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Fine Dive

byGrey Eagle 286©

Rick swam slowly along about ten feet above the bottom. His eyes swept back and forth, searching for a tell-tale shape or gleam. He saw nothing. He looked at the gage on his wrist, he had plenty of air left. He had ten more kicks left before he made a right turn to a due south heading. Then he stopped. He heard the whine and thump of a boat approaching. Sounded like a large fast boat. He saw it pass just to the east of him. As it went by he saw something hit the water and plunge for the bottom. It looked like a crab trap with a trailing rope. The rope was around the legs of a woman. Her long black hair trailed behind her. He thought, 'Someone is being killed or has been killed.' He swam rapidly for her. Her eyes were wide open and she was trying to free herself from the rope. He grabbed her face and pushed his mouthpiece in her mouth. He made sure she was breathing, then drew his dive knife and cut the ropes holding her to the trap. He held her down. They did not want to be popping up behind the killers.

He checked his compass and started swimming back toward his boat. He looked at her and she gave him a thumbs up. He reached for the mouth piece and held it until she nodded and released her grip on it. He took about four good breaths and handed the mouthpiece back to her. He kicked hard for his boat for about two minutes then got another few breaths from her. He repeated this several times and thought he saw his anchor line in the distance. When he got his next breath from her he pointed to the line. She shook her head. She couldn't see it.

When they were under the boat he started up. When they were a few feet from the surface took a quick drag of air and held her down while he slowly stuck his head above water. He saw the other boat about a mile away crossing in front of them. He ducked back under and pulled her toward the stern of the boat. When they were behind the boat he pulled her to the surface.

"They are in front of us, can you get up this ladder and stay low and get down in the cabin." She nodded rapidly and he gave a push on her behind to help her up. When she was in the boat he shrugged out of his harness and tied it off on the trailing stern line. He then slithered up the ladder and through the transom door. When he got to the cabin door he raised his head and saw the bigger boat turning toward them. He rapidly ducked in the cabin and stripped off his wet suit. He grabbed a towel and quickly dried off. He looked up and saw the woman watching him. He reached in a drawer and pulled out a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. He looked at her and into the blackest eyes he had ever seen. "They are trying to kill you, right?'

She nodded.

"Go below and stay out of sight, they will have to kill me too if they see you." He walked on deck and pulled in his air tanks and put them in a rack. He took a hose and washed them off carefully. He looked up and the big sports fisherman was only a few yards away. He looked surprised to see them and smiled at them. "You scared me," he yelled. Have you been there long? I just got out of the shower."

"Have you seen anyone in the water? We had someone fall overboard."

"No we were diving and just came up about a half an hour ago. Where did he fall off? I didn't hear your call on the emergency channel on the VHF. Maybe I forgot to turn it on. Let me get my anchor in and I will help you search. I'll come up on channel six and you can tell me what quadrant you want me to search." He reached for the switch and the electric winch started the anchor up as he started the engines. The big inboard engines rumbled deeply. He eased the boat ahead, separating them from the other boat which was going the opposite direction. He took the boat out of gear and saw the anchor come up over the bow pulpit.

"Stay out of sight, Find a terrycloth robe in a hanging locker. Put it on and wrap a towel around your hair. See if you can disguise your self, I will tell them I have my wife aboard on our honeymoon. But stay out of sight until I call you."


He looked down into the cabin and saw her standing out of sight of the other boat, She had on the robe on, hanging open with tiny little bikini swimsuit bottoms he recognized as belonging to his ex-wife. Her bare beasts swayed to the motion of the boat. She had a towel around her hair and sunglasses on. She came up the steps and hugged him and panted a big kiss on his lips. It was a deep and sensuous kiss that really got his blood flowing. She smiled and went back below. He looked back at the other boat and saw he was being watched with binoculars. He glanced below and saw her weeping on the deck. He punched on the autopilot and ducked down the steps. She was holding her ankles. He saw wire digging deeply into the skin and grabbed wire cutters from the tool drawer of the galley. He had to dig into her skin to cut the wire. She gave a little yelp as a little blood spurted out. He was able to get under the other wire easier and without drawing blood. He handed her a paper towel and hurried back to the helm. The other boat was following them about fifty yards back. He reached and switched the radio to channel six. It blasted "Motor Vessel Yellowfin this is the Motor Vessel Kummonahwannaleia, do you read me?"

"Kummonahwannaleia, I read you loud and clear, We are ready to help you now. My wife wanted me to come to lunch, we are on our honeymoon. Yellowfin, Over."

"Go on and get your lunch, buddy, we just found our man overboard asleep in his bunk. Kummonahwannaleia Out."

"Rodger, that, Kummonahwannaleia, Yellowfin Out."

Rick turned to a northerly heading on the autopilot and ran the engines up to cruise RPMs, took a quick look back at the other boat and went below. She was laying on the settee with the robe hanging open, the little bikini top just covering her nipples on her breasts, her eyes were closed. He looked at her ankles and went to the medicine cabinet and got some antiseptic and bandages. He kneeled beside the settee and examined the bleeding ankle, he gently lifted it and her eyes opened. He noticed for the first time that they were slanted black eyes. She winced as he applied antiseptic and a gauze pad over the cut. He looked at the other ankle and softly rubbed the groove the wire made in the skin. It was very red but was not bleeding, the feet were very small but their color was normal. He didn't think she would suffer any ill effects from that part of here ordeal.

She was looking steadily at him now. She said, "How can I ever thank you for what you did. You risked everything for a stranger. You really think quick. I tried to help, I was sure they wouldn't recognize me in this suit. I tried to make them believe you had nothing to hide, did I do alright?"

"You did just fine, wonderful, but we need to talk. They know who I am, they will check me out, just in case, they can't afford to take chances, right?"

"Yes, you are right. They don't know if I am alive or dead."

He smiled at her, "Honey, what is your name, I have to call you something besides 'Honey'."

" My name is Kieko. Kieko Swarez."

" OK, my name is Rick, Rick Martin. Now, who was trying to kill you and why?"

"My husband is trying to kill me for my money. I have an inheritance and he wants it. He is in over his head with drug dealers. If I die he will inherit enough to bail him out. I have to hide from him until a divorce hearing next month in New York. After that he has no claim on my money."

"Wow! You are in hot water. I must be nuts, but I want to help, partly from self preservation. What can I do?"

"Can you hide me? Then get me to New York next month, I will pay you, and pay you very well."

"I think I can, we will have to have a different disguise for you. I love that swim suit, you make my mouth water the way it looks on you, but we have to have you look like you have never looked before."

"I have always dressed conservatively, nothing daring or flashy, always very modest and plain."

"With that gorgeous body even plain clothes would be erotic."

She looked at him wide eyed. "What do you mean?"

"Sweetie, you are what we call a 'Hottie", Hot stuff, sexually enticing, a very, very sexy woman."

"Are you serious? I am a plain woman, nothing special."

"HA! You are the most sexy woman I have ever seen. If you don't believe me look at the bulge in these shorts. Not to worry, I am a gentleman and you are safe with me… I think. We need to get you clothes that will be something they would not expect. We can either try to make you look older or younger, what do you prefer?"

"Younger, who wants to look older?"

"You may want to look older if it saves your life, Right."

"Where can we go?"

"I will have to think about that. It is a good question. It should be after dark when we get home. I think we should leave them the same trail they were on before so they don't know I have you. You contact no one. Understand. We let them think we are on our honeymoon, Right? A little disguise to get you ashore without arising suspicions. We must disguise you so people give them the wrong description of you so they look no further and think you died in the gulf. I know! We will take you to Victoria's Secret and get you a complete new outfit. You have really beautiful black hair, but I think it must go for now. We will get you a complete makeover. That should work. What do you think?"

"I think you are right, we must look and act like honeymooners and not like ourselves. Can you do that?"

"It will be hard work, but I'll try."

"Do you think a blond wig would fool them? Or maybe light brown?"

"It might but, we have to act quickly so nobody sees you with me with black hair. I think were can make up a story so no one will tell on us. When we get to the dock keep the towel around your hair. I will call a wig shop and make an appointment for us this evening. They will be a while behind us and they won't know exactly where we will go. We will cut you hair short so you can wear the wig from now on. How does that sound? Hopefully they won't believe any fool would save you and haul you off. I was the only possible person who could do it. They should give us just a quick check and forget us. They may think we saw something, but they must think I was in the boat when they dumped you over."

"I hope so, but they have very good resources, we can never assume anything until it is over."

"Who are they?"

"Drug dealers, they will help him."

"Well, Shit! Oh! I am sorry, please forgive me."

She laughed, "I'm not that much of a prude, you are forgiven."

That evening after a visit to Victoria's Secret, a quick stop at Wal-Mart and a visit to the wig shop they got a room in a nice motel. Rick paid cash for everything. Rick sat Keiko at the vanity in the dressing area. He had a cheap hair cutting outfit. He put a large plastic bag over her shoulders.

"Do you want me to do it?" Or do you want to try to bleach it lighter first?"

"Let's try the bleach, if it doesn't look right we can always cut it off." Rick wrapped a couple of bath towels over the plastic. He got the hair bleach package and read the directions.

"We have to time how long the bleach stays on to determine how light it gets. I think we should go for a medium brown, what is your choice Madam?"

"I love my hair, I am just going to go with what ever you think is best."

An hour later Keiko sat looking at herself in the mirror. Rick was removing curlers from her hair. "There, that's the last one. I hope it looks OK. Go ahead and brush it out and let's see what it looks like."

"Hey, I think I like it. It came out a light auburn color. Look at it shine, and you got a curl in the ends that was never there before. She turned and smiled at him, "I do look very different, with sun glasses on, no one would recognize me."

"Here let's see how you look in this little bra dress with the high heeled sandals. Have you ever worn your hair in a ponytail? Then try it that way, it is easy and will change your appearance even more. Here is a hair band or two. I'll go over to the office and get some more ice. Be right back."

He unlocked the door when he got back and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw her. His jaw dropped. "Holy Shit! You are gorgeous, a real knockout. WOW! Look at yourself in this big mirror over here." He pulled her gently in front of the mirror and was delighted as the smile grew on her lovely face. She turned and tried to see the back. The smile turned into a grin.

"Wait until we take you to a beauty shop tomorrow for some make up. You really don't need it but it will change you even more."

"I don't think my mother or father would know me now, I feel really sexy, do I look sexy?"

"Sexy as hell, sweetheart, I think I had better get another room."

"Really, No! Please don't leave me alone, I am frightened, I want you near me. You are my hero. You saved me so I now belong to you."

"I'll take that deal, but seriously, you look wonderful, do you want to try on any of the other outfits we bought?"

"Yes, wait a second, I want to show you something else." she turned and went into the bath. He sat in an easy chair and looked at the TV, he heard her heels click on the tiles in the dressing area and turned and watched her walk toward him. She had on a white summer suit. She stood and turned for him to see the back. The fit was perfect. It showed her curves and she looked adorable. She smiled and looked at him as she removed the jacket and dropped it on the bed. She wore a pale blue sheer blouse under it. He could see the flower print bra under it. He gulped and was speechless as she slid the short skirt off her hips and let it fall to the floor. The blouse was tossed on the bed next. He was having trouble breathing as she walked in front of him in her high heels, suntan stockings, and garter belt with matching panties and bra. He stood and she pressed herself to him and held her face to be kissed. Their lips met and his tongue searched for hers. It was a long tender yet sexy kiss. He ran his hands down her back and over her rear. "I can't believe the change in you, you seem completely different."

"I know, I feel like a different person. I never wanted any man like I want you. I usually just put up with sex because I was expected to do it. I want to touch and taste every bit of you. Can I undress you?"

"Are you sure this is what you want? I will be hard to stop later."

"OH! Yesss, I need you. Now."

"Let me undress my self, I am quicker." Boat shoes, jeans and his shirt flew off and he picked her up and placed her on the bed. He stood nude in front of her. She looked at his erection and smiled, "I knew it was large," she said, "But it is the biggest I have ever seen." She looked into his eyes and said, "Can I touch it?" She watched him gulp and nod. She reached her little hand and grasped the shaft. She pulled him closer and rubbed her other hand cross the top of it. He watched as she put her cheek against it and rubbed the head back and forth. She squeezed the shaft and saw a drop of clear fluid ooze from the little slit. She put out her little pink tongue and licked it off. She looked up and smiled, "it tastes good, that was my first taste of a man. I want more." Rick bent and kissed her while he unfastened the clasp of her front closing bra. He pulled the fabric from the globes of her breasts. He bent further and sucked a long erect nipple into his mouth. He flipped it from side to side with his tongue. One of her hands stroked his shaft while the other pulled his head harder into her breast. He pulled back and smiled at her. She grinned back. He brushed her lips with his then moved to kiss each of her nipples. He moved further down and put his fingers in the waist of her panties, she raised her hips and he pulled them down letting his lips traced down her thighs leaving a wet trail. He gently spread her legs and buried his face between them. His fingers parted the hood over her clit and revealed the little lump of sensitive flesh. He laved it with his tongue then sucked it out as far as it would come while flipping it with his tongue. She was as stiff as a board and he was afraid he had gone too far. He lifted his head and looked at her. Her eyes were closed. He said, "Are you alright, did I hurt you?"

"Oh! No it is wonderful, please don't stop . I am having things happen to my body I have never felt before, it is wonderful. I love it. Do some more to me." He slid up and tenderly kissed her lips then reached down and rubbed the head of his cock up and down her wet slit. Her legs spread themselves wider and wider. He slipped in just the head and slowly withdrew. He entered her again, very slowly and went much deeper this time. He withdrew again and reentered and went in as far as he could. He started a gentle long stroking motion and looked at her face. Her eyes were shut tight. He kissed her and said, "Do you like that?" Her eyes flew open. "God! Yes! Yes, I love it I never felt this before, it is heaven. I never want it to stop." She shuddered and her heels pushed forward on his upper thighs driving him deeper inside her. He felt his own climax coming and he tried to hold it back. He was successful for a few moments then he moaned and stiffened and pumped her love tunnel full of his sperm. He lay still, his soft penis inside her, watching her beautiful face. Her eyes opened and she looked at him in wonder. "That is what it is supposed to be like. I never knew it could be so wonderful. Oh! Thank you, thank you. I love you. You just gave me the best present of my life, I almost died not having felt life's greatest joy, Oh! Thank you."

He hugged her to him. He grinned, "I told you I could pretend to be on my honeymoon."

Her eyes looked into his, "You were just pretending? Really?" a tear ran from one eye.

"No, I wasn't pretending. I was loving you with all my heart and soul. I never wanted to please someone so badly in my life. I wanted you to love it too."

"Oh! I do. I really, really do. I have never felt so content and loved in my life. I want to feel this way always."

"We have lots of time ahead of us after we get into our hiding place. I made one call to arrange every thing, I hope you like to fish."

"I love fishing, Daddy used to take me all the time."

"We are going to spend two or three weeks in the middle of the Everglades. Then perhaps a week on a house boat in the Keys. Then we travel to New York. Then you will be free of me."

She looked at him in surprise, "You want to be free of me?"

"It is what you want, sweetheart, what you want is what we will do. You must be very wealthy for your husband to need your money to be able to clear his debts, that boat is worth several million dollars." He held up his hands to silence her. "I don't want to know how much of any thing except your love, my dear, I am not wealthy, I am comfortable, We can live comfortably on what I have without ever going to New York. Let everyone think you are dead."

"I can't do that to Mom and Dad, I am going to have to tell them I am still alive. This could kill them, they love me very much."

"We will work it out. I will think of something. They must know for them to keep the court hearing open, they can say they want to disinherit him." He looked at her and saw tears running down her cheeks, he pulled her to him and kissed the tears away. "Don't cry ,Dearest, please don't cry, I can't stand to see you hurt. I will find a way to work this out. I promise, I do." He held her tight and rubbed her back. He ran his hand down her chest and cupped a breast, gently kneading it and squeezing it. She lay back and smiled, "Do the other one too." He bent down and slurped noisily at one nipple then the other. He slid down and slipped between her legs. She opened them to accommodate him. He spread her vulva and ran his tongue as far inside her as he could, she was still wet and slippery. He moved his tongue to her clit and inserted several fingers inside her, fucking his hand in and out. She started to moan softly and her legs jerked a bit now and then. He felt her have a really long orgasm, her body thrashing uncontrollably for a long period, her juices flowed freely and he sucked them in. He raised and moved up to enter her. She was wet and wide open as he slipped his cock in to her. He put her legs in front of his arms and thrust his shaft in and out as fast as he could. His body slamming into hers. She was throwing her head from side to side now, calling his name. He gritted his teeth and kept pumping, knowing he couldn't hold off much longer. He uttered a loud moan and his body felt as if he were melting. He came, unable to last one second longer. He stayed supporting his body with his hands and knees' his cock still inside her. He watched the smile grow on her face and her eyes slowly opened. She saw him and put her arms around him hugging with all her might until he eased down on her. He was afraid he would hurt her so he eased off to one side.

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