tagBDSMFinding Her Way Home

Finding Her Way Home


Stand quietly. Don't speak. Wait. Listen. Breathe. She trembled inside. Her breathing quickened with every passing second. Would He like her? Would she please Him?

She had no time left to worry. He would be there any minute. All she could do now was wait, and be patient. He had taught her small lessons from afar, but tonight was the night she would be put to the test. She had the items He asked for, and wore the outfit He demanded. The dress was a small baby-doll floral, strapless, gathered at the waist with the skirt falling just above her knees. She stood as firm as she could in the high wedge shoes, looking more like she was about to take in a day at the beach than a visit from Him. But He demanded it, and she would comply. He instructed her to have her hair in a ponytail, so that when He looked at her face, nothing would bar Him from seeing all of it.

On the bed lie the other items He had sent her; a collar, dildo, a flogger, mixed in with other sex toys. If it pleased Him, she would play with them, and if it did not, they would stay where they were. She fiddled with perfect manicure, ringing her hands in anticipation. She was sure her breathing was so heavy now that if she didn't find a way to calm herself, her breasts would come out of her top. That would most certainly not please Him. He wanted to see her virginal, innocent.

Stop fidgeting. Stop moving, she whispered to herself. She took one last look around the room, praying it was acceptable, and suddenly heard the swipe of a card and a beep from the door. He was there.

She closed her eyes quickly and slowed her breathing as best she could. The door opened slowly and he appeared in the room. His face was angelic, yet stern and lacked any emotion at that point. She said nothing, and lowered her eyes. He strode to her. He looked at her from the top to the bottom, then back up again. He moved in close and inhaled, taking in the scent of the perfume He commanded her to wear. He was pleased.

She wanted to reach out to Him. She wanted to touch Him -- feel His kiss. She put her weight into her legs, willing them not to move, and gently clenched her hands at her side to keep them from moving out to Him. He continued to stare at her, slowly cocking His head to the right as He lifted her chin. She didn't know what to do. Should she look at Him? Should she keep her eyes down? She decided it was better if she waited until she was told, but just His small touch sent shocks through her body. He was every bit as wonderful as she had imagined.

"Hello, pet." He finally spoke. His voice was soft and low, but she could already hear the command in His tone. "You may look at Me."

She slowly looked up, her big, round hazel eyes melting as she took Him in.

"Hello, Master." Her voice was weak, unasserted.

"You are stunning. You have pleased me greatly."

"Thank you, sir."

She stood firm. Don't touch Him. Oh God, how she wanted to touch Him. With any other man whom she felt this way for -- she would have aggressed him. She would have thrown herself into his arms, kissing him, herself taking control. But she knew better this time. She should not ever, ever do anything without His permission or instruction. She had learned her lesson the hard way -- months before. She shook in tiny bits, waiting to see what He had in store for her.

"Are you frightened pet?"

"No, sir." She lied. How could she lie to Him? She knew she had better correct herself. The punishment would be too severe. "Master, I mean..." she fumbled over her words "yes, sir. I am nervous."

"Do not be nervous love." He reassured her. "Master is here."

She nodded slightly. "Yes, sir."

He continued to stare through her, as if examining her.

"Strip." She immediately removed her dress and shoes and presented herself to Him in a small white thong. She bent down and slipped it off, standing in front of Him naked and vulnerable. "Kneel." She fell to her knees. "Good girl."

He reached down to her pony tail, tugged on it slightly before releasing the band. Her hair fell over her shoulders, slightly covering her breasts. He moved her hair over her shoulder, softly brushing His hand against her nipple, which immediately became erect.

"I see you have brought Me what I asked," He said while looking at the supply. "We shall start here."

He took from the bed large metal clips, attached with a chain. She knew He was going to attach those to her breasts, and no matter how many times she tried to train herself with them, they still hurt her very much. He picked up her right breast in His hand, feeling the fullness. Pulling out the nipple, He milked it like a farmer would a cow's teat. Her pussy swelled and she could feel her wetness on the inside of her thigh. A small moan escaped her as He prepared her tit. He opened the clip, and clamped it down on her nipple. Don't scream. He prepared her other breast, using the clamp on that side as well. Tears fell from her eyes. Stop. Stop crying.

To her surprise, her Master wiped her tears from her face.

"Do you trust me?"

She nodded.

"Answer me."

"Yes, Master. I trust you."

"Master will never hurt you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir."

To even more of her surprise, her Master adjusted the clamps, moving them up, taking in more of her areola reliving some of the pressure from her nipple.

"Thank you, Master."

"You're welcome, slut."

His words teased her. How could it -- when He said those things, or used those names -- turn her on the way it did? How could being His whore make her excited and wet? How could Him abusing her body make her feel so loved and safe?


She moved to her feet and was helped up by her Master as he pulled her chain.

"Hands behind you."

She put her hands behind her, interlocking her fingers, resting them on the shelf of her tight ass.

"Did you think of Me on the plane ride here?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Did you masturbate?"

She did. But, she was afraid to tell Him. She had cum in the bathroom of the plane anticipating Him. But she hadn't asked permission. Should she lie? Would he know?

"Yes, Sir." She answered Him and immediately looked down. She was ashamed.

"Did you have My permission pet?" She knew He knew she didn't, but she was expected to answer Him anyway. He enjoyed watching her muscles tighten, knowing she was going to be punished.

"No sir."

He was silent for a moment. Her breathing hastened.

"Bend over, grab your ankles."

"Please, Master, let me explain first."

He grabbed the back of her neck and forced her down, so that her ass was high in the air.

"Do not speak."


"Have you not learned anything? I told you not to speak." The first spank was with His hand, on her flesh, the most painful area between her ass and thigh. The second was the same. Third. Fourth. Fifth. All smacks from the heaviness of his hand. She whimpered, but dared not moan or speak. "That love was for cumming. This is for disobeying and talking back to me. You will not speak to me unless I allow you to." He grabbed the back of her hair to make her stand and pushed her body against the wall. "Hands up." She put her hands up on the wall. "Spread your legs, bitch." She did as she was told. She knew the whip was coming. He held onto her back still, dragging the whip across her legs and then her ass. As the straps pounded her, she strained to keep from screaming. When He was finished, he dropped the weapon, and left her red and her skin on fire. He came from behind her and breathed into her ear, taking his hands and massaging her ass. "Don't disobey me again." She shook as he spoke to her. She had tried so hard to be good, so hard to be obedient.

"I will never disobey you Sir. I am sorry, Sir."

He said nothing to her as he reached his hand down under her ass, sliding his finger around the slit of her pussy.

"You have the most wonderful cunt." He examined her with his finger, feeling around the outside of it, teasing her when entering her with just the tip of his finger. "You are nice and wet whore." He put one finger all the way inside of her, moving it around to increase her pleasure. She wanted nothing more at that moment but to cum on Him, but she knew she should not unless he told her to. He pulled his finger out and placed it in His own mouth. "You taste fantastic. A beautiful, tight, good tasting cum slut. How lucky Master is today. Turn around."

She turned her back firmly against the wall.

"Undress me, you stupid cunt."

She started at the top, fidgeting with the buttons on his shirt. She was trying to be calm, but what she really wanted to do was unzip His pants, pull out His cock and have Him thrust it into her. She wanted to fuck Him. She wanted to be His slave and obey Him, but she really just wanted to fuck Him until he shot His load deep inside of her.

She finally moved His shirt off of Him. She moved into Him, kissed His neck, and the nape of his throat, almost losing all control. He recognized this and slowly pulled her head away from Him. "Finish undressing me pet." She sighed inside, but did as she was told, undoing the button and unzipping His pants, finding his bulging cock staring at her. "Go ahead pet, say hello."

Her ass was firmly planted along the wall now as she crouched to greet His cock. She took Him, she tried to tease Him, but she could barely control herself. She wanted His cock inside of her mouth, inside her cunt; she wanted Him like she could barely explain. She licked his cock, sucked on it, then held it up and licked the underside. She moved her tongue back as far as she could, licking her Master's asshole, then back to his cock, sucking on all of it. He slammed His cock deep into her throat, causing her to gag slightly as he pushed her head up against the wall. She grabbed onto his ass, forcing Him into her mouth deeper, and on the rare occasion He fell out of her mouth, she begged him to cum. He positioned his hands against the wall for leverage and fucked her mouth like he would her cunt, slamming her head against the wall with each thrust.

"You are a wonderful whore. Yes, slave..mmmm, you like my cock in your throat, don't you slut?" She nodded, best she could. Her pussy was dripping now, a small puddle forming under her legs. "You are dirty. What a whore you are." He laughed slightly and started to cum. "You are a nasty little whore...yes...kinky little slut." He thrusted harder now, her head up against the wall and came deep into her throat. She tightened her mouth around Him so she wouldn't drop a bit of His cum. He brought His hands down to her cheek, gently slapping her to release his cock. She did, and he lifted her.

"Good girl."

She smiled and waited for instruction.

"Lay on the bed."

She did...lying on the bed, less nervous now that she had been before. He walked to her and opened her legs, spreading them as wide as she could. He positioned His head between her legs, preparing to examine her pussy, much like a doctor would. He used his fingers to pull it apart, pulling back the lips and memorizing the pink flesh inside.

"Your pussy is quite acceptable." He assured her. She wanted Him so badly now. He moved his finger down, slowly inserting it into her ass hole, making her squirm away. "Don't move." She tried to stop, and he pushed his finger deeper into her. "You've never had anal sex have you pet?"

"No Sir."

"I can tell, your ass is tight." He reached around her on the bed for the lube she had brought, opened it and placed a small amount on his finger. He inserted his finger back into her hole. "Better?"

"Yes sir."

"Stay still." She tried very hard not to move. "I am going to stretch you a bit."

"Sir?" her voice was strained.

"Stay still." She waited while he massaged her asshole, pulling at it. She felt pressure, as he inserted a small plug into her hole. She wanted to scream, but she didn't. She waited until he was done, and took it the way He instructed her to. "Good girl. I think you might even be able to go a bigger size." He removed the plug inside of her and inserted a medium size one, much like he was fitting her for a shoe. She gasped. He smiled, and pulled it out, then inserted it again. He did this several times, slowly, each time hurting her more.

"Sir, please.."

"Shut up whore."

He was hard again, excited at the possibility of entering her. He quickly climbed on top of her, positing his cock at the opening of her anus.

"Sir, please don't. Please."

She pushed her legs away.

"Stop slut. Relax."

"No sir, no...please."

He was tired of her begging and covered her mouth with his hand.

"Relax love."

He moved into her, his cock entering her anus, causing her pussy to excrete more juices that she had ever felt in her life, running down her slit and onto his cock. He moved in further, in and out, and used a hand to play with her clit.

"Oh...oh my God, Master..." She suddenly appreciated Him doing it, even if she didn't want to. It was a feeling she had never experienced before. "Master, fuck me...yes...fuck me."

Her Master complied and began slamming into her ass, ripping her apart. She wanted to cum.

"Master, may I touch myself? May I cum?"

He didn't answer her at first, but merely kissed her like he did when He first entered the room.

"Yes, pet...cum for your Master."

She reached her hand down, in between their bodies and found her clit. She rubbed it with her whole hand, then just her fingers in the right spot.

"Cum whore."


She continued fingering herself, knowing it wouldn't take long. She exploded all over herself...moaning in ecstasy.

He pulled himself out of her ass and climbed higher on top of her, placing his dirty cock back into her mouth. He fucked her mouth again until he came, again -- she taking every last drop.

They lay together for a moment on the bed, hearts pounding. He pulls her close to Him, as she wraps her legs around His, cuddling into him...finding her home -- finally knowing she is right where she belongs.

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