tagBDSMFinally My Wife Takes Control

Finally My Wife Takes Control


I have been married for 11 years. For the last 10 I have had fantasies of serving my beautiful wife Heather as a sex slave, to be dominated, humiliated and controlled by her. A few times she has tried to indulge my fantasies, but she really could never get into it, that all changed a few nights ago.

I was watching the sports on ESPN before going to bed. I heard my wife enter the family room. I didn’t look at her immediately, but when I did was I surprised. She was wearing a black teddy, with stockings, high heels, and looked sexy, powerful, and in control. Somehow I new she was now into it.

She walked up to me, and pressed my face into her pussy. I could smell her heavenly scent and feel the warmth. She pushed me onto my back, and unsnapped the teddy and sat that sweet pussy on my face. The only thing she said the entire time was EAT!

I expertly brought her off with my tongue and then she smeared her juices all over my face, got up and told me to come to bed. I was following her like the a little puppy.

She laid down on the bed and spread her legs, and commanded me to eat her again. I was still fully clothed but I dove between her legs and started sucking her big clit. It was not long till she had her legs wrapped around my head and was furiously fucking my face. Then she had her second orgasm. This one was better than her first, she was moaning, panting, and humping my face.

I stood up and undressed ready to fuck her silly. She had rolled over to catch her breath so I moved behind her, intending do fuck her from behind. But she stopped me. Told me it was late and to get some sleep.

I said hey, what about me? She told me if I proved worthy maybe she would get me off tomorrow. I was horny, I wanted to cum now, and told her so. She said ok, jack you self off, Ill enjoy the show.

I didn’t want to jack off in front of her, but she insisted. As I was playing with my hard cock she started teasing me about how I had to get myself off, after I had eaten her to 2 orgasms. Then she rubbed her finger in my pre cum, and brought her finger to my lips. She told me to suck it off, and that I had better learn to acquire a taste for cum, because a good slave will clean up any messes he makes.

That brought me over the edge, and I started cumming all over my chest. Heather then stuck her tits in the pool of cum and made me lick it off. It wasn’t that bad till she started calling me her little cum eating slave. She made me eat it all and thank her for it.

I slept great that night, when I woke up nothing was said about the previous events. I was glad because I was embarrassed. I went to work as normal. Later that day she showed up at my office, dressed in a sexy little sundress. She shut the door, pulled up her dress, took of her lace panties and told me to eat her wet pussy. I loved eating her almost as much as she loved having me do it.

There I was on the floor between her legs eating her pussy as she sat in my leather chair. She was grabbing me by the hair pulling my face in deeper and deeper. And I loved it. In less than 5 minutes she was cumming all over my face.

Then she stood up, told me to strip. I got naked so quick I should have been given a medal. Heather then started going through my desk drawers. I had no idea what she was up to. Then she pulled out a ruler. She smiled at me, and told me to bend over my desk. Before I knew she was spanking my ass. There I was, an executive of a successful company, bent over my desk getting a spanking from my wife.

After the spanking, she grabbed my hard dick, rubbed her finger over the head and fed me my pre cum. Then she handed me her panties and told me to put them on. I was in shock. But afraid not to obey her. I had wanted this for years, now it was happening and I knew I had to face whatever she had planned.

She told me to be home at 5:30, not a minute later. When I arrived home at 5:30 sharp she met me at the door. Now she was wearing a leather teddy I had bought her years ago that she had never worn before. Quickly she blindfolded me, and handcuffed my hands behind my back.

I was told I didn’t deserve to see her naked body, but she stripped me, down to my panties. She pulled me to our bedroom by my throbbing dick. She pushed me onto my back and sat on my face.

I knew what to do, and quickly got to it. While I was eating her, she noticed the pre cum spot I had made on her panties I was wearing. She became very mad and told me I had to be punished. She made me go to the kitchen, and bring her a wooden spoon so she could spank me. I had to carry it with my teeth, being still cuffed.

She started spanking my ass with that spoon, telling me I should have told her I was leaking. With each slap, I got harder. Which she teased me about also. Then she went to her drawer, gave me a new pair of panties to wear, she didn’t like those so she gave me another, and another, before I knew it I was modeling all of her lingerie for her entertainment. She threatened to tell my friends, but I begged her not too.

She said maybe we could work something out. I was wearing a teddy at this time. She told me I was one sexy bitch. I was humiliated. Standing there hard as a rock wearing a teddy in front of my wife.

She then asked me if I was a hot bitch, I admitted I was. She asked me if the hot bitch wanted to get fucked? Oh yes I said. I should have known something was wrong the way she giggled. She went to her dresser, got her vibrator. I knew what was going to happen, she saw the fear in my face, and that only made her smile more.

She put the dick up to her pussy and demanded that I suck her dick. I was on my hands and knees sucking her just like she had me a thousand times. She was calling me her cocksucking slave. She asked me if I liked her dick, I wanted to say no, but I couldn’t, and she knew it.

Then she said her dick wanted to fuck. She rolled me over, treating me like the virgin I was. She lubed my ass, and put the vibrator just at the entrance. Here she was teasing me. She knew I wanted it, and she made me tell her. I asked her to fuck me, she said what, I had to repeat it. As she slid her dick in me she teased me about wanting her dick in my ass.

I relaxed and took it all, it was great. She fucked my ass for a few minutes till she had to have my dick. She pulled out of me, rolled me onto my back and rode my dick for all she was worth. Finally, I was getting some pussy. I had wanted this for 2 days.

I couldn’t last long, I filled her with what was the biggest load of my life. She continued to ride me till she came. She collapsed on top of me. My dick was still inside her, getting softer. When it slipped out. She stood up, her legs were on each side of my head.

I was looking straight up at a cum filled pussy. She said I seemed to enjoy cum on tits, let’s see how you like it in pussy. Slowly she started dropping her pussy to my face. Instead of having me just eat her, she smeared it all over my face, then she sat her pussy on my tongue and demanded I clean every bit of my cum out of her.

I was too happy to obey. As I cleaned her pussy, she came on my face again. That night, I went to bed not only with a smile on my face, but our dried cum as well. And I loved it.

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by Anonymous

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by Easypeter05/15/18

Lucky bitch

I love it when she takes control. When men finally figure it out it will be hotter all around. Let her have it her way as she will come back happier than ever. You will see how much better your life is.more...

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by Anonymous03/19/18

Awesome story! I had a similar experience although I had not been requesting it from my wife. I went from a man who did as he pleased to my wife's bitch

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