tagLesbian SexFiona and Her Work Colleagues

Fiona and Her Work Colleagues



Fiona was excited. She had a knot in the pit of her stomach with anticipation. Rarely did she have the opportunity to indulge herself but this afternoon was one such occasion. She had read from the rota that she was not required in her overseeing role at the DIY store where she worked. It was a pleasant surprise. She had written on the calendar that she was working, a mistake which favoured her for a change.

At home and alone, Fiona had switched on the computer. Before the welcome screens had finished displaying their data, she had unzipped her skirt and let it fall in a puddle about her feet. She then hooked her thumbs into the elastic waistband of her panties and lowered them to join the skirt. Fiona was now virtually naked from the waist down. Her stockings and suspender belt covered very little. She opened her blouse and unfastened her bra.

Fiona started to explore her vast library of photographs saved from the internet. She had been collecting these for several years and had thousands of images.

The first picture she stopped at showed a young woman of about twenty, dressed in navy blue, lifting the top and bra of a much more mature woman. She was looking away in embarrassment as her breasts were exposed. The second picture showed another mature woman, skirt off, knickers around her ankles, lying over the lap of a woman dressed as a schoolgirl. A sound spanking was about to be delivered. What was unusual about this was the mature woman was smiling.

As she looked at the pictures Fiona slowly started to stroke her fast wetting twat and to pull her left nipple. As she was reaching a climax a camera flash disturbed her. Fiona looked over her shoulder to see Jenny, her daughter, holding a digital camera, having just captured the scene.

"Well, that is a great picture, mum." said Jenny.

"What are you going to do with that?" asked Fiona with some hesitation in her voice.

"That all depends on what you do next. If you co-operate, I might delete the picture but if you don't co-operate I definitely will show it to some of your friends." replied Jenny.

"What do you want me to do?" asked Fiona as the humiliation of her predicament created another surge of sexual tension.

"Firstly come over here and remove your blouse and bra." instructed Jenny.

Fiona hesitated at first but was in great fear of being exposed to outsiders. How could she live with the shame. Slowly and reluctantly she stood up out of the chair, walked across to her daughter and shrugged off her blouse and bra.

"Now I want you to get me off. I became aroused watching you." demanded Jenny.

"Don't make me do that, Jenny. It is wrong. You are my daughter." recoiled Fiona.

Jenny snarled, "Do you want all your friends to see you playing with yourself?"

Whilst excited by the idea of being exposed to her friends,Fiona was defeated. She lifted Jenny's dress and slid her hand into her daughter's panties and started to feel around. Even though she was becoming highly aroused Jenny still managed to take more photographs ensuring Fiona's face was clearly visible in each.

Even though she knew it was wrong, Fiona also started to become more excited as she massaged her daughter towards climax. Both their faces flushed and Fiona secretly started to rub herself. They came together.


In her tea break, Jenny, who worked at the same DIY store as her mother, was talking to the Manager, Kirsty. They had been friends for a long time even though Kirsty was about ten years older. Jenny and Kirsty often shared intimate secrets about their lives. They both got vicarious pleasure hearing about each other's sex exploits. Thus it was that the explicit photographs of Fiona were seen for the first time by Kirsty.

"Fiona has a fabulous body for a woman of 41. Who is the other woman? Oh it is you, you dirty cow." giggled Kirsty.

"She got me so hot watching what she was doing and when she obeyed me and felt inside my panties I came pretty quickly." replied Jenny.

"She obeyed you? You mean you have some control over her." asked Kirsty.

"Yes, I suppose so. I said I would show others the photographs if she didn't obey" Jenny said.

Kirsty thought for a few minutes and a plan began to emerge in her mind.

"Jenny, I know she is your mum but could I use the pictures against Fiona. We have special night coming up at the store. I need a greeter and a waitress for the visitors. The person needs to perform some embarrassing acts and blackmail might be the way to ensure everything goes off smoothly." Kirsty requested.

"Oh that sounds exciting. I will let you use the photographs on one condition." said Jenny.

"What is the condition?"

"That not only do you use my mum but you also use me in those roles on the evening. I always had a desire to be commanded to do naughty things. It creates the excitement without the guilt because you are being forced." explained Jenny

"It is a deal ." smirked Kirsty.


One Monday morning, at the end of October Kirsty called Fiona to her office. When Fiona arrived Kirsty threw down enlargements of the photographs Jenny had taken. Fiona felt as if she had been hit in the stomach but she immediately started to become damp with the humiliation of knowing that one of her managers had seen the compromising photographs.

"You are going to do everything I tell you or these are being pinned up in the staff canteen." said Kirsty.

"I suppose you have copies?" asked Fiona, but she betrayed herself by starting to get even more wet.

"Of course I have copies. You are going to provide service for three people from Head Office who are visiting this Wednesday evening. There will be another woman helping you. You will find out who that is on the night." instructed Kirsty.

"Yes, Ms Young." replied Fiona, as a delicious shiver ran through her body.


On Wednesday night Fiona arrived at the store and went to the visitor's suite. Kirsty met her and gave her a uniform to wear. This consisted of a white blouse, black skirt, stockings and suspender belt. She was instructed to get changed and that she must follow all requests made by anyone or the pictures would be made public.

Fiona calmed down. Perhaps this would not be too bad. It might even be exciting. She went to the changing room, changed quickly and returned to Kirsty.

"Very nice!" purred Kirsty, "But let me make a few changes"

Kirsty undid the top three buttons of Fiona's blouse. Fiona was not too worried, She was wearing a bra. However what happened next was a real surprise. Kirsty reached round Fiona and tucked the hem and most of the skirt into the waistband, exposing Fiona's panties at the back.

"There, that looks better. I want you to behave as if you didn't know your knickers were on display. As if it is an accident of adjusting you clothes" instructed Kirsty.

Fiona felt a delightful tingle in her stomach which slid down and made her cunt wet.

Kirsty then took Fiona's hand and led her to the Visitor's door. Fiona saw her helper and realised it was her daughter, Jenny. Jenny was also dressed similarly but her skirt was as it should be.

Kirsty instructed the two maids to greet the visitors and bring them to the entertainment suite.

Two minutes later the door bell rang and Jenny opened the door and was met by Jane, an old school friend of Kirsty, Sue and Jim, a married couple. All three worked at Head Office. As they entered Jane noticed Fiona's state of dress. Jane commented that it would look better if Fiona's knickers were at her stocking tops and the front of the skirt was tucked in the waistband as well. Sue agreed and with Jane's help they adjusted Fiona's clothes.

"Thank you, Mesdames" whispered Fiona. She was excited by her own lewd display.

"Don't you dare look at her, Jim or I will punish you." declared Sue. "Now show us to Kirsty." continued Sue to the waitresses.

When they arrived at the suite Kirsty greeted Jane and Sue with a kiss. She totally ignored Jim. Turning to Jenny, Kirsty said "I think your clothing should match your mother's. When we sit down, come and stand in front of us and alter your clothing."

Jenny moved in front of the seated guest, who were making small talk, and lifted the hem of her skirt at the front and tucked it into the waistband. Without being told she turned around and raised the back. Turning back, Jenny slid down her knickers. The light sparkled of her moist twat for all to see.

"You are a naughty little girl , aren't you?" smiled Jane.

"Oh yes," breathed Jenny.

"OK waitresses, let us have a cup of coffee each and be quick about it." demanded Kirsty.

The three visitors and Kirsty indulged in some small talk as they drank their coffee. Jim kept trying to take furtive glances at Fiona and Jenny much to the annoyance of Sue. However Sue and Jane were very open about their enjoyment of the lewd scene in front of them

"Fiona, come here and remove your daughter's skirt and knickers. Then Jenny do the same for your mother." instructed Kirsty.

Fiona couldn't help herself and had a quick feel of Jenny's twat as she undressed her. There was now a copious amount of fluid. Jenny reciprocated for her mother. She was equally excited.

"Jim, what are you doing watching?" shouted Sue. "You need punishing. Stand up and remove your trousers and underpants immediately and give me your belt."

Jim jumped up and complied with terror in his eyes.

"Shirt off as well, as it is covering your private parts. They wont be so private in a minute" demanded Sue. "Now hands behind your head and don't you dare get an erection."

Of course Jim got an erection. It was strangely exciting to be displayed in front of five women.

"Jane, I think you should punish Jim. Kirsty can help." Sue said.

Jim was draped across the arm of a sofa. Kirsty held him down whilst Jane lashed into his naked buttocks with his own belt. Jim's erection subsided quickly and he was soon promising to do anything if they stopped hitting him.

Kirsty helped Jim up. She had him stand facing Fiona and Jenny and told him to start stoking his penis but not to come.

Jane walked over to the two waitresses and stood behind them so as not to block the view and removed first Jenny's blouse and bra then Fiona's. Jim started to quiver then stopped stroking his penis.

"Why have you stopped?" Sue demanded.

"I was on the point of coming." Jim replied.

"I tell you what." Sue said, "Every time you stop stroking your penis, I am going to use your belt on you. When you start stroking again I will stop"

Jim let out a groan and started stroking again.

"I want you to watch the show the waitresses put on" said Jane.

Jane, with a wicked smile on her face, told Fiona and Jenny, now clad in only stockings and suspender belts, to kiss. They lent together and gave each other a peck.

"No, that wont do. Let's get some passion into it. Open mouths and tongues, girls." demanded Jane.

Mother and daughter put enthusiasm into the kiss and Jenny began to feel her mother's left breast. Fiona started to rub her daughter's pussy.

At this point Jim could no longer hold back and gushed over his hand and onto the floor.

"Oh dear, you are clearly not fit to be in our company. Clean up the mess with your mouth and wait in the car" instructed Sue.

As Jim did as he was told, Jane told him to report to her office tomorrow morning for some training.

Fiona and Jenny had now become extremely aroused. They had been watching out of the corners of their eyes as they put on their own lewd display. However Kirsty stopped them and sent them to pour and serve drinks.

When the three clothed women had received their drinks, Kirsty instructed Fiona to sit on Jane's lap and Jenny to sit on Sue's lap. As Jane and Sue investigated the breasts, bottoms and twats of the naked waitresses, Fiona was told to explain how she had arrived in the situation. Fiona gave every detail of being caught masturbating to the internet pictures which only served to heighten her current arousal. When Jenny explained that she had voluntarily requested to be treated in the same way as her mother both she and her mother came in an intense orgasm.

After Fiona and Jenny had calmed down a little, Kirsty positioned them in the wheelbarrow position, with their elbows and lower arms on the floor and their legs spread, with each thigh supported on the opposite arms of the armchairs occupied by of Sue and Jane. Both Fiona and Jenny were face down with their bums and pussies easily accessible to the seated women as their legs were either side of the visitors.

"This is a lovely position." declared Sue. "What shall we do with the waitresses?"

"I think you have been very naughty, Fiona." smirked Jane as she brought her hand down with some force on Fiona's left buttock.

All Fiona did was to let out a contented sigh.

Sue copied her friend on Jenny's buttock. So a competition began between Jane and Sue as to who could spank the hardest and the fastest. Both Fiona and Jenny became very aroused as this continued. At one point, when Sue and Jane used their non-spanking hands to stroke the waitresses' cunts, Fiona and Jenny came in unison with shuddering climaxes.

When Kirsty asked what else could be used to spank the waitresses, it was Fiona who informed Kirsty that there were wooden serving spoons on the table. This remark made Jane and Sue chuckle but Jenny just groaned.

Sue suggested that there were "positions" for both of them at Head Office.

Kirsty laughed and asked if she could keep them at the store. "We always welcome visitors from Head Office, though!"

"We look forward to serving you again, anyway that you want" added Fiona and Jenny in unison.

"Well, we have not finished this evening yet" said Jane. "Get over here and use your tongues to satisfy us. Take your time. It is not a race."

For the next hour Fiona and Jenny serviced the other three women by licking their soaking twats and fingering their rosebud anuses. Kirsty, Sue and Jane climaxed repeatedly. Fiona and Jenny secretly enjoyed the experience as well.

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