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Fellatio Fun


Sometimes we might wonder what our lover really wants and what pleasures him the most. The following is one way to please your lover…the intimate act of fellatio. The presumptions are that the receiver is male, the locale the bedroom.

As you are caressing and kissing your lover, move over to his ear, your lips brushing him, and whisper to him explicitly what your are going to do. Knowing, then waiting will stimulate and tease him some.

Move lower, stop, and pay attention to his neck while your hand softly touches his chest. Pause a moment, then kiss his chest in places while your hand(s) moves south. Do not touch his cock at this time. You can touch lightly his thighs, and around him, gently massaging. Kiss and tease your way down him until you are close enough to gently blow on him. Knowing you are so close yet not touching will raise the anticipation level for him.

Get yourself in a comfortable position, either next to him or between his legs. This is your choice, after all, you are in control. Gently touch his balls with your fingers, massaging them, rubbing them. Use your other hand to run your fingers up and down his shaft. If he is soft, this is sure to get him hard! Making the sign of "OK" with your thumb and index finger, start stroking his shaft. Do not touch his head.

(By the way, guys; hygiene is really important here. Also, do some pubic trimming or even shaving. Your lover will appreciate this!)

At this point, you might want to begin licking. Remember, your choice, you are in control. Start by taking one of his balls in our mouth, kissing it, sucking it, feeling his heat. Be gentle, as they are tender. Do the same to the other, taking your time. Time is on your side. Your lover might be moving about a bit, or letting you know verbally your success. When you are ready, run your tongue up his shaft and all around it, lightly, stopping to kiss him here and there. Pause, and move back up and kiss him, telling him how wonderful his cock is, and how you are going to love till he cums (use your own words, you know what to say!) Move back down, stroking him, kissing him more. Then, get very close to his head, and blow gently on it. Then, slowly, lick his head, around and around, taking any early juice, slipping your tongue into his slit. This is what really pleases your lover, so be careful and not overdue it. Stop, and run your tongue along his shaft while your thumb gently flicks his head. Run your tongue to his balls, playing with them, then back to his head.

Now, no two guys are alike. This is where you have to decide what your pace is when you suck him and kiss him. You can suck him fast and hard, then let him calm down, or take him to the end. Your choice, as you are in charge. Continue to kiss, suck him, going up and down and around. Do not feel like you have to take him all the way. Take what is comfortable for you.

At some point he might put his hand on your head, trying to guide you. If you do not want his hands on your head, reach up and lace your fingers in his and move your hands on his thighs and stomach. Soon he will cum. How fast will depend on you. How do you know when he will cum? He'll be moving about, thrusting, making noise. He may or may not tell you before he cums. But his balls will draw up some, and he will get slightly harder, and there will be some advance cum bubbling up.

The intensity of his cum will be relative to your performance. When he cums take him as deep as you can, swallowing him down. When he is done be very gentle, as he will be very tender. Another way is to let him cum on his stomach as you stroke him. Then rub his cum into his chest as you move up, rubbing yourself on to him. Lick up some cum and kiss him. All this shows your love for him.

The above is basic. You can create your own ways and plays. Performed to please your lover, fellatio is one of the most intimate actions possible.

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