tagErotic CouplingsFifty Ways To Please Your Lover

Fifty Ways To Please Your Lover

byadam applebiter©

[Author's Note – This is a continuation of Promises, Rules And Their Breaking.]

"Clothes off." I found Robbie just getting dressed when I got off work at 4PM.

"Hi. How was your d- mm? Mmmm mmm?" I'd been desperate to kiss him all day. Talking could wait.

"You're still dressed." I nuzzled his neck. He smelled freshly scrubbed.

"So are you." His hands were tracing my spine through my uniform. He knows where to touch me and when.

"I've had a hard day." I sighed theatrically, "and all you can think of is getting me naked? Is this all our relationship is about?" I wasn't very convincing. I think the fact I was undoing his shirt buttons as I protested gave Robbie the biggest clue that I was teasing. Not that he needs clues. Robbie is very perceptive...and sensitive... and considerate... and faithful... for a given value of faithful.

"As I recall, your first words were 'clothes off'. Not so?" Robbie's eloquent fingers flicked open the clasp of my bra through my dress.

"Because I want to inspect you for bruises, scratches, bite marks and any other damage not covered by normal wear and tear... And if I find any, those girls aren't getting their deposit back." I freed the last button on his shirt and made a start on his Levi's.

"You didn't answer my question." Robbie was undoing my buttons now. We were getting better at undressing each other without getting tangled up. "How was your day?"

"Not as much fun as yours. Did you have a good time with B and Kelsey?" I'd spent most of the day telling myself I didn't want to be jealous. After all, Robbie had refused to cheat on me, but I'd given him a guilt-free pass.

"Wonderful!" Robbie answered enthusiastically. Well, what did I expect? I reminded myself that I'd told him he could.

"Did they leave this thing loaded?" I had his semi-stiff penis cupped in my hand through the zipper of his jeans. It stirred at my touch, which was reassuring.

"I don't know." He pushed my uniform off my shoulders. I had to release him to let it slip down off my arms. My bra went the same way, southwards. His hands found my breasts. He smiled to find my nipples already hard. He didn't ask, so I told him anyway.

"Yes, they've been like bullets all day."

He just smiled and slid a hand down the front of my panties.

"God! Robbie!" I pressed myself against his bare chest, pressed my face against his neck and shoulder. "I've been so wet all day, thinking about you." I could feel a blush spreading over my face and neck. Not that he'd notice that. "I..." His fingers were rubbing gently either side of my clit, making it hard to concentrate. "I... had to go into the restroom this afternoon and..."

Touch yourself?" Robbie asked. His penis pulsed in my hand as he thought about that.

"Yes." I clung to him. Eight hours without being touched by him had been far too long. Especially knowing that he was touching someone else almost that whole time.

"Can I tell B? She was concerned for you. It'll put her mind at rest, knowing you were horny, not upset."

"No! ... Yes."

"And can I tell her she can have her deposit back?" Robbie asked. He'd left off touching my pussy, pushed both hands into the back of my pants and was cupping my butt cheeks in his palms.

"Let me get these jeans off you and see." I slapped his hands gently to make him let go of my ass and knelt in front of him. I unfastened the one button that was keeping him decent then helped him step out of his jeans and shorts. I was – not accidentally – at the perfect height to make a thorough examination of Robbie's penis. Everything looked to be in good working order. Then I saw... I burst out laughing.

"What?" Robbie asked innocently.

"A message from B." I giggled again.

"A message?" Robbie sounded genuinely unaware of it.

"It says 'Thanks, Ellie x x'." I stood up and slipped off my panties before wrapping Robbie's arms around me again.

"Where?... How?" Robbie nuzzled my hair until he'd burrowed past my curls to nibble my earlobe. He knows I like that too.

"On your cock. It looks like she used a red Sharpie. Whatever it is, it didn't wash off in the shower..." I found my ass in his hands again. "Or did she write it after?"

"I didn't know she wrote anything anywhere... But I did have a nap." Robbie resolved the mystery.

"Good. I'm pleased to hear that you're well rested because..." I nipped his neck with my teeth, hard enough to leave a mark.

"I have work to do?"

I said he was perceptive.

He hoisted me off my feet without moving his hands from my butt. I hooked my legs round his hips and let him carry me to the bed.

"Don't be gentle with me." Foreplay was not required. I'd had a whole day of pornographic thoughts and I was desperate for only one thing – Robbie's sweet cock inside me.

Robbie took me at my word and took me without preamble, sliding into my body until our pelvises collided. He hadn't been that deep in me more than a moment when he was pulling out only to thrust back in, He wasn't fast, but his thrusts were powerful and he seemed to be aiming the head of his cock at the back of my pubic bone, pummelling my g spot with each long stroke.

I moaned loudly each time he filled my pussy, feeling all the faint tingles and tremors of the gathering storm of my orgasm.

Robbie didn't use his hands. He needed them to steady himself, so I reached down to touch my own clit, rubbing it frantically.

Without warning, Robbie pulled right out of me, leaving me unbearably empty. He slid off the side of the bed and, reaching for my thigh, dragged me to the edge. Before I knew what was going on, he was sliding back into me, kneeling on the rug and hanging onto my hips.

"Yes, Robbie.... Oh, Jesus! Yes!..." I flung my legs up and wide. He felt so deeply rooted in me. He started thrusting again, angling his cock up against that g spot, making me wail. It was painful the way he kept colliding with my cervix but it was such an exquisite pleasure/pain combination that I started to climax almost immediately.

Robbie kept driving the hot head of his cock along the top of my pussy, making my back arch. I tried desperately to hold back the tide. I stopped touching my clit, hoping that Robbie would come soon, that we would come together. As I clenched my fists, grabbing handfuls of the bed linen to steady myself against his increasingly forceful movement, something burst inside me... I think it must have been the Hoover Dam. I was gushing fluid, howling with animal lust as my pussy convulsed around Robbie's cock. My last conscious thought was that he was coming inside me...

* * * * *

I passed out! I actually passed out! Robbie, needs a cape because that was super-human.

"Ok, they can have their deposit back." I snuggled up to Robbie in a very mellow state of post-coital fugue, marvelling at his stamina after the day he's had.

"About that..." Robbie sounded hesitant.

"About what?" There wasn't really a deposit anyway.

"About today..." still that hesitancy.

"Yes?" I wondered where he was having difficulty going.

"I didn't... Nothing..."

"What? Whoa!" I sat up quickly. Too quickly: I felt dizzy for a moment. "You mean to say you didn't..." It wasn't easy for me to go there either "Didn't fuck them? After I..." I ran out of words.

"Yes... No... Yes, I mean to say that... No, I didn't do anything with them." Robbie found his tongue first.

"Robbie? Why?"

"Because I didn't want to." As reasons go, it was simple, clear and irrefutable. How unfair is that?

"But I-"

"It's not because of you." He cut me off. "I really didn't want to."

"Not because of me?" Who then?

"Better say not entirely because of you. I've had a proper girlfriend for three days and I'm not even slightly bored of you yet."

"Aww. You say the sweetest things." And that isn't one of them, Robbie, but go on, please.

"I told you I was a virgin less than a month ago. It's been a hectic ride from there to here but here is where I want to be. I've known B a long time and I know she really cares about me. All this..." He gestured expansively at the suite. "is proof of that, but when it comes to sex, I'm just another guy she likes to fuck. Kelsey, I've only known as long as you... three days really... and I'm just another guy to her too.

We... we're only just starting out but what we've got so far is what I've really wanted all along. I never fantasized about threesomes and girls who'll lick my cum out of each other's holes. All I ever wanted was someone special in my life: Someone to be there for me and who I could be there for, in my limited way." It was a long speech. He'd obviously thought about it a fair bit before saying all that.

"Even if you didn't not do it for me, can I say thank you?" I moved on top of him to kiss his lips oh-so-lightly. I truly believe I'd have been ok with him fucking B but I can't express how much better I felt that he hadn't. If you love something, set it free...

"You may express your gratitude any way you see fit." Robbie said with a smile, wrapping me in his arms and hugging me to his chest.

"I think you need a little longer to recover first." I could feel his soft cock stirring against my thigh, but it was still soft and I was in no hurry. Anyway, I wanted to know more first. "What did B say when you refused her?" I don't suppose many men have. It may even have been an entirely new experience for her.

"She understands. We talked about it and she respects my decision. People get the wrong idea about B. She's really a very caring person."

"I know she is. But what did she say?" C'mon Robbie. I want to know.

"That I've grown up a lot in a month and that she's very happy for both of us. We spent all morning talking about you... us. I'm afraid I was very indiscrete."

"What did you tell her?" How indiscrete?

"Everything. About the fight with Finn, sending you away... I offered to pay for the extra room but she said not to be silly... She was very interested in what you look like naked. I told her what you look like to me... Sorry, but I told her about your nickname too..."

"It's not my nickname. It's what one asshole called me." And I wish you'd kept that to yourself, Robbie. Really, I do.

"B was intrigued. I told her how tactile they were, how much you like having me suck on them-"

"Is there anything you didn't blab?" I was blushing.

"I don't think so... B has a way of making it easy to talk about stuff like that. She says you're gorgeous. I think she'd be as happy to get you into bed as she would be with me."

"No way." No! No means NO. Not now, not ever. No.

"Actually, its more than a hunch, she-"

"Robbie. No way means no way would I be there. That is so not my thing."

"That's ok. I told B I didn't want to share you with anyone. I said I wanted us to be just a couple."

"Good." And that is a very good answer, my sweet darling. For once, you're saying all the right things.

"So I guess that message was just a thank you for trying."

"When did you fall asleep?" And why? You weren't 'working' hard.

"Well, B's just flown back from England. She was very jetlagged. So, once I'd convinced her that I was serious about not having sex, we went to bed anyway. I thought we'd all been asleep but I guess one of them woke up at some point and..."

"And wrote on your cock? It must have been hard." Like it is right now.

"A naked girl either side of me? Of course I was hard."

I didn't care that they'd shared a bed. If anything, it made his 'sacrifice' all the more impressive.

"Well, thank you for telling me. And thank you for... Just thank you." I kissed him, not at all tenderly this time. The feel of his cock between our bodies got me thinking it was time to show Robbie some proper gratitude. I wiggled down the bed, contriving to rub my tits over almost every inch of his skin until I could get my mouth around his cock.

His cock was sticky from our first orgasms and tasted of him and me. I didn't care. I like the taste Robbie leaves in my mouth and I've always liked the taste of my own pussy. It gets guys so hot to see a girl licking her own juices off her fingers or, even better, their fingers or, best of all, their cock. It was a bit different with Robbie because he couldn't see all the little exhibitionist things I can do to turn someone on. We're doing ok though, and I'm figuring out some interesting new ways to turn him on – new to me, that is.

Right now, one of those new tricks involved Robbie's balls in my mouth. I love the way it makes his hips rise off the bed. I didn't do that for too long though. Sensitive as his scrotum is, his cock is more fun to suck – for both of us. I pulled his foreskin back hard with my fist and tickled the membrane on the underside of his glans, listening to him moan as the sensitive spot was put very much in the spotlight. I just caught the first taste of pre-cum pearling in the fissure at the tip of his cock. It was slick on my tongue and just slightly salty. Caressing the ridge at the back of his glans, I found the only part of his cock that wasn't velvety smooth. It felt like tiny Braille dots.

"Fuck, that feels good." Robbie moaned, translating the Braille under my tongue.

It felt good to me too. Having Robbie's cock in my mouth, was a real turn on, especially the way I felt about Robbie's nobility. I held his cock with my teeth and probed its tiny hole with my tongue in search of more of that pre-cum. Robbie just moaned.

While I juggled his balls in my hand, an idea came to me. I reached between my legs and dipped a finger deep into my pussy. I was really wet, from before and freshly so. I didn't ask Robbie – not wanting to spoil the surprise, or release his cock from my mouth – before I pushed that slick, well lubricated finger up his ass.

"Whoa!" Robbie's hips really rose off the bed, forcing his cock against my tonsils. I avoided gagging only by moving my head back quickly. Gagging is so unsexy... Though Finn used to think it was funny. Asshole!

Robbie made no objection and settled back down onto the bed with my finger still inside him. I could feel his balls tightening in my hand. He was close to climax. Pushing that finger all the way home, I sucked and licked his cock with much more urgency, not even slowing down as he bucked and pushed up against me, squirting hot, salt/sweet semen all over my tongue. I would have savoured the moment but I didn't have time. I swallowed hard and kept working his cock and that finger, making him convulse and moan with pleasure/pain at every touch of my tongue on his hypersensitive cock tip. He'd barely started to soften when he got hard again, moaning and writhing at the sweet torture I was putting him through. He could have stopped me any time, with a word, but his silent consent kept him in agony/ecstasy as I pressed his glans between my tongue and the roof of my mouth, abrading him gently with the texture of my taste buds. His second climax was almost as abundant as his first, filling my mouth with his hot seed as I wiggled my finger, pressing up against his prostate – I'd done my research after that scene in Roadtrip.

This time, before swallowing, I did take time to savour Robbie's seed, swooshing it like Listerine around my mouth and his still twitching cock. And this time, he was too sensitive to tease so I swallowed gently and just held him in my mouth while he softened, slipping my finger out only when his cock slipped from between my lips.

"See what you get for being a good boyfriend?" I moved up the bed to lie beside him. His nipples were as hard as mine: Smaller, admittedly, but just as hard. I toyed with them and let him relax. I would have kissed him but Robbie isn't into the taste of his semen the way I am.

"I get violated." Robbie teased. At least I took it as teasing. "I guess its true what they say about no good deed going unpunished."

"So you didn't enjoy...?" Who was he trying to fool? I'd had two mouthfuls of the proof that he enjoyed it.

"I didn't say that."

"I figured you'd have experience in that area because I'm looking at a picture of your two previous lovers and one has her tongue up the other's ass." And it wasn't the only picture in the suite that showed somebody's asshole getting some attention.

"Yes." Robbie didn't look quite so comfortable now. "B likes having her ass touched."

"Touched?" I sensed his evasiveness but I wanted to keep us on the subject because I was wondering why Robbie had never even tried to broach this particular subject with me.

"Touched, played with..."

"Licked? Fucked?" I prompted him. He's so cute when he gets shy like this. Really, it's a wonder he can get shy after everything he's done with B and Kelsey... and me.

"Yes." Robbie was all red in the face. I just had to kiss him.

"And what did she do to you? Mine wasn't the first finger up your caboose, was it?" C'mon Robbie, tell me everything. You know I'm not mad at you for it.

"Not even the second." He was getting past that shyness. "And not just fingers."

"What else?" I could guess, but I wanted Robbie to say it. Robbie's bizarre mix of innocence and experience has been giving me such sweetly impure thoughts since I met him.

"Tongues." He looked worried. I guess he was worried that I'd be turned off by that admission.

"Tongues? Kelsey too then?"

"Kelsey too." He nodded.

"And did you like it?"

"I came a lot."

"That's a yes then." I stroked his semi-hard cock. "Robbie?"


"Why have you never tried to..."

"With you? B warned me that not all girls are as amenable as her."

"Amenable? Don't you mean perverse?"

"Ok. Perverse. But B's really very sweet."

"I know she is. I like her. I'm sure she and I will be good friends. After all, we have something very important in common. We both care a lot about you." I kissed him again. "Good... I'd like you all to be friends." His cock moved under my fingers.

"You'd like us to be more than friends... Don't deny it." That cock is like a lie detector.

"Ok. It's an appealing idea."

"More appealing than the idea of my ass?" Which was the subject we were discussing.

"You mean it?" Robbie and Robbie's cock both took a lot more notice.

"You should have asked sooner." But I was glad he hadn't because I like it that Robbie's so respectful. I let go of his now quite hard cock. "Let's go take a shower."

* * * * *

Robbie won't be the first guy to get my ass. Finn' takes that honour, but Finn was such an unsubtle lover that it was generally not a very comfortable experience for me. I let him do it the first time because I was curious and, on subsequent occasions, I couldn't get him to understand that I didn't really want to. In hindsight, I can't think why I stayed with Finn for so long. Whatever. Now I have a sweet, sensitive guy who doesn't try to look up every short skirt that saunters past and who can do things to me that I hadn't even fantasized were possible. Ok, so not looking up skirts is Hobson's choice for Robbie, but the other stuff? His incredible hands, his sweetness and his decency as a human being: Those are all good reasons for giving anal sex another try. I know Robbie won't hurt me and I know, if I don't like it, he'll stop... But I really want to like it, because I know Robbie does and I don't want anything to be out of bounds between us.

I've thought about it and I'm not doing it to keep him out of B's bed or B's ass. If that was any part of my reason, I think I'd refuse to do it because I spent too much time thinking that way to keep Finn interested in me.

"Tell B, next time she leaves anything red on your penis, it'd better be lipstick. This ink doesn't want to come off." I gave up washing Robbie's cock. Too much scrubbing could set that thing off.

"Who says there'll even be a next time?"

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