tagRomanceFire and Icicles

Fire and Icicles


February 14th, 7:10pm

My wife phoned about three hours ago to see how my day shaped up and what time I was leaving work. I had a horrible day; and it has now been snowing for two and half days on and off. The heater is not working correctly on my car, so I had to keep scraping the ice off the inside of my windows with my glove while navigating the traffic on the way home. Of course, everyone forgot how to drive in the snow.

I pulled into the driveway, the outside light shining on the driveway bounced off the ice lying there. A soft glow from the kitchen illuminated the hedges outside the window. I started to slide to the front door when I realized I forgot the flowers lying on the front seat.

I carefully maneuvered back to the passenger's side of my car, unlocked it and retrieved the roses lying there. I had almost forgotten it was Valentine's Day until my secretary had gotten 2 dozen roses. She had graciously sold me a dozen for triple the going rate. She very well knew a desperate man would pay any price to avoid the fight!!

I slid back to the front door, balancing my briefcase and the slightly drooping roses on my knee as I unlocked the front door with my key. I was tired. Hoping there wouldn't be too much of a big deal over the Hallmark holiday.

I felt myself relax, lulled by the sounds of the TV emanating from the living room, knowing that it meant she was hunkered down on the couch and not expecting too much. I set my briefcase down, hung up my coat and stood in the entranceway to the living room.

"Hi babe." Lexy said as she sat on the couch in her sweats and t-shirt. Her hair up in a pony tail.

"Happy Valentine's Day." I cautiously said as I handed her the twice given flowers.

"Is that today? I almost had forgotten. Thanks Derrick." She took the flowers, her fingers brushing mine. She stood and smelled them as she made her way to the kitchen. "I better put these in some water, they look a little droopy."

I watched her stroll to the kitchen, the sweatpants hugging her rear end very nicely. My wife and I have been married for almost 5 years. She is as beautiful as the day I first spied her.

"You want a beer Der?" She called from the kitchen.

"Sure." I answered as I loosened my tie. Ready to put my feet up and fall asleep on the couch I thought. I kicked off my shoes as Lex walked back in carrying my beer in a newly frosted mug.

She stood on her tip toes and kissed me as she handed me the beer. "Are you going to take a shower?"

"Yes I am." I said as I took a deep pull on the ice cold beer.

"Okay. I will just keep dinner warm until you come down." She said as she settled back into her corner of the couch and covered the lower half of her body with a blanket.

I slowly walked up the steps to take my shower, remembering what it was like in the beginning of our relationship. Valentine's Day was a big deal that first year. Candles, flowers (not re-gifted), diamonds and a romantic dinner had been part of the deal. I gazed at Lexy in her sweats, wondering when that moment comes along that you are too tired with the everyday stuff to put a lot of extra effort into the relationship.

Nothing was really wrong with our marriage. We were relaxed and comfortable in our routine. As I stripped off my work clothes I wondered what Valentine's Day would be like in another ten years? What would if be like after we had kids and more responsibilities and less time.

Those thoughts left my mind as the steam and the heat of the water filled the spaces in my head. Hot water washed away my day, my stress; and sent it all down the drain. I took a very long shower. Realizing half way through I had not asked what was for dinner.

I turned off the water and stepped onto the bath mat. Drying my face off, I lowered the towel and noticed the candles. Several candles were now lit on the back of the toilet and on the counter. Red lipstick on the mirror read, "Follow the petals Valentine."

Petals? What was that? I asked that question in my head at the same time my foot stepped onto something foreign. I looked down to see the rose petals strewn on the floor and stuck to the bottom of my foot. They looked suspiciously like the same used roses I had brought home.

I opened the door to the bedroom and the steam rushed past me. Candles flickered in there as well. My bathrobe and slippers were lying on top of the comforter. The dresser had been cleared off and set up with candles, wine glasses and two place settings. As I took everything in and continued to dry myself off, I heard a noise at the door and looked up to see Lexy standing in the door in a red and white lacy teddy. I looked from the lace cutouts where her nipples were sexily protruding from the material to her thighs where the thigh high white stockings were attached to the garter belt, down her legs to where her feet were in high heeled red shoes.

"Holy shit, sexy Lexy. You look incredible. Hot. Amazing." I was speechless.

"Thank you sir." She purred as she walked into the room and put dinner on the dresser. "Why don't you just get comfortable in your bathrobe and then we can eat!"

She was busily getting dinner ready as I pulled on my bathrobe and slipped into bed. The gorgeous curve of her ass beneath the lace trim made me forget I was even hungry and tired not ten minutes before. She pulled trays out from under the bed. I think we had gotten them as wedding gifts but had never used them our entire married life. I was still trying to find my English language that had escaped me as she put a tray over my lap and sat a plate of chicken Alfredo with peas and a glass of wine on the tray.

Lex slid into bed next to me, placing her identical tray on her lap. "Cheers to us Derrick." She raised her glass and we clinked to each other. Her eyes pools of liquid soul. A place where I sometimes sought to find something I was missing, the piece of me she had always held.

After we finished dinner, she began to clear away the dishes. I jumped out of bed. "Lex -- let me get it. You went to all this trouble, relax." I kissed her as I removed the dishes out of her hands. "Go on, get back in bed."

As I took the dishes to the kitchen I realized how much trouble she had gone to. She must have jumped off the couch as soon as I got in the shower. The entire house was full of glowing, lit candles; rose petals were all around the bed and down the stairs. I grabbed another bottle of wine from the fridge and raced back upstairs.

Lexy was in bed, the lights were off now so only the candle light illuminated her lovely face.

"Remember our first Valentine's Day?" Lex quizzed me. "When you gave me diamond earrings and we were at a very expensive dinner?"

"Yes, I remember. I was thinking about it when I was in the shower as a matter of fact. How much we celebrated the little things instead of just pretending it was another day."

"I got you a sparkling surprise this time Derrick." She said softly while her fingers traced my elbow. She kissed the crook of my arm, her lips soft and slightly moist.

I had no idea what she was talking about. "A surprise? I like surprises -- especially the ones you are dishing out this evening."

Her eyes sparkled in the candlelight. Her look was sexy and inviting as she looked at me and I could no longer refrain from wanting to ravish her over and over. I pulled her to me and kissed her over and over. She was warm and smooth and for a moment it felt as exciting and new as when I had first loved Lexy.

I ran my hands over her lace, feeling her nipples against my palm and the top of the lacey bra against my fingers. She let out a small noise as I rolled her under me. I kissed her closed eyes, the tip of her nose, her cheeks, traced her jaw line with my tongue. My fingers twirling her hair and following the curves of her ear as my hunger for Lexy grew into some raging beast I was no longer in control of.

"I love you Lex." I whispered into her hair. The feeling suddenly became overwhelming that I had been neglecting her, neglecting us. Realizing that I had been happy to let our married life float along and just survive instead of jumping out of the raft, flipping Lexy over the side and swimming upstream.

"Love you too Derrick. Do you want your surprise?" She asked breathlessly.

I pulled one of her nipples into my mouth, the suction planting her nipple on my tongue, my mouth holding her there. I cupped her breast with my hand. Caressing the other breast and rolling her nipple between my fingers; feeling her body heating up. She squirmed beneath me, my knee touching her between her legs. Feeling her wetness and warmth there already, before I had even touched or kissed her there.

She pulled open my bathrobe. Her warm hands cupping me with one hand as her other grasped the shaft of my cock. Slowly she stroked me as she kissed the hollow on my breastbone, her hot tongue flicking against my nipples.

"What's the surprise Lex? My voice cracked, showing how extremely turned on I was and how much she had me under her control.

"It is actually a double surprise. One hot surprise and one cold surprise to be exact." Her stokes increased and ran the entire length of my cock as she spoke.

"I thought you were my hot surprise. I would be happy with just what you have done so far." I spoke into the skin of her breasts. My face buried between them.

"These are things I have always fantasized about. Things in my head I haven't shared with you. So I am very nervous letting you into that place, the fantasy place in my head." Lexy grabbed both sides of my face and pulled my lips to hers. She kissed me over and over as if she feared what words would escape my lips.

"Lex." I rolled off her to the side, propping my face up with my hand. "I love you, and would be honored to be allowed access to that place in your head."

I kissed her gently. "More honored and very turned on to be doing anything you have fantasized about. Well, maybe you should tell me what it is first."

She kissed me again. "Stand up."

I did as she commanded. She knelt on the bed, pushing the robe off my shoulders and it pooled around me feet. "Read the label on that candle on the nightstand."

I reached for the candle and jumped and almost burned my hand as she took me into her mouth at the same moment. "Lex!"

"Sorry, so sorry." It was hard to understand her with her mouth full like that. She laughed as she said it.

I was finding it very hard to concentrate on the label on a burning candle as her burning mouth licked my balls and circled the shaft of my cock till she was licking the very tip. Tasting me I was sure.

The candle read:

"Candle can be used either hot or cold to enrich your massaging experience." These words were on the label along with instructions on how to use as massage oil and a warning about using a lit candle and hot wax.

She cupped me again and sucked the entire length of my cock into her throat; I could feel the head of my cock against the back of her throat. She slowly pulled her mouth back. "Use the candle on me; drip the wax on my chest and anywhere else you want."

I felt my cock jump at her words, springing up and tapping her on her mouth. She laughed and kissed the head. "Guess he likes that idea."

Quickly I grabbed the matches from the nightstand before she changed her mind, and lit the candle. I set the candle, and the matches, down and pushed her back onto the bed. I ran my fingers between her legs, opening the snaps that kept me from her core. I kissed her starting at her mouth and slowly moved down her body until I was lodged between her legs. At the first lick of my tongue she began bucking against my face.

I brought her almost to the brink and then pulled away and grabbed the candle off the nightstand.

"Finish me. You can't leave me like that." She pleaded.

"Oh, I will, baby, I will." I pulled her breast completely free of the restraining lace and delicately dripped the wax from the candle on her breast. She arched towards me and let out a small gasp as the wax hit her.

I moved and straddled her, pulling her other breast free. With one hand I dripped more wax, closer to her nipple this time. With my fee hand, I reached around me and played with her quivering pussy lips. She was so wet; I could tell she wanted more.

She writhed beneath me. Pulling her nipple with my fingers, I dripped the wax around her areola, and then on the tip of her nipple. As the wax hit her sensitive skin, I watched it harden there as she moaned and I had to kiss her.

"Derrick, the rest of the surprise is in the cooler by your feet." She was talking three octaves lower than normal, her arousal evident in both her voice and her face.

I left the wax cooling on her erect nipples. I let the candle drip a little wax on the inside of her thigh as I pressed the button and pushed the lid to the cooler off to the side. I looked up at her; knowing my face looked puzzled. What exactly was it.

"Take the bag out Der." Lexy said as she pulled my hand and tilted the candle so the wax dripped in the crease between her leg and hip. "Ohhh." She murmured as her back arched again.

I reached into the ice in the cooler and pulled out the baggie. Water dripped off the corner. "Ice cubes Lexy?" I said questioning.

"Sort of Derrick. One icicle from out by the garage. I wanted you to try it on me." Her voice shaking slightly.

She sat up and kissed me fast and faster. Her kissed pressing against my lips.

I dripped more wax on her thigh. Pulled the bag open and took out the icicle. Teasingly ran it up her leg as I dripped more wax on her other leg. Wondering what the two sensations would feel like simultaneously.

Lexy lay back on the bed, her eyes closed, her breathing shallow and rapid. I rolled the ice up her thigh, just barely brushing her hot opening with the tip.

She pushed back from the cold. I dripped wax down the side of her swollen lips. She gasped as it began to harden and I quickly ran the icicle over the wax. She moaned loudly.

I looked at her face, making sure she wanted more. Her eyes were still closed as she pushed up against me and said, "More, Derrick, I want more."

I dripped the wax in lines across her pussy lips, pushed my own legs further against hers, spreading her more open. Using the tip of the icicle I teased her opening. Amazed as she pushed against the cold. The end of the icicle slipped into her.

"Do it Derrick. Slid the ice into me, fuck me with the ice." She raised her hips to meet my thrust with the icicle. The ice was quickly melting as I slid it into her warmth. I could see the little rivulet of water running out of her as she melted it.

"Lexy, you are so hot, you are melting the ice." I said in amazement.

"I know, I can feel the melt inside me. I love this fantasy." She thrust faster and faster against my hand.

No longer being able to hold my position. I placed what was left of the ice between her lips, hurriedly placed what was left of the candle on the night stand and entered her icy depths. The sensation of the cold and her heat together in one place was so completely new and exciting.

We both completely gave in and met each other's pace with a faster thrust. The coldness being replaced with my heat and now I could only feel hot wetness inside Lexy. The roughness of the wax against my thigh and in my palms as I touched her breasts made me pump deeper and deeper into her. She kissed me, her tongue keeping pace with her hips as she fucked my mouth with her tongue.

A small scream escaped her throat as I felt her insides clenching my cock as she came again and again. I thrust one more time as deep as I could when my own orgasm rocked my world. Only aware at that moment of my release. My colors blurring and allowing a noise to escape my own enthralled vocal chords.

I rolled off Lexy and she curled into me. Her face on my ribs, my arm around her. My head thinking how I had gone from work to here and the suddenly limitless possibilities for all the Valentine's Days ahead.


"Hmmmm." She contentedly purred.

"What's the next holiday? Should I take the day off from work?"


Thanks to my reader's for their opinions via the votes. As always, my Editor.

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