tagBDSMFinally In Tune To Her Lead

Finally In Tune To Her Lead


You direct me to kneel before You...naked, head bowed, back straight, chest out, hands to my back... legs parted with my knees spread a good 2 feet apart. I feel Your so soft yet heated explorations, causing my skin to become so alive and tingly. Goosebumps trailing where Your touch has been. I feel my skin heating, glowing with such warmth from the blush of my loving submission to You Ma'am. My eyes close, beginning to breath a bit more deeply as I feel Your hands circling my needful so erect nipples. I hear You laugh wickedly, seeing my reaction when You discover the pleasure I derive from this. "Not too fast little one," You say so sensually when I unsteadily lean to Your fingers now lightly circling my left nipple. I feel sensual electricity now bolting to my penis, growing, upwardly expanding with each heated beat of my heart. I feel Your hands tracing down my sides, my hips, surrounding and then cupping my balls and now erect and throbbing cock.

"So this is the little guy I've asked you about," You say as I feel Your fingers encircling, lightly pulling my balls, stretching them downward. From somewhere I hear myself sounding, mewing from this shared intimate pleasure, quietly but loud enough for You to hear. "Turn around for me my sweet little one," You say as I feel Your release of my exposed privates. Mmmmmm, again I feel Your hands touching me, my shoulders, testing and kneading my skin and muscles as I feel them moving lower and lower down my back and sides. I shiver as I feel Your hands on my round and firm cheeks... cupping them, separating them with Your strong yet delicate fingers. I feel You squeeze them and I momentarily tense, then feel a quick slap on my right cheek as You say, "Relax my toys arthur! They are Mine to play with, not yours to control." I feel another quick slap heating my tense cheek, bringing me out of my so sensual trance as I nervously un flex my ass cheeks for Your further inspection. I feel Your exploring hand behind me, sliding downward to my balls and penis between my legs. Your hand searching, following my curves and bulges pressing, feeling the tenderness of my most intimate and excited parts. I feel Your hand pressing on my back, bending me forward, exposing me further to Your knowing and practiced hand. "Hmmmm, a little tense my little arthur" You wickedly ask as i quiver with such abandon, relishing in this so erotic moment, quietly mewing to You my breathy reply. "Oh god... mmmm, yes Ma'am," is all I can muster, trying to breathe, trying to not explode into Your sensually warm and so bold hand.

I feel Your slow movement on my hard shaft. Slowly pumping, squeezing, touching. With abandon I have to now breathe with an open mouth, no longer able to find enough air because of the intensity of this moment with You. I feel Your hand pulling me back to You, directing my legs to step backwards to Your right, positioning my thighs next to the side of Yours. Feeling Your left hand on the small of my back, pressing me over Your so beautiful legs, pressing me down, touching Your soft and supple legs with my throbbing maleness, feeling the safety and such wonderful warmth as Your legs hold me between them. Your scent, oh my! Your so exotic scent is filling my mind with such need, such longing to taste, to drink. Mmmmmm, to swallow!

"Relax little one. Comfort your body with Mine. Release to me now. You are safe here with Me," You say so that Your voice touches my heart, allowing me to give what I must to You, my Mistress, my so powerful and wonderful Mistress. I feel Your fingers on my now relaxed cheeks, tracing downward from my spine, lightly opening my cheeks, softly touching my tight little my rosebud, then further to the base of my balls, then upward, slowly, sensually, giving me such tactile and electric like pleasure from Your touch, again and again. I unknowingly open my legs, so wantonly, so (oh my) so need fully to You. i hear Your beautiful and wicked laughter, You seeing how Your slut like submissive begins dancing for You, to Your song, the wondrous song of a Dominant and demanding Mistress. My hardness throbs between Your gripping legs, so much warmth and such soft comfort there. Safe, protected but so needful. So very needful.

I feel Your finger slowly circling my puckering male ... jeez ... my cunt. So smoothly and delicately pushing with each completed circle. I try to steady myself, hungrily clutching Your legs with my hands, feeling Your strength and support, allowing me the comfort and steadiness of Your power over me. You bring my senses to a new height, feeling the stinging slap even before the sound of Your swift unseen hand on my now blushing cheeks. I push deeply between Your gripping legs, tightening around my little penis between them.

Crack! Then another... and another. You stopping to feel the heat Your hand is causing on my soft and quivering cheeks. I feel the softness of Your touch, caressing, almost tickling my increasingly heated, sensitive and exposed mounds. The erotic pain is smoothed away then suddenly followed with more swiftly applied spanks, then caresses You judging my need and sounds.

I hear Your whisper, "Little one. You are safe. You have said your heart is full of trust and need. You have said there is so much inside of Your heart wishing for release, the fear, the need, You are safe here, with Me," You say this as i feel You circling my male cunt again, Your so magic touch there, softly opening me, probing my tight little rosebud, sensually lubricating me with ointments that You have specifically chosen for our dance, pushing so tenderly, awakening my submissive need for You there.

As You toy with my anus You say, "Artie, my sweet little artie, You are allowed to cry. You are safe now with Me. I want ALL of You! You will open your heart to Me fully! Beg for this moment sweet little artie. Beg for my hand, beg for your tears. Beg for Me little one so that I can help you find the honesty of your heart." Mmmm I hear Your whisper... so close to my ear... the warmth and soft smoothness of Your beautiful and lovely breasts on my back, pressing me tightly between Your legs and breasts. I clutch Your leg, hugging You to me, fearful of my emotions. Fearful of Your laughter if I do this for You ... oh my... for ME.

My mind swims, remembering the pains from my past, the unloved fears of others who I desperately wished for happiness and love for me. I remembered the pain they brought me, never finding safety and love, never the warmth You are giving me now. So secure... so ... so ... loving and overwhelming. I clutch Your leg tightly, wishing, wanting. So very much NEEDING the release of past pain and also the release You now offer me. "You are safe now. No one will see. No one will laugh at you No one will hurt your sweet and innocent heart again. I am here. I am here for You sweet artie. Beg for this. Beg for the honest release you so wantonly need. Beg Me, i will give You what You must have."

Oh my! The words are screaming in my mind. Submissive need is filling me with such intensity, such longing. My heart is pounding wildly, in my ears. My throbbing penis nestled between Your legs keeping time with each beat of my heart. "Oh please Ma'am, oh my, please help me. Help me this freedom with You, to finally be free. Please Mistress, i, i need, oh god, PLEASE help me to release my heart to You." I feel Your soft and gentle hand patting my needful cheeks, caressing so very smoothly, cupping me within Your hand, squeezing, so, mmmm, so intimately. So very carefully, so almost, yes so lovingly.

I hear Your soft and encouraging voice as You straighten, me loosing the comfort and warmth of Your breasts on my back. "You are doing very well little one so don't be my brave little submissive. Be honest with Me now. Show Me your heart and I will lead you where you must go, where you need to go. It is alright that you cry for Me little one. You are safe," I hear You say as the first strike from Your stinging. so experienced hand meets the roundness of my cheek. Again and again i feel You allowing me the pain i desperately need. Again and again You find yet untouched skin of my needful ass. I clutch Your legs tightly to me as i feel Your power. I hold You to me so wanting to give You my emotions Needing to release the pain, the hurt, the terribly wished for but never found love with the others. The terror and humiliations felt in my past. The abuse I was put thru. The longing to be held, safe, loved ... oh my...to be wanted. These painful memories were so raw before my tightly closed eyes now. Again so challenging, so fresh, so afraid to share. I remember every one of these as the heat on my butt glows and reddens from Your swiftly applying hand. The burning pain intensifies within my mind. I so need to, so want to be released from this terrible misery from memories past to, yes to finally be allowed to let it all flow from me, AWAY!

Again I feel Your soft breasts on my back. The so sensual sounds of Your whisper. "Artie, my sweet little one, you are safe. No one will ever know. You can cry now, for Me, for you. Give Me what W/we both need. Cry now my sweet little one."

Oh god, it begins. Softly, sobbing, so terror filled from my past. Never allowed, always held back. I cannot hold back any longer. PLEASE my heart screams. PLEASE. Oh God, oh my. I can finally release these memories held inside for so long to You. I can finally find safety to do this, to cry out with my broken hearts memories. With each pain filled spank, a piece of my past leaves me. With each stroke of Your hand, i clutch You tighter to me, feeling this needed warmth and safety from You. I begin crying much like a boy would do when terribly hurt by the ones he loves. I cry knowing I am finally allowed this emotion, never before wanted or ever accepted by Another. Each sob wracked from the memories and pain cleanses me, refreshes my heart. Each tear now flowing down my cheek gives my soul release from the bondage and abuse from my past. Each spank from Your firm hand pushes me even closer to You, feeling Your warmth and care. Feeling the safety of Your power and direction over me. With every piece of my being i become more Yours. I am now crying freely, giving the pain of my past to You my Mistress. I lay sobbing on Your lap, holding You so close... feeling my new found security with You. Your love. Your care. Your honesty. The wonderful friendship and trust W/we have just intimately shared.

i feel my red and heated cheeks opening, stretching from something hard, gently pushing into me, filling me. Now deep inside me, my ass squeezing, holding it tightly in place. You help me to kneel on the floor between Your open legs, holding me to Your breasts, hugging me to Your warmth and so sensual softness. "Mmmm , you did well little one," You say, lightly kissing my heated and still tear streaked cheek. I feel the softness of Your lips, the heated warmth and softness of Your beautiful breasts as You hold me tightly to You. Then slowly pushing me downward, positioning me to Your hardened nipple. You press me there as I open my mouth to suckle, to begin to enjoy the passions of my loving Mistress. My need for emotional release is slowly replaced with Your softness and passion.

Your scent is now filling my mind, desire for me to now give my love to You. I begin the dance, O/our dance Ma'am, following Your lead. Smoothly and carefully hoping to give You pleasure and intense erotic sensations. Lower You push me, kissing, licking, caressing You with my tongue and soft lips. Closer I come to Your scent. Closer I come to Your hoped for enjoyment with me I stop momentarily to see and enjoy the beauty of Your Womanhood. The delicate petals of Your scented rose. The glistening droplets on Your so ruby colored petals. Mmmmmm, I am where I must be, ready to serve, ready to learn, ready to achieve within my submissive honor to serve You. Ready to try to give You pleasures from my heart. Ready to dance for You and listen to the symphony of Your so erotic musical sounds I hope so much to hear and enjoy.

I kneel closer to You, seeing You lean back, opening Yourself more fully to me, Your submissive sex slave who is now free to give You my heart. I feel Your fingers, tightening, gripping my hair, pulling, guiding, positioning me to where I must be, where I so wish to be for Your pleasure. Your scent fills me, intoxicates my mind as i softly lick the sweetness that is now beginning to flow from You. I drink from You now, reaching deep into You with my tongue, lapping upward, stopping at Your so deliciously erect and throbbing bud, meeting Your heat with my tongue, licking, caressing, gliding, circling Your erect sweetness. My tongue rolls around , You beautifully exposed to my warm breathe. Lightly I carefully blow then lick and circle with my tongue, suckling You inside my mouth, feeling the sweet softness there.

Your fingers entwined in my hair pulling me to my task for Your pleasure and enjoyment. I feel the weight of one then both of Your legs on my shoulders, squeezing me closer, tightening around me. Climbing on Your bed I help You to lean back and pull You to me, closer. Your so sensual body surrounding me. Mmmm, I lick, upward only stopping to drink from You lapping softly around Your beautiful so delicate rose, taunting Your hard little bud with my nose, spreading You with my lips, caressing and licking deeply, my tongue flickering much like a butterflies wings. Mmmm so wet, so, oh my so very delicious, drinking from the intimate gift You are allowing me there. I lick my fingers, quickly moistening my two most useful fingers, mixing my liquid with Yours then searching for Your Womanhood, Your powerful softness i have just tasted. i circle Your Womanhood with my middle finger, lightly pressing, softly pushing inside while licking the sweet nectar You are allowing me, sensually nibbling Your so full and sweet puffy red lips. I join my index finger with my middle finger, the knuckle creating a soft yet firm ridge rising above the middle finger adding more fullness as i feel You opening to me. I, I feel almost drunk, almost intoxicated as if i was consumed with mysterious drugs driving me to give You pleasure.

O/our dance becomes more heated, more needful, more demanding by You. I lick with my tongue, again drinking not wanting to miss one drop of Your delicious flowing nectar. I feel Your deliciously warm and velvety Womanhood surrounding my fingers, squeezing tightly as I slowly glide into You with them. My knuckle pressing inside You. Pressing the very spot that gives You such pleasure. I feel Your overpowering heat truly undulating, pulling me deeper into You, guiding my fingers to the spot You demand from my touch. W/we dance and now passionately move as One. I time Your so sensual movements of pleasures, listening to Your sensual sounds, meeting Your erotic movements with each thrust and motion of my fingers moving inside of You. Exactly timing mine to Yours. licking, suckling, drinking from Your flowing and heated passion.

Mmmm I listen to Your music. The sounds of my Mistress. So carefully gauging and so enjoying our sensual harmony. You allow me Your gift of erotic pleasure S/shared. Once, twice, again and again we continue, deeper and deeper pressing, massaging the patch inside while drinking Your sweetness, lapping the rhythmic pulsations and fluids from Your so wet and delicious Womanhood. Further and further You slide to me... pressing into me... pushing me down... taking control with Your so fragrant and Dominant passion. closer You are now allowing me even further harmony with You. Licking and suckling, drinking the passions and wanton pleasures I am now gifted with.

Suddenly You are now on top of me, sitting on me. So open, so sensually and deliciously open. You lower Yourself on my face, mouth and tongue, guiding me with my hair clutched within Your fingers. Strangely I feel my ass gripping on the hardness so deep inside of me. Somehow i am joining with You doing this, knowing, releasing my so submissively raw need and enjoyment to be Yours.

I ... I ... oh my I can hardly breath. My tongue is now deep within You. i feel You grinding Your sweet Womanhood on my nose and lips. I feel Your move, now sitting on my mouth and tongue, taking what is Yours, somehow cementing the bond we now share. You cum again and again. Each more distinct. Each a more passion filled crescendo of O/our song. Each more fully received and expected by Your demands and power while leading O/our dance.

My face, so very wet now. Easing Your so wonderful gliding and gripping movement on me. W/we share this glorious moment together as Mistress and submissive. As One for the other. Joined, no boundaries or fears, embarrassment or withheld pain. Only as One now flying with the other. Feeling the freedom You have given me. Feeling the trust. Feeling the wondrous joy of serving and Your taking pleasure from me. Your gift of allowing me to be free, to trust and to enjoy the wondrous pleasures of my gift of submission to You, my loving, caring and yet so mysterious Mistress.

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