Story is copyright to me and all that jazz, so don't take and post it elsewhere. Otherwise, haven't written anything in years for this site and felt like I needed some good writing to get done and had this idea for a story so….enjoy.


Renee sighed as she rested on her hand slumped against the window in the SUV as her boyfriend, Nick, whipped down the bumpy and horribly maintained dirt road towards their campsite. She wasn't thrilled to be on this trip, as three days out in the woods wasn't exactly her ideal type of vacation, well at least not the way this trip would go. Four months ago when Nick proposed the idea, she was all for it, but the other couple they were supposed to go with had to cancel at the last minute, so now it was just her and Nick, which while romantic in theory, doesn't work when the past month had been nothing but fighting. The two had been together for the past year and a half, and while he'd always been slightly jealous, the last month had become ridiculous, as he was constantly accusing of her cheating due to working overtime very closely with a new boss, who was admittedly handsome, but still.

The drive had been mostly silent as they had a screaming match before they left and the three hour trip into upstate New York had become almost unbearable, when Nick, out of nowhere simply muttered; "Almost there." Pulling off into a barely single-sized lane of a road and down a hill, Renee looked around, the area was definitely remote, the forest was thick and knowing the area from the map, only a ten minute walk from their site to the lake. The blazing sun of the late July weather would mean a lot of time spent in the lake as far as Renee was concerned and since the site was on the opposite side of the lake; seclusion was definitely a perk to the area.

Maybe, just maybe she thought, this could fix things, a nice quiet weekend, just the two of them, all alone to do what they pleased in the woods. Maybe even go a little wild and indulge in some wild exhibitionist sex. Sex that was sorely needed, Renee sighed, as the two hadn't fucked in almost three weeks with the way they'd been fighting.


Close by…

The woods had been his hunting grounds for a few years now, ever since he changed, and the local wildlife kept him well-fed and in phenomenal shape as he hunted. His shaggy dirty blond hair covered his mysterious and dangerous-looking yellow eyes as he bounded through the woods, his muscled but still lean form allowed him to weave through the dense forest with impressive speed, and while he sometimes had dreams of his old life, all he cared about now was the present. But lately he felt a stirring need…he noticed his cock was rock hard again as of late…a large ten inches long, almost a solid five inches thick, just another part of him that became more powerful since all those years ago.


Several hours later…

Nick had finished staking down the tent and unloading all the supplies, while Renee, finished making a few sandwiches and fished out a couple of beers, for them. She walked over and smiled at her boyfriend and handed him a cold beer. Wiping his brow, he took a long sip and smiled back.

"I can't believe how quiet it is out here. A couple years ago when I went with my brother out to this lake, we stayed on the other side, so many damn kids partying, never any damn peace." Nick said as he stretched and gulped down his beer.

"I know, it's beautiful out here too, I can't wait to go take a look at the lake. Up for a little skinny dip?" Renee winked at him as she playfully reached around and hugged him.

"Gotta get a fire started first, there's some good starter logs in the truck still, but I need to cut some wood up, we can swim tomorrow. "

"No sexy midnight swims then? Geez, what a letdown--"

"Do you have to argue with everything I say? Christ Renee." Nick broke away from her embrace and took a final swig of his beer finishing it. He reached into the back of the SUV and grabbed his axe and took off into the woods.

Renee sighed, shook her head and opened her bag and took out the novel she had just started. "Well, since this weekend is going to be more of the same nonsense, least I can probably finish the book." She sat down, made herself comfortable, and within minutes found herself buried in the novel. It was nothing too good, but it had turned out to be more erotic than she expected as the sex scene described in the book quickly got her mind racing…which quickly led to panties becoming damp as she read how the two lovers in the book fucked all over their house. Her nipples stiffened, straining against her bra, and all she wanted right now was a good fuck like the girl in the novel. Nick had returned with a good armful of wood and set it down. He was still fuming, as he began building a fire.

"You going to help or am I doing everything this weekend?" Nick snapped at Renee, snapping her out of the book and the little fantasy in her mind.

"Screw it Nick, if you're just going to a bitch at me for everything, I'm going to go take a walk to the beach, I'll let you work in peace. Ugh." Renee went into the tent and quickly changed, slipping her shirt and bra off, shrugging the tight jean shorts off. Looking at her bikini, she left the top in the bag, but she pulled her cute little lacy boyshorts off and replaced it with the skimpy string bikini bottoms. Slipping on the cute little sundress she had picked up a few weeks ago, Renee popped back out of the tent to walk down the trail. A good dip in the lake while Nick cooled down wouldn't be a bad idea she figured when she felt Nick grab her arm, glaring at her.

"Honestly? You think I'm gonna deal with this shit all weekend, you've been acting like a bitch all month, ever since you started working with that asshole Curtis. Hell you even look slutty right now Renee, nipples poking right through your damn dress." Shaking her arm off with a slight shove, she pushed Nick back.

"You fucking asshole! I haven't done a single thing wrong and you've been acting like this since I got my promotion. Jesus, maybe Laura was right, maybe I should just break up with you--"


He hit her. She stumbled back and fell, catching herself slightly. Nick had actually backhanded her in a rage. He looked so angry and shocked all at the same time, gripping his head.

"Shit, shit, shit. I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Nick bent down to help her up but Renee beat his hand to side and got up on her own. Without a word, she turned around and ran down the trail leaving him standing there, frozen in a state of shock and anger.


The Woods…

He sensed two humans on his grounds, so similar to him in a way, but yet nothing like him, not anymore at least. Occasionally he dreamed of his past, flashes of what it had been like when he was just a man. The female was running towards the lake now, the scent of her was strong; the smell of her aroused state is what actively caught his attention though. His cock twitched and grew hard again. Could this be a potential mate at long last?

She was by the lake in a dress, sitting on a rock crying, face buried in one hand as he studied her form. No more than 5'3", 110 pounds at most, a cute lithe little body. Her breasts were moderately sized, petite and firm from what he could gather, maybe a 32B. These numbers flashed in his head, just measurements he still simply knew. The auburn hair shielded her face, until she whipped around after hearing the sound of a branch snapping. A squirrel not too far away he noted. Her face was beautiful, pretty hazel eyes and just overall soft features. He wanted her. He needed her. Hopefully deep down she'll want this he prayed as he slowly rose from his crouch and began approaching…


"Nick?" Renee looked around after hearing the sound in the woods and as she looked around, she was startled to see a naked man, with shaggy blond hair, a large sinewy body and frighteningly enough, an enormous hard cock. "Oh my god, oh my god"

Before she could react he was on top of her, his eyes burning into hers, burning yellow eyes, almost like that of a wolf. He pinned her to the ground as she found she couldn't even scream, it being stuck in her throat. He growled as she squirmed underneath him, she felt his hard member rub against her stomach as he used one hand on her throat to pin her and the clawed free hand slipped down her neckline, in-between her little bit of cleavage and without warning ripped the dress straight down between her legs. He pushed the material to the side as she froze, the fear paralyzing her. Renee couldn't help but stare into his eyes though as his rough hands moved over her soft skin, cupping a breast, squeezing it gently. The pink little nub hardened almost immediately under his palm as he caressed. He moved his face down, breaking the eye contact as his long tongue took a slow lick over her breasts. Licking all over her chest, he dragged it over her nipples, before taking a nipple between his teeth and giving it a tug. Renee let out a little moan, in shock at how good it felt as his fangs pulled harder on the sensitive pink buds.

No, this can't be right, I'm being raped by some psycho in the woods and it feels…ooooh good." Another moan as his sucked her small breast into his mouth and his hand moved from her chest to her cute little bikini bottom…and tore it right off. Her pussy lips shaved bare, with just a little light brown landing strip, was now at his mercy, but despite her fear, her pussy was already glistening wet. He looked down and smiled at what he saw and inhaled deep, Renee couldn't believe how wet she had become, although she was scared, it was no longer rape, the feeling of his finger dipping deep into her tight pussy felt so good.

Her moans slowly grew louder as he moved down her body, his hand leaving her throat, his claws dragging slowly, moving to her left breast, giving a firm squeeze as he ran his tongue over her flat stomach and spread her legs wide. He took a long slow lick of her sweet cunny, savoring the taste, the moan eliciting from her lips bringing a smile to his face as his long, wide tongue snaked its way inside the delicious pussy. Renee arched her back, pushing her soaking wet pussy against the man's face, humping his tongue.

"Mmmm don't stop…don't ever stop….uhhhh" Renee moaned again. She had never felt her pussy being eaten like this, his inhumanly long tongue driving her pussy wild. Her moans growing louder as his lips wrapped around her clit… Sucking harder she grabbed his head and pulled it against her sex as she quickly began cumming all over his lips. Licking it up, he slid two fingers into her tight pussy and kept working her orgasm as she kept cumming. A satisfied moan escaped his lips as he slowly slid his fingers out.

Renee was breathing heavy, her body on fire, feeling so good, in shock at how much she was loving this. He moved back, standing up, freeing her from his strong grip. Logic screamed for her to try and escape, but her body made its own decision as she moved to her hands and knees, crawling closer. She wanted more. She needed more. That gigantic cock looked so good, as her hand moved towards it, grasping it…her hand barely fitting around it. Throbbing against her palm, she could feel its heat; she slowly slid her hand up and down, stroking him. It was so warm, and smooth, unlike his rough calloused hands.

Leaning forward Renee took a long slow lick of the shaft…her tongue sliding up the base all the way to the large purple tinted head. Wrapping her lips around it, she slowly sucked it in. "God, his cock is so big, I won't even be able to get half of this in my mouth….and Jesus I'm actually sucking his cock…mmmmm it's so good too…" Renee thought to herself as she had at least six inches of his cock deep within her mouth, one hand stroking the base. Her free hand had already moved down to her still dripping wet pussy, rubbing her clit fast. She felt him slowly starting to push his cock in deeper, hitting the back of her throat. Opening her mouth, Renee submitted and let the man begin throat-fucking her, something she'd never let anyone do ever, but the she couldn't help it, her body was on fire, and the precum leaking from his cock was so sweet, she had never tasted anything this good. His large hand gripped the back of her head by her hair tightly as he began thrusting harder, her mouth open wide, inviting it.

The pleasure on his face was evident as she looked up, her pretty hazel eyes staring up at his sexy yellow eyes, as she felt his cock throb more as he slowly pulled it from her lips. He pulled Renee up to her feet, his hands running down her back and with a raspy growl;

"Become my mate….become like me…" Baring his fangs, he held her tight, and Renee pondered for a moment. Her pussy was dripping down her thighs, her nipples brushed against his chest sending shocks all throughout her body…and all she could think about was this monster of a man ravaging her. Her thoughts raced, of work, the stuffy city, of the men she had dated and fucked, how no cock had felt this good to her, the pettiness and foolishness of so much in her life. Nick too. He'd hit her. That bastard actually hit her! Maybe it was pheromones or just the offer to become his mate, to be like this man, he was strong, so strong and she could be like that, strong and free….

Renee grasped his cock, rubbing her thumb just below the head, her eyes looking dead into his..."Yes. I want it….make me your mate…"

Without warning he sunk his teeth into her shoulder, biting down hard, his hands on her small ass holding her tight as his bite held for a solid minute at least infecting her bloodstream. The pain as far as Renee was excruciating, and yet her pussy simply grew wetter still, the pain was unlike the hit from earlier, it felt good. When he released her shoulder from her jaw, he slid her back down to her knees, her face inches from his cock….and again, that raspy growl "Drink".

Renee understood and quickly began sucking on his hard member, wrapping her lips tight around the head as she felt his cock throb more and more, until he growled in pleasure and filled her mouth with hot sticky cum. The taste of it, she couldn't believe how delicious his cum tasted as she slurped it down as he kept unloading. She sucked harder, stroking his cock fast, milking it, as it finally slowed down. Renee, now lightheaded, savored the taste as finally, she swallowed the last bit of it….and that's when her vision blurred and she passed out.

Several hours later…

Renee awoke to the most pleasant feeling…her newfound mate's tongue buried in her sticky wet cunt. She leaned her head back as his tongue probed deep within her pussy, licking up and finding all the right spots, as she felt an orgasm building, as his tongue began working faster and within seconds, she squirted cum all over his tongue. She screamed in pleasure and that's when she felt it. Her whole body was on fire, every nerve electrified. A feeling like none other, burning and tingling all at the same time as she scrambled to her feet and rushed out of the den, into the little clearing, the moonlight shining down on her.

"Don't fight it…" she heard the familiar raspy growl as she fell onto her hands and knees. Renee couldn't focus as the surge of pain coursed through her body, and yet at the same time, she'd never been hornier, her nipples were so hard; her pussy throbbed, getting wetter every second.

Renee fell and rolled onto her back and began fingering her pussy as hard as she could, three fingers slamming into her tight sex as her mate watched, licking his lips, stroking his cock slowly. Within seconds she felt herself cumming again, and then it truly began. She pulled her hand from her pussy and gripped the grass as her muscles tightened and she could hear the sounds of bones popping and cracking. Renee's jaw felt like it was being torn asunder as she began coughing, spitting up blood, and teeth. Razor sharp fangs tore through her gums knocking her old teeth out. As she felt her tongue stretch, her taste buds exploded, the bitter coppery taste of her own blood grew deliciously sweet as she ran her tongue over her sharp new teeth. Even her jaw felt stronger now, like she could tear into a deer as the thought flashed through her mind. Muscles throughout her body hardened and stretched, giving her newfound strength and adapted as her legs stretched and gained three more inches, her torso lengthened as well, at least another four inches as the muscles tightened turning her sexy flat stomach into a perfectly taught six-pack. She watched as claws burst through her manicured nails, as sharp as her teeth, her feet growing wider and rougher as her toenails followed suit, claws to dig into the ground had shattered her well-kept red painted toe-nails.

Renee grasped her tits, the small B cup breasts she always liked; the cute handful she always thought of them, squeezing them hard as they swelled against her clawed hands, growing at least two cup sizes. Her new large and beautiful breasts stood perfectly taut and firm upon her chest. Pulling hard on her small perky nipples, feeling them stretch from the quarter-inch hard to an inch long now, her areola expanding as well, the nerves were ten times more sensitive than they ever had been. Her crimson nipples stood hard in the cold crisp air of the night. Renee's auburn hair grew dark, almost black as it grew down past her shoulders. Even the perfectly groomed landing strip she maintained became a raven black. Overall she must've gained at least forty to fifty pounds in muscle all over as her body neared the finality of transformation. She felt her eyes sting a little as she closed them tightly and opened them wide and screamed as she felt an orgasm rip through her body. The transformation was complete.

The pretty hazel eyes she had always been complimented on were gone, now the dangerous sexy yellow eyes that her mate bore compliment the still beautiful features of her face. Renee couldn't believe her newfound vision, seeing everything like it was daylight out, her hearing was going from being like a deaf person, to now hearing all the different animals running around the woods in perfect clarity. Her sense of smell had boosted incredibly as well, as she could smell multiple animals and scents in the woods, as well as her mate's arousal. Rising to her feet, Renee stretched, the pain was gone, and her new body felt electric, as she strolled towards the lake. The still water in the full moon with her enhanced vision gave her almost a perfect mirror. Renee gazed upon her body, running her hands down her body, If she was ever going to wear a bra again it'd have to be a 36D at least now she figured, even her ass had filled out into a perfectly formed curve. She felt the cool breeze on her clit as she rubbed it slowly and gently with a clawed finger. She was ready to masturbate to her own new beautifully deadly form, she knew she was craving. She felt a need. She wanted her tight, wet cunt fucked. Hard.

Her mate was looking at her, his cock as stiff as steel, dripping precum, and waiting for her. Renee stared at it, licking her lips, she couldn't wait for that cock to slam deep inside her pussy, wet and dripping. She ran forward and met him with blazing speed, knocking him onto his back and began kissing him hard, their long tongues intertwining as he dug her claws into her back. Pain and pleasure mixed as she adjusted within seconds and slid onto his massive cock, feeling it slide inch by inch at first and then she slammed down hard onto it, impaling herself.

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