tagLoving WivesFilling the Glass Ch. 01

Filling the Glass Ch. 01


At times throughout my life I've played both sides of a tried but true metaphor. It's the one about the glass of water and when my glass is half full, I'm usually happy with myself and my lot in life. I focus on what's important and go about my business without worrying about lives surrounding me. When my glass is half empty, I am unsatisfied with my life and eventually I look for ways to fill it.

I've been married for 20+ years to a remarkable woman. I fell in love with her when I was 23 and we got married when I was 25 and she was 27. I love her for her many qualities and for one adventure after another. In the early years we made love several times a week and on weekends we often spent the whole day in bed, fucking like animals until we passed out and then waking and going at it again. It was awesome and I couldn't have been happier with my choice in a wife.

In our 30s we got busy with work, social life and separate interests such as exercising and what not and our sex life had to be cut back some. This seemed okay as my body needed more down time to recover from each orgasm and I assumed Suzanne's body needed the same rest. Still we managed to fuck once a week and it was sometime during this period that our day long sessions in bed ceased to exist.

I have some favorite encounters with Suzanne.

She was dancing to the Doors when I got home from work and she didn't see me right away as I stood in the doorway and watched her. She was grooving to the music and her groove felt sexual to me. By the time she saw me, she was so intoxicated by the music that she smiled and kept right on dancing as she stepped closer to me. In a manner of moments we were kissing with her arms placed around my neck. She continued to groove as I slipped my arms around her waist and pulled the rest of her to me. Her grooving turned to grinding as we pressed into one another. She moaned first and then I followed. It had been a few days since we had sex and this encounter had all the right ingredients for an evening of fun. A few seconds later she removed her top, showing me braless tits. It was a welcome surprise and I thought little of the fact it was the first time I had known about that. She let me suckle her nipples awhile and then she pushed my shoulders to separate us. The separation was temporary and then she reached for my belt and unzipped my pants. Her hand went inside, found my hard on and then she pulled them both out into the open as she knelt at my feet. Without saying a word she took me into her mouth and went to work. For several minutes I stood holding my briefcase in one hand with my overcoat draped over the same arm and a horny woman resembling my wife sucking my cock. I lasted two songs and then I pumped a four-day load into her mouth as she swallowed what I gave her.

On our fifth anniversary I took her to the best dining establishment in town and she dressed in the hottest outfit of the day. Every head in the restaurant turned in her direction. She hand fed me morsels of food from my plate and licked her fingers, filling my little brain with big brain delicacies later to come. After dinner we drove around the city and she suggested we go to heartbreak hill. There she put her head in my lap until she got my cock out and began to suck it. I spanked her ass and fingered her pussy and her ass with the same hand until I couldn't do it satisfactorily anymore and just came in her mouth.

Those were wonderful experiences but the best was when she made my cuckold fantasies come true. I decided to go home early from a golf outing as the weather had grown worse without signs of improvement. When I got home and she wasn't there to greet me, I just figured she was in the bathroom or something. Instead, I found her whimpering on our guest bed with her hand between her legs as something played on the TV. Clearly she was masturbating with her eyes closed and so I stepped quietly into the room to see what if anything interesting was on TV. A familiar scene played on the screen. Two black men were pile driving a young blonde wife. It was a hot scene from one the VHS tapes I had stashed in a shoe box on the top shelf of the guest room closet.

I looked back at her and this time she was staring right back at me.

"Hi" I said.

She kept her hand at her crotch, moving a finger in and out of her pussy while she pulled the left side of her robe open the rest of the way with her free hand. Her eyes were wide as she watched me watching her. It was an unplanned erotic encounter and I said nothing as the only sound in the room was now coming from the TV. I knew from the sounds made by the actress that she was about to gush out her orgasm.

"I found your tapes a few months ago" she began.

I gulped but still didn't say anything. A lecture was already coming and I didn't want to add any more fuel than I already had.

"I've watched all of them already" she continued. Her left breast was now in full view. Its nipple was hard and upright. The movement by her hand had slowed but she still had her finger inside her.

"I've never watched porn before and I can't seem to stop not that I've started."

"So you're not mad?" I asked.

"I haven't just watched them Bob. I listened to the stories too. All the women in the scenes are married." Her finger moved freely beneath her as she picked up the pace of stirring her pussy with it.

"I know that" I said. "It turns me on."

"It turns me on too" she whispered back at me.

Just then her eyes rolled upward and she rocked her head back. Her orgasm hit and her body convulsed before me. I couldn't hold myself in check any longer and began to strip out of my clothes. As another wave washed over her she exclaimed "Oh God, I'm coming." Her head rocked back further and she bridged her core upward and I was able to pull the right side of her robe free before she let body relax back onto the bed. Then I climbed onto the bed, grabbed my hard dick and moved between her legs.

Her eyes opened as I watched her face and on eye contact she simply said "please fuck me."

I didn't need a second invitation and mounted her immediately. Her hole was so wet I slipped inside her with ease. Her warmth fed my lust as her legs wrapped around my waist. I sunk all the way inside her and then retreated until the head was just at her opening. She was so wet down there that there was no need to sink and hold as I usually do. Instead, I re-sunk my cock into her once more and then pulled it out completely. "Oh God, leave it inside me and just fuck me please" she said. The sound of her voice was convincing and so was her determination as she attempted to hump her pussy closer to me.

I put my fists down on the mattress beside her and moved my dick back and forth inside her. She was looking up at me and sort of half-smiled as though she had a thought to share and was waiting for just the right time. I leaned down until our noses were touching and then she greeted me with a warm wet kiss. Her tongue thrust madly into my mouth and then I arched and lifted my head upward as I began to thrust into her much harder.

"Oh yeah, fuck me. I want my married pussy stuffed" she yelled. "Fuck me long and hard. I need it bad" she said and thrashed her head side to side on her pillow.

She was going wild like the wives do in the videos. Watching her reaction was thrilling and definitely keeping my cock hard. I couldn't tell if she was thinking of me or one of the studs but the need to know was less than the need to obey and pound away inside her.

"Yes lover that's it. Fuck me hard and deep. I want my husband to see what a whore his wife is."

"Oh Jesus" I muttered. That comment stirred a curiosity already brewing inside me. "Does my wife want other lovers?"

"Yes she does" she replied quickly. "Keep fucking me and I'll tell you all about it."

Her words excited me so I did my part and thrust into her so deep and hard that there was a definite clapping sound as our bodies collided.

"You want to know don't you baby?" she cooed.

I nodded my head and kept thrusting my dick inside her.

"The first thing you need to know is that finding those videos broke my heart."

I stopped humping into her and said "I'm sorry Suzanne. Please forgive me."

"Keep fucking me or get out."

"Are you serious?" I asked as I began to move slowly inside her again.

"That's better. So then I watched them and one by one the meaning hit me all at once."

"What's that?" I asked as my cock expanded inside her.

"You want a wife that fucks around on you."

I felt her stare into my soul as she began to tell me in a lustful manner the new facts of our lives. "Well I'm going to do that for you but its really going to be for me."

She paused and waited for my response and all I did was to continue to slowly fuck her. I had a new problem. I felt as though I would cum soon and I didn't want to do that before hearing the rest of her explanation.

"But first I want to know a few details from you."

"Such as?"

"Do you want our marriage to resemble any of the relationships depicted in your movies?"

I sorted through the stories she referred to. I knew them intimately after years of watching. "I'd like a mixture of the Johnsons and the Smiths" I said feeling proud of myself for responding quickly.

"They are very distinct couples. Mrs. Johnson denies Mr. Johnson sex while she plays to whomever she wants. She has him locked in chastity. Is that really what you want?"

"I would like to know what it feels like to be sexually controlled by the woman I love, encouraged to make sacrifices and denied orgasm while she herself uses my submission as a driver to pursue sex with others of her own choosing."

"Are you serious? Do you think you can handle it?"

"Probably not, but I want to try."

Suzanne smiled "tell me why?"

"Because the thought is so bad and wicked, it turns me on."

"It turns me on too. I'd like to make that fantasy real."

"I'd also like us to resemble the Smiths. They make plans together and they play together."

"Wicked and playful, I like that."

"If I'd known you'd be so supportive of this I'd of shared it long before now."

"I love you Bob. I want you to share anything and everything with me from now on. If it's not sick we'll probably try it. Okay?"

"Will you do the same Suzanne? Will you tell me your needs too?"

"I sure will. In fact, I really need to be fucked and I don't think you can satisfy me by yourself."

I nodded and slowed even further as I felt my crown expand.

"Tell me what you want Bob. I want to hear you say it."

"Oh God Suzanne, I want to watch you fuck other men; black men especially."

"Their big dicks are gonna stretch my hole."

"I know" I said not believing that was all I could muster.

"You'll be unable to achieve satisfaction when you fuck me after that."

I didn't say anything, instead trying to concentrate on not coming. Her honesty was brutal and that excited me.

"I've had black cock before and gave it up when we got married. Did you know that?"


"When I start again, I'm not going to give it up easily if at all. Do you hear me?"


"And you still want that?"

"Yes" I said and started to pick up the pace again. I couldn't help myself. Her news dredged my deep-seated lust and brought it to the surface.

"I'll be going on dates again. I won't hide the fact that I'm seeing other men."

"I'll pay your expenses."

Suzanne smiled. "Oh baby you really do want me to be happy don't you?"

"Yes, I think I'm going to cum."

"Give it to me Bob. Give me your cum. Shoot it inside me."

"Is it safe, we're not using birth control" I said.

"Yes we are, I started taking the pill within days of finding your tapes."

Her comment threw me off for just a moment and I felt conflicted between asking her about that now or just coming and asking her later. The lust I felt was incredible and I decided to go for broke and ask her as I continued to drive on toward my orgasm.

"Suzanne?" I began.

"Yes darling" she said with a trace of anticipation in her voice.

"Have you met someone already?"

"Yes I have" she said.

"Have you had sex with him?"

"Yes I have. He's been in our bed several times."

"Oh my God, I'm going to cum."

"Do it. Fuck me and cum in me baby" she shouted and wrapped her legs tightly around my waist.

The magic moment was upon us. Her admission of having sex with another man drove me over the edge of reason and straight to pleasure-city. The head expanded and the liquid rose through my shaft and burst out of the tip. "I'm coming, Jesus. I'm coming!" I looked down at her and then closed my eyes as I arched and unloaded the contents of my balls inside her. One spurt after another shot out of me and into her and it was by far the most intense orgasm of my life.

I was so turned on I stayed hard long after my orgasm and I continued fucking her. Suzanne rode out another orgasm and then she whispered the naughtiest comment that anyone has ever said to me.

"Baby go down on me? I want you to start learning your new role...clean up boy!"

I didn't need to be prompted a second time. Quickly I slipped out of her and moved down her sexy body. I kissed and suckled her nipples but did not linger and then I made a wet trail with my tongue all the way down her front side until I was at the tunnel of love. There I paused to look. Her hole was slightly open and red with flecks of my cum still visible. It wasn't nearly the view of a woman freshly fucked by a well hung man but for our purposes and mine in particular, it served a purpose.

Her hand found the back of my head and I accepted her cue and simply dove in. On contact I tasted my cum on Suzanne's wet pussy and then I heard her sigh pleasurably. I thrust my tongue into her hole and swirled it around and swallowed all that I could scoop out. Suzanne moaned and its pitch grew the longer I tongued her. Going down on a woman had always been one of my favorite activities so I felt at home here with my face between her legs.

"Oh God Bob. Your mouth feels wonderful. That's it baby. I love it. Please tell me you're going to do this after other men deposit their loads inside me."

"Yes" I mumbled and nodded as I kept my lips sealed over her hole. "I want to get used to this" I told myself over and over as I licked inside her honey pot.

We stayed in bed like that for a long time and Suzanne palmed my head and came every few minutes. A few times she pulled me into her so firmly that I thought I might suffocate and a few other times she begged me to slow down as her clit was over sensitized. All in all though, we enjoyed the collaboration taking place and I made sure I cleaned her thoroughly. On one such orgasm, she squirted and gushed her cum and I was overwhelmed by the volume that splashed my face. I'd seen girls gush in porn videos but never in person and was simply amazed that my wife could do this. On top of that, the taste was out of this world: sweet and addictive.

As in porn after the girl gushes, she becomes so grateful that she must return the favor. Such is what I experienced next with Suzanne. First she grasped my hair and pulled it playfully to get my attention then she patted the mattress beside her and said "come up here" After I moved alongside her she moved into me and we embraced and rolled together until I was on my back and she was on top. There between kisses she whispered "that was the best oral you've ever given me."

"I didn't know you could gush. That was the most incredible feedback I've ever gotten from a woman."

She giggled. "I've only cum like that for really big cocks."

"And now my tongue" I whispered back.

"I think there was more to it than that though don't you baby. I mean you've tongued me before." She paused and looked at me until I felt her eyes bore into me and then she resumed "you had a purpose this time and you completed your mission with earnest and fervor." She paused again and smiled. "I think you know what I'm saying don't you?"

I nodded.

"Tell me. I want to hear you say it."

"I was the clean up boy and I loved it."

"That's right lover. You know I've never had one of those but now that I have I'm going to want to do this again and again."

"Me too."

She kissed my lips again and said "I'm really glad you feel that way because very soon I'm going to introduce you to the warm taste of my friend's cum as it slowly drips out of my pussy and into your mouth."

"Is he your black friend."

"He's one of many black men I know. We have history together and yes he's the one I called first after I watched every one of your videos and read the journal you stashed with them. His name is James and he is really hung."

"Will he mind if I'm around watching?"

"He won't be allowed over here unless you play too."

I smiled. It was the perfect answer and gave me confidence to support the direction we were discussing.

"I'm glad."

"Baby?" began Suzanne. "Do you think you could cum again?"

"Maybe" I said. It was honest.

"I really want to go on a marathon fuck. If I drain you now I won't feel guilty giving all my attention to James. I can call James. I'm sure he'll come right over."


She reached down and grasped my cock with her right hand and started to caress and jack it. "He's so much bigger than you are" she cooed as she made my cock grow in her hand.

"Wow" I said.

"He's going to stretch me open while you watch. You'll get to see his massive cock push inside me. When I cum, I'll probably scream, but I don't want you to worry or think that I'm hurt."

"Okay" I said.

"And even if it does hurt, it will be temporary and then I'll gush for him I just know it."

She continued to stroke my cock, picking up the pace now that I was rock hard again.

"Baby? Do you think you'll jack off as you watch me give myself to another man?"


Again she smiled and then she said "If I make you cum now do you think you'll be able to jack off to completion later?"

"Probably not."

"But you'll try won't you?"


"But if you can't make yourself cum, you'll experience sexual frustration."

"I guess so."

"Oh I think so. But that's what a cuckold husband needs to feel while his wife is fucked long and hard, riding one orgasm after another. It's what you want isn't it?"


"It's what I want too" she said and suddenly slipped down my body and moved her head to my crotch. There she took me into her mouth and started to suck my cock in the same manner as she had jacked it with her fist.

"Oh God Suzanne. Fuck that feels good."

She let up to tell me more facts about our immediate future while her hand returned to my shaft to keep it attentive. "I want to drain you Bob and I'm going to. That's the only reason I'm willing to suck your dick." She paused again to watch for my reaction and when my cock pulsed in her hand she added "When James gets here he'll see that you are spent and useless and he'll know right then he can show you up easily anytime he wants. He'll fuck me til the cows come home Bob and I'll coat his cock with my cum while you try to jack off in complete failure."

"I think I'm going to cum."

"Good" she exclaimed and then quickly mounted herself on me. "Cum inside me Bob. After James uses me, I'll be so loose that this is the only way you'll ever get to shoot a load inside me."

"Oh God Suzanne I'm coming" I shouted as I sprayed her pussy with my final load of the day. It was a small amount but it burst out of my dick with the same force as any other mind blowing orgasm.

"That's it baby. I can feel your hot spray. Give it all to me. I love it."

I thrust into her as the rest of my load finished shooting inside her. When it was all said and done she put her hands on my chest, dismounted and then leaped toward my face. In one leap-frog jump she landed on my face with pussy to mouth direct alignment. Her hands immediately slipped around my head and she ground herself onto my face.

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