tagBDSMFingers Ch. 01-02

Fingers Ch. 01-02


She had just gotten her nails done. A nice fresh coat of nail polish on her slim fingers, French nails as they call them. She didn't have long finger nails, she did work after all, but they were a nice length. Long enough to pinch something... like her nipples, or his nipples...

She was going to meet him and she wanted to look nice, she knew he liked how she looked, she didn't have to dress up or put on makeup, but still she liked to look pretty. Her dress slacks and blouse were dressy but conservative. She looked like the professional businesswoman she was, at least on the outside. Underneath she was wearing a matching black thong and bra. She knew he liked it when she matched, liked her in a thong, how it split the cheeks of her ass, and how smooth her ass looked when she wore a thong. She also knew he liked the sexy bra's she wore. Her breasts were so nice and firm and her nipples got nice and hard when he licked and sucked them. Running her fingers through her hair she looked in the read view mirror before she got out of the car, she hoped she looked good to him.

She didn't have to worry - she looked great. He was sitting on his motorcycle when she pulled up in her Tahoe. He was long and lean, the bike almost looked small when he stood up, and his jeans were nice and tight, hugging his ass and outlining his figure. He had on a tank top that showed off his broad shoulders and flat stomach. He devoured her with his eyes as she got out of her SUV.

"There you are.." He said with a smile as he pulled her to him.

"Hey.." She said in reply, letting herself be pulled into his arms.

They kissed, long and slow. His arms holding her close, tight and safe. They kissed softly at first then more firmly, the desire for each other bubbling up. He broke the kiss and took her hand and they walked to their room.

"You look great." He said as he sat on the bed and leaned back. "I'm glad we have all day and all night. There are so many things I want to do together, it's been awhile."

"Yes it has." She said as she joined him on the bed, kicking off her shoes and snuggling up beside him. She put her head on his shoulder and held him close. "Just hold me for a minute please." She said as she let herself relax for the first time in weeks.

Before she knew it she woke up. She had fallen asleep in his arms, she didn't know she was so tired. The divorce was wearing on her more than she thought. She looked up, he was awake, just watching her. "How long have I been asleep?" She said.

"About an hour, it's fine, you're fine, we have time. Do you want something to drink?" He handed her a cool bottle of water from the nightstand. She took a sip and then sat up.

"What do you want to do." She asked, her body energized from the quick nap and her mind now wandering to more erotic thoughts.

"I want to watch you." He said with a smile. He could tell she was ready to have some fun.

"Do what?" She said shyly.

"Whatever I tell you to do." He said as he moved them both off the bed. He took a seat in the desk chair in the room and motioned for her to stand by the bed.

"OK." She said, her pulse quickening. She had done what he wanted before, normally on a web cam, it was fun, it was sexy, it would be different to "perform" for him live.

"OK, have you forgotten your manners. Do my little girl forget her manners so quickly?" He said looking more stern.

"No sir." She replied, slipping into submissive mode quickly. He voice was like silk, smooth and strong. He could talk her into anything.

"Good. Naughty girls know that they get a hard spanking if they disobey, don't they."

"Yes sir." Like that would be a problem... She loved getting her ass spanked by him... and fucked by him. The memory of their last meeting was still crystal clear in her mind. His cock was so hard and so nice and big and it filled her pussy and ass... she wanted that feeling again.

"Now take off your blouse and slacks." He ordered. He liked telling her what to do. She was such a good submissive, naughty, but obedient, submissive but smart. Plus she had a body that wouldn't stop. She was built like a brick house, bedroom eyes, smoldering lips, stacked chest, shaved pussy, sexy ass.

She stripped as ordered and stood before him in her Victoria Secret matching bra and thong. She felt naked even while being clothed.

"Turn around, let me see your ass." He ordered as he rolled the chair closer to her. He enjoyed watching her strip and bend over. He was glad she was an ass fan like him, it turned them both on. She turned around and could feel his eye scanning her nearly naked ass - she felt her face flush with desire.

"Bend over, put your hands on the bed."

She did as ordered and felt his hands on her hips. He pulled her thong down and kissed her bare ass. His kisses were like hot wet licks that sent little shocks to her pussy.

"You know I'm going to make you spread your legs and play with your pussy, don't you." He didn't wait for a reply. He liked to tell her what was going to happen and then do it.

"I'm going make you take off your bra, lie on the bed on your back with your legs spread nice and wide. Then I'm going to watch as you pinch your nipples, get them nice and hard so I can lick them and suck them. Then I'm going to make you play with your naughty slutty pussy. I'm going to watch those nice frenched nails play with your clit and pussy. You're going to pull your pussy lips apart so I can see how wet your slut pussy is. I'm going to watch you push your fingers deep in your wet pussy and get your clit nice and hard, you're going to finger your clit, bring yourself to the brink of an orgasm and then stop. Then I'm going to put a pillow under your ass so I can get an even closer view of your pussy. You're going to spread your legs even wider so I can see your slut ass and I'm going to watch you finger your pussy and your ass. You are going to lick your fingers clean as many times as I tell you to do it. Then you're going to finger your ass and your pussy. You're going to stick one, then two fingers in your ass while you finger you pussy. You are going to cum with your nice french nails in your ass, your fingers on your clit while I watch. Is that clear."

She was looking between her legs, still bent at the waist, he kissed and licked her ass. She was hot, and he said it so slowly, and in such detail that her mind was racing. She wanted to do it all, just as he said. She also wanted to be spanked, she wanted his cock in her pussy and her ass. She wanted it him right now in her pussy so she could cum on his big fat cock.


His hand came down on her ass. "Is that clear?" He said a second time.

"Yes sir..." She breathed as felt her pussy twitch with desire. The spank on her ass shooting to her pussy.

"Then get on the bed and do it...."


End of Part 1


She quickly stood up and pushed her thong to the floor. She removed her bra and then laid back on the bed. She kept her legs closed tightly, she liked to be naughty, she was a bad girl. A bad girl who needed a spanking. A pussy spanking.

She watched as her stripped. His long lean body silhouetted by the light coming through the window. He stripped completely and then knelt on the bed by her head, his already hard cock near her mouth. He could see her whole body and she looked perfect.

"What are you waiting for slut?" He asked harshly, reaching over and pinching her right nipple.

"Nothing sir, please don't spank me." She said, telling him what she wanted him to do. It was part of the game they played. She would tell him what she wanted by asking him to NOT do it. It was simple, effective and it let her resist him and yet tell him where she was.

"Do what I tell you to do and you won't be spanked." He replied, "start pinching your nipples or I'll take you over my knee."

"Please don't spank me, I'll suck your cock really good, just don't spank me. I'll even let you fuck my ass sir." She said in a husky voice. His cock was so hard and so close. She knew he wanted her to suck on it, to take it deep in her mouth and lick it like a lollypop.

"That's right you'll suck my cock, and you're going to get your nipples hard or you're going over my knee and I'll get the belt out too." He push his cock in her hot wet mouth. Putting his hand behind her head he held her in place, forcing her to suck and lick his cock. He ran his hands over her nipples, pulling on one then the other, teasing the fleshy nubs into attention. She reached around with her left hand and pulled his body close so she could suck and lick more of his cock. With her right she played his balls, pulling on them slowly and firmly as she licked up and down his rock hard cock.

Her mouth was hot and wet, her tongue and lips knew what to do. She licked up and down his shaft, sucking each nut in her mouth, licking them and sucking them and then sliding them around with her slippery fingers. It felt good, very good. He made her suck and lick him for five or ten minutes, long enough to get him close to cumming but not over the edge. Then he stopped, pulling his cock from her mouth with a pop.

Looking down at her sternly, he said, "Enough, you've been bad, you're not getting your nipples hard for me." He leaned in close and whispered erotically in her ear, "Clearly you're a bad girl who needs a spanking. You need to be taken over my knee, your ass in the air, my hand crashing down on your bare cheeks, again, and again, and again. Until you behave."

He moved over to the chair again, pulling her with him by the hand and taking her over his knee. He reached between her legs and felt her soaking wet pussy.

"You are a very naughty girl. Your pussy is very wet. You like this don't you." The last words were whispered in her ear, his breath warm on her cheek, the lust clear in his voice. "You want to be spanked, you want your ass warmed up by hand and belt. Then you want me to spread your legs and push my big fat dick in your wet pussy. You want to finger your clit while my cock drives deep inside you. Then you want my cock in your freshly spanked ass. You want to feel my steel hard cock spread your ass. You want to feel your hot ass spread wide for my thick cock. You want to feel my cock throb against your sphincter. You want to milk the cum from my cock with your ass. Don't you..."

The room was totally silent, she could hear the pounding of her heart in her ears. She did want all of that, and more. She wanted to be his naughty slut. She could imagine other things he would make her do. Things she would confess to him. Things she wanted to be forced to do. Her pussy was soaking wet. She couldn't wait for him to begin. She knew she had to answer him though before he would. He wanted to hear her beg for it. He wanted to hear her beg to be spanked. Beg to be fucked, beg for his cock in her ass. She knew she would do it. He would make her do it. She would love begging for it....


More to cum...

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