They hadn't been talking for very long before she agreed to meet. She usually took a long time with these ads. Most often the guy quit trying before the meeting time came. Something about the way he wrote to her and took possession of her senses, though, made her meet him soon. She just wanted to see, to know, to feel. Wasn't that really the point, after all? He took her, that first time. Licked her sopping pussy for what felt like hours, sucking at her clit until she came. Actually relaxed and came! There was that point where she knew it would happen and he took that moment to tell her what he would do to her and how she would cum and she did. After that, the first ram and shove of his rock hard cock took her breath and her mind. She could still feel him if she wanted to just close her eyes and picture him fucking her, absolutely pounding her like he did that day.

Today was their fifth meeting and he told her he had something just for her. She had dressed as he had told her, except that she hadn't been quite brave enough to wear the underthings. She carried them, instead in her purse to put on in a bathroom on the way out.

She could feel herself wet and getting wetter as she made her way into the hotel, per instructions. He had placed the key into her vehicle as he had told her he would. Despite all her talk, she still had trepidations. Yet, each time with him had been that much better and had taken her that much further away from the person she had been. She longed for that next touch from him, not knowing where it might come from or where on her it might land. Would it be a caress or a smack? A fingertip or a palm? A smoothing of her cheek or a tap on her ass? She just wanted the next one was all she knew anymore.

He had told her about his couple and when she stepped into the room, there they were. The man was sitting in the shadows, in the closet, the door mostly closed. The woman was lying on the bed, tied in a kind of restraint she had never seen before. Then there was him. Her delight. Sitting on the edge of the bed, feeding pieces of fruit to the woman as she squirmed slightly, having to reach out with her neck and tongue to reach each piece as he held it just at the end of her reach.

She wasn't sure if the wetness of anticipation was there or not, she had gone almost numb with the sight before her. It was like being invited to a party and being late and the only one not in costume. He motioned to her to come and sit next to the bed, in the chair at the edge and held another piece of fruit out to the woman strapped and wriggling now to see more of the newcomer. She saw the woman's eyes widen and deepen in surprise and lust. That brought a small wave of wet and warmth.

She sat. The woman squirmed a little more as the chair was just at the edge of her vision. The woman was thin, athletic in appearance, with creamy skin and the hint of largeness to her breasts though she was face down. As she appraised this woman, he reached over and slapped the woman's ass with a smart sound that made both women gasp.

The woman on the bed moaned. He turned to her, now, the newbie, and kissed her deep and hard, thrusting his tongue in her and reminding her of other, more forceful penetrations. His hands roamed over her head, pulling her hair and forcing her closer, down her shoulders, His fingers pinched her nipples and she stole a glance toward the closet as his hands wandered down to her thighs and pressed them apart. She saw nothing but shadows, however, and soon lost herself to the feeling of his hands pushing her thighs out and his mouth clamping around her nipples – one after the other.

The woman on the bed rustled and stirred, trying to watch. She sighed and leaned back as the familiar feel of his tongue sliding into her overtook her. It slipped up and around her clit and pulsed inside her and out. She could feel her pussy lips spread wide and swollen, being suckled one after the other. Slipping into and out of his mouth while his tongue forced its way in and back out of her. Just as she felt the building feeling that came before her storms, he pulled away and led her to the bed.

It was her turn now in the restraints. No, there were two sets. He clamped one around her wrists and held them there, strapped together. He untied the womans hands from the bed and brought them together in front of her. Then tied the latest slut onto the bed to writhe there, testing the manacles. As he strapped her legs, he told her she would not be able to release herself and would need to convince one of us that she needed released. He set the other woman free from the bed, maintaining a hold on the hands and brought the woman to kneel before him where the woman greedily tried to suck at his cock as he held it just out of reach to all but her tongue.

He stopped the woman, then, and with a tug they came to the bed where he pressed the woman onto her back and positioned the woman up between the new one's legs. He lay pressed against the woman, with lips now seeking out the clit in front and he spread her ass and shoved his tongue inside her sopping wet pussy. The two of them kept at her, one licking her clit and the other lapping at her lips and juices and forcing his tongue inside her until she could stand no more, but before she could cum, they both stopped. The woman began kissing her thighs and he, oh he moved his way to her mouth and kissed her with her juices all over his lips. Again and again they did this to her, always stopping before she came, always taking an eternity to start again, fingering and kissing her thighs and ass and neck and shoulders. They switched, he taking her clit and the woman her pussy, first driving down on the cock she wanted! Sitting, slowly, then impaling on it, making a show of it, groaning and moaning and, yes, cumming.

This time he let her cum, she was shaking so much in complete body shakes. She came screaming and bucking against her ties, the woman's tongue buried deep within her and the nibbling at her pussy lips driving her away from all cognitive reality. The woman untied her and stroked her tits as he pounded her from behind with that incredible cock. The woman then slid down onto her clit and mouthed it deliciously as he fucked her harder and deeper and more insistently until wave after wave washed her away and through. He turned her over and told her how he found her so wonderfully delightful. Each word, each sentence punctuated with a thrust and delving until he burst through her. All the time, the woman's hands moving across her lips, forcing themselves in her mouth, pinching her nipples. She came one last incredible time and even lost consciousness. She barely woke enough to feel him snuggle in among her breasts and she grabbed him and held on tight as she could. He was the best snuggler she'd ever been with and it always came with the best sex she'd ever dreamed of. And she did dream!

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