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Financial Domination


My mistress, Mistress Angela, has commanded me to write this account of how we met and how we live. I have been Mistress Angela's money slave and cuckold for three months now. She moved in with me a little over a month ago.

I met Mistress Angela just over a year ago. She was working as a dancer at the Gold Club. My wife had died the year before, and I was looking for some fun. She sat down next to me and told me her name was Marie. I bought her a drink. As we talked, I found out she enjoyed domination, although she didn't have a lot of experience. I took her into the Champagne Room, and she blew cigarette smoke in my face while I told her my female domination stories. She had a pleasant girl next door face, shoulder length wavy hair, and perky round breasts. I was surprised to find out she was only eighteen. She seemed older and more mature.

Every time I got the chance, I would visit the Gold Club and spend time with Marie. She enjoyed listening to my stories, and after I saw her a few times she found my stories on Literotica.com and used the feedback to email me. I found out her real name was Angela. I sent her my favorite domination and torment pictures, and she let me know which nights she was working and what was going on in her life.

One day Angela called my cell phone and asked if we could get together that night. We arranged to meet at a quiet Italian restaurant near the Gold Club. I drove over after work, and met her at the door. We went in, and got a nice table in the back. She ordered lasagna, and I had shrimp fettuccini.

After the waiter left, Angela leaned over and whispered, "Bert, were those cuckold stories just stories, or is that something you really want?"

I took a sip of my water. "I would love to have a woman cuckold me, but we would have to have a relationship for it to mean anything."

Angela took a bite of the garlic bread. "I would be interested in cuckolding you."

My cuckold fantasies had always involved women closer to my age. The youngest woman I ever fantasized about was in her thirties. I was stunned that a not quite nineteen-year-old woman would be interested in someone so old. It took a while before I could respond. "Really. What did you have in mind?"

Angela grinned. "I've seen web sites of women looking for money slaves. It sounds interesting, and college would be a lot easier if I didn't have to work. I'll be happy to dominate and cuckold you if you agree to support me."

I'd seen web sites and profiles for financial dominants. While the pictures were usually pretty young ladies, they all seemed to be phonies and / or frauds. I never imagined I'd be discussing financial domination with anyone. "What do you mean by support?"

"You would take over my car and car insurance payments, my school bills, and provide me with a monthly $400 clothing allowance and a $600 allowance. When the lease is up on my apartment in a couple of months I'll move in with you."

It was obvious that she'd thought this through. Mentally adding up the numbers, it would cost me nearly $3000 a month, half my take home, to support her as a live in dominant. "And what would I get in return?"

Angela leaned on my shoulder. "You get me. I promise to dominate and cuckold you at least sixteen hours a week. Every once in a while, you get to eat my pussy."

The offer sounded tempting. "How much are your bills?"

Angela dug around in her purse. "Here they are."

I looked over her school, car, and insurance bills. She owed $3000 to her college, but at least her car payments were current. "Can I think about this?"

Angela smiled. "I need your answer tonight. If you're not interested, I have a couple of weeks to figure out how I'm going to finance next semester."

The waiter brought the lasagna and the shrimp fettuccini. Angela and I quietly ate. Did I want to turn my life over to a teenager, even one as sensible as Angela? I thought about her offer and fanaticized what she would have me do as my live-in mistress. By the time the waiter brought Angela coffee, I had decided to accept her offer. No matter what she did, my life would be more exciting with her.

I turned to Angela; "I want you to be my mistress. What do we do now?"

Angela sipped on her coffee. "Pay those bills, and I'll have the rest of the bill addresses changed to your address. Until I can move in with you, I'll come over to your house every Sunday afternoon and dominate you." She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "See you Sunday."

I gave the waiter my credit card, and signed the receipt. I was apprehensive and excited at the same time. I yielded to the teen dominant, but I wasn't sure I could afford to keep her.

Later that week I checked around and found out I could save some money by refinancing Angela's car at a better interest rate. I also saved some money by putting her on my car insurance as my niece. I realized that come tax time I could claim Angela as a dependant and save some money there.

Angela came over Sunday just after lunch. She looked at my bondage equipment, and decided we needed to order a few additional items. We got on the computer and brought up JT's Stockroom. She found an interesting locking chrome cock cage and cock ring, as well as a black deerskin flogger and a black wooden paddle with holes she liked. She picked out several leather wrist and ankle restraints, and we placed the order.

Next, I took her to the mall. She selected several bra and panty sets in Victoria's Secret, and picked out some tops and shorts at Pacific Sunwear.

She put her new underwear and sweaters in her car after we returned to my house. I went upstairs to get undressed and get my bondage equipment. When I returned to the living room, Angela was sitting on the sofa.

"Put that box down and kneel in front of me," Angela commanded.

I knelt down in front of Angela.

Angela looked down at me. "From now on, you will refer to me as Mistress Angela."

"Yes Mistress Angela," I responded.

"Do you promise to obey me, no matter what I command?"

I swallowed before I answered, "Yes Mistress Angela."

"Good." Mistress Angela smiled. "Lock on those handcuffs and ankle cuffs, kneel down, and hold my ashtray, slave."

"Yes Mistress Angela." I got up and locked on the ankle cuffs and handcuffs. I picked up the glass ashtray and knelt down in front of Mistress Angela.

Mistress Angela smiled, and got her cigarettes from her purse. "Do you see what brand these are, slave?"

"Yes Mistress Angela, they're Virginia Slims Menthol 100's."

"Good." Mistress Angela lit the cigarette and took a puff. "Buy a couple of packs every week for me."

"Yes Mistress Angela."

"And pick up some Heineken's and wine coolers. I like to drink when I smoke."

"Yes Mistress Angela."

Mistress Angela smoked a couple of cigarettes while she read the newspaper. I enjoyed watching her relax. After a while, my arms were getting tired and I was sure I was going to drop the ashtray when she commanded, "Put that down and make me something for dinner."

"Yes Mistress Angela." I was glad to get off my knees and put the ashtray on the end table. The ankle cuffs made me take tiny steps as I went into the kitchen and put together some sliced ham and peas. The handcuffs made it difficult to prepare dinner. When it was ready, I brought it into the dining room and put it on the table. Mistress Angela was seated by the time I brought everything out to the table.

I started to sit down when I heard Mistress Angela command, "No, you stand by the table and watch while I eat. You need to go on a diet and lose some weight anyway, slave."

I moved to where she pointed. "Yes Mistress Angela." I stood and listened to her while she talked about work and school. After she finished eating, she commanded, "Clean this up. I'll be upstairs in your bedroom waiting."

I cleaned up Mistress Angela's dinner, and went upstairs. It was difficult climbing the stairs with ankle cuffs on, and by the time I got into my bedroom, she was lying on the bed with her shoes, pants, and panties on the floor. She was masturbating with a 7" purple vibrator. I stood and watched while she held the vibrator against her clit and had a couple of orgasms.

Mistress Angela turned off the vibrator and rested. She smiled when she saw my rigid cock. "You finally made it. Kneel down by the side of the bed, slave."

"Yes Mistress Angela." I knelt down by the side of the bed.

Mistress Angela sat up on the side of the bed. "Put your nose in my pussy, slave."

"Yes Mistress Angela." I buried my nose in her cleanly shaved, wet and musky pussy. I tried my best not to move as I heard her light a cigarette. I could smell the smoke as she smoked with my nose pressed against her pussy. Her musky pussy scent kept me aroused. After a while, I heard her command, "Lick me, slave."

I licked the wetness from Mistress Angela's pussy. She tasted sweet with a hint of saltiness. I licked until I heard. "Suck my clit."

I licked and sucked Mistress Angela's clit. She let herself lay down on the bed, her legs hanging off the side. It took a while, but after I brought her to an orgasm, she put her hand over her pussy and commanded, "Stop."

I straightened up my back and waited. After resting a while, Mistress Angela sat up on the side of the bed and looked at me. "You've been a good slave. The cuff key is on the dresser. We're done for the evening."

"Thank you Mistress Angela." I smiled, the taste of her pussy still in my mouth. I got up and unlocked myself from the handcuffs and ankle cuffs. Mistress Angela put her panties, pants, and shoes on, and left. After I cleaned the ashtrays, I went to bed.

The next Sunday Mistress Angela bought blouses and pants at the mall, and dominated me like before. She asked me if I could build her a throne in the basement, like I'd written about in one of my stories. It looks like a huge wooden padded lounge chair with a box in the center. Mistress Angela would lock me in the box, where I'd sit with my head sticking out a hole in the top. She'd lounge on the throne and relax with her pussy right in front of my face. She could lounge and tease me or slide down the throne and relax while I eat her pussy.

The stuff from JT's Stockroom arrived by the following Sunday. It excited Mistress Angela to see the chrome cock cage, and she had me put it on. She threaded a gold necklace through the cock cage key and put the necklace on. We went to the mall and she bought shoes. When we got back, she shackled me in the basement, using the new flogger and paddle on my back and bottom. Upstairs, she let me eat her pussy to two orgasms. I thought she was going to unlock the cock cage before she left, but she laughed as she got dressed and left with the cage still locked on me.

I had a little trouble cleaning my cock in the shower, and going to the bathroom with the cock cage on. It made a noticeable bulge in my pants, but nobody at work commented on it. I was horny when Mistress Angela came over the following Sunday. After I ate her to an orgasm, she unlocked the cage, let me clean my cock with a washcloth, and watched while I stood by the side of the bed and masturbated for her. After I came, she locked the cage back on, and left.

Finally, the Saturday arrived when Mistress Angela quit dancing and moved in with me. I rented a small U-Hall truck and drove to her apartment. Besides her clothes, she had a double bed and chest of drawers. When we got back to my house, she took over the three bedrooms and master bathroom upstairs for her use. She converted one into a walk-in closet, and the other bedroom into a study area. I moved my clothes into the basement, along with the double bed and chest of drawers.

It took the whole weekend to get everything arranged, but by Monday we were settled in. While I worked, Mistress Angela went to the gym and school, and studied. When I got home, I made dinner and stood by the table while she talked about school. After dinner, we went downstairs. She gagged me, locked me in wrist and ankle restraints, and whipped my back, bottom, and legs until her arms were tired. Afterwards, she locked me in the throne and took off her pants and panties. She teased me with her pussy scent while she watched TV. After she turned off the TV, she unlocked me and went upstairs. I went to sleep.

On Friday, Mistress Angela wasn't home when I got home from work. I found a note on the table by the door. "Went to the spa and to get my nails done. Should be back around eight. Have dinner ready when I get home." I had a half-hour before I needed to start dinner, so I went to the basement and took a shower. Later that night, I was glad I did.

I was putting dinner on the table when Mistress Angela came home. She sat down and showed me her fingernails. "How do you like my nails, slave?"

"They look nice, Mistress Angela," I answered.

Mistress Angela talked about the spa and how relaxing it was to be pampered. After dinner, instead of going to the basement, we went upstairs to her bedroom. She'd hung two wrist restraints from the ceiling and screwed two ankle restraints in the floor by the bed. She unlocked the handcuffs and ankle cuffs, and locked me in the restraints. After she secured me, she stood in front of me and grinned.

"Remember how I promised you I'd cuckold you. Tonight, you get to watch while I get ready to go out. I'm going to pick up some guy at the club and bring him home. You get to watch him fuck me." Mistress Angela slapped the cock cage. "I hope this doesn't get too unbearable for you." She laughed. "Actually, I hope it does."

Mistress Angela got a black strapless bra and panty set from the dresser. She went into the bathroom, and I heard the shower running. After it stopped, she came out wearing a robe. She stood with her back to me, and let the robe drop to the floor. She rubbed her bottom against my cock before she put on the bra and panties. She went into the closet, and came out holding a black strapless party dress. After she put the dress on, she went back into the bathroom for a while, to put her makeup on I guess. Afterwards, she came over to me and twirled in front of me a couple of times. She turned out the bedroom light, and went downstairs.

After a while, my arms and legs stiffened. I had no idea how long I stood there before I heard Mistress Angela and some man come upstairs. The sudden brightness when she turned on the light snapped my eyes shut. By the time I could open my eyes again, I saw them standing on the other side of the bed, kissing. He was a nice looking young man, a bit muscular. It didn't take them long to get undressed and on the bed. He fucked her hard in the doggie position. It was nice seeing her breasts swing like that. I realized it was the first time I'd seen her breasts in weeks. Even though she didn't introduce us, the many "Fuck me Brad", "Harder Brad", and "Oh Brad" expressions from Mistress Angela led me to believe that his name was Brad.

After Mistress Angela had an orgasm and fell on the bed, Brad twisted her around and fucked her on her back. She came twice more before he pulled out and fell to the bed beside her. I felt like I was watching a live porn show. My cock hurt, trying to expand more than the cock cage would allow. I closed my eyes and tried to think of something else, but the smell of sex filled the room.

I opened my eyes and saw Mistress Angela cuddled against Brad's arm and shoulder. He put his arm around her back and stroked her back with his fingers. After a while she climbed up on his cock and bounced herself up and down, his hands squeezing her breasts, until she came again. She rested by sitting still, wiggling her ass, until she started bouncing again. This time he came just before she did, and she fell on his chest. They lay there for a while, and she rolled off him on the bed.

I looked at the alarm clock on the dresser. It was three-thirty in the morning! I'd been standing locked in these shackles for over six hours. I tried to wiggle my arms and legs but I couldn't get the stiffness out. I wondered if Mistress Angela was going to leave me shackled while she slept. Another forty minutes passed before Mistress Angela dragged herself out of bed and unlocked me. I staggered downstairs and fell into my bed.

By the time I woke up Saturday, Mistress Angela had already gone out. I started the laundry, went grocery shopping, and dropped off her clothes at the dry cleaners. I did the bills and played a little on my computer before it was time to take a shower and make dinner.

Saturday night was the same as Friday. Mistress Angela brought me up to her bedroom and shackled me. I watched her get ready and leave. She came home several hours later with a different young man. He was gentler with her, and I enjoyed watching him fuck more than the first guy. In a manner similar to the previous night, I was able to determine that his name was Chris. It was nearly four when she crawled out of bed and unlocked me. I made my way downstairs and collapsed on my bed.

Mistress Angela was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper when I came upstairs the next morning. I thought about how content she looked as I vacuumed the floors and cleaned the bathrooms. I noted what kind of tampons and douche Mistress Angela used, for my next trip to the grocery store. I mopped the floors and dusted while she took my credit cards and went shopping.

I went into the kitchen and prepared dinner. After dinner, we went downstairs for my regular whipping and pussy teasing. After she settled herself on the throne, all I could think about was the cock I'd seen ramming into her pussy. I wished she'd let me lick her, but she just watched TV for a couple of hours. After Mistress Angela turned off the TV, she unlocked me from the throne and locked me up again in the wrist and ankle restraints. She unlocked the cock cage and carefully cleaned my cock with a washcloth.

Mistress Angela stood in front of me with a smile on her face. "You've been a good slave. Do you think I should let you come before I put the cock cage on?"

I smiled. "Yes Mistress Angela, I do."

Mistress Angela put her hand under my cock. I stood there, waiting for her to move her hand.

Mistress Angela glared at me. "I don't have all night. If you want to come, you'd better hurry."

I got the idea. I thrust back and forth in the palm of Mistress Angela's hand until I came. She put her hand to my mouth and I licked my come off her palm and fingers. She cleaned my cock again, wiped her hand off, and locked the cock cage on my now limp dick. She unlocked me from the manacles and went upstairs. I crumpled on my bed, exhausted.

Last week, Mistress Angela surprised me by taking me to a tattoo parlor down the street. She had "Property of Mistress Angela" tattooed on my back just under my shoulders. She tells me as soon as I lose another ten pounds, we're going back so he can tattoo "Cuckold" on my abdomen.

I'm much happier now that Mistress Angela is in my life. I wonder what she'll surprise me with next.

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