tagBDSMFinding Her Master Pt. 07

Finding Her Master Pt. 07


Chapter 10

She was on the verge of exploding when she felt the vibrator inside her going full speed. Robin's wave crashed as her fear turned real, someone turned the vibrator to full speed.

"Who is doing this to me? Who are you?" her muffled screams demanded from behind her gagged mouth.

Shaking her head side to side she began to panic, pulling against the bonds holding her. Her muffled screams of "Nooo!" behind the ball gag. Panic began to set in, her body straining to be released.

"What have I done? Why was I so dumb? Where is my Sir?" Robin's mind screamed to her.

Terror coursed though her body as she struggled for her freedom from her self imposed bondage. Robin's body instantly went ridged with fear when a pair of gloved hands touched her knees. Her body instantly stiffened. She felt them pushing down on her knees, forcing her legs down onto the tables surface.

Her mind flooded with fear when the hands slowly moved up her stocking clad legs.

"Oh God, I am going to be taken by this stranger. I have to fight him," she thought as she felt his hands slide up her inner thighs.

Robin began to thrash on the table, trying to escape the intruders touch. Tears flowed under her hooded head, wetting the side of her face. She started to sob through her gagged mouth as the hands slowly moved up her legs. Her quivering legs shaking under the touch as the hands slid further and further up her legs. Fingertips touched her inner thighs, sending a starting jolt of electricity right to her throbbing clit. Robin arched her hips up to the intruder's fingers.

When the intruders hand touched her chastity belt covered pussy her body shuddered as a small orgasm surged through her. A deep moan escaped from behind her gag as the hand pressed the belt tighter on her pussy. Thoughts of fighting the stranger's touch disappeared as the vibrator pushed deeper inside her.

Robin's chest heaved while she gasped for air and she clenched her pussy muscles around the vibrator. Her hard pebbles aching to be touch throbbed on her heaving chest. Robin thrust her hips harder on the intruders hand trying to have the vibrator pushed further up her spasming pussy. The pressure on her pussy forced another flood of her wetness down her ass. She was on the verge of exploding when a hard stinging slap of a gloved hand struck her breast.

"Ohhh, gggggh!" Robin screamed as the pain went right to her swollen clit.

Robin thrust her chest off the table as another slap hit her other breast harder than the last one.

"Oooooo ,gggg!" she screamed louder.

Her head shaking side to side from the pain in her breasts and hearing her own heavy gasps of breath from her gagged mouth. The hard slaps continued to hit her aching breasts, the redness slowly turning darker. As the hits to her breasts increased, Robin felt the pit of her stomach tighten. Her mind was in a flood of panic as her clit throbbed under the belt.

Her stuffed pussy began to spasm around the vibrator as the heat began to increase in the pit of her stomach. Her legs began to shake uncontrollably as the waves started to emerge from the pit of her stomach. Her entire body starting to shake as the wave broke through her. Thrusting her body off the table as the first wave crashed over her.

As the first violent wave coursed though her body, gloved fingers grasped her hard pebbles and pulled them upwards, cruelly twisting them.

An explosion of white light seemed to erupt behind her eyelids as she felt her hard throbbing pebbles being twisted away from her heaving chest, Robin's body exploded. Wave after wave racked through her, intensifying her spasms as she thrashed on the table.

Her body thrashed uncontrollably and suddenly fell limp as she passed out from the climax. Her body twitching as the after shocks slowly faded away. As Robin slowly came to she felt the lock on the center strap of her belt opening and the strap was pulled from her soaked pussy.

The strap fell away from her and the vibrator slid out of her soaked pussy and a river of her cum flooded the table. Robin's body tensed as gloved fingers dragged up her prone body and she heard the heavy footsteps come closer to her hooded head. She trembled as the fingers grazed her neck and her head was turned to the side. As she laid there shaking on the table, the buckle from the ball gag was released and pulled from her mouth.

Opening her mouth to beg for mercy, a very stiff cock rammed down her throat.

"Uuggg, Nooooo'" Robin groaned as the cock rammed down her throat as another wave of fear surged through her.

Her throat constricted around the invading cock that was closing her airway. Her lungs craving air as the cock was pulled from her mouth Robin coughed and begged for him to stop.

"Please no, no, no please!" Robin begged.

Feeling the tip of a cock on her lips rubbing across them, Robin clenched her mouth tight as she felt the tip touch her lips. She tried to turn her head way when his fingers clamped around her nostrils cutting off her air. Robin shook her head side to side trying to break his grasp. Suddenly the need for a breath took hold and she opened her mouth to take a gasp. The tip of his hard cock slid in her gasping mouth.

Robin was about to clamp her teeth down on the invading cock in her mouth, when a drop of pre-cum landed on her tongue. Hesitating a second before biting down on it, Robin recognized the taste of the drop of pre-cum hitting her tongue and the aroma of his musky odor surged through her released nostrils

"It's Sir's cock, oh my God, it has been my Sir tormenting me," her mind screamed.

Robin lustily inhaled her Sir's hard swollen cock deep in her throat. Her tongue sliding up the underside of his cock. Her throat muscles relaxing to accept his hard cock. Robin was relieved that it was her Sir who had found her and she sucked him greedily down her throat. Robin's cheeks sucked in as she tried to engulf his rigid cock. When her nose touched his pubic area she tried to swallow more of his hard cock.

Robin's throat muscles began to massage her Sir's hard cock trying to milk his seed from him. She quickly withdrew her mouth from the base of his cock, leaving just the hard head of is cock in her mouth. Opening her mouth just wide enough to take a deep breath down her air starved lungs. Joe felt the cool air rush by his cock as she inhaled deeply and felt her tongue probe the slit in the tip of his cock.

Robin's panic turned to lust, she wanted her Sir's cum, she needed to taste his precious seed in her mouth. While Robin was sucking his cock with slow pumps of her head, he reached for the buckle holding her hood on her. Robin felt his finger tips release the strap of the hood, stopping momentarily holding her head still. Joe pulled his hard cock from her locked lips and felt the light drag of her teeth down his shaft.

Her desperate whine from her mouth filled his ears, "No, please let this stupid sub have your cock, pleasseee!"

Joe pulled the hood covering her head, the brightness of the light suddenly made her shut her eyes. He noticed the wetness on her face from the tears she had shed in her panic. Slowly Robin opened her eyes and the first thing she noticed was her Sir looking down on her face. She saw the hint of anger on his face as he leaned down and kissed her lips.

"Pet, when I walked in here and saw you bound on the table, I was shocked! Anyone could have come in the front door! What if it was not me that just walked inside the house?"Joe demanded.

"Oh my Sir, I am truly sorry for my stupid actions," Robin replied sucking on her lower lip.

"Explain to your Sir why you did this without my permission," Joe hissed.

Robin was still trembling as she looked into her Sir's eyes. Tears starting to stream down her face as she sobbed uncontrollably. She could see the banked anger hidden there, yet she could also see and feel the heat of his gaze like a caress. She wanted to tell him that she did it for his pleasure, a gift for him since she would be away for a few days.

She was afraid to admit that it scared her once she had snapped the last lock holding her wrists. The thought of someone else's hands touching what was her Master's property frightened her, because she only wanted to feel his hands on her body.

"Oh my Sir, I humbly admit I was so stupid doing this to myself. I know better than do this without an escape. I know I should have asked permission from you. I have failed you. Please, my Sir, forgive me for my actions. I promise never to do this ever again without your permission," her words coming quickly as her crying increased.

Slowly she saw the anger in his eyes faded away as he pressed one finger against her lips to quiet her sobs. Using his other fingers, Joe wiped the tears that were still flowing down her cheeks.

Robin felt her body relax as his touch against her cheeks calmed her.

"After I release you from this act of recklessness on your part, you will put everything away and remove all your clothes. You will come back to the table and kneel on the floor by my chair while I eat my dinner. You are not to speak to me unless I ask a question. I will decide on the punishment you will receive for this," Joe growled, adding, "Is that understood, my naughty pet?"

"Yes Sir, I will do as you wish," Robin replied.

Robin turned her head away from Joe, her eyes closed and her lower lip sucked deeper into her mouth. Some tears still trickled down her face as he unlocked the locks holding her legs wide. Slowly closing her legs, she felt the cold puddle under ass from her climax.

The final lock holding her arms was released and Robin quickly sat up on the table, her knees pressed against her chest.

Robin took a couple of deep breaths and slid her body down the table. Robin had to grasp the edge of the table as her knees buckled under her weight. Slowly she gathered up all the items she had brought out. Robin walked quickly, her legs shaking with each step to her bedroom. Joe heard her soft cries as she went to put everything away. Walking to the center island, Joe opened the containers and took them to the table.

Thinking to himself that he had every right to be angry with her for what she had done and he knew why she had done it. It was very foolish on her part and Robin had to be severely punished for her actions. The problem being that she was leaving in the morning for a trip. Walking back to the table with the food, he saw the puddle of her juices on the table. Taking his fingertips he ran them through the puddle and brought his fingers to his lips tasting her sweet nectar.

He could not flog her because marks might show if she wore a backless gown. Paddling her ass hard was not an option. Sitting down by the plate that she had left for him and putting some food on his plate. Picking up the wine bottle by his plate and started to pour some in his wine glass when he heard her enter the dining room.

Turning his head he saw her shuffling her feet with her head lowered towards her chest. Her hair falling over her breasts looking like small floggers hitting them. When she reached his side, she quickly lowered her self to the floor slightly spreading her knees, her ass just resting on her legs. Placing her hands on her upper thighs, palms out and her head lowered to her chest.

Joe began to eat his dinner slowly to add to her torment of what was to come later for her punishment. He could see her out of the corner of his eye and noticed she gazed up at him while he ate. When he finished his meal Joe had the perfect punishment for his naughty pet.

"Stand up my pet, clear these dishes from the table. Then you are to bend over the table. I want your legs spread and ass high," Joe ordered her and walked to her bedroom.

"Yes, Sir," Robin meekly replied as he left.

Joe went to her closet and opened the closet door, hanging in back was the most feared item that Robin had. The thirty inch rattan cane would leave a lasting impression on her for a few days. He swung the cane in the air and the familiar swishing sound filled his ears. Joe walked back into the dinning room and saw her bent over the table with her legs spread and ass high in the air.

Robin had her head turned looking towards the bedroom when he walked out. Her eyes grew wide with fear and her lower lip disappeared in her mouth. Joe saw her start to tremble as he approached her.

"Sir, please not the cane, flog me, paddle me, please do not use that on your pet,"she whined.

"Did I say you could speak, pet? You have to be punished for what you did," Joe growled.

"No, Sir, but yes Sir, I know that my actions warrant a punishment, but please not that," she pleaded, her eyes welling up with tears.

"The more you whine, the more strikes you get, understand?" Joe hissed.

"Yes Sir, I am sorry Sir, please punish your naughty pet," Robin meekly answered.

Standing behind her Joe placed his hand on her ass and felt her body slightly shaking.

"You will count the strikes, pet," Joe told her.

Her voice cracking, "Yes, Sir."

Joe stepped back and swished the cane in the air and he saw her tense her ass muscles at the sound. Joe let the cane rest on her ass and slowly dragged it down to her thigh. Stopping at the fold of her thigh and ass, tapping the cane lightly.

Watching her ass start to quiver as the canes tip dragged across the fold of skin. Joe swung the cane sideways hard on the fold of her ass and thigh. The sound of the cane moving through the air and sharp crack when it hit her exposed flesh, a deep red line instantly appearing.

Her knees buckling from the blow, "Ouch, One Sir," Robin gasped.

He touched her other ass cheek and dragged the cane down to the fold of her thigh and ass. Just letting it sit there for a moment to torment her while she waited for the strike. He dragged the tip across the fold of skin and swung it hard sideways again, finding its mark. Another deep red line appeared on her skin.

"Oh ouch! Two, Sir," she said gritting her teeth and tried to control her shaking legs

Joe saw her legs shake harder as he placed the cane on her ass once more. Tapping the cane again lightly on her ass, he saw her ass muscles tighten for the blow. Raising the cane up, he quickly brought it down across her ass. A deep red line instantly appeared just like the others. The strike of the cane on her ass made her stand on her toes and he heard the yelp escape from her mouth.

"Ugh, three, Sir," Robin painfully groaned, her hands gripping the edge of the table.

Not letting her take a break from the last strike, Joe swung the cane back across the last strike. The cracking sting of the cane hitting her flesh and a red x appeared on her ass.

"Ahhh god, four, Sir," Robin cried out.

Not waiting for her to catch her breath Joe swung the cane hard across the other side of her quivering ass.

"Ahhhh, oooo god, five, Sir," Robin cried out louder.

Joe showed no mercy as he swung the cane back down across the last red mark. Now she had two deep red x's on her ass.

"Six, Sir, oh god it hurts, please no more, pleeasse, no more," she begged.

"What did I tell you pet, about whining?"Joe growled, grasping her hair pulling her head off the table.

"I will get more strikes Sir, if I whine," Robin answered him.

"Stand up, pet, spread your legs wide, place your hands under your breasts and lift them up. Do it now, pet, or suffer the consequences from your disobedience," Joe growled in her ear.

Robin slowly stood up and turned her body facing him. Joe saw the tears welling up in her eyes as she raised her hands up to her breasts and lifted them up.

"Please, my Sir, not under there, oh please no" Robin sobbed.

"I was only going to give you two more strikes of the cane, but since you continue to plead for me to stop you will get two extra," Joe hissed.

"Yes, Sir. I am sorry, Sir, for my pleading," she said between sobs.

Joe knew Robin did not use her safe word to end the punishment, so he swung the cane upwards to the sensitive area just under her breast. The sharp crack and sting it delivered made her release her breasts and her legs buckled.

Robin started to cry harder as she quickly placed her hands under her breasts and lifted them up again.

"Ohhh, god! Seven, Sir," Robin cried out.

He saw her entire body shaking, her tears flowing down her face as he swung the cane upwards and harder than before on her tender flesh.

"Eight, Sir, oh god it hurts," she cried out again.

"Place your arms at your side for the remaining strikes, pet," Joe ordered.

Robin quickly lowered her arms to her side and closed her eyes. Her lower lip sucked deep into her mouth. She stood motionless as he raised the cane up and swung down on the top of her left breast.

Without opening her eyes, she cried out, "Nine, Sir."

Joe did not hesitate with last strike bringing it down sharply across her right breast.

"Sir, ten, Sir," she howled and fell to her knees, her hands covering her breasts.

Her body bore ten deep red stripes from the cane striking her flesh.

"Stand up, pet, go to your bedroom and lay face down on your bed. Your punishment is over," Joe told her.

Robin stood up on her shaking legs and turned to leave saying, "Thank you, Sir."

He watched her walk away from him, the red x's on her ass showing clearly. A few minutes later Joe entered her bedroom and saw her laying face down on the bed. He returned the cane to the closet hanging it up on the hook. Walking into her bathroom he found the lotion on the counter picking it up and walked back to her bed.

Sitting on the side of the bed, Joe let some lotion pour on her ass and rubbed the cool liquid on the red marks. Her heard the soft moan escape from her as he rubbed the lotion over her body. His fingers slowly slid down the crack of her ass and he felt her soaked pussy. Robin felt his touch on her pussy and raised her hips off the bed, spreading her legs trying to get his fingers in her hot wet pussy.

"Oooooo, mmmm, Sir," Robin moaned as his fingers parted her wet pussy lips. The tip of his thumb rubbing lightly over her clit making her pussy walls contract and a small flow of her wetness cover his probing fingers. Arching her back up to his fingers hoping they would slide in her hot hungry hole. Leaning down Joe lightly pressed his lips to the marks on her ass, giving each one a light kiss.

Robin laid there thinking of how angry he was with her for her foolishness and how much the caning hurt just a few minutes ago. Now how tenderly he rubbed the lotion on the marks on her ass. Kissing each one with his lips and using his talented fingers on her pussy. Slowly planting light kisses up her back towards her neck. She felt his warm breath on her neck as his lips touched her neck sending little shocks to her engorged clit.

"God I need his cock inside me," she thought to herself.

Laying beside his pet, Joe dragged his fingers up her spine and felt her shudder as he caressed her back to her neck. Robin rolled over on her side, wrapping her arms around her Sir. Her eyes gazing up to his with that wanting look. Joe pulled her closer and lowered his lips to hers. The light graze of his tongue touching her lips automatically making them part.

Their tongues probing each other as he pulled her tighter in his embrace. She felt his hard cock pressing against her stomach, almost feeling his heart beat through his thick shaft nestled there.

Robin could not help but moan as he pressed his body harder onto hers. Not breaking his kiss, Joe rolled her over to her back. Robin opened her legs wide as the tip of his throbbing cock dragged down her stomach and rubbing over her clit.

Robin broke their kiss and pulled his head next hers saying, "Please fuck your pet, she needs to have your cock inside her."

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