tagLoving WivesFinally a Real Date Ch. 01

Finally a Real Date Ch. 01


Finally together, for what you might call their second date. Other then the first time they met, during which they ate lunch at an Applebees, Bill and Angel always met at a motel room. From the second they meet, until the second they leave each other; Angel and Bill are totally caught up in their lust. Their lips lock, their hands immediately find erogenous zones; until they are wedged together from their tongues in each others mouths, to their toes all entwined. Of course that includes all those spots in between; chest to breasts, pelvic to pelvic, their entangled legs, and Bill's cock deep inside Angel's pussy. And that is the way they stay, whether they are together only thirty minutes or eight hours. They fuck from the moment they get together until they are forced to part.

Tonight is different though. Finally, they are able to spend almost two days together. Meeting at the motel room as usual, it is all they can do, not to follow their usual pattern of kiss, feel, peel, eat pussy, suck cock, and fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck.

Pushing her out of his arms, Bill, tries to catch his breath after a long, passionate welcoming kiss. Bill protests, "Stop!... Enough!... Let's wait.... Let's go to... dinner first.... I'm so hot for you. I want you so bad. But, I don't want to loose this feeling. Not yet."

Although his words are strong, his fortitude is weak. Unable to resist her pouting face, Bill pulls Angel into his arms again, kissing her hard with passion and a whole lot of tongue. He searches every portion of Angel's mouth he can reach, while she melts into his arms. She reaches down between their legs, finds his cock pressing hard against the inside of his pants. With the palm of her hand, she strokes its length and moans into his mouth. Angel returns his kisses with even greater passion, pushing her tongue deep into his mouth this time, while she rotates her head back and forth as the excitement engulfs her.

Angel takes hold of Bill's arms and swings him around, pushing him up against the wall. "No, I can't wait. It's been almost a month." Before he can answer or protest, she plants her lips hard against his and attacks the inside of his mouth with her tongue once more. Her hands are down at his pasts fumbling with his belt, snaps and zipper. In only a few moments, she has his pants undone and is pushing them down over his hips. She bends down with her hands as they push down his pants, rotating her head up to keep the kiss going as long as she can.

As soon as their lips part, she dives down between his legs. Her hands quickly pulling down his thong – the one he always wears for her – and takes that hard exposed cock into her mouth. Kneeling before him, she sucks it in and all the way down her throat. Then she slowly pulls her lips up to its head. She concentrates her efforts on that sensitive spot just below the rim of the crown on the underside of his cock. Her tongue wiggles back and forth there, as her lips roll back and forth over its purple head. Looking up, she smiles at him with her eyes. After a few moments, she pulls away saying, "You still want to go to dinner?" and immediately takes his cock into her mouth again.

In a moment of extreme self-discipline, Bill reaches down, grabs her shoulders and pulls her up to him. He kisses her hard, pulls back and says, "Yes. As much as I would love to have you, suck me off, get me hard again and fuck you all night long. I really, really want to take you out and show you off. I want to take you out and get you so hot that you want to rape me before we can even get out to the parking lot."

"Well alright." Angel responds with resignation. "When you put it like that, what can a girl say but, ...alright?"

"Well then, go get ready."

She starts to pull away, but Bill grabs her and kisses her hard again. Their tongues fight for possession of the others mouth. He pulls her around 180 degrees and pushes her, hard up against the wall this time, his cock rubbing against her pelvic mound, the passion growing stronger and stronger. Growing weak, he wants her, wants to take her right now as he usually does. Angel is hoping, wishing he would take her as he usually does. She needs him just as desperately as he needs her.

Bill finally breaks the kiss, too weak to resist, he starts to kneel before her. However, before he a can go down very far, she grabs his shoulders this time, pulling him back up to her. She places her hands on either side of his cheeks, saying, "If I don't go change right now... it's not going to happen. We'll be here the rest of the night. I want to give you the best night of your life and if taking me out and showing me off will do that, then let me go."

She pulls his head to hers and kisses him hard. After another moment or two she pulls away and ducks under his arm. Grabbing her small suitcase and a bag she runs off to the bathroom. Bill shakes his head, turns, tucks himself back in and moves to the bed.

A half hour later, Angel opens the door to the bathroom slightly. The light is off and she just opens the door far enough to ask, "Are you ready? Close your eyes till I tell you to open them."

Without saying anything, Bill closes his eyes.

"Are your eyes closed?"

"Yes. Yes. They're closed."

Bill hears the door open and Angel's footsteps across the room until she is right in front of him. She says, "Okay. You can open them now."

She stands there before him, wearing a black see-through, long sleeved blouse. A black see- through camisole almost hides her braless breasts, but not quite. Below she wares a tight mini-skirt, black mesh stockings and black heels. She pirouettes once for him and asks, "Well. What do you think?"

"Wow!... Are you hot or what!" Bill exclaims. Reaching out to the hem of her skirt, he asks, "Are you wearing panties?"

Before he can lift the hem, she slaps his hand, responding, "You'll have to wait to find out. Shall we go?"

"If we don't, I'm going to rape you right here and now." He acknowledges.

"You can't rape the willing." She bends over and kisses him with her tongue already stuck out.

Across the street at the lounge, they enter arm in arm. He walks her in a circuitous route to a table almost back where they came in. He parades her past the bar and then past a couple of tables with men in suits, obviously discussing business. He slows down at each one to give them a chance to get a good look. Finally, at the table he holds an arm out indicating he wants her sit on the side of the booth facing one of the tables with three men. He sits down next to her rather than across the table.

His hand immediately goes to her leg just above her knee. He begins rubbing the top of her thigh as he asks, "Did you see those guys looking at you."

"Not really." She answers, her eyes cast down as if a little embarrassed.

"Well, take my word for it. Their eyes were all over you. They are jealous as can be, knowing what I'm going to get and they're not." His hand is roaming ever closer to the top of her thigh.

Just before his hand could get close enough to find out if she is wearing panties, she grabs it. "Not so fast Babe. What if one of those guys wants to get a little of that action? The action you think you're going to get."

"Well, that's up to you of course – I guess. I just didn't think you would want to take on a stranger." And then after a little pause, "However, the thought is really hot though." Bill admits, envisioning her back in the room with another guy fucking her doggy style, while each thrust is forcing her mouth down along the whole length of his cock.

Angel's hand is busy under the table as well. At first, she is just rubbing him through his jeans, the palm of her hand rolling back and forth over the obvious bulge between his legs.

As she starts to pull down his zipper, "Hey?" Bill questions, "How come you get to feel me up, but I can't do the same to you?"

Withdrawing her hand, Angel teases, "You want me to quit?"

"Not on your life, sweetie," grabbing her hand and placing it back on his bulge.

Leaning into her, Bill takes her lips with his, inserting his tongue very slowly. Angel's other hand slides through Bill's hair. Upon reaching the back of his head, she pulls him tightly to her lips and returns the kiss with passion matching his own. Her fingers wiggle through the zipper opening, quickly wrapping around his thong covered bulge and squeeze. They kiss and kiss, Angel turning her head from side to side, while her fingers continue to squeeze and relax on his cock; until someone very close interrupts them by clearing her throat.

Bill turns around and Angel looks up to find the waitress standing there impatiently, tapping a pencil on an order pad. "Can I bring you something to drink?"

They order and hardly before the waitress has time to step away they are again arm in arm, kissing with fervor. Angel's hand finds his zipper opening again and quickly, frantically work between the teeth. Working unsuccessfully to pull down the thin material, her fingers pull it out still incased in the silky, skimpy red material. Her palm rubs over the material, while her fingers reach around its girth, grasps the skin underneath. Bill moans into Angel's mouth, wishing they were still over in the motel room.

Bill reaches over and caresses her breast, rotating the palm of his hand over the harden nipple. Angel moans into his mouth now, simultaneously with the sound of two glasses clunking down hard on the table.

"Are you ready to order or do you need a little more time?" the waitress asks.

"Yes, I guess we'll need a few more minutes." Bill decides.

The waitress turns, steps away and says not quite under her breath, while shaking her head, "Or maybe a motel room."

Angel releases her grasp on Bill's cock and starts to zip up his pants. Bill responds by asking, "What are you doing?"

"Putting it away," Angel grins, "before we get kicked out of here."

"Nobody's going to kick us out of here." Bill protests. "This is much more a lounge than a restaurant. Certainly not a family place. I'm sure they have seen far worse. Besides, there is a reason why this place keep things so dark, just a romantic candle light." He rotates the bowl with his free hand to add emphasis.

"Alright, hot shot. But I can't be held responsible for what I do if I get turned-on much more than I am right now. I want you – no, I want your cock, so bad. It's been so long."

"I know. I know." Bill whispers, picking up a menu. "I guess maybe we aught to look at these and calm down a little."

As they ponder over the possibilities, a small band begins to set up on the little raised stage at the far end of the room – a trio – a piano player, drummer and saxophonist. More and more people were entering the lounge, mostly couples, so by the time Bill and Angel order and get their meals the establishment is nearly full.

By the time, they finish eating the trio is joined by a young female singer and they begin to play. They start with Elton John's, Alligator Rock, followed by Jim Croce's Time in the Bottle. This being one of Bill's favorite love songs, he immediately asks Angel, "I love this song. Would you care to join me on the floor, my dear?"

"You mean dance? But, there's no one else out there yet." Angel protests

"Someone has to be first. Come on." Bill begs, "Others will join us."

Acquiescing, she holds out her hand and allows him to guide her out on the floor. Bill pulls her in tight. He can feel her firm breasts almost burning into his chest. Angel can feel his hard cock pressing into her pelvic. She rocks her hips a little, pressing back, so Bill will know she can feel his pressing protrusion and that she likes the feel. He holds her right hand in his left, pulling it close to his shoulder. His other hand, initially resting in the small of her back; but quickly slides down over her left hip, firmly clasping on the lower half of her right bum.

With her left hand she reaches back and pulls his hand up, explaining, "I love the feel, but not till there is a few more couples out here. Alright?"

"Okay, my sweet." Bill gives in and is content just to hold her close, pressing himself hard against her pelvic mound.

"Ummm." she moans, continuing to rock against it in time with the music. "You feel so big and hard tonight. I can't wait to get laid." Letting go of his hand she interlocks her fingers from both hands behind his neck. Leaning back and looking into his eyes she continues, "I can't wait to get that big, fat cock of yours deep in my pussy. I can't wait to be laying flat on my back, with you thrusting that rock hard prick in me as hard as you can." She shakes her hips a little more aggressively, more vertically then horizontally. "Are you sure you want to waste time her dry humping me? Wouldn't you rather take this hot bitch back to the room and fuck her like a whore."

Without waiting for an answer, she whirls herself around in his arms and presses her ass up against pelvic. As she feels the hard bulge sliding into the crack of her ass, she pushes hard, up against his bulge, rocking her hips in a circle. Leaning back, she places the back of her head against his shoulder and clasps her hands behind his neck again.

Bill grabs her around the waist and as she wiggles up and down against his cock, he allows his hands to slowly rise until he has both breasts molded in his hands. By this time several couples have joined them on the floor and she feels a little less conspicuous. However, Angel is facing the table with three businessmen who are watching with big grins on their faces. She immediately grabs his hands, pulling them down to her waist again.

A moment later, she whirls around in his arms to face him again. "If I didn't know better, I might think you're using me to proposition those business men."

"Maybe I am." He returns with a big grin as he grabs her ass cheeks again, pulling her hem up a little. "I told you earlier I wanted to show you off. And they seem to be enjoying the show."

"I noticed that when you grabbed my teats." She pauses looking deep into his eyes as the music dies and they come to a halt, still in each other's arms. And then it dawns on her, so she asks, "Is that what you want?"

"What's that?"

"Is that what you want – to show me off to these guys and maybe seduce one of them to join us?" She speculates.

"Ummm, that could be interesting." Bill muses. "I'll admit the idea has passed through my mind as a fantasy. In reality though... I guess I'm okay with that, but only if you're game. In the meantime, why don't we just have fun and see what happens."

"I'm telling you Bill, you have already got me hot. I'm almost ready to let you take me right here." She admits, breaking out of his grasp. "I can't be held responsible for my actions if you get me any more turned on than this." She grasps his cock, giving it a quick feel and turns to go back to their table.

Joining Angel at the table, Bill takes her hand and places it between his legs, "In case you haven't noticed, I'm pretty steamed up myself."

Angel squeezes his cock through his pants, wraps an arm around the back of his head, pulling him to her. She kisses him hard, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth. Simultaneously, she works his cock with the palm of her hand, trying to demonstrate all the passion she is feeling through the touch of her fingers and lips.

Breaking the kiss after a few moments Angel says, "I noticed how hot you were when you pressed that hard cock into my belly when we first hit the floor, and again as I rubbed my ass all over it, and then when I felt it just before leaving the floor." Without waiting for a reply, she pulls his head back to hers, again kissing him with a full open, wet mouth and mauling his cock with all the passion possible.

Bill slowly unbuttons her blouse and reaches inside to grasp a breast through her camisole. The silky material rubbing over her nipple causes it to swell. Bill can feel it getting harder and larger against his palm as he mangles her breast with increasing force as his passion increases.

Again, someone clearing their voice interrupts them. Breaking the kiss, they both look up to find the waitress, who quickly asks, "Can I get you two something else to drink?"

"Yes. Please another round." Bill quickly answers.

"What are you trying to do?" Angel inquires jokingly, "Get me drunk, so you can have your way with me."

"I don't think he has to worry about that." The waitress observes. "I'll be right back with those, drinks." She quickly adds, turning towards the bar.

"I guess she's right. You can have your way with me anytime you want." Angel confides. Looking around the dance floor she notices that they are not the only ones here in a voyeuristic mood.

Another slow song has Bill dragging Angel back on the floor. As earlier, he pulls her in tight, rubbing his cock against her belly. Angel immediately clasps her hands behind his neck and rubs right back. This time as Bill grabs her ass cheeks, Angel makes no protest. He waltzes her over near the table with the three businessmen. He works the material up balling it into his hands giving them a clear view of her ass.

"We're near your favorite table." Bill informs her. "Why don't you turn around and give them a little show."

Without protest or even acknowledgement, she quickly turns her back to Bill. Reaching back, she stretches her arms behind her and around his neck. She shimmies her ass up and down over his cock as Bill again mauls her breasts. With her head leaning back against his shoulder, Bill kisses her neck and licks her ear. Angel has her eyes closed, while she licks her lips sensually.

They make an erotic scene and the three businessmen eat it up. Angel just keeps rotating her hips all over his cock, moaning loud enough for the men to hear. She is getting hotter and hotter, not caring any more what she might look like, she just wants to get laid as soon as possible.

Bill's right hand falls away from her breast, slowly traveling across hear belly and down onto her thigh. Placing his fingers on the bare skin below the hem of her skirt, he slides them to the inside of her thigh and slowly pulls his hand up. In moments, the edge of his hand slides into her pussy, immediately going to work.

Angel gasps loudly and turns quickly into his arms. She kisses him deeply, again trying to convey her passion. Breaking the kiss and pulling her head back so she can look directly into his eyes, she explains, "Honey... I've got to have some cock now! Not just anyone's... I've got to have you! Please, take me back to the room... Take me back and fuck me... Have your way with me.... Fuck me hard and long! We can come back tomorrow and we can tease these men, get them all hot and maybe bring them back to the room... But, tonight I want you... Alright?

"But I thought your greatest fantasy was to get penetrated by two cocks at once?" He asks. "What happened to that?"

"This!" She answers reaching down and grabbing his cock. "It and you have got me on fire.... On fire for you.... Come on.... Take me tonight.... And tomorrow I'll go out and turn tricks for you, if that is what you want.... But, tonight I need you... and this." She squeezes him again. "How can I refuse such an offer?" Bill quickly responds. "Let me put a tip on the table and we're off." He pulls away from her, turning her towards the table, he grasps her ass again, squeezing it all the way back to the table.

Angel clings to him all the way, as they exit the lounge, cross the street and enter the hotel. She nibbles at his ear, as Bill's hand rubs her ass. "I can't believe how hot you've gotten me. I need your cock in me so bad. I promise you, I'm going to give you the best fucking of your life." She finishes by forcing her head harder into his neck, giving him a long sucking kiss.

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