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Fetish Revealed


My earliest recollection of my interest in womens lingerie was when I was 7yrs old I was playing hide and seek with my older brother in my Grandmas house . As I raced around looking for a hiding place in a panic I jumped into the wicker dirty clothes hamper. As I jumped in and closed the lid I landed on some clothes, sitting in there I was aware of a pungent odour not unpleasant , My Grandmas underclothes reeked of her womanly scent ,forgetting my game I bought the soiled panties and slips to my nose ,pulling them over my head enveloping myself in the silky feel ,and thus my fetish was born.

Over the years my mothers panties ,nighties slips became the object of my adulation.I loved it when my parents would go away for the day and leave me alone in the house I would move quickly to her draws and wardrobe ,I would try on her panties , smell the crotch of her used one ,my adolescent cock would be hard as I slipped her stockings on ,or slipped into a crotchless bodysuit ,which was my favourite . I would lye on there bed and wank myself into ecstacy .

I managed to keep my fetish to myself avoiding discovery growing up otherwise normally. I met a nice woman Carol got married ,and was heading for a pretty conventional sex life . Although sex was good I felt our activities could be spiced up a little ,I was scared to suggest anything kinky as I didn’t want to rock the boat.

All this changed one eventful evening the kids were in bed all crashing after a busy day , Carol went down and rented a video .

The video she bought back was “The Rocky Horror picture Show” Carol said she saw it when was younger and really wanted to watch it again .We sat down I had no idea what it was about ,when Tim Curry appeared in drag make up stockings high heels Carol squealed with delight commenting that this was the bit she really liked. Anyway the movie ended and we headed for bed . As I got into bed she all but raped me I had never seen her so horny she mounted my hard cock and fucked herself riding me I shot my cum deep into her hot cunt , not missing a stroke she lifted herself off my cock moved her steaming pussy around and sat her self down on my mouth , my surprise was muffled as her cum filled hole lowered onto my tongue. She sucked my half limp cock licking up our juices . She rode my face to at least two more orgasms before collapsing beside me and falling to sleep looking very contented.

I lay there contemplating what had just happened , the movie had really been a catalyst to something mind blowing . A plan began to form ,my cock stirred again as I decided to put it into action.

The next day was my day off ,Carol went off to work at the hospital , I found a sitter for the kids .

I laid out some of my wife’s lingerie ,black stockings ,suspenders ,black ,panties ,and a corset . I was so turned on at my preparations , I made myself up ,shaved ,applied make up eyed shadow , the final thing was a deep red lipstick . As the time approached for Carol to arrive home I donned the clothes ,my horniness was over coming me .I heard the car door close and Carols footsteps , as she came through the door I launched myself at her kissing her deeply , her surprise at my outfit was soon lost in her moans of ecstacy as my tongue played its way in her throat . Pulling her uniform off my hands found her pussy which was dripping I slipped my fingers up inside her .She pushed me away and exclaimed at my get up “how did you know “ she said “C’mon my bitch “and she dragged me into the bedroom . She sat on the bed and pulled my 7 inch cock out sucking the engorged head , her hands ran over my stockinged legs and pantied ass.With my cock in her mouth she slipped a finger up my ass, she had never done that before ,Mmmmmm it felt good (which surprised me) she sucked and licked harder , I couldn’t hold out my cock exploded hungrily she gulped down my cum not missing a drop. I collapsed face down on the bed., that was the best orgasm of my life. Carol said that was fantastic but needed more she lay down spread her legs ,I moved down planting my mouth on her pussy the flow of juices was overwhelming ,her hands came down on the back of my head as she puled my face into her and fucked my tongue ,nose my entire head was being humped , the movements became almost violent as she cried out and exploded over my face.

Once we had calmed down she told me of her fantasy ,which I had guessed at and she said she wanted to make me her bitch.From now on I would have to wear her panties and whenever we had sex she wanted me to make myself up , she bought me some lingerie , make up .

My dreams were coming a reality being able to satisfy my fetish and having the hottest sex I had ever known .Things became even more interesting though when she bought home a package ,sneeking a look she had bought a strap on dildo , anal lube and some wrist constraints , my life was about to get even more interesting it seemed.

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