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I don't like traveling for business on weekends, but there wasn't a choice since this business conference was important. It was billed to be an intense, week long session that would be productive and filled with new approaches, new ideas, new processes and techniques, new technology, and new business for your company.

I'd soon see if that was all true when the conference began with a working breakfast tomorrow morning. But right now, I wanted to get settled into my hotel room and to get down to the fitness center for a work out. The cross country flight had been crowded and long. Fortunately, the hotel shuttle service and check-in was smooth and efficient.

When I got to my room, which was a two room suite, I quickly unpacked and changed into my exercise clothes. The fitness center was vacant, which I appreciated. After spending all day in a cramped and crowded airliner, it was nice not to have to wait around to use any of the equipment.

I worked through a careful stretching routine then worked through all the stations on the weight machine. After a session on a stair stepper, I moved to a treadmill to cool down by walking. I was just finishing up when the door opened and another guy came in. He looked around after he tossed his towel on a chair.

'It's all yours. I'm just finishing up.' I stepped off the treadmill and picked up my towel to wipe my face.

'O.K. Thanks.' He got on the treadmill and began to walk slowly. I went into the locker room and stripped in preparation for showering. Since I was by myself, I didn't bother to wrap a towel around my waist as I walked into the shower room. I was surprised to see that the showers were communal, rather than individual shower stalls. I hadn't seen a communal shower room since I'd been in high school.

I hung my towel on a hook then turned on the water. The hot water felt great. I enjoyed it for a couple of minutes before lathering up. I rinsed and was doing some stretches under the hot water when my fellow traveler entered the showers. He turned on a shower and stood under it. He watched me as I finished stretching. 'Feels nice to work out the kinks, doesn't it?'

I looked at him, 'It sure does. I hate being cooped up in a plane all day.'

'Me too.'

I turned off the shower and got my towel. He was beginning lather up. I dried myself. I put on the clean clothes that I'd brought with me from my room. After taking my workout clothes back to my room, I got a newspaper and came back down to the coffee shop. After a quiet dinner, I went into the lounge for an after dinner drink.

I was chatting with the bartender when the guy from the fitness center walked in. He nodded in my direction as the bartender took his order. A few minutes later, the bartender sat a fresh drink in front of me. He nodded down the bar. I raised my drink in a salute of thanks. He picked up his drink and moved down the bar until he was near me.

'My name is Kevin. Are you here for the conference?'

'Yes.' I extended my hand, 'Thanks for the drink. I'm Paul.'

We talked for a few minutes, then I went back upstairs to my room. The next morning I went back to the fitness center and, after stretching, worked out of the treadmill for twenty minutes. Kevin was there on the weight machine. I finished my workout and went into the locker room. Kevin followed me. He stripped and walked into the shower. Before wrapping a towel around his waist, he stood there nude and chatted for a few minutes.

Instead of using the fitness center showers, I went up to my room to shower. While showering, I thought about Kevin's behavior. It was almost like he wanted me to get a good look at his body. Now, it doesn't bother me to be nude with other people in certain situations. And I appreciate looking at the nude human form, whether it is female or male. And Kevin did look like he was fit and took care of himself.

After negotiating the lobby of the conference center and the registration tables, I found a place in line for the working breakfast. Surprisingly, It was serve family style at each table rather than buffet style. A team of waiters seated people at tables as they entered the room. When a table was filled, other waiters brought and dished the food. I saw Kevin being seated at a nearby table.

Everyone at the table introduced themselves and the conversation, while we ate, was about general topics until the roomed lights dimmed. Large television monitors lit up and we finished the breakfast while watching videos that were intended to be motivational in nature. After the breakfast we trooped to a large conference room for a general welcome and the group started putting together our individual seminar and workshop schedules.

During a break, Kevin joined a small group that I was in. He introduced himself all around and joined our conversation. Members of the group eventually drifted to other groups and Kevin and I found ourselves alone.

'I hope I didn't offend you this morning.'

'Pardon me?'

'In the fitness center. Before I showered.'

I had to think back and then I remembered he has stood there in the buff for a few minutes while we chatted. 'No, I wasn't offended.'

'Good. Sometimes people are offended by nudity and are uncomfortable around other people when they are nude.'

'It wasn't like your were flaunting yourself or were in my face.'

'I got to thinking about it later and I was afraid you might think I was some kind of exhibitionist or coming on to you or something.' He sounded almost hopeful with the last comment.

'I thought nothing of the sort. If I thought anything, I thought you were a guy who was on his way to shower after working out and who stopped to shoot the bull for a minute.'

'Good. I'm glad you weren't offended. Well, we better get with our schedules. We've got a long day ahead of us.' He waved a piece of paper then turned and walked towards one of the many meeting rooms.

I watched as he walked away and I thought, 'For a guy, Kevin, you have a nice looking butt and, I have to admit, from what I've seen of you in the showers, you have a nice looking cut cock and a good set of balls on you.'

I smiled to myself, 'Careful, Paul. You're going places that he might not like to go. But, then again, I'm not so sure he might not be thinking of similar places.'

Now, I'm no prude or up tight jerk. I'm adventurous enough and curious enough to try and enjoy different things. I've had more than several blowjobs from other guys and I've given more than several blowjobs to other guys. I truly enjoy eating pussy and fucking and getting fucked by women. And I've enjoyed anal sex, both giving and receiving, with both sexes. Nothing is greater than having sex with a woman, but having sex with another guy always makes for an interesting diversion.

The day went by quickly. I skipped lunch and took a walk just so I could be away from other people for a few minutes. Immediately after the conference ended for the day, I hurried to my room and changed into my workout clothes. My room wasn't yet made up, but I figured the housekeeper would get to it while I was working out. After all, the hotel was filled to capacity and mine was just one of many rooms. But I would call housekeeping and request an early morning room make up.

There were several people already working out when I walked into the fitness center. Kevin was already there. I got into the queue for each of the machines and stations. By the time we finished, the center was packed and the showers, or at least the men's showers, were packed.

'I think I'll take a walk to cool down then shower in my room.'

'Good idea. May I join you?' Kevin grinned, 'In the walk, I mean.'

'Sure.' I got my bag with my change of clothes out of the locker. 'And I knew what you meant.'

Kevin grinned again, "Well, I just want to be sure that you know I'm not coming on to you.'

I grinned back, 'No, I know that. But the hotel might appreciate that.'

'Appreciate what?'

'People conserving water by showering together.' Now who was coming on to whom?

'That'd be a hoot, wouldn't it?' Kevin laughed, 'I can see it now, water use drops by half because all the guests are sharing showers.'

'They'd probably think the water meters were broken or something.'

We walked through the lower lobby and outside in a parking lot. We walked around the perimeter then took an elevator up to my floor. The housekeeper was just starting to make up my room.

'Well, I guess I'll wait to shower and go down to dinner later.'

'You've got your change of clothes. Why don't you come up to my room and shower and then, if it's o.k. with you, we could go to dinner together.'

'Sounds like a plan.'

We got back on the elevator and rode up to Kevin's floor. When he got to his room, which was a suite just like mine, he took two hotel robes and slippers out of the closet. and put them in the bathroom. 'After we shower, we can relax for a few minutes and have a drink or two before dressing and going out to dinner.'

Kevin showered first. He was tying the robe when he came out of the bathroom. 'Man! That felt good. It's all yours.'

I closed the bathroom door behind me and stripped. The shower did feel good. I quickly lathered and rinsed. After I dried myself, I hung the towel up and put on the robe. When I came out of the bathroom, Kevin held up a pitcher.

'I hope you like martinis. I whipped up a pitcher of them.' He poured two glasses.

I prefer wine to cocktails, but he did mix a pretty nice martini. We sat on opposite sides of his room as we chatted and sipped our drinks.

'Why don't we call room service and have something sent up?'

It took about forty-five minutes for our meal to be delivered. When there was a knock on the door, Kevin stood up, 'I've got to get something. Why don't you let the waiter in and sign my name?' He went into the bedroom and closed the door.

I signed his name. It was a scrawl since I didn't know his last name. He seemed a little embarrassed when he came out of the bedroom. 'That was silly of me.'

'What was?'

'Going into the other room. It was like I was hiding. Like the waiter would think we were, er, queer or something.'

'Why would he think that?'

'Well, er, two guys, in bathrobes, in a room together. You know, uh. . .'

'I'm sure they see things much more strange than people in bathrobes.'

He laughed, 'I suppose so.'

'Does it bother you that we are here together and that we happen to be wearing robes.'

'No. Lets eat. before it gets cold.'

We set out the food on a small table and pulled up two chairs. About halfway through the meal Kevin looked at me.

'I haven't been totally honest with you?'

'Oh, really? And about what?'

'Well, when you were showering yesterday evening, I couldn't help but notice your body.' He paused, "And I, er, almost had an urge to touch you.' Before I could say anything, he rushed on, 'It's not as if I'm queer, er, gay or something, but I've always fantasized about what it would be like to get it on with another guy.'

'By get it on, you mean. . .?'

Kevin looked startled, 'Er, yes. That's what I mean. . .'

'And I'm the guy?'

'Uh, no. I didn't mean that.'

I took a sip of my wine, 'Variety is the spice of life. Now please pour some more wine.'

He smiled as he refilled our glass. We finished eating dinner, put the dirty plates and empty food dishes on the service tray and set it out in the hallway. The atmosphere in the room was one of anticipation and a little anxiety. I sat on the couch and Kevin walked about the room.

'How long have you fantasized about having sex with another man?'

He sipped his wine before speaking, 'I don't know. Years, I guess.'

'Is there any part of man-on-man sex that you don't want to do? Or particularly want to do?'

'Man, you don't mess around, you go right to the heart of it.' He grinned, 'Actually, I've always wanted to take a hot cock in the butt.'

'Speaking of going to the heart.'

Kevin continued, 'My wife has done me with a strap-on and I've used vibes, plugs and other toys, but I've always wanted to feel the real thing.' He walked over to the desk which was in front of the curtained window.

'How would you start? If you were going to?' I set my wine glass aside, got off the couch and followed him.

He didn't turn around, 'Oh, I don't know. By hugging, I guess.'

I was standing right behind him as I put my hands on his waist and turned him around, 'Like this?'

As he turned, my robe came open. His robe brushed against my skin. He set his wine glass on the desk and he sort of gulped as he put his arms around me. We stood for a minute or so, before I pushed him back a step and untied his robe. We hugged again.

'Put your hands inside my robe.'

He put his hands on my waist. I put my hands inside his robe. His skin was warm. 'Now, hug again.'

Kevin inhaled sharply as we pressed our nearly naked bodies together. I ran my hands over his back. He followed my lead. We touched each other for a minute then I pushed his robe off his shoulders. Kevin stepped back. I shrugged off my robe and let it fall to the floor. I stood naked in front of him.

Kevin would either follow or else he would pass on his chance to live out his fantasy. He smiled as he took off his robe. Two naked men were standing and facing each other. We stepped together and hugged. My cock pressed against Kevin's thigh and I could feel his pressing against mine. His face was pressed against my neck.

'What do you want to do?'

He looked up, 'I want to look at you and touch you.. I stepped back from him. His gaze traveled from my head to my feet and back up. Kevin unconsciously fingered his cock. I stepped forward so we were closer. He wiggled his cock and rubbed the head against my shaft. Reaching down, I gripped both of our cocks and squeezed them together. I moved my hand so Kevin, alone, was holding our cocks.

He looked down and smiled, 'I've never handled another guy's dick.'

Moving around, I pulled out the desk chair and sat down in front of Kevin. Using a finger, I lifted his semi-rigid cock. I looked up at his face. 'You have a nice tool.' He grinned. 'You trim your hair?'

'Yeah, I trim around the base and my balls.'

'Thought so.' Running my thumb over his cockhead, I could feel that it was slick from a little pre-cum. The next step was easy for me. Kevin gasped as I leaned forward and swallowed his cock. My lips slid down his shaft. I had gulped air before I ate him. Kevin's cock was thick. I could feel it swelling and lengthening and filling my mouth.

Pulling my lips back to the tip, I took him out of my mouth. After swabbing his cockhead with my tongue, I looked up at him. Kevin had a goofy grin on his face. His fully erect cock filled my hand. I licked the under side of his cockhead right in the sensitive vee. Kevin's cock was thick and veiny. A prominent ridge ran the length of the underbelly.

Kevin interrupted my thoughts, 'My wife doesn't suck me very often. She says my dick is too big and thick.'

'Don't let that worry you, Kevin.' I swabbed his cockhead again. 'You have a cocksucker's delight and I'm going to enjoy this more than you are.' He sighed as I wrapped my lips around his shaft and pushed him deep into my mouth.

Kevin's cock was thick, but not uncomfortably so. He was an eager feeder. After I had been sucking his delicious dick for a few minutes, he began to hump his hips. I like the feel of a cock sliding between my lips so I let him fuck my face for a couple of minutes before pushing him back.

I was sucking a nut when I heard Kevin say 'Oh, fuck!' and I felt a warm liquid on my face. "I'm sorry. I hadn't planned on cumming. It felt so good that I couldn't control myself.'

'That's O.K.' I was gripping his cock and his cum was pooling around my fingers. 'Hand me something to catch this before it drips onto the carpet.' He handed me a newspaper. Using my free hand, I put the paper on the carpet. Cum was oozing from the little slit in his cockhead. I wanted a taste.

Kevin's cum tasted sharp and salty as I licked his cockhead. I wanted more so I wrapped my lips around his cockhead and began to suck his remaining cum from deep in his balls. His spilled cum dripped and splattered on the newspaper.

After sucking him dry and licking his shaft clean, I looked up at him, 'How was that?'

'Damn, Paul, that was great!. I'm sorry I shot my load.'

'Don't be. That's the object of a blowjob. A mouthful of cum is a cocksucker's payoff.' I stood up. 'You ever taste your cum?' I wiped a finger load off of my hand, put it on my tongue then, holding Kevin's head, I pushed my tongue into his mouth as I kissed him.

He jerked back, 'Shit! I've never been kissed by a man before!'

'How did your cum taste?' I ignored the comment about the kiss.

Kevin grinned, 'I've tasted it before. After jacking off, but I've never had it pushed into my mouth before.'

'Your wife never. . .?'

'She never let me cum in her mouth.'

'Too bad. She's missed the best part of sucking cock. What do you want to do now?'

'Well, I've always pictured myself worshipping another guy's cock.'

'Tell me how you'd do that.'

'Well, I'm on my knees between his and lick his cock all over, rub it all over my face, stroke it, and finally suck it until he tells me to stop.'

I'd given myself a hard-on while sucking Kevin. 'Instead of thinking about it or talking about it, why haven't you done it?'

He grinned, 'Until now, I've never had the opportunity. Or the partner. Sit down.'

He got down on his knees after I sat back down on the desk chair. My rigid cock pointed straight at his face. Before Kevin could touch me, I scooted forward, held my cock in my hand and ran my cockhead over his face. His beard scratched in an erotic manner. Kevin closed his eyes as my cockhead ran over his eyelids. He extended the tip of his tongue when I slid it across his lips. When he put his hand on mine, I slid back in the chair and gave my cock to him.

Kevin kept his eyes closed as he continued to rub my cockhead over his face. Finally, he pushed my shaft upright and licked the underbelly. After licking up and down several times, he opened his eyes and smiled at me, 'I can't believe I'm doing this.'

Between his licking and handling me, my cock was a full erection. 'Believe me, you're doing fine.'

He licked the cockhead the pushed his lips down over it. If Kevin had never had a cock in his mouth before, he had either studied what to do or he had really thought about what he was going to do. His tongue swirled over the surface and around the edge of the rim.

I leaned back and spread my legs to give him easier access to my ball sac if he wanted it. He raised up on his knees and got directly over me. With his free hand he held and stroked his cock as his hand and lips slid up and down my cockshaft. Every so often, he'd stop and lightly suck on my cockhead.

For a novice, Kevin was doing alright. Actually, he was doing better than alright. My nuts were tight. I touched his head, 'I'm going to cum.' He took my cock out of his mouth and stroked up and down. He grinned as my stream of cum squirted up into the air. The cum dripped and spattered onto Kevin's hand, my thighs, the seat cover and the newspaper which was still on the floor.

As he got to his feet and stood in front of me, he wiped his hand on his chest. His erection poked out in front of him. Sliding off the chair and onto my knees, I took Kevin's cock back into my mouth. I enjoy sucking cock in the slave position because it gives me easy access to his balls and, if he is willing, to all of his ass.

Using my fingertips, I lifted and massaged Kevin's balls as I nursed on his succulent cock.. He began to move his hips. As I said, I enjoy the feeling of a cock slipping in and out of my mouth. Keeping my tongue moving, I laved his cock all over as he fucked my face for the second time.

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