tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFiona the Deal Facilitator Ch. 06

Fiona the Deal Facilitator Ch. 06


Roughly seven months in to Fiona's new job role I received a phone call from Francis asking if I could pop down for a little chat. Yeah of course I can I told him and didn't really think much of it as from what I could make out from the big cheques landing through our door, Fiona's attributes had been doing the trick for his business. Still I arranged to meet him that afternoon and headed over there and knocked on his door at around two in the afternoon.

"Ali, glad you could come down, have a seat." Francis said ushering me towards the one in front of his desk.

"Is there a problem then Francis, I hope Fiona is still performing well and earning us all some cash?" I joked with him with a big smile on my face and he laughed with me and confirmed that Fiona was still a prize asset.

"No Fiona is working just fine, in fact she's just attending to a problematic bit of business now, you know these Russian bastards drive a particularly hard bargain at times, so thank god we have Fiona on hand to facilitate these tough negotiations.

"Any chance I can get a look at what she's up to, I've not had that many opportunities to see her at work should we say?" I said to Francis who nodded of course as he could hardly deny me when if it wasn't for me he'd have no Fiona to whore for his clients.

He reached out and aimed a remote at the big plasma TV on the wall and it pinged in to life and a big camera from Fiona's office filled the screen as well as her noisy squeals of passion as she took a big Russians cock in her cunt from behind on the big sofas. Sitting on one of the stools naked and sporting a solid erection was a smaller man.

"The big man fucking Fiona is Artur and the man on the stool is Vadim, both very wealthy and very powerful men over in Russia and with Fiona's help we'll be able to strike up a very lucrative partnership," he said, "But that's not why I called you here Ali," Francis said turning my attention away from my whore doing what she did best and taking cock.

"Ok, so what's up?" I asked glancing back at the screen every now and then to watch Fiona in action.

"I've had to sack Steve Jesson, the useless bastard has lost the morale of his department because he's such a prick and now we are serious danger of losing a good contract, Fiona already had to spend a whole day sweetening him up when Steve first fucked up the order, now it's looking like we aren't going to meet the second deadline as the staff won't do fuck all," he said looking at me in a fairly desperate way.

"Well how does this involve me Francis, I don't quite get you?" I said.

"Would I be able to use Fiona as a bargaining chip with the staff on just that department and contract, they work like fuck to hit deadline and Fiona tends to a few needs?" he asked, still looking desperate.

"What benefits do I get out of it, it's not like you're getting any extra financial reward so how will I be rewarded?" I asked simply before turning to watch Fiona as she was laid out on her back ready to accept Vadim's seven inches.

"I'm sure we could work out a percentage of the order if deadlines are hit," Francis said.

"A percentage of that order and whatever Fiona is earning for you now add two per cent on to hers and my cut," I said turning back to the screen as Fiona squealed out an orgasm and came on the Russian's cock.

"Deal," he said looking pleased with himself again knowing that he had a secret weapon at his disposal.

"When and how are you going to get the staff to hear, see and agree to your proposition?" I asked him.

"Well I'm holding a meeting with them after shift tonight when the warehouse will be on change over and less people about, I'll then spell it out and I was thinking of getting Fiona to give a little demonstration as to what was on offer. I'm sure there may be some negotiating but I'm prepaired for that," he told me.

"Negotiating? How'd you mean?" I asked.

"Well the deadline isn't until Christmas but we are so far behind they might want regular incentive sessions shall we say to keep their foot on the gas for the next four or five months," he said.

"I see Francis, well for each time Fiona has to conduct this extra work I'll expect a handsome cheque through the post and I'm sure you know what I mean by handsome don't you Francis?" I smiled and we both laughed as he nodded and said he understood.

"Another thing, I'd like to stick around to see this meeting and the workforce Fiona will be looking after," I said, "And is there some where I can go and watch this in peace?" I asked pointing towards the screen.

"Yeah sure use Derek's office he's out today, if you need me I'll be in here until Fiona's done then I'll be with them hopefully sealing the deal in writing, I'll knock on when we go to the warehouse," he said as I went to exit his office.

I stopped as something came to me, "Francis, don't let Fiona know I'm here until we head to the meeting."

"Sure," he said and then I left and headed to watch the rest of Fiona in action.

I don't know how long Fiona had been in with the two Russian blokes before I arrived at two but I was still watching her at three fifteen as she crammed Artur's big Russian dick back in to her own arsehole, before sitting down on it completely and then laying back against his big hairy Russian chest and without the need to be asked or reminded she splayed her legs and held them back at the knee and told the other Russian, Vadim to fill her cunt.

He like so many before him didn't need a second invitation and easily slid his cock inside her well fucked and lubricated pussy to fill her pussy like his mate was filling her arsehole beneath them. By three twenty five her cunt and arse had done the trick and by three twenty seven she was on the balls of her feet between the two cleaning off their cocks. Sperm was stringing from both her holes almost touching the floor before it broke off and pooled underneath her.

Once satisfied that she'd cleaned off their dicks they spoke some Russian and walked away from her to where their clothes were and like Fiona I watched them dress and then head to the door, Fiona had staggered to the door on her wobbly legs and before they left she said something that she said to all the clients she entertained.

"Thank you for using my mouth, pussy and arsehole with your big cocks, it's all part of the service," she said totally straight faced as if it was normal for her now, well after seven months I suppose it was.

As the last Russian left the door, Vadim, turned and in English but with a heavy Russian accent said to Fiona, "Fucking English trash whore," and then calmly walked away leaving Fiona motionless at the door but still she seemed unconcerned by what he'd said. She was now so used to being used and humiliated by rich powerful men that she'd heard it all before.

I watched Fiona clean up and take a shower in her adjoining wet room and then dress again in one of the many outfits she'd been bought by the men involved in her new role, today she'd left work in a trouser and blouse combo but was now slipping on a small pair of frilly crutch less white knickers that her puffy pussy lips still poked through. She then put her white stockings and suspenders on with a garter belt and slipped in to and then buckled up her white high heels. The bra she put on was a peephole that was designed to have a frilly piece of material either side of her dark areola where her swollen nipple could poke and point out from. She fixed her hair and make-up in the mirror and was back looking like a total fucking slut in no time at all.

She then left the room.

I looked around for a remote like the one Francis had and found it on the filing cabinet in the corner of Derek's room and saw that from it I was able to flick through the various cameras, expertly installed by Francis's mate and his two young helpers if you can remember. I flicked past Francis's room and saw him laughing and joking with the Russians, obviously Fiona's skills had had a good effect. I eventually found Fiona on the camera that was in the waiting area just as you came out the lift.

She was sat on a stool that was turned round so that she was leaning over the back with her tits hanging over her arms and her back and pushed out bum facing towards the lift, I liked what they made her do I'd seen her in this position many times before when I'd logged in to the cameras. She was made to sit like this until she was called upon by any of the directors or managers or if required a client. After an hour of sitting like this the lift dinged and Robin Wilfindon followed by John Dryden walked in to the area.

"Even after seven months you can't get bored of a view like that when you enter the office can you John?" he said turning and laughing and john joined in instantly as he strode towards Fiona.

"You certainly can't Robin," he said stepping up behind her and from the look on Fiona's face at least three fingers had just entered her well fucked cunt, "You been entertaining our clients again you fucking whore?" he said as I watched her face screw up and his arm behind her piston in and out a few times, his fingers violating her cunt through the opening in her knickers.

"Yes Mr Dryden I have," she said through gritted teeth as he continued to invade her.

Removing his hand he held it to his nose and sniffed and then walked round to the front of Fiona and pushed it in to her mouth for her to clean him up, once done he smiled at her, pulled her nipples and walked off laughing before shouting, "Keep up the good work."

Again Fiona was left on her own sat on the stool, exposed, on show like a trophy or ornament, obediently waiting to be called upon or allowing herself to be felt up, fondled and fingered by whoever wanted too. I heard Robin and John enter the other office, Robin's I assumed and then twenty minutes later I heard Francis in the corridor as he went to show the two Russians Vadim & Artur out towards the door next to where Fiona was displayed.

I watched Fiona as the voices could be heard walking down the corridor and as they came in to view on the edge of the screen she looked and smiled towards the three men approaching her. They continued walking until they were stood in front and to the side of Fiona where Francis began to speak to the two Russians.

"Well Vadim, Artur, thank you for signing up with us to what shall hopefully be a very lucrative partnership," he paused a moment and reached out for Fiona's right nipple which he pinched between his finger and thumb before rolling it around so that she moaned a little, "And if there is anything we can do for you in the future don't hesitate to call upon us will you?" he said smiling at Fiona.

"Your hospitability has been most generous Francis," Vadim said smirking at Fiona, "We'll be sure to bare you in mind," he said as he reached out for Fiona's left breast and stroked in gently before smiling and heading towards the lift with Artur in tow.

Once they'd left Francis strode over too Fiona with a massive grin on his face and a purpose in his stride, and as soon as he was in reach of Fiona he lashed out with his right hand and slapped her hard on the bottom.

"Arrrghhh," she squealed and recoiled at the unexpected punishment to her bottom.

He then stood behind her and pulled her head back by the hair and made her arch her back pushing her tits out, he lowered his head nearer her ear and said, "You are one fantastic fucking whore Fiona, another big deal in the bag thanks to that cunt of yours," he then released her head and she resumed the position.

"Thank you Mr Mulherne," she said after him as he strode away.

With Fiona not knowing I was on the premises it was good for me to see how she acted and was treated, I know I have the camera system rigged up at home but I don't and can't sit and watch all day although I'd really like too. I looked at the clock and realised I didn't have to long to wait for this meeting that Francis wanted to hold nothing much was happening with Fiona as she sat like a good whore.

As the clock ticked round to five o clock I noticed Fiona getting slightly agitated and kept looking at the clock, I wondered if she was made to stay there until told otherwise, which would make sense so I presumed that she was beginning to wonder why she was still sat on the stool, left there, abandoned. By ten past she was even more agitated and it wasn't until she heard an office door open, as I did, that she sat still as obviously instructed.

A moment later there was a knock on the door and Francis popped his head in and said, "Come on its meeting time."

I clicked off the TV with the remote and followed him out towards Fiona.

Before we reached the waiting area he stopped at a cupboard and pulled out a long trench jacket and carried it with him towards where Fiona was seated. When we came in to the waiting area her face was one of puzzlement and anticipation as she saw me heading towards her with a devious grin on my face.

"Whore," I said at her.

"Owner," she said, "What are you," she went to say but I held my finger to my lip and she instantly went quiet.

"It doesn't matter why I'm here whore, that's my business. Good work with the two Russians by the way I can't wait for that cheque to land," I said as she lowered her eyes almost ashamed that I'd watched her whore herself for the company in order to seal the deal, even though she knew I knew all about it.

"Her put this on, we have a meeting and things to attend to down in the warehouse," Francis said helping her from the stool and handing her the long coat.

Fiona pulled it on and fastened the buttons and belt down and across the front ensuring that she was covered and fastened properly, her heels and stocking covered calves could be seen but without knowing she was in peephole gear you'd say she was in business attire.

I followed behind Francis and Fiona down the lift and then through a series of doors and corridors and past some racking and shelving. Like Francis had said the warehouse was almost deserted at this moment with just a few stragglers going to clock out, the night shift wasn't due on till six so all was quiet. We eventually came to the far end of the warehouse where in front of a little office standing around a few pallets with boxes on stood eight men in dusty clothes and Hi-Viz vests.

Following Francis as he strode in to the middle of the half sort of circle all the men hushed up as their boss stood before them.

"Right gentlemen," he began as Fiona and myself stood just behind him waiting as he conducted the meeting that I knew the contents of, but Fiona did not, "You'll be aware that Steve has had to be relieved of his position due to him totally fucking up the order, morale seems to be low and productivity has dropped to ridiculously low amounts and it's not good enough. We need this deadline at Christmas meeting but we are well behind," he said.

There was a few murmurings from the men and like Francis I got the feeling that the men weren't too keen on busting their balls to get the job done so he went straight in with the incentive offer.

"Now I'm getting the feeling that the willingness to work six day weeks for the next few months to see the order out is not going down to well so how would an incentive bonus for you all help persuade you to help me out?" he asked all the men but was looking at the older guy in the green Hi-Viz emblazoned with the words team leader for an answer.

"Well it depends on the incentive Mr Mulherene, Steve screwed us real bad down here and a lot of us feel you as a company don't give to hoots about us," the team leader said as nods of approval from the men followed his statement.

"You'll be financially rewarded for any overtime you do but I also have a different sort of incentive that may appeal to you guys, although it's a little different and your absolute discretion would have to be a must. Any disclosure of such an incentive to other employees will firstly result in the incentive being removed, then the big mouth will be fired and he'll ruin what I feel is an incentive better than anything you've had before," Francis said to green vest laying it out without giving away the finer details.

I'd already noticed Fiona shuffle uneasily on her feet when Francis was talking about incentives so I knew her well enough to know that she had probably figured what the incentive would be involving.

"Are we interested lads?" green vest asked the seven others who still seemed a little sceptical.

Eventually he was told they were interested depending on what was additionally on offer.

I looked around the group surveying who was next in line to be granted access to Fiona's attributes. Green vest, the team leader was probably mid-fifties and quite a thin man, the others were all younger probably ranging between eighteen and late thirties. A couple of them looked scruffy and tired , one or two were tall and strong and athletically built, but I noticed that none of them were wearing wedding rings, not that it meant none were married, it just made me assume that Francis's job of convincing them wouldn't be met with too much obstruction if all the men were single.

"Come here Fiona," Francis said, not even looking at her as he pointed to the floor in front of him.

She hesitantly walked and stood in front of Francis only to be told to turn round and face the men, which she did and stood looking at the eight pairs of eyes on her. It was obvious that the men knew her, and had seen her around but more than likely in her old job role so the looks of confusion were expected from the men.

As Francis began addressing the men again he reached from behind Fiona and began undoing her belt and then her buttons beginning at the top, "You'll probably all know Fiona from her time as our accounts manager," he began her belt flopping loose and her top button of six popping open, "Well seven months ago some new attributes and skills that Fiona possesses were identified and she's now got a new job role," he continued as I moved in to a different position to see the next two buttons come open and her cleavage begin to show. "The skills Fiona has help us win contracts and seal deals so she is readily equipped to help you men achieve the desired outcome in December," he said as the coat came open and her tits and nipples came in to full view for the men and the mood seemed to instantly lighten.

He bent down to undo the last two buttons that were the only things stopping her pussy being seen and as they fell open smiles spread across all the faces of the men before us as well as hushed remarks and sniggering, he eased the coat from her shoulders and tossed it on a box to the side, Francis then slapped the inside of her thighs and she slid her feet apart a fraction. Not enough for Francis as he slapped her a bit harder and she went shoulder width apart with her legs.

He then came and stood to the side of her and began talking to the men again as if conducting a presentation with Fiona as his prop, "I think you'll all agree that Fiona here is one fine piece of pussy?" he asked looking at the men for response.

Eventually one of the taller, younger more well-built men spoke up breaking the awkward silence, "Yeah she's looking good for an older bird, certainly looks better like this than in those expensive suits."

And then the others all began voicing their agreement, some choosing to comment on her tits but nearly all agreeing with the big lad that she looked better like this than in her previous role. And Francis smiled knowing that his plan was moving along nicely.

"Yes I have to agree, the suits she used to wear are nothing to what she has to wear in her office nowadays," Francis said, "Anyway this is how I envisage the incentive system working, " he began. "For the first month I will look at the production rates at the end of each week on the Sunday, if I'm happy that you lads are keeping your end of the deal then Fiona here will visit this department first thing Monday morning and she will stay here until she has gave each of you your weekly incentive," he said and looked around the men as they smiled and continued to stare at Fiona's tits and pussy.

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