tagFetishFembiologica Pt. 02

Fembiologica Pt. 02



Rick rolled over to shut off his alarm. A novelty alarm he had purchased for 100 pts, which had an actual recording of a fart from Governess Victoria. He wiped his eyes and walked over to the bathroom, thinking about how special today was going to be. For almost a year, he had been saving up points to purchase a night with Veronica Burns, one of the owners of the community he lived in, H103. Veronica, as the owner, was one of the only women Rick got to see. For that matter, he had only seen ten women in his 20 years. It was hard living in a community, where he and all the males he knew lived in solitary states, alone in their rooms most of the day. The only time he would see other males was for meals.

After brushing his teeth, he walked over to his stationary bike to begin working on producing his daily 10,000 pts. He knew this was how the females on the outside produced the electricity they needed to run the world; all the men were required to bike a certain amount or they would be withheld privileges or even be punished. The responsibility of running the outside world was too large for males, Rick had been told, so only smart, cunning females were allowed outside of the communities. The textbooks he had read in school told him all he needed to know about how the larger, stronger, smarter females had saved the males from extinction numerous times, and generously kept them protected in these communities from outside forces.

Rick turned on the television, which took up a whole wall in his room. The news had a story about a group of male terrorists who had been trying to blow up a commune, but luckily the day was saved by the all-female police force. Rick sighed a breath of relief. Thank god we have such a strong police force. They showed an image of the three male terrorists in handcuffs, stripped naked, each barely five feet tall, hanging their heads in shame. They were surrounded by a dozen female officers, each standing over seven feet tall, smiling proudly at the camera, knowing justice was to be served. The men were to be put to death this afternoon, and it would be televised live on the Female News Network. The men's execution was to be by holding them tied down in a coffin, and having the officers take turns pooping on them until they were buried in the excrement, at which point they would close the coffin and send it out to the graveyard. The all-female audience would cheer, and the event would be hailed as justice for women.

Rick wanted to see this event, but his better judgment decided against it. It would cost 12,000 pts, which he just couldn't afford if he wanted a night with Victoria. His friends didn't understand why, but he had been saving points for nearly a year to reach 3 million. However, he thought, soon it will be worth it when I get to make love to her.

The men were supplied with vast quantities of pornography that they could purchase. All of it was tailored to Fembiologica's desire to mold their minds, so it was common for the men to jerk off to videos of men being dominated by the large-bottomed Amazon's, making them lick their rear ends after going to the toilet, that sort of thing.

The women incentivized their captives to ejaculate by giving them points based on the quantity of semen the men provided. Usurping their sexual power made it more easy for the women to control the men, forcing them to do their bidding and keeping them weak and docile, as they remained sexually drained. The men were bombarded with sexual imagery on television and online, which was completely run by women to keep the men horny. Pictures of big bottomed women loomed over the males' heads wherever they went; wherever they looked, whether online or in person, they saw massive rear ends which told them where they belonged.

Rick began to bike as he flipped the TV on to his favorite show, a reality show about a family of female pornographic actress. The family had four women, all with unnaturally gigantic, protruding bottoms. The show followed them around doing their daily errands; each woman kept their respective manservant embedded in their rear end to sniff up all their farts and keep their bottoms clean. The women were fabulously wealthy from the show, as over 80% of all men were subscribed to it. The family had ties to politics and owned many of the TV stations and programs that Rick would watch. In addition, the women would auction off everything from their panties, to their shit, to licking their bottoms, to the opportunity to have them fart in your face. Men would spend years worth of saved up points just to have one of the Kendricks women fart in their face. In this particular episode, Kimmy, the youngest daughter, finds out her manservant Ronald has been sneaking some beef jerky from the pantry. Kimmy demands justice, and forces Ronald to come into the bathroom with her, where she takes a massive poop on his face, reminding him, and the viewers, of his place, and the place of men.

Despite having already seen the show, Rick gets off the bike and drops his pants, furiously ejaculating at the scene. Oh well, he thinks, I'm going to get some points out of this anyway...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/31/18

Please add more

Amazing story

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by Anonymous07/16/18

I wish

I wish you make a slower story about how girl began controlling the world
The first episode was really fast

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by Rimcrim07/14/18

@Anonymous Coward

Yes, and that “small minority” of people is exactly who I write my stories for, and I get a lot of great feedback on them from the people I write these for.

Do you go into a restaurant and say “Oh,more...

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by chytown07/13/18


For the read.

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