tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFinal Act of Revenge - Part II

Final Act of Revenge - Part II


Wife's Version of the Payback

Note: This is Part II of a story I submitted earlier as Coops181 called "A Friend's Final Act of Revenge", I suggest you read the original story first for some continuity -- however untasteful it may be to some readers.

* * *

We had said nothing to one another for nearly two hours after leaving the motel. I had a horrible headache -- and I felt sore, quite sore. I kept sipping away at the litre bottle of soda water in an attempt to rehydrate myself as my mouth was parched -- and also to try and mask the bad taste. But it was not working too well, even after I'd brushed my teeth twice I could still detect the distinct taste pervading the mint-flavoured toothpaste every now and then. And my jaw ached more than a little too of course.

I looked across at my husband, Garry. He looked as solemn as I'd ever seen him as he concentrated on the road ahead. I turned and looked back out at the passing countryside -- big paddocks with occasional red cattle scattered randomly near big old river-red gums -- and not too much else -- to me, all quite boring really.

I sighed deeply; my head was finally starting to clear with every passing mile, only now the possible ramifications of the previous evening jabbed at my thoughts like little bolts of lightning. How had it gotten so out of hand, I thought to myself, as I closed my eyes for some solace? God -- how many had there been?

I didn't want to think about it -- nor did I want to think about my behaviour toward my husband after he had discovered me -- alone and naked -- in the grotty bedroom! My god -- and the things I'd said to Garry back at the motel when I'd showered!

I felt like vomiting.

Had it been the tequila? I couldn't be certain -- it had been many years since I'd drunk so much of the vile stuff -- but if it had been, and I had just passed out as a result of intoxication, how come I could remember so much of the detail?

Maybe they'd drugged me -- Rohypnol or something similar? But didn't that give you amnesia --something that I was sadly lacking at the moment? It all didn't make too much sense to me at that moment. I'd never been promiscuous before in my life -- so why would I start now? Was it just because an old friend of Garry's had told me a story of how his wife had become pregnant to my husband over ten years earlier? Sure it had made me mad -- but not enough to allow them to...to fuck me! Well, I certainly wouldn't have thought so.

So why did I?

Morbidly, I began to cast my mind back over some of the events of the previous night...

* * *

Finally I'd started to relax. I looked over at my husband and noticed he too was looking pretty laid-back as he sat talking to his old friend, who had just brought over another beer for him. I still wished we had not come to the grungy-looking Clubhouse; I would have much preferred to have spent the evening at one of the quaint cottage restaurants that the wine-growing area was renown for -- but no, here I was, with two men -- one on either side of me -- doing their best to chat me up it would appear, as I casually lent up against the bar.

I suppose I should have been flattered. One of the men was not much older than a boy really -- quite good looking though -- and very attentive. Why he should be interested in a woman old enough to be his mother eluded me? And the other man -- well he was certainly your stereotypical biker-type -- tattoos and long hair, ear-ring and goatee. At least he was closer to my age -- but still youngish -- about thirty, I'd guessed. I remembered his name was Hogan -- the boy's name eluded me, ironically.

Garry's friend, Mick, had been talking to me earlier before he'd gone over with a beer for my husband. That's when Hogan had sidled up to me and bought a round of tequila slammers for the three of us. I should have known better, but funnily enough, I had not given it a second thought at the time. I was actually flirting back with the two of them like I had not done so in many years! A little bit of reciprocal flirting every now and then does wonders for the ego -- I have to tell you!

Well, it did not stop at one round of slammers -- another two followed the first in almost quick succession! My small frame of 5'3" was not used to hard liquor these days -- if it ever was -- I was more your glass or two of Chardonnay-type of social drinker now that I was all well-married, mature and mellow in my middle age.

Getting a little bit tipsy, I'd barely noticed when the boy casually place his arm around me and commented again on my top. It was one of my favourites -- finely crocheted in white; it hung almost loosely from my breasts and stopped just short of my belly-button. I liked it because it accentuated my tanned midriff -- my husband liked it because the holes in it made it quite see-thru and once or twice I had daringly worn it without a brassier -- only for his delight! But not tonight -- quite inappropriate I had felt -- tonight I'd worn my beautiful new bra of black lace, a lovely French brand called Luxxa Capricorne. It was so chic, I thought.

Again, I'd barely noticed when the boy's hand drifted down from my waist to rest lightly on my buttocks. The boy looked into my eyes and smiled, and commented on my figure. It was so flattering or course -- I knew then and there I should have told him to keep his hands to himself -- but instead I'd chuckled like a silly schoolgirl and let him have an "innocent" feel of my bottom.

My husband often told me my bum was my best asset. He often told me how it had only gotten better with age -- and now that I walked five miles nearly every morning, I had to admit it had firmed up nicely too.

What I'd imagined to be the tequila had relaxed me to no-end. The boy -- his hand still caressing my bottom through my jeans -- reached toward my hair with his other hand and brushed my auburn locks to one side and lent forward till his lips softly nuzzled my ear and he said something totally inappropriate to a married woman of good virtue -- he said he wanted to have sex with me!

I know I should have slapped him and rushed over to Garry immediately -- but for some strange reason, I felt glued to the spot and instead, I merely smirked kinda awkwardly, and said something to him about being a bit young for me -- it just had to be the tequila!

That was probably the turning point...

It was almost as if in slow motion -- the boy moved his face in front of mine and kissed me lightly on the lips -- lightly, but deliberately! It had felt electric! My god, I'd instantly forgotten for the moment that my husband was sitting barely twenty feet away!

The boy squeezed my buttocks a little harder and whispered in my ear how he loved older women --and he whispered in quite graphic detail of what he wanted to do to me...

Instead of being disgusted with the boy's behaviour, I had a bizarre feeling of...well...of empathy toward him; a type of closeness...

I danced up against him slowly...and said nothing of his wandering hands...

I felt...I felt control of my faculties slipping -- the music thumped seductively -- rhythmically -- the tempo making my hips rock and my body move in time with it. And then desire erupted within me incomprehensively...and the darkened bar seemed to offer anonymity to the surreal feeling of serenity I was becoming totally immersed in.

What was happening to me? How many drinks had I had? I was not sure...

Coloured lights on the far wall flashed in time with the music -- and I moved with it too. Hogan -- funny name to remember I know -- he lent in toward me as I danced with the boy -- I thought he was going to kiss me too, but instead he told me to open my mouth. I could not fathom what he wanted -- but I did as he asked just as he leant in closer, and pursing his lips, he blew pungent smoke into my face. I breathed the smoke in till my lungs hurt -- and the back of my throat went dry. I had never smoked before!

I closed my eyes as I held the smoke in my lungs for a moment longer, and then as I exhaled, I felt lips touch mine again -- surprisingly soft lips -- almost on reflex I allowed my mouth to open wider and a tongue darted in to explore in earnest. It felt so natural I kissed him back -- I knew from the stubble tickling my nose that it was Hogan and not the smooth-shaven boy this time.

I don't think we kissed for too long before we broke apart -- and when we did, I laughed delightedly -- telling Hogan he was bad. I was cocooned in an odd little world and my husband was far from my thoughts for the moment.

Then the boy turned me around so my back was now up against the bar -- and I'd offered little resistance -- and why should I, I remembered thinking?

The boy moved in front of me again and he placed his hands on my waist and I continued to gyrate to the music -- my senses heightened enormously at his touch on my bare flesh. A weird tingling sensation of desire fluttered low in my belly as he move a hand upward -- beneath my little top!

I shuddered involuntarily as I felt the boy's hand rest upon my breast -- and I sighed loudly and rolled my hips forward as if seeking him. He smiled knowingly and squeezed my flesh through the thin lace of my bra and I reached for his wrist to push his hand away -- and in my mind I did just that -- but in reality, I just held his wrist as he fondled my breast without recourse.

The boy worked my loose top upward till my lace bra was on display for the small group of men that stood around us. As stupid as it now seems, I remember thinking how pleased I was to be wearing my new lingerie and how good my breasts looked in the low cut bra...

The boy was quick -- a hand around my back unclasped my bra in a blink and I felt the pressure of the garment on my breasts ease. I attempted to reach behind to re-fasten the strap, but Hogan -- standing behind me -- quickly ran his hands under my arms and lifted my lace bra upward spilling my breasts from within!

I squealed in disbelief -- and the few men watching cheered at the display! The boy grinned at me and ran his hand over my naked flesh, pinching and pulling one of my nipples. Hogan, standing behind me, held my top up near my neck just as the boy dropped his face down toward my bare breasts -- I looked down at the boy and giggled as he drew one of my long, sensitive nipples into his warm mouth...

I told them to stop -- of course I did -- I was a happily married woman, wasn't I? But they didn't take me seriously -- they were all laughing -- and by now so was I...

Things became a little blurry after that. Someone had removed both my crocheted top and my black bra -- maybe it was Hogan. I remember letting them both suckle on my breasts at the same time -- of that I am sure -- and I remember my bewilderment at being led over to the pool-table...

A few men were laughing and making lewd suggestions -- and I felt powerless to stop them, powerless also to stop them from touching me and feeling me -- and dancing up against me. I didn't want the others -- I now wanted the boy to hold me -- to dance with me, and I looked for him amongst the small circle of men as they passed me from one to the other...

The heady atmosphere of the dimly lit room throbbed with tribal music and flickered with technicoloured lights, further intoxicating me into a dreamlike state as I danced before the men. It felt like a lifetime, but I found my boy... and in his arms once again, I danced seductively against him, my naked breasts pressed against his chest and his hands caressing my bottom... and it was at that moment I felt an overpowering surge of desire wash over me, and through my veins an undeniable arousal coursed until I felt it was totally enveloping me.

Dancing against him, I let the boy undo my jeans and edge them over my hips...

Other hands, of whom they belonged I am not sure, helped draw my jeans down my thighs, and my boy gripped each orb of my naked buttocks, squeezing and pulling them apart to the delighted guffaws of the small audience...

And none of it felt real...

Not even when the boy turned me around and gently pushed me up against the pool-table, lifting me slightly till I was sitting on the edge, and holding my hand as I lay back against the hard felt-covered surface.

Nor did it feel real when they stripped me...

I'm not too sure who removed my high-heeled shoes -- but the boy was certainly the one who managed to pull my jeans from me as I lay back, my long auburn hair splayed out like a halo -- and I do remember my utter compliance -- no matter how inexplicable it may seem now!

It felt like a dream -- it truly did -- and one that I had on occasion certainly fantasised about in the past, sometimes even while I masturbated when my husband had been away. But was it a dream now?

Laying back, almost naked, I felt the room spin, voices were garbled and faces leered down at me lasciviously -- but it did not frighten me -- not at all - instead I remember smiling as I looked down my body toward my boy...

I watched the boy discard my jeans onto the floor and then reach up my thighs for my g-string -- they were of the same set as my lace bra and I remembered lifting my buttocks off the table so they would not be damaged as the boy pulled them from me with urgency.

My heart was pounding as I now lay there naked in front of a throng of ogling --leering faces. I felt someone grab my ankles and my legs were pulled apart. Someone sniggered and commented on my pussy and the little gold ring that adorned my clitoral hood. And I squirmed as hands felt me and prodded me -- surely it was just a dream?

"Fer fucks-sake...she's wet!" I heard someone say, as fingers explored me roughly.

"Git into 'er young fella!" another gruff voice suggested crudely.

I felt them manoeuvre me till my butt was near the edge of the table -- my legs pulled up high. Looking down my body in bewilderment, I watched the boy step out of his jeans and move between my thighs -- my heart raced and I swallowed saliva that was rapidly building up in my mouth. The boy's penis was rigid with his excitement and it looked as formidable as Garry's ever did.

He moved in closer.

I don't know why, but at that moment I looked sideways to where Garry was sitting earlier -- truly expecting him to now be gone from there -- but there he was, slouched back, his eyes partly open with a blank look upon them -- and his teeth gritted with what looked to be defiance or something.

I didn't understand -- why wasn't he stopping them? In my fuddled brain, a thought materialised from nowhere -- had he set me up for this? Is this what my husband wanted to see? I suddenly felt betrayed!

Still looking at my husband, I flinched when I felt the boy rub his cock against me and flick his glans against my clitoris -- and almost instantly, my desire returned and I relaxed my vaginal muscles in anticipation as he began to apply pressure.

The feeling of the boy's penis touching me was electric -- I now desperately wanted to be fucked and didn't care who it was between my open legs at that moment! Nor did I care about the small audience that had gathered around the pool-table watching us both. My inhibitions had completely dissolved for some extraordinary reason of which I could not quite fathom.

Closing my eyes briefly, I grunted lustily when I felt his cockhead slide into my moistened vulva and nudge forcefully for a few seconds at my tightness before it popped past my vaginal opening. Oh, the feeling was absolutely exquisite; I could not remember my pussy ever feeling so sensitive! Again, I looked over at Garry -- in my mind, he now looked to be smiling serenely -- or was it really a grimace? I could not be sure, but I smiled back at him anyway just as the boy began to slide his long cock back and forth into me.

The boy wasted little time -- soon he was fucking me in earnest to the slaps and cajoling of his friends who now watched on -- and I found myself encouraging him vocally too! I seemed to be in an extremely heightened state of sexuality -- my every nerve ending from my nipples down to my clitoris -- and even the walls of my vagina -- they were all on hyper-drive, and every part screamed to be touched!

Maybe it only lasted a minute or two -- I'm not too sure -- but it felt sooo damn good! I eagerly pushed my hips forward when I felt the boy tense up -- and then smiled up at him as he grunted victoriously like a triumphant gladiator just as he ejaculated. I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him in even harder, until his cock was buried as deep as he could force it inside of me! The feeling was magnificent -- I actually felt his young cock throbbing with youthful vigour as his semen shot against my cervix!

Then I heard someone telling him to hurry up -- and I naively thought it was over. I was almost delirious with a weird combination of lust and confusion! Had I really just let a boy who I'd only met a few hours earlier have sex with me...on a pool-table...while my husband apparently looked on?

Surely it was a dream?

I closed my eyes as I felt the boy withdraw his cock from my pussy. I knew I was smiling like a lunatic as I squirmed around on the hard table in time to the hypnotic music that sounded sooo erotic to me. I was lost in a world where I just wanted to savour the moment in the company of my new friends -- and I barely noticed my legs being parted again as another warm body moved in between them. I felt hands rubbing my breasts -- rough hands. I mewed when one of my nipples was pulled and twisted recklessly. It was all feeling just way too good for some reason that I did not care about at the time.

With my eyes still closed, I could picture in my mind what was happening between my legs -- it was as if I could see myself from above. It was the handsome biker, Hogan, now standing between my legs. His cock looked superb, like sculptured marble, thick veins criss-crossed its length and a big glob of clear pre-come glistened beneath the glow of the overhead pool-table light. My pussy pulsed with anticipation at what I was about to receive. Much thicker than the boy, I was surprised at how easy his well-aimed cock entered me -- there was only a modicum of resistance as his long thick penis penetrated me completely in one lunge...it felt magnificent...

Within seconds of Hogan entering me, I came -- my orgasm was like nothing I'd felt in many, many years! And as Hogan fucked me with long, deliberate strokes, my pussy pulsed and twitched continuously for what seemed like an eternity. It was absolutely mind-blowing! A series of orgasms engulfed me so strongly that anyone watching would have thought I was having a fit! I was so enraptured that when someone grabbed my long hair and pulled my head toward the edge of the table, I felt only bliss. And when a penis was forced past my soft lips I willingly opened my jaw to accommodate...

Hogan fucked me...and I sucked and slurped on the cock in my mouth, greedily seeking contentment again and again...

I was barely comprehensible when someone finally lifted me off the pool-table and carried me to the darkened bedroom down the hall.

I remembered the smell was horrible at first -- and the mattress that I was laid upon felt dirty -- but it was soft -- far more comfortable than the unforgiving slate of the pool-table.

I was not too sure at all who was in the room with me. For a moment I thought they were going to let me sleep. But I was wrong...sooo wrong!

Tongues lapped at my nipples -- and cocks rubbed across my face seeking my mouth. I had no idea how many of the bikers were in the room with me -- maybe two -- maybe more?

An unusual sense of order seemed to prevail though after an initial rush to grope every part of my body. And although my previous state of arousal had abated somewhat -- I did not try to deter them -- my state of mind was almost dreamlike -- it could have actually been a figment of my imagination, I thought at the time, and I just went with the flow...oh how I went with it!

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