fine. I will never forget you."

She kissed me passionately as she began a wild fuck that had us cumming with great intensity. We panted to a halt and again went to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning she was gone.

It was not until then that I realized I did not know where she lived, where her hometown was or where her job was.

I knew that was for the best but I was still very upset.

I tried to find her but everyone that would be likely to know her would have graduated the year before. The previous years yearbook gave me a last name and that she was from Houston but did not help at all, I was from Houston and so were another five million people.

Nine months after she left I was numb thinking that she was having my baby. I wanted to see them, hold them.

It took some effort not to cry.

For the rest of my college life I compared all the girls to her and found them to be insufficient. I did fuck a few that just wanted a fuck but I never had a girlfriend. I found myself being somewhat faithful to someone I would never see again.

My nerves were on edge, I felt the need to be busy so I took full class loads and went to summer school. I completed a degree in Education then graduated with a Masters in Biochemistry a semester before the rest of my class graduated with their Bachelors degrees.

I was offered a job with a large pharmaceutical company. The money was good and I got to travel so I took it.

On a Friday morning in early June three years later I found myself at a town on the coast introducing our new improved antibiotic. The doctor was happy to see me as she had a patient with a case of West nile fever that had been difficult to defeat. I left her samples to use then checked in at the beach resort. I was going to take the next three days off and be on the road again on Tuesday.

That Friday as I wandered around the town I was thinking it would be a great place to live. I ate great food and made a few friends. That evening I ended up in a lesbian biker bar that was a lot of fun. I made a lot of new friends there and could have gotten laid had I wanted to do so but I was too tired and needed to rest.

The following Saturday I went deep-sea fishing and caught a ten-pound king fish that a seafood restaurant in town cooked for me that evening. I shared it with all who wanted some. I made more new friends.

The following Sunday I spent on the beach. I was about to settle down on a lounger when a little girl ran right into me causing me to flip right over it. The little girl seemed to be vacillating between terror and laughter. Her expression made me laugh so she chose laughter.

"Who are you? The town avenger?"

"No, my name is Susan and I am hiding from my Mom."

"Does your Mom know you are hiding from her?"

"Not yet, she went to get us ice cream."

"So your Mom is coming back with ice cream for you and you will not be there. Wont the ice cream melt?"

"Oh. Right. I guess I better go back. Sorry I knocked you over."

"I forgive you this time but if it happens again I will tell your Mom you have to get all your shots all over again."

"No, no. No more shots."

"Well OK then. Hurry before the ice cream melts."

She ran towards the town's beach area and I got my body into the lounger.

About thirty minutes later I decided I needed ice cream and walked over towards the vendor. Susan saw me and walked to me.

"Are you getting ice cream?"

"Yes I am. Knowing you had one made me want one. Which do you like better?"

"The coconut or the rainbow, but the two together don't taste good."

"Good advice," I said and ordered two coconuts.

"Are you moving into town?"

"No, just passing through. I just brought a new medicine to the clinic and after they try it and if it works they will order more and then I go to the next town."

"You travel a lot?"

"Yes, most of the time."


"You seem disappointed. You are gorgeous but I'm not ready to get married."

She burst into giggles and suddenly ran off. She was gorgeous, a brunette with high cheekbones and an infectious giggle.

I saw her go to her mother who was on a lounger reading. She was wearing a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses but I could see she was a fine looking woman. I walked behind them as I returned to my lounger but Susan ran next to me and held my hand.

"Oh no, you're not getting my ice cream too," I said.

I had seen her give her ice cream to her mother.

She giggled and said, "Mom told me to say thanks and apologize to you for trying to fix you up with her. I told her you got the ice cream for her but she did not want me to invite you over."

"That's too bad, she looks like a very pretty lady."

"She is the prettiest Mom in town."

"Wow, you must be proud of her."

"I am but she needs a boyfriend. Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Just you."

She again burst into giggles and ran off.

I got to my lounger and finished my ice cream then went into the sea to get the stickiness out of my hands. That took a bit longer than expected because I was distracted by a woman diving off her husband's shoulders. Sometimes when she surfaced her tits would be exposed. She graciously took her time enclosing them back up.

When I returned to the lounger Susan was in it.

"Hey, that's my seat."

She giggled and got off then said, "Mom told me to leave you alone because I was bothering you."

"I thought bothering people was your job."

She giggled again then ran back to her Mom.

I had about thirty minutes of peace and quiet before she came back.

"We are going home now, bye."

She gave me a quick hug then ran to her Mother that was now just ten feet away from me. I felt like she was staring at me through her big sunglasses and I began to feel uneasy until she said, "Good to see you again."

That voice sent chills down my spine; it was Andrea.

Susan was my daughter.

I quickly got up and asked both to join me for dinner at the Italian restaurant downtown.

"I understand they have the best shrimp linguini in the world."

"Mom, please. I want to."

"I'm in sales and just passing through town. I will be gone on Tuesday but would like to have a memory of two beautiful ladies having dinner with me before I go."

"Mom, please?"

Finally Andrea said, "We both love their shrimp linguini so I guess we could. At about six?"


"We will meet you there."

We had to wait for a table but we were soon enjoying our dinners. Andrea and I kept our conversation as if we had just met that day. She was reluctant to give me any information but Susan answered all my questions.

Andrea asked me what attracted me to pharmaceutical sales and I answered, "The money is good. That and there were no school jobs open when I graduated mid-term."

"You graduated early?' I thought you would extend the college experience as long as possible."

"I had every intention of doing that but an incident at the end of my first year changed it. My nerves became jingly and I used the extra energy to study."

After a short pause she asked in a low voice, "Was it a traumatic experience?"

"Yes, it was."

"There was another longish silence at the table before Susan asked, "Did your girlfriend break up with you?"

I thought about it for a few seconds then said, "Yeah, she left."

"Did you love her?"

I took even longer to answer that; I had never considered my symptoms that way. I suddenly decided to change the subject and asked Susan if she had finished kindergarten.

Andrea had apparently been holding her breath; I heard a sort of sigh/sob but did not look at her.

"No, I finished first grade. I won the price for best student," Susan answered.

"Well, I am impressed, and here I thought you were just the bothersome avenger. Or are you both?"

"She is definitely both," Andrea said with a smile.

We finished dinner and the waitress came by and asked if we wanted desert.

"Coconut ice cream for me," I said.

"Strawberry for me," Susan said.

"Coconut flan for me," Andrea said.

Then to me Andrea said, "They get the flan from the bakery across the street, they make the best everything there."

Susan finished her ice cream before I had taken my third bite so when the waitress came back she told her, "Now I want a coconut ice cream."

The waitress looked at me and I nodded.

"Your father is a pushover," she said to Susan.

"Oh, he is not my Daddy yet," Susan replied.

Andrea and I blushed but the waitress misunderstood and just nodded at us with a smile. Andrea seemed to have been shaken by that exchange.

We did look like a family enjoying dinner out. I spent my time falling in love with my daughter. Susan did a lot of giggling. Andrea spent her time in Mom mode but it was obvious to me she was holding something in check the best she could.

I had walked to the restaurant and Andrea offered me a ride back to the hotel. When we arrived Susan said, "Mom, show him where we live so he can find us when he comes back."

"I'm not sure he would want to see us again."

"Actually I would. Susan is the first girlfriend I have had in years."

Susan giggled and Andrea drove on to their home; which turned out to be a patio home in a nice complex.

"Coffee?" Andrea asked.

"I would love some," I said.

While Andrea brewed the coffee Susan led me to her room and told me she had decorated all of it by herself with Mom's help.

She had a soccer trophy for her team winning her league championship and a diploma for graduating from first grade. There was a large picture of her and her Mom in which they both looked just gorgeous.

"Do you know if there are little pictures like that? I would love to have one."

"Yes, I know where they are."

"Don't tell your Mom, she might be saving them for someone."

"Oh, OK."

With the photo secure in my wallet we sat on her patio and drank our coffee as Susan chattered away.

Susan asked me to spend the night and before Andrea had a chance to object I declined reminding her I had paid a lot of money to stay at the resort.

That seemed to satisfy her but when I looked at Andrea she was biting her lip and seemed to be shaking.

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