Find the Shoe on the Other Foot Ch. 03


"What the hell..." Inside of it was what looked like a silver statue made to look like a naked woman. It looked a little abstracted due to the fact that its face was a featureless oval with a slight bump where the nose was supposed to be. The only clue that it was a living person was the blonde hair that was sticking out of its head. It wasn't moving and even after looking very closely for over a minute she couldn't tell if the person was breathing. "Are they still alive?" she asked in a small voice.

"Oh yes," was his breezy answer. "This was just to preserve them until I got here," Draeck clarified. He continued in a softer voice, "and to soften them up."

Anari was relieved to find she was still horrified that yet more Amazonans had fallen victim to Draeck. And saddened by the fact she could do no more for them. She also felt resentment that these three wouldn't share in her sadness before long but she suppressed that. It wasn't their fault they would be very happy in a few minutes time, it was his. "So now what?"

"Now I will finish what has been started," he said as he moved to the center of the room. He sat himself down cross-legged with his back to Anari. "You're welcome to watch, although there won't be anything to see."


Anea didn't know how long she had been alone, in the soundless void. She had tried to imagine being somewhere else, feeling the sun on her face while lying on a grassy knoll. But the fantasy had been faded and the darkness kept intruding, fragmenting and dissolving the daydream. There was no time here, no night or day to tell her how long she had been there. Her life in the Amazonian navy seemed like it had happened to someone else, leaving her unsure of what kind of a person the woman behind the uniform was.

Something began to change, the darkness began to take form and give way to light. Anea still couldn't keep track of time so she couldn't tell how much time passed before she was confronted with the apparent source of the light. 'A slave? Why the hell would I think of that now?' she wondered. A second look belied her identification, the man before her wore the gray clothes of one but his eyes were too lucid for him to be a slave. There was intelligence and willpower behind that gaze.

"Who are you?" she asked, immediately realizing it was rather stupid to ask a figment of one's own imagination that.

He answered anyway. "Me? I'm your master. Nice to finally meet you Anea."

The woman ogled the man incredulously. "Are you insane! I'm an Amazonan, we don't bow..." As she talked the light dimmed again and the man who called himself master began to fade away. She could feel the void pressing down on her, smothering her in absolute nothingness. Her already shaky grip on her professionalism collapsed. "No, wait. Come back. Please?"

To her relief he did and he brought the light with him. Her nipples buzzed in excitement that he wouldn't be leaving her. 'Wait a sec, buzzing nipples?' Anea reflexively tried to look down to see what was going on, momentarily forgetting she couldn't move a muscle. But her nubs were definitely being stimulated, underscoring the man's aborted exit.

"Are you doing that?" the Amazonan blurted out.

"Doing what?" was the innocent response.

But Anea wasn't willing to play along. "How do you know my name?"

"I know everything about my girls, including their name."

Anea wanted to tell him she wasn't his girl but the danger that he would really leave held her back so once again she cast her mind out to find another subject. "Can you get me out of here?"

The man tilted his head a little in wonder. "But why would you want out of your suit? Doesn't my gift make you feel good?"

The mentioning of a suit sparked a memory. The sight of the silvery substance oozing over her, conforming to her body as it covered her from head to toe. But before Anea could say anything more she mentally gasped as something flexed in her pussy and anus. At the same time something began to gently vibrate against her clit, fixing her attention firmly on her body.

The distinction between her mind and body had become a little blurry before the guy had visited her but it was crystal clear now. Her mind was being visited by somebody who called himself her master and said he had been responsible for her current situation. Her body was gently being played with by something that covered her from head to toe.

She wished she could groan as the things invading her orifices began to inflate a little more, slowly stretching her pussy and asshole till she felt stuffed. When they stopped with thickening the two rods began to vibrate, adding to her arousal. Her body tried uselessly to move in an attempt to express the pleasure it was experiencing, that she was experiencing. But she couldn't do anything. She could only sit there, completely motionless, and simply let it wash over her, straight into her mind.

Her universe had been vast and empty, now it was small and filled with the pleasure her body was experiencing. Anea was dimly aware of master, no the guy, in her mind. But that was everything she could do as the pleasure built up, pushing her to orgasm. Once again time lost meaning. There was only pleasure and the climax she was building to, a pinnacle that seemed to move as well just so it could stay out of her reach.

Anea wished she could move, grind her clit against something or let her fingers help the vibrators. The suit, however, kept her in place. "Please," she asked to no one in particular.

"Please what?" a voice asked.

Sensing the source of that voice could get her release Anea mustered her thoughts, enough at least to comprehend what was being said to her and respond. "Please, I need to cum. I need it so bad."

"Of course you do, but I only help my girls to cum." The man explained reasonably.

It was so hard to think through the thick pleasure sloshing in her mind. She had to parse every sentence and it took even more time to formulate a response. But at least her goal was clear, she had to cum. "Can I be your girl?"

"I don't know," was his response. "Becoming my girl means surrendering yourself to me, trusting me. Acknowledging your complete devotion and love for me. Can you?"

Something began to trouble Anea even as her mind was frothing with pleasure. Far too slowly for the captain's taste her training came back, the training that was supposed to let her resist this kind of mental intrusions. She hoisted her mind out of the sea of bliss that was drowning her thoughts and clambered onto those reflexive mental barriers as if it were a raft. She had barely let out a mental sigh of relief when with a lurch she suddenly found herself somewhere else.

She was indeed on a raft, a rickety one made of a few skinny logs latched together with little care. But what made the entire thing absurd was the fact that the raft was floating in a pool behind a nondescript mansion. The sun was hanging in a clear blue sky. Between the mansion and the pool were three pool chairs, two of them occupied by naked women who were looking at her while furiously masturbating.

It took Anea a second to recognize them as both women had an odd metallic shine to their skin. Yngrid's blond hair was plastered to her gleaming skin as her hands explored her pussy and asshole. Anea could see everything because her legs were planted as far apart as Yngrid could manage. Nari was in a similar pose, but one of her hands was squeezing her right tit while she tried to stuff four fingers in her twat.

The sight stunned her but it wasn't the

only reason she stayed on the raft. That other reason was that the water had a definite silvery sheen to it and the man who called himself master was lounging in it. He was leaning against the wall. She looked down into the 'water' again but her eyes shot back up when she realized that he wasn't wearing anything. She wasn't wearing anything either but she refused to show any discomfort in front of her captor.

"Who the hell are you?" the intelligence officer demanded again now that her mind had remembered her duty. "What the hell did you do with them?" and pointed at her subordinates. Their pleasure-filled groans were now reaching her, but it only made her more anxious.

"I am the whirlwind," he retorted with a smirk. Anea just blinked at the answer and with an eye roll the guy began to explain. "This whole place is a metaphor so I am just playing by the rules of the setting. Take your raft for example."

Captain Anea eyed her craft warily, "what about it?"

"It represents the training that kept you from saying yes, it's those pesky mental reflexes that are supposed to help you keep Amazonan secrets from falling into enemy hands. Of course that's just the logs, the rope is your own determination and the reason you're not on the third chair," he finished.

"You mean..." and Anea cut herself off. Hoping that if she didn't say it, it wouldn't be true. The man wasn't going to let her keep her illusions though.

"They're my girls now and enjoying the rewards that come with that. They are here to welcome you into the fold once you join them."

'Once, not if,' a dispassionate part of her mind noted. "And what does the water represent," she asked. 'The longer I stall him the more time I have to think this through. There has to be an out, some sort of exit.'

The man cupped his hand and lifted it up so he could pour some of the liquid back into the pool. Sunlight played through it making it sparkle as bubbles formed where the small stream hit the water. "That ocean of pleasure you were drowning in just before you got here. You didn't think that had just vanished into thin air, did you? It's still there, wracking through your body. Setting it aflame with the need for release."

Anea shivered as the words conjured up those recent memories, but before she could get lost in them the noise of rope snapping pulled her mind back to the present. She watched horrified as one of the logs drifted away from her raft, slowly sinking as the silvery water dissolved it into a mass of tinkling bubbles.

"I could come over there and pull you in but I think you would enjoy it more if you sank into it slowly. If you surrendered yourself inch by inch."

Panic barely restrained by a determination not to give up rose within her. She eyed the pool, mentally calculating which side was the closest although that wasn't too difficult to figure out. The pool was a simple rectangle and she was practically in the middle of it but a bit closer to the side directly opposite of the wall master was leaning against.

Anea's mind froze for a moment when she realized she had thought of the guy as master. 'Right, no time to waste then.' She had no idea what would happen if she came into contact with the water but just waiting there wouldn't prevent it, merely delay it so she plunged her right arm into it and began paddling to shore.

It wasn't until her arm was submerged up to the elbow that the sensation hit her. A warm caress that enveloped both her lower arm and her mind eliciting a groan from the captain. More drops of water landed on her legs and she unwittingly parted them a little even as another log began to dissolve.

With each stroke of her arm she got a little closer to safety while her raft got smaller and smaller. The droplets that landed on her began to link together to cover more and more of her skin. But Anea ignored it; too drunk on the delicious pleasure coating her body to doubt she would reach safety.

With a final lunge she threw herself forward as the last two logs fell apart beneath her. She managed to keep her head above water and her hands hit the pool deck which she used to pull upper body above the silvery liquid. But instead of pulling herself up and out of the water she rested her head sideways on the pool deck and helplessly mewled as the water plucked and nibbled on her hungry pussy. Anea's voice joined Nari's and Yngrid's in their lust-filled chorus as her eyes drank in the sight of the two Amazonans pleasuring themselves. Their skin had become even more metallic, slowly attaining the same beautiful silver that was now covering most of Anea's own body.

She didn't react to the sound of the guy swimming towards her, but that changed when his hands gripped her hips and pulled her into his naked flesh. She threw her head and to the side so she could rub it against him and offer her neck to his lips all the while keeping her eyes trained on her fellow Amazonans. But it wasn't enough for her so she tried to lift herself up high enough that she could impale herself on his erection.

After two failed attempts she finally succeeded only to be stopped just as she lowered herself. A pitiful whine escaped her as she couldn't muster the mental coherence necessary to form words. Sentences were simply an alien concept to her now, there was only the reality of the liquid silver painting her body and melting her mind until it dripped down her legs to pool at her feet. The only thing that was solid in her reality was Master.

He stopped planting kisses on her exposed neck and whispered hotly into her ear. "I told you I only help my girls to cum. What did I tell you about my girls?"

At first Anea ignored him and just tried to push down, but he was strong and she had little leverage in her current position. Somehow she managed to calm enough to think about his words, to dredge her memories for the clues she needed for her release. 'His girls, something about surrendering.' Her need-fogged mind locked on to that last word, surrender. 'So I need to surrender to cum,' she concluded unconcerned that you surrendered something to someone. 'It can't be more important than what I need right now!'

Instead she jumped to the important question of how to surrender, something that became all the more important when Master began to teasingly plunge a single digit into her overheated sex. The surface of the silvery water was now an ever-changing map of hills and valleys, reflecting the sun's rays in a completely random pattern. It was this light that drew Anea's attention away from the spectacle on the pool chairs and suddenly it clicked.

'He said I had surrendered once I sank, but I didn't. I kept my face above water and it still isn't completely covered.' Some droplets had fallen on her face and covered small parts of it but most wasn't and she knew exactly which parts weren't. Because those parts only felt the cold, empty warmth of the sun rather than the scorching pleasure of the silvery liquid hugging so much of her.

Without further thought or ceremony she let herself fall forward into the pool. The small drop seemed to take ages, enough time to realize that she hadn't escaped after all. That she had failed her duty as an officer and that she was about to surrender her very being to someone she was taught to revile and hate. Enough time to recognize she didn't care about it anymore. To find that it was not regret coursing through her conscience, but anticipation.

Her head broke through the surface and her body followed until she was floating facedown in the water. Her eyes rolled up as the silvery liquid poured over her, into her. Then He plunged into her without warning and she came, every muscle going taut as Anea tried to draw in air and instead swallowed the liquid silver.

But instead of spluttering or coughing another orgasm hit her as she felt the fluid traveling down her throat, filling her lungs with delight and banishing the frantic need that had comprised her reality only a few moments ago. Her body relaxed and she floated there, her mind completely focussed on the bliss suffusing her. She held her breath, not to stop from drowning but to keep this delectation going for as long as she could.

And then she exhaled, spilling out her old wants and needs. Letting go of her fear and hate until Anea sunk to the bottom of the pool while she kept floating close to the surface. A thought fleeted through her mind, wondering who she was now but the bliss was too important to let herself be distracted like that.

Strangely enough she didn't feel any anger or disappointment when Master lifted her back up out of the water. She knew that bliss hadn't left her, it was coating her body even now. And when he lifted her up until his dick almost slipped out of her she still didn't lose that contentedness. But it did add a need to it, one that only grew when he thrust back into her.

She happily cooed as He ploughed into her. Anea looked down her body to where they met, marveling at the silver perfection that she now was. Smooth, yielding and completely His.


It had taken less than a minute for Anari to grow bored just watching Draeck sit there. So she had turned to the pods to examine her fellow captives starting with the blond one. But there was little more to see so she had moved to a different pod to compare them.

The one she was now looking at had black hair but apart from that was eerily similar to the blond-haired statue. Oh, there were some differences in the build but the spotless metal covering them smoothed those over. Anari was just about to turn away when the silver rippled.

The metal encasing the woman seemed to tighten around her, or maybe the covering simply became thinner. Whatever was happening, the result was that the captive's appearance became more individualistic. The nose actually became visible as the featureless oval turned into a mask with clearly visible cheeks and forehead. There was still no indication of lips or eyelids but the difference was marked. Lower down the breasts jutted forward and stiff nipples rose up from them. A simple circle engraved around the nubs represented the aureoles.

Any further inspection was cut short by the hiss of the stationpod unsealing. Anari backed away a little as the canopy rose and swung up. She moved even further away when the pod's occupant rose up and stepped out of the pod in one fluid motion. A move made all the more spooky by the fact that her eyes were still covered. She could now see what was below the silvery woman's waste. Between her legs was a simple slit engraved where her pussy was and on her feet the individual toes were visible, giving an indication of how thin the covering was.

Anari followed the silver woman as she purposefully moved to where Draeck was now standing, she noted that the other two had left their pods and were approaching the man as well. They were still roughly two steps away from Draeck when their masks melted away and the faces beneath them were horrifying.

Eyes filled with joy and blissed-out smiles that made Anari want to puke. 'So he's got three more toys now, huh?' The three women encircled Draeck and proceeded to rub themselves against him, thanking him for taking away their free will.

And then one of them looked over at Anari. "Master, why haven't you given her a new suit?"

"Because I like to give each and every one of my girls something special. So your new suit is just for the three of you, Anari here has something else."

"Yeah, my free will you sick pervert," Anari shot back. "But why don't I leave you alone so you can play with your dolls!" And with those words she bolted out of the room.

'I can't take this, I just can't.' Those were Anari's thoughts as she left command. 'Seeing Amazonan after Amazonan fall. And they are all so damn happy about it, ecstatic that they're property.' A shudder went through her even as she squashed the first stirrings of jealousy.

She climbed the ladder now the next, upper deck. 'And how long until I crack? Or, more likely, until Draeck looses interest and makes me like the rest? Turn me into a happy, little fuck toy. Someone that follows him around with one hand diddling her slit and another stroking her collar.' She barely stopped her hand from touching said collar. But she couldn't stop the thrill she got at the image.

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