tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFiona's Work Life Changes Ch. 03

Fiona's Work Life Changes Ch. 03


I won't go in to all the details about the mornings events, its safe to say we arrived in the car park at our usual time of 08:20 and parked up where we had for the last two days; Fiona was again braless and sitting in the back of the car with her blouse undone and her big boobs naked. She was sitting behind me but sort of facing the rear door behind the passenger door with one leg in the foot well behind me and the other up on the chair just in front of her at a 45 degree angle. Her shorter than normal skirt I'd chosen for her to wear for work was pushed right up and her black suspenders and matching thong were on show.

We just needed Mark to arrive.

On the dot he swung in the car park and pulled along side me smiling as he exited his vehicle.

My window was already down and I told him to get in the back on the far side.

"Ok," he said walking round and opening the door and sliding in next to his open legged and bare chested manager.

"Good morning to you too Fiona," he said admiring his greeting with a massive grin.

"Morning Mark," she said shuffling over a little and moving her hands to his belt buckle without any hassle from Mark.

Mark's grin somehow got even bigger when he knew what was happening and once Fiona had unbuckled his belt and opened his trousers her pulled his shirt out and unbuttoned it. Mark had a firm chest and toned stomach so must've worked out a little but I was just as eager as Fiona to see what would be using her mouth and with a pull and yank Fiona had his trousers and boxers in a heap round his feet.

"May I sit another way owner?" she asked and of course I told her to get in the best position possible.

She spun around and got on her hands and knees pointing her arse at the window and hovering her head over Mark's rapidly swelling dick.

His cock was pretty decent and I guess at about 7" with a nice girth, similar to the purple dildo in length and width; but where the dildo had a pointy tip he had a large pink dome and two big veins running the length of his shaft.

Fiona then reached out with her slender smooth fingers and gripped her assistants cock for the first time.

"I've waited for this day for a long time Fiona but even more so since Monday," he said leaning back against the seat.

Marks cock had swollen to it's maximum length in her hand and she closed her fingers and thumb tight around it and jerked it a few times before she lowered her head to within half an inch of his helmet.

Mark couldn't help but let out his own little yelp as he felt the wetness of Fiona's tongue circle his helmet before she dropped the tip of her tongue in to his japs eye.

"Oh shit!" he gasped.

But Fiona's tongue was gone and she was now licking down his shaft around his shaven balls, I knew what he was feeling now as Fiona was an excellent cocksucker and his eyes closed shut told it's own story.

She spent a good five minutes working her tongue round his helmet, shaft and balls making sure she did a good job on him and lubricated his pole all over, she then lifted her head and hovered it over his throbbing cock for a moment watching it twitch freely as she had taken her hands away.

Mark opened his eyes at this point to see where Fiona had gone.

Fiona lifted her head and looked at Mark and said , "This is for making you cover for me Mark."

And she sunk her head opening her mouth at the same time and taking his helmet and shaft in her mouth and down her throat in one continuous motion until his cock hit the back of her throat and she gagged before coming up for air.

She caught her breath and then put her lips round his helmet and closed her lips tight as if it was a cunt and then she lowered her mouth maybe four inches peeling his foreskin back at the same time and then pulling back up.

She then gripped his cock with left hand right at the base and keeping his foreskin peeled right down and then she began to give Mark one of her tight wet expert blowjobs that I can vouch for.

She had a good twenty minutes to milk his balls and I knew only to well without even looking at Marks screwed up face that he'd do well to last over ten minutes; I turned myself in my seat to get a decent view of her head and mouth working on his pole and then turned on the video camera on my phone to get the seedy scene on tape.

Neither of them saw me doing this as Fiona was engrossed in milking Marks balls and he hadn't opened his eyes since her mouth swallowed him, so for the next twelve minutes I was able to record Fiona whoring her mouth out and capture the moment when her assistants cock twitched and I knew he was ready to unload.

"I'm gonna come," he said opening his eyes to look at me not even registering the phone recording, or not even caring, "Where can I come I'm really going to come soon," he said as his cock twitched again and he pushed his groin up sending his meat in to Fiona's mouth quicker than she expected.

"Come in her mouth Mark and she'll swallow your come like a good whore, isn't that right whore?" I asked after telling Mark he was free to unload in her mouth.

"Mmmppphh ummmpphh," she mumbled not missing a beat as she prepared to taste his cream.

"Here I come Fiona you naughty bitch, swallow my come you cocksucker," he said holding her head down with both hands as his dick pulsated three then four and five times as I recorded her cheeks bulging.

Eventually her cheeks returned to normal size as she swallowed his load with his dick still firmly wedged in her throat.

"Show Mark that you enjoyed his come whore," I told her still recording the action.

Fiona lifted her head and I got a good shot of Mark's saliva coated dick and then of Fiona opening her mouth and tilting her head back so that Mark could see her empty throat.

"You really are a dirty bitch aren't you Fiona," he said not really as a question but more of a statement of he was now beginning to view his manager.

"Right off you go Mark I'll run Fiona up today as were a bit early and I'll see you here tomorrow same time.

"Looking forward to it all ready," he said sorting himself out in a hurry and leaving my car.

I gave Fiona her bra and she dressed before I drove up to the front of her building a couple of minutes away and pulled up at the kerb.

I then gave Fiona the instructions I wanted her to follow for the day, "When you get in at about nine fifteen I want you to call me and put me on loudspeaker and then call Mark in to your office, your then going to tell him that sucking his cock made you so wet this morning that you just had to show him. You'll do this by sitting on your desk and splaying your legs and pulling your knickers aside," I told her.

"Yes owner," was all I needed to hear.

"I suggest if your cunt isn't soaking wet you better play with yourself because I'll be asking Mark to confirm it is ok?" I added.

"Yes Owner," she again replied.

"At eleven o clock you'll stop by Marks desk and tell him your going to the toilet to masturbate and that at dinner he will wait at his desk for you to bring your knickers to him then he may go to lunch. Again I'll be asking Mark to confirm that you followed my instructions to the letter, ok?" I said waiting for her reply.

"Yes owner," was again what I wanted to hear.

"At a quarter to five you'll call Mark in to your office after you have rang me and left it on speakerphone, you then have fifteen minutes to make yourself come and ask Mark to use your knickers to mop up you dripping pussy, and remember I want you in this car at two minutes past five like normal so you best hurry. again Mark will confirm your obedience, do you understand you whore?"

"Yes owner," she said.

"You best hurry because you have to call me in thirteen minutes," I said as she jumped out the car and quickly walked in to work.

I drove off back to the car park we now used for Fiona's sordid scenes to take place and waited for her call.

My phone buzzed bang on the dot and I answered immediately, "Whore am I on loudspeaker?"

"Yes owner," she said

"Did you need to play with your cunt?" I asked.

"Only a little owner," she replied.

"Good, call Mark in," I told her and then listened. I could hear her door open and then heard her shout across the room.

"Mark can I see you in my office for a second please," she sounded a little nervous about doing such things at work but it's to be expected and in time I'm sure she'll find it second nature to act like this at work.

A few seconds later I heard the door close and a bit of noise that sounded like movement of papers on the desk.

Next I heard Fiona's voice, "Mark I thought you'd want to know that sucking your cock this morning has made me so wet that I thought it's only fair to show you."

I then heard movement and presumed she was spreading and pulling her knickers aside, this is when I spoke, "Hi Mark," I said.

"Uh, hello," he said sounding confused.

"Don't worry Mark I just want you to do a few things for me toady," I said.

"What?" he asked.

"I'll just need to speak to you a few times during the day to make sure Fiona is doing as I asked, is that ok?" I asked.

"Yeah no problem," he said sounding intrigued.

"Ok good, right about now Mark I hope Fiona is up on the desk with her legs spread showing you her pussy?" I asked.

"Yep she sure is," he confirmed.

"Good, now Mark she has just told you that sucking your cock made her very wet, would you say her cunt was suitably wet?" I asked him

"Errm, I'd say so," he said a little unconvincing.

"Mark get closer and have a look, get right between her legs and have a good look if it's wet enough," I told him and listened as he moved closer between her legs.

"Oh yeah," he said, "It's fucking soaked," he confirmed.

"Ok good that's all for now Mark you can leave Fiona now," I said as I heard movement and the door open and close as he left, "Well done whore I'll speak to you later," I said and then hung up the phone.

At five past one I rang Fiona and she answered on the third ring.

"Whore, put me through to Mark's phone," I said.

"Yes owner, right away," she said as the line clicked and hummed a bit and then Mark's voice was saying hello.

"Mark, tell me what happened at eleven o clock today," I asked him.

"Fiona came across and said she was going toilet to frig herself off and ten twenty minutes later she returned and told me to wait at my desk until twelve as she had a present for me," he said in a hushed voice.

"Perfect, and did she bring you her present at twelve?" I asked.

"Well it was more like ten past twelve because I was talking to John and Nick about lunch until then and when they went she bought me her soaking knickers," he said in the same hushed voice.

"Ten past twelve isn't what was agreed, ok thanks Mark," I said and he hung up the phone.

I dialled Fiona again, "Whore why did you deliver your knickers at ten past twelve and not twelve," I said in as angry a tone as possible to show my disappointment.

"I...I couldn't owner, John and Nick were at Mark's desk," she said pleading her case.

"It's not good enough whore, in future you will deliver on time and have to find a way of passing your knickers in the presence of others, if you get caught that's your fault, not mine," I told her, "I'll see you in the car at two past five," and then I hung up the phone.

My phone blasted in to life at bang on a quarter to five and Fiona told me I was now on speaker phone, again I listened as she called Mark to her office and the same door closing was heard then some noise and then Fiona spoke.

"Mark I have fifteen minutes to make myself come and then you are to mop up my cunt with my knickers that you have, I then have to be in the car at two minutes past five," she said.

"Hell that's fine by me you dirty bitch I suggest you get cracking," he said with excitement in his voice.

"Tell me where the whore is sitting Mark, I want to picture the scene," I told him.

"She's on her chair with one foot on the floor and one foot on the desk, the bitch has three fingers in her cunt already and is pulling her nipple, man your one lucky son of a bitch," he said.

"And you are where?" I asked.

"I'm standing right in front of her watching," he said.

"Good. Mark I'm going to have to sort some sort of way of rigging up a webcam in her office so that I can see what's going on, if I provide the equipment are you able to set that up for me?" I asked him.

"Least I can do," he said.

"Good Mark, enjoy the show," I said and then listened in silence to Fiona mashing her fingers in to her sloppy cunt as her breathing got heavier and heavier until she was constantly letting out little groans as she flicked and fingered herself to a noisy orgasm,"

After she had come I spoke to Mark again, "Mark did you enjoy that?"

"Oh yes," he said.

"Now wipe her cunt clean with her knickers and keep them as another souvenir, whore once he's cleaned you get your arse down here you have four minutes," I said and then hung up.

Once she was in the car I had her lift her skirt and felt her pussy, it was damp but had certainly been cleaned by Mark, I wonder if he enjoyed being in such close contact with her pussy.

Again that night I had sex with Fiona whilst Alan slept upstairs and then left her on the sofa leaking my sperm from her well fucked pussy.

I went to bed that night thinking about what I could treat Mark too and how I could humiliate Fiona at work.

TO BE CONTINUED...................

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