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Fick Mich Bitte


A/N: Unlike my gay incest story, this is more... fantasy oriented. Vincent and Nathan are the same Vincent and Nathan as they are in 'This Is Wrong...' but this is a story where their true forms show. Since they aren't 'human' in this one, I figured nonhuman would work out best as a category. I dig the idea of people critiquing my stories and telling me what I need to improve on so work it! For those of you who do not know, Fick Mich Bitte is German for Fuck My Please. Charly, the incubus in the story, is German. I apologize in advance for not capitalizing some things but I wrote it on my iPod. Translations for what Charly says will be in parenthesis after what zi says.


Fick Mich Bitte

Nathan laid out in the grass under an old oak tree, grumbling softly. Boredom struck at the weirdest times. It especially sucked when you were a bored and horny cross breed.

"Naaaaaaatttthaannnn! Whatcha doooing?" Vincent swung on one of the branches, flipping off and landing beside his friend with a thud.

"Nothing... Just. Bored," he replied, looking up at the sky.

"Well I need help with something and you just so happen to be the one who I was looking for. You remember how I talk about Charly and how zi is a complete bitch who confuses me with hir shape shifting incubus succubus cross thing that pretended to be Sarah but only a little older? Well we has something in store for hir that zi will either love us or really fucking hate us."

"And your plan is...?" Nathan looked at Vincent with slight shock and curiosity. Vincent grinned.

"We get hir before zi can get us.. We have... Fun with a herm incubus thing, if you know what I mean!" Vincent grinned wickedly. Nathan smirked and nodded.

"Good. Cause zi is on hir way over here. Let's break off and get hir when zi least expects it!" With that, Vincent took off to hide.

"Damn you Vince!" Nathan cursed as he got up to hide. Charly was running, obviously pissed.

"Wo bist du, Vincent?!(Where are you, Vincent?)" Hir shouted. Vincent bolted out from the bushes and slammed hir onto the ground. Charly shreiked and snarled loudly. Nathan came bolting out to help Vincent pin Charly down.

Charly thrashed as the two males pinned hir down, growling loudly, "erhalten sie die Von mir! (Get off of me!)"

"Charly we don't speak German you dumbass!" Vincent snapped.

"I said get off!" The demon had a thick german accent. Zi thrashed and screeched. Vincent held hir head in place and crushed his lips against hirs, not only to shut hir up but to show a small bit of what was in store for hir. Nathan softly clawed at hir inner thighs. Skirts were a convient thing. Charly moaned out and the thrashing slowly died out. Vincent smirked. He reached up and cupped hir breasts, squeezing them gently as he forced his tongue into hir mouth. Charly moaned out, feeling hir flaccid phallus slowly get harder. Zi bucked hir hips slowly, letting out the occasional whimper. Vincent pulled back and turned, facing Nathan with a grin. Nathan and Vincent pull up Charly's skirt, both males feeling on the hermaphrodite's rather large length and the moist entrance below hir balls. Charly cried out and bucked hir hips.

"Ahhhhg!!! Nich mirh! Bitte! (No more! Please!)" Charly cried out to be left alone, but to the boys teasing hir it was apparent zi wanted it. Hir cock grew harder, the lips that fell just under it wetter. Vincent licked his lips and lowered his head, breathing hotly on the head of the thick, twenty three inch hunk of malehood. Charly clawed the ground and pleaded louder.

"Bitte! Gott! Stoppen sie es! (Please! God! Stop it!)" Charly cried out.

"Damnit! We don't speak German!" Vincent barked out, spitting on his hand and wrapping it around the massive girth. Vincent slowly licked the head, Charly whimpering and begging to be let go.

"Please... Stop it!! No... More!" Charly moaned out, grinding hir teeth.

"But we know you want it..." Nathan purred out seductivly, "I mean, just look at this gorgeous length. Charly! You're dripping wet!"

Nathan slid his middle finger in hir oriface, causing hir to buck hir hips, the head of hir phallus into Vincent's mouth. Vincent gagged slightly, his eyes opened wide in shock. Nathan smirked and twisted his finger, moving his knuckles to massage hir balls and grazing hir rosebud, while pressing into hir walls.

Zi dropped hir hips and tried to get more pressure from nathan, but Nathan pulled back and won a whine from the tormented demon. "what was that?" He asked and clawed swiftly down hir inner thighs. Zi gasped, vincent was ready this time and grabbed hir hips, nails digging in and sucked, hard, while trying to pull his head back. He pulled a droplet of cum from Charly and pulled off, pressing his elbow's into hir hips and propped his head on his hands.

"Well done! I got some cum out of that one!"

Nathan laid next to hir as zi panted and asked, "how ya feelin charly? Feelin' Like some anal?" Nathan slid down to hir lifted skirt and put his Knees under hir ass, then slowly undid his pants so that zi could hear every tooth zip undone.

"fick nein! (Fuck no!)" Zi objected. Vincent straddled the demon, holding hir still for as long as he could. He had a disturbingly joyous smirk etched on his face.

"Keep remotely calm and it won't hurt as much, Charly." He growled softly. In responce, zi howled out and tried to buck vincent off if hir, but zi had no such success. Vincent growled low and gripped hir hips, slowly kneading his thumbs into hir v-line. Charly cried out and hir body tensed up, a soft moan drawing out of hir throat. Vincent smirked, continuing to slowly knead his thumbs into hir v-line.

As vincent kneaded, Nathan took his phallus and began teasing hir nether lips with it. When hir moaning began to escalate, he dragged his phallus from hir balls to below hir ass, then back up, lightly pressing at hir rosebud as he went And Zi shivered each time. He bucked and pushed his tip into hir pussy. Zi rolled hir hips to try and get him farther inside hir. He pulled out and was wet enough to position himself and slide into hir ass as zi rolled. Zi froze, even with Vincent on top of hir. Shocked panting was all they heard.

"Nathan, what'd you do?" Vincent asked and lifted to look over hir length and see. "that's all?" he asked in disbelief because of how drastic hir reaction. Zi bucked and rolled, tossing vincent and kicking Nathan so hard that it sounded like his jaw broke. Charly ran, length peeking out in front of the skirt as zi ran.

Vincent looked at Nathan, his jaw was out of it's socket on the left side. Before Vincent could react, Nathan commented while his speech was unimpaired and his jaw was cracking, "Now it's personal." Nathan's jawline cracked and extended, his teeth tripled in size, and translucent crimson flames began to grow around him. He growled and a foot long horn sprouted from his hair. His skin morphed to form underscales and fur. His chest expanded and his neck grew. His organs made a lovely squishing sound and fell into place. A mane of flames erupted from his horn and down his back, making him curl over further as the flames made each wing individually burst from his back in blood and skin. After all ten individual wings, Nathan's fiery mane reached the small of his back and three tails burst from the base of his tail bone. Vincent grunted as Nathan bound off after Charly.

"Dear fucking god..." The male muttered as he curled into a tight ball. A pair of leathery teal wings tore free from his back, shredding his shirt and causing blood to gush out of his back as the next feathery black and and red leather pair burst free, followed by the final black and white feathery wings forced themselves out last. He howled out and his face began to extend into more of a canid vulpine look, his teeth growing into sharp canines and fangs. He dug his fingers into the ground as four of his five tails forced themselves out of the base of his back and his hands began to shape into a paw look. Fingernails extended into sharp, thick claws. His skin grew dark, black fur sprouting from his exposed flesh. He stood, all three wings pumping powerfully and lifted him off of the ground. Odd to say, his sheath was drawn back, a decently sized girth pulsing. He snarled and bound off after Nathan and Charly.

Charly was swearing loudly in German by the time he had caught up to the two. Nathan's massive paws were pinning the demon to the ground, "erhalten sie die Von mir! (Get off of me!)" Zi yelled louder, grinding hir teeth and snarling. Nathan clasped his mouth around hir neck, snarling. Charly stopped thrashing, allowing hirself to keep as calm as possible, though that was hard concidering zi was in the muzzle of a massive aura hound.

Vincent grinned and quickyly flew next to the two, wings flapping gently now. He smirked. "now Charly... You better not try anything drastic," he said softly, pressing his bare torso against the captured demon. He brushed his lips against Charly's ear, "or you'll regret it. Do you understand me?" Zi whimpered in fear and nodded hir head as best as zi could, moaning out when zi felt Vincent grip hir phallus. Zi dangled there.

"now we are going to try anal again. You do what you did last time and you're fucked. Got it?" Vincent questioned, licking his middle finger and spreading hir cheeks, prodding his finger against hir rosebud. Charly gasped and bit hir lip, keeping hir legs down and steady, not wanting to lose the life zi had. Charly let out a moan as Vince twisted his finger slowly before pulling it out. He undid his pants just as slowly as his friend had done so before, tormenting charly with the cracking of the zipper teeth. Zi wanted it, yet zi didn't. Charly hated the confusion. Vincent dropped his trousers and forced Charly's legs apart, pressing the head of his length into hir nether lips. He thrusted in roughly, to show Charly that he was a lot rougher than the hell hound that now had the demon between his jaws. Charly cried out and whimpered softly, biting hir lower lip hard. Vincent gave a few slow thrusts, lubing up his phallus nicely. He pulled out slowly and spread hir cheeks, pressing the tip of his length against the puckered hole. He worked the head in slowly, feeling hir anal ring pop around the head. He slowly began to work his throbbing length deeper in the dry, warm oriface.

Charly groaned out and clawed at hir palms, keeping hirsf from breaking free and breaking Vincent's jaw as zi had done to Nathan. Vincent tore off hir shirt violently and quickly cupped hir small breasts. Charly cried out and bit hir lip harder, drawing blood with how hard zi chomped down. Nathan let go and snarled loudly.

"as an apology..." he had a dark, draconic voice as he spoke, "for breaking my jaw. You'll please me. But if you fuck up, I will maim you. So. Now!" Nathan barked his command and Charly complied. Zi was shaking violently, licking the underside of nathan's girth and taking the head in hir mouth. Nathan put a paw on the back of hir head and pushed hir head down, causing the distressed demon to gag slightly in suprise as the head pushed against the back of hir throat and went down. Zi let out a muffled moan as vincent continued to thrust slowly, so zi didn't bite down on nathan's cock.

"no gag reflex is useful, huh Nate?" Vincent smirked as he reached for charly's phallus, taking it in his paw firmly and stroking slowly. Charly gasped and bucked hir hips into his paw. Zi got at least half of nathan's length down hir throat, whimpering slightly. Vincent pulled out to the head and smirked, listening as the demon let out a muffled whine. He pulled out. "maybe you can handle HIM up there," vincent smirked as he stood. Pre dribbled out of the tip of his phallus and Nate pushed Charly off, pawing his way behind the herm and taking in hir musk. He flashed a fanged grin and mounted, working his length in as Vince cleaned off his own. The shorter male slipped underneath the two and pressed the head of his length into charly's pussy, working his girth in as Nathan pulled out slowly. The two worked a mismatch rhythm, as Vincent pulled out, Nathan pushed in and visa versa. Charly moaned out loud, hir hands pressing against vincent's hips and slowly digging hir nails in. Zi worked hir hips and panted, pressing hir forehead against nathan's chest and moaning out loudly.

"f... Fick mich... Bitte... Bitte!" zi cried out, finally letting the temptations and pleasure overcome hir. The two grinned. Finally, something that they understood came out of charly's mouth. Charly panted and moaned loudly as the two sped up their mismatched pace. Both cocks pressed deeper, causing Charly to cry out, hir body heating up. Both hir anal and vaginal walls tightened around both males cocks, hir body convulsing. Zi cried out, releasing a massive load all over Vincent and hirself. Vincent licked his chops, the demon drawing blood from the males hips. Cum matted his chest fur and blood matted his hips. Nathan and Vincent pounded hard, both males howling out in a simultanious climax that flooded out past their cocks, getting everywhere. Charly moaned out, rolling hir eyes as another load shot out and spattered everywhere. Zi felt both males shoot multiple times. Vincent growled and pressed his cold nose Against charly's neck. Incubus always released an intoxicating pheromone. He closed his eyes. Both males slowly stopped their rhythm. Nathan pulled out, licking his chops. He climbed off of charly. Vincent pulled out and charly collapsed on him before he could get away. Nathan curled around the two, satisfied.

"now that wasn't so bad was it?" Vincent looked at th collapsed demon, who was still panting heavily. Charly shook hir head, a grin caked on hir face. Vincent sighted, "good. Cause this is going to be a bitch to get to get out of my fur." Nathan snorted a laugh.

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The strange pronouns make it unreadable and hard to follow. Speak Englishes speak German, but don't use both.

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