tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFight for Freedom Ch. 03

Fight for Freedom Ch. 03


The remaining contestants:

Green team: Patrick and Deirdre Kelly

Blue team: Hiroshi and Satomi Yamaguchi

Yellow team: Paul and Allison Jones


Bill watched the monitors as the stage was prepped for the next contest. This was always a popular one - it had shown up in every episode so far, and frequently had led to folks getting collared. It also had positive effects on the sale price of the winners, if they ended up going to auction.

He looked over at the current bids. Still moving slowly, from the looks of it, with nothing especially interesting. A bunch of guys were saying that Patrick looked like he'd be a great slaveboy. And somebody wanted Satomi for a live-action tentacle rape film. Bill shook his head and sighed. These are the folks keeping me in business.

"One minute," Bill said over the intercom. The restraint benches had been moved off, and the frames to hold the contestants were being fastened into place.

"Opening shot?" Dan asked, looking up from his console.

"Um..." Bill glanced at the monitors. "Low shot of Catalina, almost an upskirt, then pull back to a head-and-tits."

"Got it," Dan said, and started talking into his headset.

Bill watched the guards lead the three male contestants over to the frames and fasten them down, locking their ankles wide as their wrists were cuffed so they could slide up and down on the side bars. The three men reacted differently to this unexpected degree of freedom: Patrick hardly seemed to notice, Paul was exploring the limits of how far they could go, and Hiroshi was gripping the side bars and seeing how much slack he could get in the ankle cuffs.

None of them had noticed the connection point below them, as far as he could tell. That one always seemed to be a surprise to them.

He looked back at the monitors. Camera three was on the low shot of Catalina, as requested. "Ten seconds," he said into the intercom. Everything seemed set up, so it was time to go. "And we're live."

The camera was showing all of Catalina's long legs, clad in the white leather boots, and someone might even imagine they were seeing a flash of her red thong under her tiny white skirt. It pulled back, panning up to show her breasts in the tight white leather corset, and that blindingly-white smile.


Allison watched the three men from her spot on the yellow pole. Two more wins, and they'd be out of here without her even losing her panties.

Not that the view from here was bad. Paul was certainly nice to look at now that he'd lost the tight yellow shorts, and the other two guys had pretty good asses too. But it'd be better if she wasn't on stage wearing just a tiny little G-string. That was for private times with Paul, thanks.

"And we're live," the guy in charge said, and the camera pulled away from the hostess. Fucking bitch, Allison thought. Thinks she's so much better than us just because she's on the side of the the slavers. I'll bet she ends up up for sale before too long. Stupid bitch, thinking she can trust them.

"Our next contest," the hostess said, "is Take It All. Guards, let's see what they get to take."

Three guards walked on stage, each carrying a long pole with a dildo on top of it. Allison couldn't see Paul's face from here, but she knew what his expression would be, and she cursed. He was so paranoid about being seen as gay in any way, and that meant he probably wasn't going to do so well in this contest. Best for us is probably if the green team wins, she thought. That puts both of the other two at one loss away, and we can win it all next round.


Well, that's a nice view, Sam thought. All three of the male contestants had had their shorts removed, and all three cocks were stiffly poking up in front of them. She'd been given the wide shot for this contest, so she got to watch all three of them.

None of them looked like a bad choice, certainly, and she could almost certainly get one of them for the night. She found herself unconsciously rubbing her own thigh through her jeans in anticipation.

The guards carrying the dildo-poles mounted them to the bottoms of the frames, pointing right up at the widely-spread asses of the contestants. They smeared lubricant onto the dildos, which were stiff enough to stand up without being too stiff to bend once they got inside their recipients.

"So, the winner of this round is the man who gets the farthest down his dildo in thirty seconds," Catalina said. "Green team, you've got the disadvantage this round, so one centimeter will be subtracted from your score."

Patrick swallowed and nodded.

"Line 'em up, boys," Catalina said. The guards behind them adjusted the poles so the tips of the dildos were just pressed against each contestant's anus. Paul flinched away, glaring over his shoulder. Hiroshi grabbed the side bars as if to prepare for the assault, while Patrick rocked his hips around. Clever, Sam thought. He's trying to get the lube spread around a bit. That might help.

"Thirty seconds starts...now!" Catalina said, and Sam watched all three men trying to press down on their dildos. Hiroshi was trying to shove himself down with his arms in addition to using his body weight, while Paul's scowl showed he was unhappy about this and not making very good progress.

Patrick, on the other hand, had his eyes closed as he concentrated on impaling himself on the dildo. He'd thrust himself down, then buck up just a bit before continuing downward, fucking himself deeper and deeper. His cock jumped as he did so. He's enjoying this, Sam thought.

This isn't his first time with something up his ass. Interesting. He was supposedly a virgin on his wedding night.

Sam looked back at Deirdre, who was watching her husband's proficiency with wide eyes. Surprise, surprise, girl. Maybe if you get out of this, you can give him a strap-on for Christmas.

Hiroshi was trying to force himself down further, but didn't seem to be making a lot of progress. Paul, meanwhile, kept backing off before he could get serious penetration.

"Five seconds," Catalina said.

Patrick was pounding himself deeper and deeper onto the pole, and a muffled moan came through his gag as his cock pulsed, shooting a load out onto the stage. Behind him, Deirdre's eyes couldn't get any wider.

"And time!" Catalina called out. "Let's measure."

A guard stepped up behind each contestant with a marker, which he used to indicate where on the dildo it protruded from him. With that, the poles were released from the frames and the dildos extracted from the contestants.

"Okay, let's see what we've got," Catalina said. "Paul, 5.6 centimeters. Really?" She looked over at Allison. "Is he always such a tight-ass?" Allison shrugged.

"Moving on. Hiroshi, 11.4 centimeters," Catalina said. "Over twice as far as Paul got. Maybe we should just give yellow the disadvantage automatically for such a pathetic showing."

"And, Patrick, you seemed to enjoy this." He looked up at her, breathing heavily through his nose. She ran her finger along the bottom of his cock, still erect due to the medicine he'd been given, and he jerked backwards. Catalina laughed and said, "An impressive twenty-two centimeters, so that one centimeter penalty wasn't even close to being a factor. A clear victory, and you keep yourself in the competition."

"Follow Catalina and zoom in," Dan said over Sam's headset.

Catalina started walking over to the side, where two restraint benches had been set up. Guards were leading the two wives over, but Sam zoomed in until the shot was of Catalina from the waist up. "And that means that Allison and Satomi go over the benches." A guard walked up and handed her the bag; she drew out a ball and glanced at it. "Jorge, you get first pick. Satomi's cunt or Allison's ass?"

A Hispanic guard walked up and pointed at Satomi with a grin.

"Okay, then." Catalina pulled out another ball. "That means that Mo, you get Allison's ass. Strip her."

"Go to wide shot," Dan said, and Sam pulled back to cover the entire punishment area.

A swarthy guard stepped over next to Allison, who was standing next to her bench. He grabbed the front of her yellow thong and pulled, and the front panel came off of the sides, revealing her clean-shaven crotch.

He quickly bent her over the bench and locked her into place, then pulled some lubricant from a pocket in his shorts and spread it on her anus. She tried to glare back over her shoulder, but it really didn't work.

"Okay, whoever gets their guard off last gets a disadvantage in the next round. Not something you want this close to the end," Catalina said. "And, go!"


Satomi braced herself for the guard behind her. She had to find a way to get him off before the other guard came from butt-fucking Allison.

"And, go!" Catalina said, and Satomi felt the guard slide inside her. Don't worry about how it feels for you, Satomi thought. Just make it good for him. She pressed back against him, matching his movements.

Next to her, she heard Allison squeal through her gag as her ass was violated. She glanced over, and saw that the black woman was thrashing, trying to escape from her bonds. The guard was gripping her hips and grinning as he reamed her.

Oh, that's not good. Satomi bucked back desperately, trying to make it feel good for him, trying to find that sweet spot that would be what he wanted. She couldn't easily see him, though, so she could only hope he was appreciating what she was doing.

Allison squealed again, and Satomi glanced over. The guard was hammering her hard, smacking her ass as he plunged in and out of her. No, he's too close.

Satomi tried to wiggle her hips, desperately trying to give the guard some increased stimulation. The guard grabbed them, holding her in place, and picked up his pace. She tried to squeeze down on him, move her hips, anything to get him off sooner.

"And Allison gets it done!" Catalina said, and Satomi looked over in despair. The guard had pulled out and shot his load on Allison's back; Allison hung limply over the bench, looking like she'd gone through the wringer.

That was it, Satomi knew. Hiroshi had the disadvantage on the next round, and that made it likely they were going to end up collared and sold off like Anna and Diego.

She hardly noticed the guard pulling out of her and spraying his semen across her back, she was so busy thinking about how she'd possibly just doomed both her and her husband.

"And the blue team has the disadvantage going into the next round," Catalina said. "Both blue and green are against the wall now - they both need a win to stay free, while yellow can win it all with a victory in...Watch Me Whip. We'll be back in just a few minutes."

"And, we're off," the man in charge said over the intercom. "Get everyone ready for the next round."


Lisa bustled into the control room with a folder in her hands, still cuffed in front of her. "Mrf?" she said to Bill through her gag.

"What's up, slave?" Bill said, taking the folder from her. It had information on some prospects for their next show - a photo showed a brunette face-down on a patio chair, her fantastic ass barely covered by the tiny thong bikini bottom that was all she wore. Next to her, a red-haired young man sat in another chair, looking at his phone. "Nice. Thanks." He slapped Lisa on the ass, and she squealed. "Go get me coffee."

She minced away on her high heels, and he watched her go. One, maybe two more challenges, and he'd fuck that ass. He was definitely looking forward to it.

He flipped through the rest of the folder. The final document mentioned some issues they were having with the local police forces wanting larger bribes, as it became known in the village what they were doing here. He frowned at that. This was a long-term problem he needed to deal with. But, it'd wait until after this round.

"Thirty seconds," he said into the intercom. The three wives had been re-cuffed to the poles, and their husbands all stood, spread-eagled, in restraint frames. Catalina was trotting over to her mark, jiggling all the way.

He glanced back at the memo about bribes, and smiled. Not tonight, perhaps, but this was looking like a solvable problem.


"You're on wide for this round," Dan said over the headset. Sam set up the camera appropriately, getting the three men across the screen with their wives showing up behind them. We need more cameras. There should be one on each one of the wives, too. Sometimes their reactions are the best part.

"We're live in three," Bill said over the intercom. "And, go."

Catalina smiled into the camera, as always. "Welcome back. I see that bidding is getting more serious, since at least one couple is getting a collar after this round. If yellow wins, it's all over, and we get a double auction of blue and green. If blue or green win, then they go into the last round with yellow for all the marbles, while the other one goes up on the block."

She walked over to Hiroshi, in the center of the three men. "Blue has the disadvantage this round - apparently Mo liked Allison's fighting ass more than Jorge liked Satomi's willing cunt. That might be a problem." She ran a finger down his arm, and he shuddered. "Unless, you know, you want to lose."

Three guards came on stage carrying whips, while a fourth pushed a small cart with weights on it.

"Our next contest is Watch Me Whip," Catalina said. "Here's how this works. Each contestant gets a metal ball to hold in each hand. Anyone who drops a ball is out. Last one left wins. Simple, right?" She smiled evilly. "Well, we have to give them incentive."

She picked up a clamp from the table. "Each of them gets one of these put around their balls. Before each round, another weight gets added to it. And then they get whipped three times, on a location randomly chosen each time."

Hiroshi's eyes were wide as saucers over his gag. Guards came and put balls, painted to match their team color, into each contestant's hand.

Catalina smiled into the camera again. "Since you have the disadvantage, Hiroshi, you get one round before everybody else. Let's set him up!" She stepped out of the way, over to the table.

The guard by the table took the clamp from him, then knelt down in front of Hiroshi. Hiroshi winced as the clamp went around his scrotum, just above his balls, and was released to hang down under his erect cock. One weight was hooked to the clamp and released, and he clenched his hands reflexively from the pain.

"First whipping location," Catalina said, rolling a die. "Oh, bad start. Dick."


Hiroshi braced himself when he heard the whipping location. His cock was being kept hard by the pill they'd given him before the show started - he certainly wasn't aroused right now. But that didn't mean it wasn't sensitive right now, and...

Pain tore through his body as the whip hit, even before he heard the crack. It wasn't a huge whip, but that hurt like nothing he'd experienced. He clenched the balls in his hands, desperately trying not to lose them. They were the only thing between him and slavery that could mean more pain like this daily, for both him and his wife.

More pain, just as he had almost gotten a grip on the first round. He focused on the balls in his hands, gripping them tightly. This one was even worse, he thought. It had struck right on the head, and the whole area seemed more sensitive after the first hit. That meant that the third one...

The third one hit, and on the way down past his cock, it hit the weight hanging from his balls, pulling on them as well. The combined pain blanked his mind, and he screamed into the gag.

It passed after a moment, and he realized he was still holding the balls. He sagged a bit in relief and looked up, breathing heavily through his nose.

"He made it, folks!" Catalina said, and he glared at her. "Everybody else gets a weight now," she said, and he took a moment to relax as he saw guards take clamps off the table and attach them to the other two contestants. A third guard picked up an extra weight from the table, and knelt down in front of Hiroshi to hook it to his clamp.

Hiroshi hissed through the gag. He took in a deep breath, centering himself, and opened his eyes. Looking around, he saw that both of his rivals were dealing with one weight each.

Catalina rolled the die again. "Ass!" she said, and the three guards walked around behind them.

A long moment, pausing, and then fire lashed across his ass. He heard three cracks, almost simultaneously, and the other two men jerked as well. A loud *clunk* and he heard Paul shouting what sounded like obscenities through his gag.

"Yellow is out!" Catalina said. "It's down to blue and green now - loser gets collared. Remember, it's okay to decide you just can't take it any more and let go. You'll just get sold into slavery, but the pain will stop now, and that's all that matters, right?"

Hiroshi rolled his eyes. She was so fucking glib about people getting sold off. He found himself wishing someone would do it to her, or someone she loved, and cursed himself for it. He didn't like wishing ill on others, no matter what they did. The slavers here were pushing his tolerance, though.

Another line of fire across his ass, one he was completely unprepared for, having been distracted by Paul and Catalina. He started, and his right hand almost opened. He felt the ball slipping, and twisted his wrist as much as it would go to get underneath it. It caught, and he carefully pushed it back up into his palm.

The third stroke hit, and he was better prepared this time. It didn't hurt as much as the hits to his cock did, to be honest, and he found he could take it relatively easily.

"Two men left. Let's add more weight," Catalina said. The guard knelt in front of him and added another weight to the clamp. Hiroshi winced, breathing heavily to get control of the pain again. It hurt, another round of agony running through him before settling back to to a sharp pain through his testicles.

"Let's see where we hit this time," Catalina said, rolling the die. "Dick again! I swear, the die isn't loaded or anything."

Hiroshi wasn't sure he could take one more hit there. He glanced over at Patrick, who looked a little smug. I'm sorry, Satomi. I'll try, but...

The whip swung down, and agony ran through him. His world was the pain coming from his cock, and he couldn't think of anything else. He could only hope he was holding onto the balls, because he couldn't feel his hands.

A loud *clunk* echoed through the room, and he hung his head. He had dropped one, he knew. Which, he wondered? He squeezed his left hand; it was still there. Must have been the right...it was still there, too.

His eyes snapped open as he realized that he was still holding both balls. He looked over at Patrick, who was looking down at the green ball on the floor in despair.

"And Hiroshi wins it for the blue team!" Catalina said.


"Okay, we want you on the loser's face as she gets nailed," Dan said. Sam shifted over to the punishment area that had been set up on one side. Allison had already been bent over the restraint bench to await the final fuck of the night.

Catalina had walked over, and a guard handed her the bag. "And Allison's pussy goes to..." She pulled out a ball and read the name on it. "Ken!"

A tall, pale guard stepped over behind Allison as Catalina continued, "Since it's just Allison here going into the final round, there's no disadvantage. Which may not be a good thing for her, since the team with the disadvantage won both of the last two rounds."

Sam focused on Allison's face as her eyes went wide. She pulled back just a bit to make sure she kept Allison's head in the shot, as she was being pushed back and forth pretty roughly by Ken. Allison closed her eyes; Sam couldn't tell if she was focusing on the feelings or just wishing for it to be over.

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