tagBDSMFinding Her Master Pt. 03

Finding Her Master Pt. 03


By Ropetease

© 2010

Chapter Five

Joe carried Robin from the dungeon to his bedroom, her arms around his neck, her head resting on his shoulders. As he entered his bedroom, Robin noticed the four poster bed in the center of the room. Joe walked up to bed and carefully sat her down on it. Leaning down, his lips met hers as she looked into his eyes. Robin noticed they had a softer look in them as he kissed her.

"Unbuckle the cuffs on your wrists and ankles. Remove what's left of your clothes. Take out the vibrator from your pussy, but leave the plug in your ass, pet. Let's take a shower first," Joe whispered to her.

Robin had a slight smile on her face as she complied with her new Master's orders. Robin unbuckled her wrist and ankle cuffs laying them on the bed, she smiled at Joe as she slowly removed her stockings and garter belt. Joe took her hand in his as they walked into the bathroom. The shower was big enough for two people to use and Robin noticed the rope from the ceiling with a pair of Velcro restraints.

"Master, what a beautiful shower...are you going to use those cuffs on me?" Robin asked with a slight smile, her eyes gleaming.

Joe started the water in the shower, standing back to watch her run her hands though her hair. Joe motioned Robin into the shower with him. Without a word being said, Robin picked up the soap and washcloth. Robin started to wash Joe with her smile radiating across her face, Robin spent extra time on Joe's nipples and cock. When Robin finished washing her new Master's body, she stood up on her tip toes giving Joe a long deep kiss.

Joe took her arm, raising them over her head to the restraints that were hanging down. Joe wrapped the Velcro cuffs around each of her wrists, securing them. Joe had a shower wand that was movable, which made washing a slave's body easier. The best thing Joe used it for was for some water torture while the slave was restrained. Joe slowly washed Robin's body, making sure he spent extra time on her breasts and pussy.

The nozzle had a pulse setting. Joe brought it up to her breasts and let the pulses go over her nipples. Robin was straining in her cuffs on the rope, trying to get closer to the pulses. Keeping the wand just far enough away, Joe worked the nozzle down her body letting it stop at her clit. Robin's eyes were closed and she was moaning softly. The pulsing water jets were working up and down her inner thighs, blasting on her pussy. Joe made sure to give her clit special attention. Robin's breathing became more labored as she tried to hold off the climax that was building.

Robin was trying to hold back, she pleaded to Joe, "Please Master, please let me cum!"

"No!" Joe told her, "In a while you can."

"Oh, Master, I can't hold on much longer," Robin gasped between clenched teeth.

Joe stopped the flow of water hitting her clit, Robin's body collapsed, hanging by her wrists. Joe held her waist with one arm while releasing her wrist cuffs, helping her out of the shower. Robin picked up a towel off the rack, drying his body. They walked towards the bedroom, her hand holding his hard cock. She was still excited as he pinched her nipples.

"Let's go into the living room, pet, would you like a glass of wine?" Joe asked her as they walked.

"Yes, Master, I would enjoy having a glass of wine with you. May I place your cuffs back on my wrists and ankles, please, Master?" Robin asked, her eyes pleading.

"Yes, pet, you can have the cuffs back on your wrists," Joe replied, smiling.

Robin smiled wide as she let her grasp of Joe's cock go, she went to the bed and picked up the leather cuffs. Joe walked out to the kitchen to get the bottle of wine and two glasses. Robin walked in the living room, sat on the couch placing the leather cuffs back on her wrists and ankles. Robin looked so gorgeous sitting there with her cuffs on her body, a large smile on her face.

Joe sat on the couch next to her, pouring her a glass of wine. Robin moved her body closer to Joe, resting her head on his shoulder. They sat on the couch, sipping the wine just enjoying the company. Joe sat there next to her thinking of how long it had been since he had enjoyed a night like tonight. But this was different, Robin was different than the other slaves he had in the past. Robin totally put her trust in his hands, never questioning him on what he was going to do to her.

She willingly gave herself to him for his use of her body for his pleasure. He heard her voice ask him a question, pulling his mind back to the present.

"Master, will you lock my wrists behind my back please?" Robin asked, her eyes looking at him.

"Turn around, pet, place your hands behind your back," Joe ordered.

Robin smiled as she turned her back to Joe, her hands going behind her back. Joe took the locking clasp on one cuff clicking it to the d-ring of the other cuff. Robin tugged on her wrists testing the strength of the clasp.

"Mmmmm, thank you, Master," she purred.

Robin moved her body to the floor between Joe's legs. Her eyes locked on Joe's cock as her mouth went closer to it. Slowly her mouth opened, Joe felt her tongue lick the tip off his cock. Her lips closed around the head of his cock sucking it hard. Robin slowly took Joe's cock down her throat, her tongue sliding down the underside of his cock. Robin's throat muscles relaxed as his entire cock went deep down her throat. Her nose buried in his pubic hair, she held it deep inside for a few seconds before pulling back, taking a deep gasp of air in her lungs.

Joe grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back down on his cock. Robin moaned deep in her throat, the vibrations of her moan sending electric shocks through his cock. Her eyes were closed as she slowly let Joe control the tempo of her sucking. Joe slowly pumped his cock in her mouth. He felt his balls tighten as she opened her mouth, her tongue licking his ball sack. Joe's cock stiffened more as the flood of his cum started to boil up his shaft.

Joe pushed her head all the way down on his cock, the flood of cum surging up his shaft. The first hot blast hit the back of her throat. Robin gagged and pulled her head back just a little as Joe's cum filled her mouth. Joe felt her throat contract, swallowing his torrent of cum down her throat. Joe let out a deep groan as she sucked greedily on it, her lips locked tight around his pulsing cock. Robin didn't let a drop of his cum escape her mouth. When the final blast of his cum filled her throat, Robin swallowed the last drops. Robin moaned deep, her eyes looking up to Joe's closed eyes as she licked his cock clean, making sure none of it was wasted.

After Robin made sure her Master's cock was clean, she sat back up on the couch. Robin laid her head on Joe's lap. She opened her mouth taking his limp cock into her mouth and sucking it gently. Joe heard several low moans like a purring cat. Both of them fell into a light sleep, Robin still sucking Joe's cock. Joe's hand rubbed over Robin's ass, it was still a little red from the flogging he administered earlier. Robin's body stirred a little as Joe stroke her ass.

"Slave, you have two choices to decide between. One, I take you home. Choice two, stay here for the weekend." Joe said to her.

When Robin heard the first choice she grated her teeth up Joe's cock, after hearing her second choice, Robin sucked his cock real hard and deep.

"Let's go to bed," Joe said as he released her wrists.

Joe stood up from the couch, helping Robin to her feet. She grasped his cock with her hands, leading him to his bedroom. Joe stopped her by the bed, turning her around Joe wrapped his arms around her giving her a deep hug.

"Robin, you have made me very happy tonight. I want to make love to you," Joe whispered in her ear. Joe stepped back from her. "Hold out your wrists, Robin, I will take the cuffs off you," Joe commanded.

"Master, please let me wear your cuffs--I want them on me--please let me," she pleaded, her eyes tearing up.

"All right, pet, I will leave the cuffs on you. Kneel on the bed, raise your ass high," Joe ordered her.

Robin had a huge smile on her face as she climbed on the bed, raising her ass as high as she could. What a beautiful sight, Joe thought. Her pussy lips glistened with her juices slowly flowing, going down her thighs. The butt plug was still in her ass, so Joe reached out and pulled it from her ass. Robin gasped slightly as it came free from her ass.

Getting on his knees behind her, Joe lowered his tongue to her pussy. Joe slowly licked up to her clit, tasting her sweet nectar that was flowing from her. His tongue was inside the folds of her pussy when he probed it in her honey hole. Joe spent several minutes thrusting his tongue in and out of her soaked pussy. Robin was trying to place her clit on his tongue every time he flicked it across her clit. Rising up to his knees, Joe came up behind her. He slid is hard cock deep inside her pussy.

Robin rocked back on her knees taking him deeper. They had a rhythm going when Joe sensed her climax building. In one stroke, Joe pulled out of her pussy. He shoved his cock deep in her ass in one solid stroke.

"Yes, Master, fuck your slave's ass with your cock, Master!" she growled.

The pace of Joe's thrusts intensified as he increased the speed, ramming her ass. Reaching up to her hair, Joe grabbed a handful, pulling her head back as far as it would go.

Joe was close when he ordered her to cum, "Cum for me, my slave, cum now as I fill your ass with your Master's cum."

It felt like a tidal wave as he shot load after load deep in her ass. Joe collapsed on her back, forcing her to the bed with his body weight on top of her. Joe rolled off her back, lying beside her. Robin slowly came back to reality. She slowly got to her feet, walking into the bathroom.

Joe watched as she walked to the bathroom, some of his cum leaking out of her ass, dripping down her thighs. When she came back from the bathroom, she had a washcloth and towel. Robin sat on the edge of the bed, washing his cock.

After Robin finished cleaning him, she laid next to Joe with her head on his shoulder.

"Sleep well, Master! Thank you for an enjoyable evening," Robin said before drifting off to sleep.

Robin curled her body facing Joe, her head lying on his chest, her hand lightly grasping his cock, her leg over his thigh, her pussy resting on his leg. He felt her breathing becoming slower and shallower as she fell into a deep sleep. Joe placed his arm on her back, pulling her tighter against him. Joe had never felt this relaxed before.

Robin had done everything he wished. She did not hesitate in any way to his demands.

Chapter 6

Joe slowly became aware of finger tips lightly stroking his cock. Joe felt his cock twitch with each stroke, slowly growing hard. What he saw made him smile and moan softly. Robin was looking up to his eyes, her lower lip lightly sucked into her mouth. Joe noticed her eyes had a soft looking gleam in them.

"Morning, my pet," Joe whispered, pulling her closer to him.

Robin grasped Joe's cock at the base giving it a squeeze at the sound of the words he said to her. Her pussy instantly flooded her thighs, a deep moan coming from her throat.

"Morning, Master," Robin whispered, "I hope this pleases you?"

"Mmmm, yes it does please me, pet. But this morning I want to make love to Robin as Robin, not slave or pet. I want it to be two lovers sharing their passion. Robin, let's make love as lovers." Joe whispered.

"Ooo, Joe, I would like that very much," Robin purred as her lips meet his.

The light brush of her against him made his cock throb. Robin felt him throb in her hand, so she squeezed Joe's cock. He reached up behind her head, pushing her lips harder on his. Robin's tongue darted out, probing Joe's lips. He slowly parted his lips allowing his tongue to touch hers.

Robin ran the tip around his lips. Joe moaned in his throat as her tongue slowly entered his mouth, the tip of his tongue meeting hers, sending small shocks through their bodies. Robin's pussy muscles contracted sending a small gush of her wetness down her thighs.

Robin moaned deep, her mouth pressing harder on Joe's, her hips slowly moving on Joe's wet thigh. Joe broke the kiss, rising up on his elbow, rolling Robin on her back. Joe lowered his lips to her neck, brushing light kisses under her chin. Robin tilted her head to up to allow him to kiss around her neck. His mouth grasped her earlobe, sucking it gently, rubbing his tongue over it. Joe retraced his kisses around her neck to her other ear.

Joe's finger tips lightly traced down her neck, dragging them down her chest between her breasts. His fingers drawing a figure eight around her breasts, Robin raised her chest up to his teasing fingers. Joe slowly ran his tongue between her breasts, Robin gasping as he licked the underside of each.

Joe slowly moved his fingers down her stomach, until he touched the top of her slit. Robin grasped Joe's head, pulling his mouth down harder on her, her legs parting wider. Joe stroked her with his fingers, parting her pussy lips. Her moans of pleasure as Joe rubbed her clit pleased him. Joe moved his body down her stomach, his lips kissing the top of her slit.

"Oohhh, Joeeee, mmm," Robin whispered huskily as Joe flicked his tongue over her clit.

Her hips rose from the bed to meet his tongue. Joe moved his body between her legs, placing her legs over his shoulders. Joe slowly dragged his tongue down her wet puffy pussy lips, touching the tip on her hot flowing tunnel. Robin pushed her hips harder on Joe's mouth as he probed her pussy. He curled the tip of his tongue as he scooped out her juices. Joe looked up to her eyes, they were shut tight. Her lower lip was sucked deep in her mouth.

He brought his mouth up to her clit, sucking it deep in his mouth. Robin's body trembled as he flicked his tongue around her clit. Robin's hands released her grip on his head and she grabbed the bed sheets in her fists. Joe spent several minutes going between her clit and then probing her pussy. Robin was shaking her head from side to side as he teased her, her hips thrusting on his mouth.

Robin felt her stomach tighten, sending her pussy into contractions around his tongue. Her hips moved faster as the first wave of her climax racked her body, her ankles pressing hard on Joe's back, holding his mouth over her gushing pussy.

Robin started to moan, "Ohhhhhhh Godddd," as the waves surged through her body.

Her wrists pulled on the sheets, twisting them around her hands. Her breasts quivered on her chest. Slowly the waves subsided, her grip with her ankles on his back relaxing. Joe raised his body up, looking at her face, her eyes were open, her mouth slightly parted taking in gasps of air.

Joe moved his body up her open legs, his hard cock just touching her pussy lips. Slowly her lips opened and he guided his cock into her soaked pussy. The tip of his cock slowly entered her. She tried to thrust her hips up, but Joe pulled his cock back from her.

"Joe, please...please make love to me," Robin moaned.

Joe slowly pushed his cock back inside her pussy. He felt her pussy walls stretch around his cock as he pushed his way in. When he felt the top of or cervix, Joe ground his hips against hers. They both moaned deep at the feeling. Joe locked his gaze on her face. He saw her eyes get moist as she smiled up at him. Joe slowly started to pump his cock in her, each stroke a little harder and deeper.

Robin matched his slow rhythm, her hands releasing the sheets, going up to his neck, pulling him down to her lips. They kissed deep as Joe felt her tongue probing his mouth. Joe increased his thrusts a little faster. Soon, he felt that boiling feeling deep in his balls. His cock stiffened, swelling with blood. He felt her body stiffen as her pussy clamped tight around his cock, her clit rubbing against his shaft with each stroke.

Robin held his neck tight as she started to move her hips faster on his cock. Her stomach knotted sending signals to her clit, the impending climax building deep inside of her.

Joe felt the boiling surge of his cum flooding up his cock. With one final deep, deep hard thrust, it blasted from his cock, hitting the top of her cervix with hot cum. Robin felt his cock explode, sending her over the edge. The waves sent stars shooting through her mind, her body shaking violently under him.

Robin had no choice. She broke their kiss and screamed his name, "Joeee!"

Her arms and legs held him deep inside her, her pussy spasms squeezing the flood of their combined juices down her ass. Joe laid his head on the pillow, gasping for breath.

It took several minutes before they could move. Joe rolled off her limp body, her eyes staring into space, her chest heaving as she gasped for breath.

"Good morning, Robin," Joe whispered in her ear.

"Mmmmmmm," was all Robin could manage from her throat.

Slowly their eyes closed; both drifting back to sleep. Joe woke up to the sound of water running from the bathroom. Joe sat up placing his feet on the floor, rubbing his eyes, he looked at the clock. Joe then noticed the wrist and ankle cuffs lying on the bed. Getting up Joe walked into the bathroom, Robin was standing in the shower, letting the water flow over her body. Robin had just finished her shower when she noticed him walk in.

"I hope I did not wake you, Master?" Robin asked, a smile on her face, stepping out of the shower.

"No you didn't wake me, pet," Joe replied smiling.

"I made some coffee, would you like a cup, Master? I can bring a cup in here for you." Robin asked.

"No thanks, I will just take a quick shower and join you in the kitchen," Joe said as he stepped in the shower.

While Joe was taking his shower, Robin placed her cuffs back on her wrists and ankles. Robin moaned softly as her fingers touched the leather cuffs. Her nipples slowly began to pebble in to two hard points on her chest. Walking out towards the kitchen, Robin noticed Joe's neatly arranged living room.

Walking to the center of the living room, Robin noticed how Joe had arranged the room. Against the wall in front of the couch, Joe had a large entertainment center. It held the flat screen television, stereo components, DVD recorder and a small video camera. The couch was leather and large enough to have a sub tied down its length. Robin noticed where several steel tie rings installed. By the side of the couch, Joe had two end tables with drawers. Joe had a chair next to the couch, sturdy enough to restrain any one. The coffee table in front of the couch was long and narrow, perfect for binding a sub to.

In the center of the room was a chandelier with a rope hanging from its center attached to a pulley, the rope tied neatly to the wall. The walls were painted in a light peach color. The floor was tiled in sandstone for easy maintenance. She then walked to through the dining room, Joe had solid oak table with four chairs; it was also suitable for tying a sub to.

Robin stood at the counter pouring two cups of coffee, when she heard the shower stop running. Robin heard Joe's footsteps behind her, then she felt his arms wrap around her waist, pulling her close to his chest.

"What a lovely view to come out to, my pet," Joe whispered in her ear.

"Mmmmm, morning Master," Robin replied, holding his wrists in her hands.

"How do you like your coffee, Joe, cream, sugar?" Robin huskily asked as he nibbled her neck.

"Cream, no sugar," Joe said as his hand slid down her waist, cupping her pussy.

Robin pushed her hips forward onto his hand. She felt her pussy tighten, as a flow of her pussy juice escaped down her thigh.

"A...are you hungry, Joe?" Robin stammered as her lip disappeared in her mouth at his touch on her clit.

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