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Finnish Sauna


Finland in August, long summer days and very short nights. It had been a long day for me tramping through the pine forests watching and photographing the cars and crews competing in the World Rally Championship. The weather was warm and humid and it had rained for hours resulting in damp, sweaty clothes under the rain protection gear.

I finally made it back to my room at the Hotel Seurahuone in Jyvaskyla in central Finland just before midnight. The proprietors had made me very welcome, their excellent English making it easy for this non-Finnish speaking tourist. I was delighted to see an Australian flag flying from the hotel roof in my honor. The room was small but very comfortable and as I stripped off my damp clothes I had a sudden thought - try the sauna and really relax after a tiring day.

So I stripped off, tied a towel around my waist, donned my robe and walked up the corridor to the door marked 'SAUNA'. I pushed it open and found a small entrance room with iced drinking water and a box of small birch branches. I drank some water as I thought that the heat in the sauna would be dehydrating but decided to leave the birch branches where they lay.

I removed my robe and gingerly pushed open the door into the empty sauna. As I entered I thought to myself that though it was quite hot I expected it to be hotter. Seating myself on a low bench I saw the heater but was unsure how to use it, so I left it alone. I sat on the hard timber, relaxing and letting the exertions of the day slowly flow from my tired muscles.

As I sat there with my eyes closed I was jolted awake when the sauna door suddenly opened. I had expected to be alone at this time of night but now I had a companion. A Nordic goddess entered the room; quite tall, slim and blonde with a small towel wrapped around her.

"Hyvaa huomenta." she smiled at me as if it was quite natural to enter a sauna late at night with a complete stranger.

"I'm sorry, do you speak English?" I asked hopefully.

"Yes of course I do," she replied, "I said good morning."

"Oh, yes good morning to you too."

"That is an unusual accent," the goddess said as she sat down on the bottom bench, "Where are you from?"

"Australia actually, I suppose you would not have met many Aussies here in Finland."

"That is true, you would be the first Australian I have met," she laughed, "Did you bring a kangaroo with you?"

I brought out my standard answer to that question. "Ah no, there are quarantine regulations against that."

"Touche, it was a silly question, then why are you here in Finland?"

"I'm here to watch and photograph the Rally of Finland," I replied.

"You are? Oh that's great. That is why I am here too, I just love the excitement, by the way my name is Inga, what's yours?"

"My name is Rick, nice to meet you Inga."

I was amazed at finding a fellow rally enthusiast in the sauna at this time of night. As Inga and I chatted about the rally she moved to the heater and poured some water over the cover, causing steam and the temperature to rise. Beads of perspiration were breaking out all over both our bodies and I was starting to really feel the heat. I found that Inga was divorced and lived about 150 kilometers from Jyvaskyla. The rally was an annual pilgrimage for her, as it was for thousands of Finlanders.

Without warning Inga suddenly rose from the bench, removed the towel from around her body, placed it on the bench and lay face down. My eyes popped as I caught a quick glimpse of her shapely breasts and pubes, this was certainly a night of surprises.

Inga turned her head sideways and saw me ogling her body. "Oh I am sorry Rick, did I embarrass you, it is natural for us to go nude in the sauna."

"I am fine if you are Inga," I stuttered, trying unsuccessfully to take my eyes off her shapely arse.

She smiled at me and we continued to chat about our native lands and the rally. The heat was now very intense, and the perspiration was dripping off me onto the floor.

"Rick, you may need some water if you are not used to the sauna, I will get some for you." With those words Inga rose and walked nude in front of me to the door. She returned with a glass of water and some of the birch branches. There was not a hint of embarrassment as she handed me the water and the birch branches. I thanked her for the water, aware of a definite stirring of my cock, and wondering what I was to do with the twigs and leaves I was holding.

Inga lay back down on the bench, looked at me and spoke the words that were to change my plans for the next few days.

"Rick would you do me a favor and use the birch on me."

"Use the birch on you?" I asked.

"Oh yes a sauna is not a sauna until we have been traditionally beaten lightly with the birch," Inga explained, "It stimulates the skin and is great for blood circulation, come over here and I'll show you."

My mind was whirring as I moved over to her, the towel around my waist poking out in front of me.

"Now take a small bunch and beat it against my skin," Inga said, trying to keep a straight face as she saw my discomfort with the towel.

"Ok Inga, if you are sure that's what you want." I said as I raised the birch and brought it down softly on her shapely arse cheeks.

"Oh harder Rick, do it harder than that, I'm used to it."

Who was I to refuse such a sexy lady so with more force I started to whip the birch over her skin.

"Ahhh yes, do my back and legs too Rick, this is so good." Inga urged me on.

Pink and red marks from the twigs were now visible on her smooth white skin but the sounds were moans of pleasure so I continued. Without warning Inga suddenly turned over onto her back. She spread her legs wide apart and placed her hands under her blond hair, her nipples were hard and her breasts were heaving.

Her eyes were shining with excitement and lust as she said, "Do my front Rick, I just love it!"

I picked up a fresh birch and brought it down across her lovely breasts. Pink marks quickly formed but Inga urged me on so my arm kept rising and falling. As the birch neared her pubic area I glanced at Inga and she nodded at me to continue. The twigs and leaves stroked her pussy a few times then moved on down her slim thighs. Inga's cries of pleasure were loud and long as I whipped back up her thighs again. As the twigs hit her pussy Inga's body arched off the seat as an orgasm swept through her glowing body. I dropped the birch and stood there watching this lovely lady writhe in pleasure on the wooden bench.

Finally she calmed down and opened her eyes, her breasts still heaving from her exertions and the heat.

Inga grinned widly at me and laughed. "Oh Rick that was wonderful, thank you so much. It looks as if you found it exciting too!"

I looked down to find that my towel had fallen to the floor and my cock was standing out hard in front of me. I just shrugged my shoulders and grinned back, wondering what was going to happen next.

Inga rose gracefully from the bench, picked up both towels and headed for the door.

"Come on Rick, we both need a cooling shower and then I'll take care of that problem."

Quickly we donned our robes and left the sauna. Inga took my hand and led me down the passage to her room. She insisted we both drink some more iced water then we went to the shower. The cool water took the heat from our outer bodies as we soaped and washed each other. Firstly Inga's slippery, soapy hands moved all over my body, washing of the perspiration off and spending longer than necessary on my cock and balls. When she had finished Inga handed me the cake of soap and placed her hands on her head, offering her body to my ministrations. I started at her neck and shoulders and slowly worked my way down her sensational body. The birch marks were still in evidence though slowly fading as my hands cleansed her firm, shapely breasts then moved lower over her flat tummy and around her hips to her hard buttocks. I could hear moans of appreciation from Inga as my fingers glided over her pubes and arse and then down her thighs to her feet. I straightened, grasped the flexible shower hose and together we rinsed all the soap off each other's bodies. I gently pushed Inga into a corner of the shower and turned the shower nozzle to the massage position. She cried out with delight as I aimed the stream of water right at her pussy and it was not long before my sexy companion shook with her second orgasm of the night.

I turned the taps off and helped Inga from the shower, drying her off with a large soft towel. She returned the compliment to me and when she had finished led me back into the bedroom. As we stood by the bed we kissing each other deeply for the first time I felt one of her hands grasp my cock and stroke it to full hardness. As our lips parted Inga pushed me onto the bed where I lay on my back with my cock pointing at the ceiling. Inga leaped onto the bed, kneeling beside me and grinned at me as she lowered her mouth onto my hardness. After kissing the head and licking up and down the shaft Inga opened her mouth wide and slowly took the whole length into her mouth. I was in heaven as I was treated to the best blowjob I had ever experienced. Time and again Inga raised and lowered her head, sucking hard on my cock and giving me unbelievable pleasure. Inga had the amazing ability to take all my length into her mouth and partly into her throat, then stop with her nose buried in my pubic hair for up to a minute. I held on for as long as I could but it wasn't long before I felt the familiar tightening of my balls as my orgasm grew close. Inga must have sensed that I was close as she looked me in the yes and nodded her head before once again taking in my full length. Her nod was like clicking a switch and I started to cum, pumping my sperm into her mouth, my hips rising to her still sucking mouth. Inga did not spill a drop and I could see her neck muscles working as she swallowed my load, this lady sure loved to give pleasure. When Inga was sure she had sucked out my last drop of cum she released my now limp cock from her mouth and snuggled down beside me.

"That was my way of saying thank you for what you did in the sauna and the shower," she said.

"You are marvelous Inga, it was my pleasure to give and receive, I'm so glad you decided to sauna tonight."

"So am I Rick, that was wonderful. Now let's get some sleep, it's been a long day."

With that statement Inga snuggled closer with an arm around me, obviously this was where I was going to sleep and I was not complaining. We were soon both asleep and I did not stir until I was shaken awake by Inga at 8.00am.

"Come on sleepy head, let's get some breakfast before we go into the forests again." Inga said and then gave me a long kiss. "I want to talk to you while we eat."

Before I slept I had made plans for more sex in the morning but I duly slipped back to my room to put fresh clothes on ready for the day ahead. Inga and I had breakfast in the nearly empty dining room and chatted while we ate. She asked me what my plans were for the next few days as today was the last day of the rally. I told her that for the next few days I was going to play tourist and see some of Finland by bus before departing from Turku by overnight ferry to Sweden. Inga's eyes lit up as she suggested that I spend the next few days with her at the family summer cottage on one of the thousand lakes in the area. Then she would drive me to Turku and I could catch the ferry.

My decision took all of about two seconds; of course I would be delighted to spend a few days with Inga as company and guide. We packed our suitcases, booked out of the hotel and spent most of the day being highly entertained by the competing rally cars. After the presentation to the rally winners we drove the 150 kilometers to Inga's summer cottage, stopping at a town for the evening meal and to purchase food and drink. The small cottage was delightful, very cosy and comfortable and situated right on the edge of a large lake. Next to the cottage was a small boatshed with its own sauna, I could see that the next few days were going to very enjoyable.

After unpacking Inga and I sat relaxing and drinking beer on the steps of the cottage overlooking the lake. I had an arm around her shoulders as we watched the sun slowly move lower towards the horizon.

"Rick, there is something that has been intriguing me since last night," Inga said in her lovely accent.

"Oh yes? And what would that be?" I asked, wondering what was coming.

"Well, you were fantastic when you beat me with the birches last night, not like a first timer at all. Are you sure you have never done that before?"

"Well Inga, it's true I have never been in a sauna before and I've never used the birch like that. But, I had a girlfriend a few years ago who loved to be spanked, she could actually orgasm from the excitement of being punished. So I guess that's where I got my experience from."

"She orgasmed from spanking?" Inga was amazed, "That seems hard to believe."

"Not really Inga, you came from being hit with the birch last night, both very similar, pleasure derived from pain."

Inga fell silent as we sat there, obviously thinking over what I had said.

After about five minutes she turned her head to me and asked, "Rick, I want to see what it's like, will you spank me, now?"

I was ready with my answer, which was to move slightly away from Inga, take her by the shoulders and pull her over my lap.

"Oh Rick!" Inga cried out in surprise as my hand grasped the elastic of her shorts and pulled them down her slim thighs.

I steadied Inga over my knees with my left hand in the center of her back while my right hand rubbed, patted and pinched her panties-less buttocks. I gave Inga no chance to think about her request as I started to gently spank her smooth white skin. Steadily my hand rose and fell, slowly warming her cheeks and upper thighs. There was no sound from Inga, just an occasional wiggle of her arse as the tempo and force of the spanks increased. I thought that the sting of the spanks would be similar to the pain from the birch and that Inga would be able to cope easily with a medium spanking.

As her skin slowly turned to pink the increase in the force of my spanks finally brought a response.

"Oh, ah, ouch, oh Rick it stings!"

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked, without easing up on the spanks.

Inga's answer was in the negative as she shook her head from side to side.

"If it gets too much for you just call out 'red' and I'll stop immediately." I said.

Inga nodded in reply and squirmed in my lap as the spanking continued. The spanks slowly got harder together with Inga's cries, she was calling out in her native tongue but I could tell that they were cries of pleasure, not pain. Her skin was now a bright pink, looking as if she had spent too much time in the sauna. My hand continued to rise and fall, each loud spank causing a gasp or a cry from my lovely new friend.

"Spank - ouch"

"Whack - ahhhh"

"Whack - aiyee!"

As Inga's lovely red arse bounced under each ministration of my hand so did the jerking about on my lap. My hand was stinging considerably now and I knew that Inga's arse would be also and suddenly she screamed and called the safe word.

"Red, Rick, ohhhhhhhhh red please!" Inga cried out.

I stopped spanking immediately and was surprised when Inga leaped immediately from my lap. She faced me, her face excited and her blue eyes sparkling.

"Fuck me Rick, fuck me now, I need it sooooooo bad!"

Inga knelt on the steps, pushed me back and fumbled with the buckle on my belt. I helped her remove my slacks and undies and my hard cock sprung free. With a quick movement Inga straddled my thighs and lowered herself onto my cock. We both sighed in pleasure as her wet pussy surrounded my cock and I felt the warmth of her hot arse cheeks settle for a short time on my thighs. I lay back and let Inga set the pace, the hard nipples on her firm breasts shaking as she rebounded up and down. I thought once again how lucky I had been to meet this sexy lady, what a way to spend my last days in Finland. We didn't make love; we just fucked each other hard and fast. The spanking had turned us both on and this two carriage express train was not stopping until it reached the end of the line.

Finally we exploded in one giant orgasm, our screams and moans echoing across the still waters of the lake. I collapsed back on the steps and Inga crumpled on top of me. Our lips met in a long kiss as her breasts squashed against my chest. After we regained our breath Inga spoke as I hugged her close to me.

"My God Rick, that spanking was fantastic, I cannot remember being so turned on ever before, it was amazing."

"Honey, when I hit you with the birch in the sauna making you cum so hard, I thought then that you would probably enjoy a good spanking," I said as I again kissed those soft lips. "And it looks as if I was right."

Inga smiled contentedly down at me, "Well mister smart Aussie, I don't know about you but I could do with a long sleep. Why don't we go to bed and in the morning we will start the day with our own private sauna. I think the combination of a hand spanking and the birch in the sauna will be amazing and after we can cool down in the lake."

"Sounds a great idea to me Ms sexy Finland, and I want to feel what the birch feels like too. I don't want to go back to Australia without experiencing all the so called delights of Finland."

Inga bent and kissed me again, "It will be my pleasure to show you the delights of being birched in a sauna." She jumped up and hauled me to my feet, "Come on Rick, let's get some sleep, it's been a couple of busy but fantastic days."

The thick dark curtains of the cottage allowed Inga and I to sleep in the next morning and we finally woke at about 10.30am. We ate a light breakfast as the wood fired sauna heated to the required temperature. There were no near neighbors and we both walked around nude in the warmth of the short northern summer. Finally Inga declared that the sauna was hot enough and we entered the small oppressively hot room. We were soon both perspiring freely as Inga showed me how to use the water over the oven to produce the steam. We lay stretched out on the wooden slatted benches, sipping water to fight off any dehydration. I glanced at the fresh birch twigs we had collected before we entered the sauna wondering what they would feel like on my skin.

I was soon to find out as Inga suddenly bounded off her bench and grabbed a small branch. With an evil grin she moved beside me and without any warning suddenly whacked my arse with the birch. I jumped with the shock but the pain was not as severe as I had expected. As Inga continued to beat my back, arse and legs with the birch I found it quite stimulating. There was some stinging but it actually felt quite revitalizing as small red marks began to appear all over. Inga dropped the birch and started to spank me on my arse cheeks, causing me to laugh out loud. I had been spanked before by a much stronger lady and the more Inga spanked the more I laughed. There was something about the situation that I found very funny but my laughing somewhat irritated Inga.

"Turn over Rick," Inga ordered in a firm voice, staring at my hard on as I obeyed her instruction, her hand reaching for a new bunch of birch leaves.

Carefully Inga whipped the birch across my chest immediately causing small red marks on my hot pink skin. Gradually the leaves and twigs moved down my body and I braced myself for the inevitable pain of the birch on my genitals.

"Ahhhhhhh shit!" I screamed as a flash of pain burst from my cock and balls and I jumped off the bench.

Inga dropped the birch in shock at my reaction and grabbed hold of me.

"Oh Rick, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you so much, oh I was upset by your laughing at my spanking, I'm so sorry," she cried as she hugged herself to me.

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