tagNovels and NovellasFelicity Ch. 40

Felicity Ch. 40


A friend called Mark had connected my home computer to a group from work that wanted no frills sex.

Most members were male and many wanted gay sex but three were female, all lesbians, wanting lesbian sex. I sent them hello's anyway and I was still browsing when one of the women asked if I was available Friday.

I answered yes before I noted that Friday was the next day.

She wrote right back asking me to escort her to a wedding then take her home and fuck the hell out of her.

"I look forward to both," I wrote.

I did attend the wedding of people I did not know with a woman I did not know but as Lori's date I attracted a lot of attention and warnings for my safety. I decided to bring her to my house thinking there was less of a chance to get interrupted.

I fucked the hell out of her, ate her pussy, fucked the hell out of her, ate her pussy then made love to her. She was on her sixth orgasm when I got to mine.

With my cock still buried in her I rolled us over until she was on top then we dozed off for about twenty minutes. We woke up as my cock was exiting her pussy.

"I have cold chicken, wine, rum, and coke."

"Do you have a lemon?"


She kissed me then got up and went to my bathroom as I fixed our drinks and snacks. I met her in the living room, handed her drink and placed the plate of chicken thighs and drumsticks on the sofa table and went to pee.

When I returned neither she or my drink were there although the chicken was. I found her at my desk, she was accessing her account in our sex society.

Under her site notes she wrote my first name then, "Best-Fuck-Ever."

She kissed me and said, "You will be very popular very soon."

"Spend the night?"


We went to my living room and I turned on the DVD, Short Bus was still in it. I had been interrupted when a neighbor asked me to go over for some barbecue.

She had never seen it so we watched it from where I had stopped it, which was right after the guy got his own cock in his mouth, and we ate the chicken and drank a second Cuba Libre.

We showered together then went back to bed. I ate her pussy and made love to her until we fell asleep.

The following morning she was sucking my cock.

"I had never wanted one of these things in my mouth ever but I'm desperate for another fuck before you take me home. My virtual mother is coming to visit."

"Virtual mother?"

"Mom's long time lover."

"Oh. You on top?"

"No, I want a wild fuck."

I gave her a good hard fuck and I filled her pussy during her third and very loud orgasm.

We dressed and kissed and I drove her home and we kissed and she asked, "Can you go again? We have an hour."

"No," I truthfully said but gently pushed her down to her sofa then devoured her pussy to orgasm, kissed her and left.

I checked the site for messages and found the other two lesbians had written, "Me next."

So had one of the guys.

Late that Saturday afternoon I was beginning to think my Saturday night was not going to be as interesting as my Friday had been until I saw an icon blinking and I clicked on it, it was Lori. She wanted to take me to a lesbian bar that night.

"Absolutely. Dinner at the deli?"

"Good idea. I have a VIP pass so we can leave at seven for the deli. I will drive."

"Deal. I'll be ready."

At the deli we argued the merits of pastrami to corned beef and argued about the merits of Corona to Dos Equis. We ended up agreeing both were good and kissed in compromise.

I gave her bites of my pastrami and she gave me bites of her Reuben. We kissed after we enjoyed those bites. We kissed after I ordered another beer for each of us and again as I asked for the check.

It was around nine when we got to the bar and there was a short line to get in which we bypassed for a different entry.

Once in the big club I saw it looked half empty.

She saw my expression and said, "In another hour we will have a difficult time hearing, walking, even dancing. Getting to the bar will be nearly impossible so we better drink up."

I ordered a Corona and a Dos Equis and when I got to her she was kissing two ladies. They looked familiar and deduced they were the ladies that had claimed they were next. Lori introduced them as Alana and Francesca. Alana was a black haired pale skin pretty woman from Argentina, Francesca looked as is she was a sister but was from Italy.

"You need to increase your alcohol consumption, you are fucking all three of us tonight," Lori said.

"Help," I yelled.

They giggled.

Lori handed my beer to Alana and took me the dance floor. I saw Alana drink my beer as Francesca drank Lori's beer.

It felt like it was at least twenty-seven hours later before the women allowed me to leave the dance floor and I managed to get a beer. By then the place was wall to wall people and walking had become difficult but I was rewarded with gropes as I passed by.

I stood to the side and watched the women dance with each other and old and new friends.

I was about to order another one when the ladies came to me and said, "Time to go."

Apparently it had been decided I would be in the back seat with Francesca. The only garment she wore was her dress. I was expected to fuck her as we drove back. We were in Lori's Corolla and there was not enough room for a decent fuck so when we stopped in my carport I carried her into my house while still fucking her.

I plopped us down in bed and began a serious fuck that at last got Francesca the cum she needed.

Francesca got up and kissed everyone then took the car keys off the just arrived Alana and left. Before the door was closed Alana was fucking me hard. She paused after a cum to take her dress off, the only garment she had worn, then resumed fucking me.

I felt Lori getting my shoes, slacks and shorts off then coming to me and taking my polo shirt off. It was then that I noticed she was nude. She straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my lips as Alana just kept on fucking me.

Eventually Alana had a big orgasm and Lori pushed her off me and took her place at my cock.

"Gently please, I almost ejaculated in Alana." I said.

Lori kissed me deeply then kissed Alana before resuming the fuck at a gentle pace. Alana put her head on my shoulders and watched Lori fuck me.

All three women were short, less than five-three. Alana was the tallest and Francesca the shortest. Lori was the in between but there was not more than an inch difference between the three. All were around a hundred pounds although Francesca may have been one-ten.

Lori had the best tits and was very pretty. Alana was too but Francesca was striking in her looks as if she had stepped out of a Renoir. She was the sturdiest of the three with generous curves.

All three were bookkeepers for our firm.

Lori announced her cum with a loud groan that made Alana jump a little. She soon was kissing Lori's tits and lips. Lori dismounted me and allowed Alana to impale herself on my cock once again. Lori put her head on my shoulder and watched Alana fuck me.

Her next orgasm came in less than five minutes. They switched again. Lori had decided that one was going to be her fuck until my cum filled her.

That did not take long and I soon just exploded into Lori.

She immediately exploded above me.

Alana kissed Lori then her tits then me. Lori lay down on me and kissed us before falling asleep in less than thirty seconds.

Alana was asleep within seconds of that with her head still on my shoulders. It took me about ten minutes to go to sleep but did as soon as my cock exited Lori's pussy.

I felt Lori leave me for the bathroom and when she returned she chose to sleep next to me rather than Alana. As soon as I noted it was three AM I went back to sleep.

The next morning the three of us moaned ourselves out of bed, into the bathroom, and to the kitchen for coffee. We were still nude.

Lori said, "We make a good choir this morning even though our accumulated ages are likely still under a hundred."

"I am thirty seven," I said.

"I am forty," Alana said.

"Well, since that adds up to seventy seven and I'm not twenty three we do go over a hundred in age.


"It's not your age its how you feel," I said.

"In that case we are cumulatively nearly three hundred years old." Lori said.

We laughed and fixed ourselves more coffee.

Alana asked, "Any chance you could fuck us again today?"

"Yes, after coffee and a shower."

"In that case I will hang around for a while. Do you have any cereal?" she asked me.

"Yes, the corner cabinet."

She pulled it out and made a happy sound when noticed it was a strawberry Special K. I like strawberries. She served the three of us and looked for milk.

"On the door."

That's half and half."


She shrugged and brought it out. That morning the cereal was extra good so each of us ate a second helping finishing off the box.

(Two days later as I put a new box in my grocery cart I got an erection.)

We put our bowls and spoons in the sink and headed to the bathroom. I left out my mouthwash for them then I checked the shower water temperature.

I knew women like their showers hotter than men can stand so I adjusted the temperature that although high it was manageable for me. Both joined me in the shower and it did its magic on us.

My cock was soon alert.

I fucked each from behind as I washed their hair. Alana had a nice and loud cum but Lori's was subdued.

I picked up her and held her to me as my cock sank into her. I put her back to the shower wall and fucked her hard until we both made loud moans that echoed in the bathroom.

Alana was not with us as we regained our senses.

"I need to get ready too, Alana and I attend Mass services on Sunday. Francesca assists the Father so she is already there. Come with us please."

"OK, I have nothing better to do on Sunday mornings."

I got the information on where and what time.

"I will meet you there," I said.

They dressed and left. I decided to wear gray slacks, black pull over shirt, and a black sport jacket.

I went to the church and got there before they did so I asked Francesca where the other two usually sat.

"Second row to the left," She said.

Then she kissed my lips and thanked me for the previous night.

I knew we were in a church about to welcome everyone but I saw she needed to do that so I said, "My pleasure," and went to sit.

After the service I had many people say hello and most of them left thinking I was Lori's boyfriend since I had been with her at the wedding in the same church.

I was OK with that.

I took the three to lunch then fucked all three on Lori's bed before going home.

I welcomed being alone the rest of the day. I was exhausted and dozed off watching a football game.

I did see the fourth quarter of a very good afternoon game and the first half of the Sunday night game but went to bed before the second half and was asleep within seconds.

The following week was normal all week. Well, I did smile a lot more than usual and some of the guys asked if I had gotten laid.

I answered no, that I had been devoured.

Friday I thought about calling Lori but felt I needed to stay home near a bathroom. I was better Saturday but was not confident the incident had passed. Sometimes my own cooking did that to me.

I was fine Sunday and watched football games but fell asleep during each of them.

The next morning I had a note on my desk from Lori. She asked if I had checked for messages.

I just went to accounting and apologized to Lori for being old.

She was annoyed.

I later learned we were the same age although I was actually ten months older than she was.

Lori asked me to reserve next weekend for her.

I asked her if we were leaving town.

"Yes, Mom's birthday. She lives on the coast. I will drive."

"Friday night or Saturday morning?"

"Friday night on my bed. Saturday morning on the road."

"Just two of us in your bed?"


"Thank you."

I went back to work and noticed my concentration wandered. "Maybe I need to cut back on all the sex?" I asked myself.

"Are you fucking crazy!" I yelled back at me.

After work I caught up with Lori and apologized again and included a heavy dose of self flagellation which made her giggle.

"Pussy," she called me.

"Yes please. I can be at your house in ten minutes."

A very short hesitation later she said, "The door will be unlocked."

She knew I had understood what she said, she was happy I had taken it otherwise.

I hurried to her home and found her naked in bed so I got nude and fucked her hard until she had a loud orgasms. I paused for kisses then rolled us over. She knew I would not have cum yet and just kissed for a while before she began loving me.

She had five nice cums before I dressed and went to her door. She kissed me and I could tell she was reluctant to let me go so I sat us on her love seat and we kissed for a while then again stood to leave.

"Which of your days can I have?" she asked.

"Not Wednesday, Thursday, or Sundays."

"I want all your free days."


"Spend the nights?"


I kissed her and left.

When I got home I saw she had left me three messages, one Friday, one Saturday, and her request on Sunday.

I answered the first,"Sick", the second "Still sick," and the third, "Yes."

The following morning she found a rose on her desk. She knew who had put it there.

That night I went to her house and took a new set of toiletries with me as well as work clothes for the next day. I also took Sub-gum rice and won-ton soup for us. We ate and watched our Tuesday night shows on TV then went to bed. We made love for two hours.

We did not have time to fuck when we woke up. We were surprised by how much we needed to accommodate each other when two people had to get ready for work in the morning.

We did manage to leave for work on time.

She drove.

I began to look at my car without prejudice and found that for twelve years old it looked good. Well, fourteen years old. Maybe I should wash and wax it, vacuum, change the wipers, check on the rattle in the back, get the CD player fixed.......

Friday night I arrived at Lori's packed for three days. I took her out to dinner at the boardwalk then we strolled around for a while holding hands.

We returned to her house, got naked then got in bed.

She got on top, slid my cock into her and began kissing me. I caressed her body from shoulders to ass. She began a soft fuck but soon stopped.

"I have a confession or three to make. First I was in my car down the street from your home the last two nights. I was very happy to see there were men with you each night. I probably would have been fine if Alana or Francesca had shown up because they are too gay to stick around for long but I knew while there I would have been hurt if another woman had those two nights. Sorry I spied on you."

"On Wednesday nights I entertain a chess player.

On Thursday nights I entertain a computer whiz that is trying to make me one too."

She kissed me.

"Confession number two, I told Mom you were my boyfriend."

"I am your boyfriend three nights a week. All you did was exaggerate a little."

"Thank you," she said and kissed me.

She began to make love to me again.

"I thought there were three confessions."

"Not tonight," she said as she began to increase her pace. She had three orgasm before trying to fuck me to Bali. We arrived together with loud moans and she slowed to a halt. In less than thirty seconds she was asleep. I put a pillow on my shoulder for her and I was asleep in less than a minute.

It was perhaps three in the morning when I felt her get up and go to the bathroom. I decided I needed to pee too and after she got off the pot she aimed my cock for me. Back in bed she waited for me to get on my back then draped her body over mine making sure my cock lay between her pussy lips.

She kissed me, put her pillow back on my shoulders and was soon asleep.

We fucked in the shower the next morning. It was a hard breathless fuck. We dressed, got in her car and drove south. It was just eight in the morning when we left.

An hour and twenty minutes later she pulled into a carport at a nice duplex and carted our stuff in.

After we were introduced I kissed her Mom gently on the lips. She liked the kiss and me instantly.

Lori and I took our stuff to the second bedroom then Lori drove us to the resort for breakfast.

Several people came by to say hello and kiss both mother and daughter. Many kissed me when introduced.

A tall redhead rushed to us and kissed me before being introduced then told Lori to explain how the party would go then kissed us again and ran out with a take out box.

Lori explained, "She has to hurry and open her shop. Mom's birthday party is tonight at her house. It is a family and friends party until eight then it becomes a naked old broads party after that. Oww!"

"What she meant to say is that after all the children leave it will be a peer group clothing optional soiree in her hot tub."

"I liked the way your mother said it better. Oww!"

"Animal," her mother said to Lori.

"You taught me. Oww!"

The small smiles on their happy faces told me everything I needed to know except how to treat my ankle.

They showed me around town and many ran up to her mother, kissed her and wished her a happy birthday. Lori's Mom was a star in that town.

Her name was Teresa but all called her Bunny for reasons never explained.

That evening at her birthday party there were perhaps forty people ranging in age from twelve to it's impolite to ask but most of them were in her Mom's age group. Her mother was turning fifty seven.

None in her age group looked their age and all had fabulous bodies.

Lori and I were the last two not in the age group to leave and we did see most ladies get nude and get in the hot tub. Lori swatted my erection but her Mom and the redhead kissed me and said "Thank you" before heading to the tub.

Lori took me to a lesbian biker bar that had many of her friends there. Most were surprised to learn she had a boyfriend and many gave me kisses that were well past friendly. We had a good time and it was past midnight before we returned to her Mom's home.

We did not expect her back so we got nude and raided her mothers freezer for food. Lori knew exactly what she wanted and put two in a convection oven.

I sat at their kitchen table and she sat on the table in front of me and I made love to her pussy until the timer rang. We ate a most excellent shrimp dinner, cleaned up and went to bed.

She placed me on my back, straddled me and sunk down on my somewhat erect cock. She gave me the best kisses anyone had ever given me then put her pillow on my shoulders and went to sleep.

We had seen that both of us were wiped out making a good fuck unlikely. Her solution was perfect.

The following morning we did fuck nicely then went into the kitchen still nude. We did not expect her Mom to be back until noon.

She was in the kitchen, nude. And so was one of the ladies I had met the previous night. Lori's virtual Mom Lily.

"We are surprised to see you. Did you get thrown out of your own birthday party?" Lori asked her Mom then kissed her before she could answer.

"Lily, thanks for escorting her home. I hope she didn't cause you a lot of trouble," and kissed her.

I kissed her Mom and Lily on the lips and got coffee for Lori and me.

"Lori, honey. You have cum oozing down your thigh," her Mom said.

"It's OK Mom. It's his. What's in the oven?"

"Pigs in a blanket, we stole them from Wendy's fridge on our way here this morning. They will be ready soon," Lily said.

I took a quick detour and got her Mom's birthday card and handed it to her.

She squealed when she found two tickets to Jersey Boys in the city next month. She swarmed me with kisses and the occasional dick grope.

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