tagRomanceFighter Ch. 02

Fighter Ch. 02


So judging by the great comments and commotion surrounding the first chapter I have part 2 for you. I'm glad you all enjoyed one as much as you did. As for props Pepper and Bree did another great job. So please enjoy this as much as you did part one. Enough of me talking here it is enjoy the show!

Marcus hadn't slept so soundly in a long time. He was very warm and comfortable as he slowly opened his eyes. He tried to roll over but was met with resistance. He peeled his eyes open wider and as his blurred vision slowly began to focus, he quickly found the reason why he couldn't move. Annabelle was snuggled deep into his side and her body was in his arms! He blinked and saw that she was sleeping with a smile on her face and the little whimpers that issued from her were too damn cute to ignore. He looked down at her sleeping form. There was a small part of him that knew he should be an ogre and push her away, but it was a very small sliver. The majority of his being was content to lay there and accept the cuddling. He also knew that a big part of him wanted nothing more than to pull her closer to him--if that was possible. Instead he simply lay there with her curled against his body and allowed her to sleep.

Anna's dreams were the happiest she had ever known. The warmth of the bed along with the knowledge of who she was sleeping with caused her to purr like a kitten in her sleep. She wasn't aware that she was indeed purring and slowly she felt the sleep draining from her mind as her eyes opened. She hoped he was still asleep so she could pull away from him before he awoke. But when she opened her sleepy eyes she was met with a sight that she wasn't expecting; his green eyes were opened and staring at her. In that moment she felt like a deer in the headlights as her brown eyes widened and she sat upright.

"Coach....I...." she stammered trying to explain.

Marcus smiled at how cute she was and shook his head. He knew she was trying to deflate what had happened, but he simply didn't care. He had slept very well that night. He even enjoyed watching her purr in her sleep. He raised his hand and she went silent and then he looked into her eyes and whispered.

"Good morning sleepy head."

"Coach I'm so sorry....I didn't mean to...I....I..." she again tried to explain.

"It's OK Anna. I'm not mad at you. It's a small bed after all," he replied.

It occurred to her that he had no idea that she had pulled them together as he slept, and she didn't need to tell him that. As she tried to gather her composure he lay back down and patted the side next to him. Slowly she lay back down and he shocked her when he pulled her close to him again. She sighed as his arms went around her body allowing her to cuddle against his chest again. She let out a silent thank you to the heavens as she put her head back on his arm.

Neither of them could explain why, but they both dozed off again. Marcus had a strange feeling that he was forgetting something and then he woke up with a jolt. He looked at the clock and the time caused his eyes bug to out.

"Shit! Anna get up, honey!" he said roughly shaking her.

Anna popped up and noticed that he was out of bed and already dressing. She looked at the clock and it said 11:32. They had forty minutes until weigh ins. She gasped and bolted out of the bed. She forgot to be modest as her tee came off and she was just in her white panties and completely topless. Marcus was pulling a shirt over his head when he turned and saw her partially nude body.

Anna looked up quickly and Marcus was standing there eyes wide and staring at her. Her pert breasts bounced suggestively as her dark nipples poked straight out. She quickly covered herself with her hands and he took that opportunity to rush into the bathroom. Anna stood there momentarily, shocked that she'd undressed like that in front of him. She mentally shook it off, as there were much more important things to think about. But inwardly she smiled that she had caused him stare like that. She was proud of her body and the fact that she could make him stare was a testament to how good it was. She got dressed in a white bra and panties then slipped on her gym shirt and yoga pants. She put on her flip flops and knocked on the bathroom door.

Marcus was washing his face, hoping to get the sight of her very full breasts out of his mind when the knock sounded. He didn't have time to shave so he just went with the nearly day and a half of stubble which he thought made his face seem darker and older. He regarded himself in the mirror, noting that his tattoos still made his arms look imposing. He walked out and Anna rushed by him. He walked to the small table in the room and gathered up all the necessary documents and put them in his satchel. He pulled out the listings and went over them until Anna came out. He looked up and she was wearing the tee shirt with the skulls as well as her black and purple yoga pants. She was definitely cute, but today she seemed different as her hair was pulled back into two braids that went down her back. She also had a pair of barrettes in front to keep her bangs from falling into her face. He thought she looked adorable. He shook his head and got up, tucking all the papers into the satchel and they left the hotel quickly.

When they drove to the event center he turned on his I-Pod and the sounds of a song 'Deciever' by Disturbed played. He enjoyed the song for its eerie sounds as well as for its hard beat. Anna also liked Disturbed and he took the credit for introducing her to the group when at the age of sixteen. They and other metal and rock tunes had become part of her I-Tunes play list. She listened to pop music as well, but he chided that it was too cartoony for full contact sports. At first she took it harshly, but when he told her he was kidding she threw a towel at him. He smiled at the memory and glanced over to the sight of her bobbing her head to the bridge and enjoying the music that seemed to be settling both of their nerves.

When they got to the Center Nick was waiting for them as was Christian. Christian had come along to help Anna get ready as they were training partners and she was accustomed to sparring with him. Nick was there as he was their promoter but when he saw them, the look of anger was obvious in his eyes.

"Jesus H Christ!" he yelled as they came up. "It's nearly noon and now you decide to show up?! Marcus, what the fuck?"

"Relax Nick! I had a case of the runs. Chill out." Marcus said deflecting Nick's anger. Anna heard the comment and inwardly thanked her coach for taking the blame off of her for what she had done the night before.

She saw Christian and he gave her a half grin. In her eyes Christian was just a very nice kid, someone she could look up to like an older brother. He was twenty two years old and from Sao Paolo, Brazil. He was, what the locals there called, a Mulatto. His mother was a dark skinned and his father was a lighter skinned man with Spanish and Portuguese heritage. His mother's heritage was African and local Indian and it showed in his body. He stood five nine and weighed one hundred and forty five pounds. She knew his stats just the way he knew hers. He was small, but his body was a rock of corded muscle.

Although born in Brazil, he had moved to San Diego after his father was offered a job there. His mother had walked out when he was ten, which crushed his father. Christian ended up on the streets after his dad died and was in danger of becoming a criminal for a very aggressive gang. He almost did when fate seemed to intervene and Marcus happened to cross his path. The first time Christian saw him was on the streets and he decided to rob him as initiation into the gang. When Marcus took him down and tore the gun from his hand he saw that the kid didn't stop struggling. After a brief ass whupping, he put him in a painful joint lock. When all was said and done Marcus gave him a choice and he made the right one.

He joined his gym and over time Marcus made him aware of his potential as he forced him to push himself to the brink each day. Over time he resumed his schooling with adult education classes and received his diploma. Marcus' influence caused him to work hard at everything he did, and as a result, he now had a good job with a local construction firm, he'd met a very nice girl that made him think straight, and in less than five months they were going to have a baby. He hoped to bring his baby into the world with him the bearer of a title to show for the life that he had turned around.

He and Anna had always been close, but it was brother sister close. He spoke Portuguese to her Spanish, and it was a funny time as they taught each other the similarities between the languages. But the common bond for them was the gym. She looked up to him and he didn't disappoint. His record thus far was eleven and zero with nine knockouts. She and he were like two peas in a pod and she instantly felt at ease as they went to the back to begin the warm ups.

Marcus watched them go to the back and pulled Nick aside. The two of them found a concession stand and he bought them each a bottled water and sighed as he spoke.

"Nick, I think Anna is going to go somewhere special soon," he said as he gulped down some water.

"How do you figure that?" Nick asked back eying his friend carefully.

Marcus always had a good eye as far as fighters went so if he said it then it was likely the truth.

He thought for a long moment and then spoke. "She is not fighting for herself, she is fighting to impress me, man. I think that she never got over what happened to her back then and she is using that as fuel to drive her," he explained not feeling the need to go into details.

"So she puts the bastard's faces on her opponents?" Nick asked incredulously.

"I believe so. She almost killed her last one. The girl was laid up for three weeks," he said while looking over at the ring.

"Jesus...I remember that. Didn't she break her sternum?" Nick tried to remember.

"Not just that but two of her lower ribs as well. I don't mind her being aggressive in the ring. In fact I like that. I think she is ready after this tourney to maybe go to the upper ranks." he said thoughtfully. He suddenly perked up. "I'll make you a deal, Nick. If she sweeps the tourney, you give her a shot against Mijah Loriani. If she doesn't than I'll train a fighter of yours for free for three months. Sound good?" he offered.

Nick smiled at that idea. Mijah was one of the better fighters at the one hundred twenty to one hundred thirty pound category. He knew that Anna was a good draw and maybe if he spun it right, she and Mijah could make a great main event. He thought about the other side, Marcus would train his best man for three months for free. Win win he thought so he looked to his friend and shook his hand.

"To sweeten the pot Marcus, if she wins all her fights with no decisions then I'll try and get them the under card main event," he countered.

"It's a deal. I'll get her ready then." Marcus said and walked off to the locker rooms.

Nick leaned against the counter of the stand as he sipped his water. He began to mentally calculate the logistics. He knew he could get a good ring for a decent booking. He wanted the Downtown Center, but the fight wouldn't be big enough. He then decided on the auditorium at the University. He had about nine other good fights he could list as well as three women's fights. His own prospect, Regina Taylor would be on the list. She wasn't going to be a main event fight as the opponent he had for her wasn't that great, but he knew that a main event with Anna and Mijah would make a substantial under card draw. Nick took out his cell and made a few calls.

Marcus went to the back and saw Christian had her doing a series of leg stretches. He was holding her leg so it would stay straight and then saw Marcus come in.

"Coach she is not going to be ready in the short time we have." Christian said in English. His accent was very thick, but Marcus had no trouble understanding him. Marcus had lived in Brazil for a while and spoke the language very well.

"What's wrong then? he asked in Portuguese.

"She's starting her period today," he replied.

Marcus rolled his eyes. Anna looked away sheepishly without saying anything.

"Coach I'm sorry, my nerves or something...I got it early," she said after a long silence.

Marcus was aware of her cycle as he made her keep track of it so he could keep her healthy. He tried not to train her too hard during that time, but sometimes it was unavoidable. To lose days of training actually hurt a fighter over the long run. He nodded his head and went to the sports doctor. He told her of the problem and she laughed. She understood the issue and assured him that it was no problem at all.

"It's easy to handle, Marcus, I'll take care of it for you. Just give me a few minutes." She said politely and he nodded his approval.

He went back to the locker room to get her warmed up. She was eager to shine and after a bit the doctor came in. He and Christian left the room to talk for a while.

"So you ready for this buddy boy?" Marcus asked in Portuguese.

"The title fight? Yes sir, I am!" he responded with enthusiasm.

"Win or lose Christian I am very proud of you. I never got that opportunity. So make it count, son," he said in a fatherly tone.

Christian's eyes welled up as his mentor sounded so firm and serious and he knew that the words were coming from his heart. He held it in check and nodded his head in appreciation. Marcus looked into his dark eyes and studied his pupils for a while. The kid was strong and fit. His dark skin was gleaming in the lights of the hall. His shaved head was like a shiny dome. He knew he was ready for whatever came his way and was eager to shine. Marcus patted his arm turning as the door opened to the locker room.

"OK. I got her wrapped up tight. The wrappings will make sure she doesn't have an accident while on the floor but after each fight I need to change them," the doctor said and Marcus nodded.

Anna was inside and very uncomfortable. The wrappings were literally between her legs making her feel like a baby wearing a diaper. She was sitting on a stool in her trunks when they came back in. She felt like crawling in a box and hiding, but it was too late in the day for that. Marcus looked at her and she seemed to sink even lower. Marcus laughed and she stuck her tongue out at him. He thought it was adorable.

"Listen, honey it's ok. Nature happens after all. Let's just hope we don't have to repeat this in the future," he said biting off a chuckle.

Anna sat back and groaned as she realized he was just picking on her. She bit off her snide remark and just walked to the restroom to change into her athletic bra. As she came out she saw that Christian had left, probably to go check on the weigh ins. Marcus was standing with his back to her reading something and with a mischievous grin, she eased up quietly behind him. Sensing that she was behind him, he shocked her by spinning and snatching her up and setting her on the ground. His fingers found her sides and he began to tickle her relentlessly.

"Trying to sneak up on people, huh?" he said loudly as he tickled her sides.

Anna screamed in laughter as he did and tried to pull herself away. He was a black belt in three forms of Judo and Jiu Jitsu so she was not getting away so easily.

"I GIVE!" she squealed loudly and he relented but by that time she was on the floor recovering from her fit of laughter.

Anna laid there for a moment, laughing and giggling as he stood over her triumphantly. She was wheezing and giggling as he helped her to her feet. Her laughter was contagious and he found himself chuckling as he pulled her to him and hugged her. She leaned into the hug and sighed happily as his arms held her close. Anna was simply enjoying the moment when she looked up realizing just how close his face was to hers. Her eyes locked onto his and slowly her head began to move forward.

Marcus felt her shift and when she looked up to him he saw her shining eyes. He was almost lost in them when he realized that his head was moving towards hers and there was not anything he could do to stop it. She felt the soft brush of his nose and they pulled back slightly before leaning in again. Their lips gently met as their eyes closed. Marcus couldn't believe what he was doing when he began to gently kiss her. It went on for what seemed like an eternity. Slowly, their mouths opened in perfect unison and her tongue gingerly slipped into his mouth, brushing against his tongue. They stopped after a short moment and pulling back, looked at each other breathlessly.

Anna's face was awash in a look of longing and as they regarded each other with dazed eyes, neither noticed that Christian was standing behind her and looking at both of them in shock! Marcus' eyes widened when he finally saw the younger man standing there with his mouth hanging open. Christian couldn't believe that his coach and the girl that he'd thought of as his little sister were holding each other and what's more, he'd just seen them French kiss! He shook his head and closed his eyes. He opened them hoping he was just seeing things, but when he did he saw that they were still in each other's arms.

"Coach...I...shit...Anna, you...?" he stammered in Portuguese, unable to wrap his mind around it. Coach was almost forty two and she was a few months short of twenty. Not that he had a problem with the age difference but the look of happiness they wore just stunned him.

Anna's head snapped around.

"Umm...they are ready for you Anna." he said at length.

Anna felt her face flush a deep almost purple color as she heard his voice behind her. She was finally in the arms of the man that she had so desperately wanted and then her big brother has to barge in on them right in the middle of a soul searching kiss! She wanted to punch him and lock the door, but she knew that she had things that had to be done that were more important than killing him. She pulled away and gathered her composure. She quickly pulled on her gym tee and then looked at Marcus, trying to hide the longing in her gaze before she walked out of the room.

Marcus was too torn to say anything after what he had just done. He knew that he had just crossed the line. And from here on out, there would be no looking back. He only hoped he had made the right decision. He also hoped that he could control himself in the future better than he had just done. He grabbed up his satchel and pulled out the necessary paperwork for registration and as he walked down the hall he kept his gaze averted from Christian. He had nothing that he could say to ease the young man's mind. He knew he was caught and hoped to keep it from becoming the front page news at the gym. He finally looked at Christian who only nodded his head. He could sense in that motion that he was going to be quiet about it. He gave him a strained smile as they walked to the weigh in stand.

Anna weighed in at a shapely one hundred twenty two pounds. She was miffed that she had gained a pound, but Marcus reassured her it was muscle. The judges gave her her fight information and she went back to the locker room. Marcus talked to her about the upcoming fight the entire way before he noticed that she was shaking pretty hard.

"Relax Anna. You've done this before you know," he said in a joking manner, trying to soothe her.

"I know coach, but it doesn't make it any easier," she said, dropping into a long leg stretch.

He chuckled as he remembered being nervous for about the first ten or so fights, but after that it all became routine to him. He hoped she would relax soon as she had to fight three times to make the finals. He knew she had a decent chance if she kept her head in the game and if the other women were unable to handle the little ball of fury that was Annabelle. He sniggered a bit as he thought about when she had first started training with him. He remembered back to when she used to fall whenever she tried to kick the heavy bag. He couldn't stop thoughts of her early days in the gym and he began to laugh loudly. She looked up at him seeing the mirth in his eyes and got a curious expression on her face.

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