tagNonHumanFinding Meridian Ch. 20

Finding Meridian Ch. 20


Hello everyone, I wanted to include a list of characters since there are so many in this chapter. I know this has taken longer than expected but the meeting is so intense with all the characters I felt a listing of who was who would help remembering who everyone is. Thanks Meadow and Dawn for reviewing it!





King Douglas – Trinity's dead ex-husband's brother who is ruling Merdesa as a King; an island north of Sweden. The island is a bit more relaxed; they refer to royalty by their first name but title first.

Cyrus - An evil vampire looking to sabotage the meeting and take over all nonhumans.

Reardan O'Brien – Prime Alpha of UK, Werewolf and son to Teague.

Quinn O'Rielly – First in command under Reardan. Werewolf.

Alice Grandy-Young island female whose parents were killed and uncle tried to rape. Uncle attacked Queen Trinity and was sentenced to death.

Hermes Trismegistus- Ancient Egypt spiritual leader whose name means 3 times great.

The Blue Priestess – Magical daughter to Hermes and her powers are yet to be shown.

Meridian – Lead singer of Genevieve's Revenge and One of the three Triadic Queens. Mate to Marcus and has telekinetic powers.

Marcus – Vampire leader that mated with Meridian

Trinity – Triplet sister to Meridian and Alex. Mated to Drake. Powers of hypnotic voice.

Drake – Vampire leader that mated with Trinity.

Alex – Triplet sister to Meridian and Alex. In a relationship with Logan but not mated.

Logan – Vampire leader in love with Alex but not mated with her.

Zeus – Ancient Great Great (you get it)...Grandfather to Meridian, Trinity and Alex.

The Battle Begins

Three hours later everyone was gathered in the great ballroom to begin the meeting. The Queens would go first at entering with Meridian speaking first.

Meridian smoothed down her leather coat over her red leather corset and pants. Marcus had insisted it be slightly loose since she was pregnant and slightly showing. As a queen the ballroom gown was not her style for this meeting. She was given the responsibility of gathering the groups into a united front. This meeting needed to be the beginning of uniting all nonhumans. Marcus was acting especially possessive and cautious. He constantly kept his arms around her or his hands over her slightly swollen abdomen. He didn't want to let her go when the announcement for the meeting to begin was announced.

Meridian was surprised to find Alice Grandy being the spokes person. She looked at Tarrin who gave her a thumb up and mouthed "natural". Meridian nodded and proceeded.

"I would like to thank you all for coming and to show the reason for this meeting; I wait no further in introducing a woman known of many names each of you will recognize her. Please do not be confused by the visions of her sisters with hair that is of a different color. With no further delay, I introduce you to Queen Meridian also known as Genevieve and The Ice Queen."

Meridian ran and jumped in the middle of the huge conference table into a crouched position before straightening.

"Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, first I would like to say the rumors of my demise have been exaggerated. Not greatly but they have been exaggerated. I have called this meeting for many purposes but the main one is to align ourselves against one common enemy. We fight an enemy with no ethics, no rules and no boundaries. Now I understand most of us do not qualify as saints here. We protect our family, our friends and those we care for. That is what this meeting is for. This is a meeting to unite groups to remove those who hurt who we care for; think of not only our future but the future of our children. We throw away our pride and we walk forward to a new horizon without bigotry against others."

"Secondly, please read your booklet of laws for the island. These are not taken lightly. Justice is fair, quick and harsh here. You are here for purpose and action."

"Part of what we are here for is the future of our children. We put them before our fear and prejudice to provide for their future. The other part is to protect ourselves. There is safety in numbers. More details on the prophecy can be discussed later but the information was forwarded to you before the meeting and is included in your packet. I am one of the sisters of the Triadic Council. It astounded me as much as each of you if not more but I am here to keep peace. I would like to thank each of you for attending despite the danger."

"I would first like to give some guidelines for our attendees. Let the little things go but I have allowed everyone to be armed. We have a common enemy and I prefer if no one is left alone when out and about. Please understand we all put our lives on the line here. I want everyone armed because I cannot attest to each individual's intentions but remember on this island you are bound by our law."

"On this island there are three queens that rule. Let me introduce you to the original Triadic Council: I am Meridian Henderson and this is Trinity Henderson and last but not least Alex Henderson."

An irate Were stood up and started yelling, "Who the fuck do you think you are? We don't give a shit about some mythical Triadic Council! You simply come in here to try to take over all nonhumans? No way!"

Trinity's floated forward to him directly staring him in the face slightly elevated off the ground. Trinity forced herself to hold back her anger but spoke in a stern yet intimidating tone of voice. "First and foremost we are no longer a myth. We are here. We are the peacekeepers of the nonhumans. I would much prefer to be eating ice cream in bed right now with my mate but I am here for a purpose."

Alex then began to speak. "We are the ones to unite and destroy those that would destroy all of us."

The sisters' then spoke together causing waves of fear to emanate across the crowd of nonhumans, "We will let this insurrection and words of haste go... this time but please everyone remember we are the leaders of the council and queens of this island. We will treat you with respect and expect the same from you."

Reardan stepped forward and whispered to the disrespectful Were in his ear, "Don't forget I am your Prime Alpha, we will discuss your insolent behavior later."

Trinity floated back up to the table as Meridian began to speak. "We all thought long and hard about how this meeting should progress. I am going to name off the following individuals that shall step forward and stand in the middle of the ballroom." Approximately 30 individuals were called to the center of the room and stepped forward cautiously. "Would the following Masters, Sires and those responsible for these individuals please step forward? Please meet with the Queen who announces your name. After you receive the image you are welcome to return to your seat." Upon stepping forward each Queen asked permission to touch each Master/Sire's face and show them images.

Each Master/Sire nodded and went back to their seats leaving the original 30 standing. "For those of you who were not called forward or not shown an image I will explain. The individuals standing in the middle of the room have all been charged with treason and we have shown the images of their guilt to those they are accountable to. We will now move to the main courtyard in order to punish them for their treason."

As they all walked out to the courtyard, guards kept the traitors from trying to run off. Meridian finally stopped in the middle and began to speak again. "For those of you accountable to these individuals, we have agreed that it is your choice in distributing justice to them if you wish and if not we will." A young traitor vampire lunged at her and she froze him.

An Ancient Vampire with air of lethalness stepped forward, "He is my responsibility and I will handle him accordingly." He quickly ripped the young vampire's head off. Meridian quickly turned off her microphone.

"Then let the executions begin."

Vampires, Witches, Weres and hybrids ran forward killing their individuals who had committed treason leaving no one for the sisters to take care of. The first Ancient Vampire to kill his little one walked forward to Meridian and raised her hand and kissed it. He motioned for the microphone and she handed it to him. "We are honored that you are considerate of our rules and laws by letting us take care of our individuals who commit treason. I would like to personally say that we at the Vampire Council stand beside the Triadic." Meridian shook his hand as she gave her condolences for losing someone he cared for as he handed the microphone back to her.

"I want it to be known that the Triadic is not here to take your power but more of an upper echelon. We are here to guard against those who might want us hurt and find a solution to very complex problems. I understand this may feel like someone is stepping on your toes but that is not our intent we are here for peace and to support you."

"We also want to acknowledge how very hard every group works to keep peace. We are here to make things easier. There are details on the process for nominations to decide who will be the additional Triadic members in your packet of information.

Marcus stared at Meridian and smiled proudly at her ability to easily win each groups trust.

A flash of lightning crashed from the sky and Meridian remembered the premonition. "In order to convince you of our legitimacy I would like to introduce our "Great great great...just keep adding those, Grandfather Zeus."

Zeus stepped forward in his regal robes in a daunting manner not only due to his magnitude but his power causing everyone to back away from him. "I want to give you a prophecy of the future. A battle comes shortly. If you fight apart most will die. If you join and fight together you ensure a long time of having peace. I cannot guarantee peace forever but this council is necessary. I wish I had time to stay but as my granddaughters know the prophecy does not allow me to fight with you. Anyone who is unwilling to join can leave now but you will not be protected. Who will join?"

Only a few small groups left.

Meridian then spoke, "We have very little time the battle is coming. They will be here in 5 minutes and we must fight." Meridian and her sisters closed their eyes and took a deep breath.

"Tarrin here is going to announce the ammo being handed to your leaders. Please pay attention; we have very little time until the fight is upon us. If an individual cannot shoot accurately please do not give them a weapon and let them return to the palace."

"I must go." Zeus hugged his girls as he pulled them aside. He handed them auto injectors. "Hide it and when Cyrus picks one of you to turn inject it in your jugular in preparation for his bite. Rule wisely."

The Blue Priestess transported from across the court yard to the Queens, "When your children ask to take over your body say yes. I will send the words to your head for the chant."

A loud sound of bombs going off signaled the beginning of the battle. Cyrus's men ran forward onto the island charging forward to battle the other nonhumans. Casualties were becoming heavy on both sides as bullets were flying. The pale white beach was quickly turning crimson from all of the blood drenching the sand.

Meridian spoke to her sisters, "We won't win this way. We have to use our powers and I will be bait."

The three sisters elevated and Meridian began turning a bright scarlet with anger. All of a sudden The Blue Priestess was standing next to her. "Don't leave me out of the fight. Now let's kicks some ass."

The four started chanting and silvery wall went up closing off Cyrus's troops from the alliance of nonhumans that had just formed with the Triadic Council.

"Blue can you read transgressions too?" Meridian asked glancing at The Blue Priestess.

"Of course, I can find all the dirty laundry." Blue announced with an evil smile.

"Trinity, let's make Cyrus's soldiers sleep for now." Cyrus watched with increasing rage as his soldiers fell to the ground and Trinity walked up to stand beside her sister and Blue.

Meridian was grabbed by Cyrus as Marcus stood helplessly blocked by the transparent barrier separating them.

"It seems you have no powers against me. It pleases me that you are soon to be my slave until I kill you."

Blue ran towards her stopping when she saw the evil grin on Meridian's face. Meridian twisted in his arms until she was looking up at Cyrus as he gripped her chin tightly kissing her. She gave him a look of disgust, "You don't get it do you?" He didn't notice her inject the poison in her body.

"I completely understand how I am going to rape you and your sisters keeping you as my slaves until I tire of you. I will enjoy ruling all the nonhumans in your place."

"No, look at me. Let me remind of who you were." Meridian had her hands on the sides of his face. Images of the triplet's birth, the vision of a happy family playing together and a vision of their father going off for deployment played in his head. "Don't you recognize me? Us? I was wrong in thinking the worst thing was you would never come back. You're my father. Your name was Mark Henderson and you are our father the Blue Priestess is not included of course. I don't know what happened during your change that made you so wicked and bitter but I can read every one of your sins." Tears of blood ran down her cheeks, "and it's time to die. Our real father died when you were changed."

The Blue Priestess sent the chant to let their children possess their body into their minds. Cyrus snarled and bit Meridian while she chanted, "Wings of metal that are sharp as razors with a heart of gold. I let my child come forth to possess my body. Our children fight for the freedom of all and justice."

Wings emerged from each of the sisters backs. They rushed forward as fangs came down from their mouth. Cyrus's men were released from their sleep only to be frozen upon their knees. The united nonhumans stared in horror as the sisters used the bottom of their wings that were sharp as blades to swiftly slice through the necks of Cyrus's men.

The Blue Priestess pulled Meridian back from Cyrus as the embodiment of her child took over her body.

Cyrus screamed and broke his hold to Meridian and lunged at her. "I'm going to suck what little life you have left out of you!" Cyrus bit down on her neck again but as he let the blood wash over his tongue he felt something was wrong but was unable to stop immediately. He finally broke free and pushed her away from him.

"You've already drank enough of my TAINTED BLOOD to die." Meridian's son that possessed her body smiled up at him pale and weak. "Didn't anyone ever tell you Cyrus to fuck the battle but win the war?"

The sisters ran over as The Blue Priestess pulled Meridian into her arms and away from Cyrus.

Trinity and Alex flew up in the air with him before everyone saw an image that would forever burn a vision in their head from that day forth. "Cyrus he has been judged to die and dies now!"

Fangs came down from the two sisters as their child's spirit ripped each the side of Cyrus's neck out, spitting it to the side and letting the blood pour out.

Meridian floated up. "My turn!" Meridian grabbed his head and then viciously ripped it from his body. They flew down and released the invisible wall between Cyrus's men and the united nonhumans.

Very few of Cyrus's remained but cringed frozen upon their knees as they looked upon the image of the beheaded leader that lay lifeless on the ground. The united nonhuman's rushed forward quickly killing the remaining traitors.

Finally, the battle was over. The three sisters fell to their knees as the mental possession from their children faded from the two other sisters and weakness overtook them. Marcus, Logan and Drake rushed towards the sisters.

Meridian was the only one who called out in the voice of her child, "Father, mother needs you now! You must suck out the poison blood and she needs you to feed her for the next 24 hours until we are healed." Their wings dissolved as each man took the triplet they loved in their arms.

Marcus quickly bit her neck sucking the rest of her poisoned blood out and hurried slitting his wrist and placed it to her mouth, "Mer, baby you have to feed. I can't lose both of you. Our son said so." Meridian seemed lifeless as he tried to get her to drink by rubbing her throat coaxing her to swallow. "Drink damn it! You've never given up in your life! Drink!"

Marcus watched as Meridian slowly began to drink and he let out a breath of relief. He finally got enough blood in her before she passed out. Both Drake and Logan had gathered up Trinity and Alex carrying them towards the Palace.

King Douglas went over to Prime Alpha Reardan, "Would you assist me in calming everyone down so that tomorrow we mourn those we lost but celebrate a new day?"

"I would be honored." Prime Alpha Reardan shook King Douglas's hand as they walked towards the Palace.

Announcements were made and dead bodies were carted off to be disposed of so the entire island did not smell of burning bodies.

Prime Alpha Reardan made an announcement before they entered the Palace. "For those of you with personal death rites please send an individual to supervise and advise on how to handle the bodies of your dead."

Many hands were shook and a group of Ancient Vampires who had always been reclusive even among the vampire community walked forward to Prime Alpha Reardan and King Douglas. "When would we be able to meet the sisters? We have some unknown knowledge of the ancient prophecies and would like to help."

King Douglas shook their hands, "I will call Marcus right now. He is worried about Meridian so any help is appreciated."

"We will need Hermes and The Blue Priestess to assist along with Prime Alpha Reardan's herbal healer. Here is a list of items we need your healer to bring." The Ancient Vampire handed a list to Reardan.

Thirty minutes later each sister was placed together in a room with reclusive group of Ancient Vampires were joined by King Douglas, Prime Alpha Reardan, The Blue Priestess and the Were's top herbal healer. Three king beds were put in the room to keep the sisters together. They were treated with enchanted herbs as the Blue Priestess spoke in an ancient language no one understood. She touched each of their abdomens. She paused at Meridian whispering something in her ear that no one heard. "Zeus says it's a gift. You only get one shot at this and he wants you happy."

Marcus, Logan and Drake looked like expectant fathers who were worried they had not only lost their mates but their children.

The Blue Priestess walked up to them, "They should be fine. They will sleep for at least 24 hours then we can reintroduce them to everyone. The battle may be foggy in their minds. It might be best to leave it that way. I believe it is customary to honor the dead and celebrate the unity we have created here afterwards."

Everyone agreed as The Blue Priestess instructed the doctor who hooked up to IVs. The men stared down on the women.

Everyone left the sisters in their room with their lovers and handmaidens who gently washed the blood from each of the woman's body. Marcus and Drake crawled in bed with their mates after showering and changing.

Logan hesitated and stared down at Alex. Seeing his children speak through their mother was eerie. The thought of her leaving him to become another person's mate tomorrow made him unconsciously growl. He went back to their room and grabbed a box he had been keeping out of his luggage. Her eyes slowly fluttered open upon his return. "Logan, what happened? I seem to be missing some time."

"The battle is over. We are united." Logan went down on one knee, "Speaking of united, Alex would you be my wife and mate?" Logan held the rare red heart diamond ring up to her.

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