tagIllustratedFireBlood Ch. 02

FireBlood Ch. 02


Hello everyone, I would like to point out that chapter 2 does not really have a lot of sexual content. I have plenty of ideas but this chapter was getting to long so I had to put it off. I think I did well this chapter however so I hope you enjoy it. Please leave comments, I like knowing if I am doing well or if I need to change something. Enjoy!


Akira and Drakul spent days searching for the girl in the city of Helenware. The city was smaller than most, with soft brown and red brick stones and even softer lights filling the streets. The buildings looked old but strong, the people looked welcoming, until they laid eyes on Drakul, then they couldn't hide fast enough. The shops were colorful, and the food was good but neither of them had the time to enjoy it. They searched inns and homes, market shops and churches but they had absolutely no luck. Drakul was not a very happy camper about it either. With every dead end he would spur a long list of curses as he left, leaving Akira to apologies repeatedly. The man was a walking time bomb ready to explode.

"I just can't take this anymore! 80,000 Gala be damned let's just go. I didn't like the feel of this job anyways." He told Akira.

"First off, you have got to get some patience you damn hot head. And stop scaring everyone, you're driving me nuts. It's bad enough people think your some kind of demon; you don't have to act like one. Second, you're the one that always says we never leave a job unfinished suck it up and stop whining." Akira had a temper to, and oddly enough when the usually much laid back man gets mad it would make Drakul on edge. He was after all, the only human in the world that he respected and trusted with his life. No one wanted to even guess what Akira did to gain that trust.

"Fine, fine, then, tell me what we're going to do then."

"We'll head back to that church. That nun knew something she wasn't telling me. This time I think you should ask her." Drakul scratched his head at this.

"Come on, I never feel comfortable in those kind of places. People keep trying to exercise me with holy water." This made Akira laugh so hard tears came out.

"Yeah, remember that time that priest went all "You are the devils spawn" on you and started preaching about how the devil was trying to tempt them." He laughed so hard his sides were hurting.

"Shut up damn it, you humans are so damn stupid it's irritating. No wonder we're dying out. We're killing each other out of mercy so we won't have to listen to this crap." Of course; those words just made Akira laugh even more. "You keep laughing and I'll tear you a new one." The two men head back to the small church, Akira of course would not stop laughing. When they reached the small church and convent this time Drakul entered as well, causing all the young nuns to scurry in fear. Drakul rolled his eyes. The Mother Superior silenced them.

"Oh hush girls; He's a Dragon, not a Demon. Stop this nonsense." She told them. Drakul was startled.

"Not too many people know what I am nowadays madam, I am impressed that you do." He told her.

"Well you see, when I was a child I met a Dragon. My parents thought the same thing as everyone else, but I thought he was wonderful. Very mysterious you see." She laughed. "He looked like you only lighter, as if he had gold in his skin."

"He was a gold dragon then, impressive. They usually do not approach humans." Akira interrupted them. Although it was unusual to see D enjoy speaking with anyone they had work to do.

"Forgive me madam but I wish to ask you again if you know about the girl we are looking for. Last time I felt like you were hiding something." He told her. The nun straightened up before answering him seriously.

"Your observations were right my boy. I was hiding something. 20 years ago a woman did come here with a baby girl, but she had asked me not to say anything until just before she passed away a few weeks back. She feared something was chasing the girl, like it did her mother." The two men looked at each other.

"She saw her mother?" Akira asked her.

"Well, she assumed it was the girl's mother, she was the only other human in the forest outside of her and the baby. She saw the woman being chased by a hoard of Orcs and Goblins towards the cliffs of Kier." Again the two men looked at each other. They remembered the dead woman they had found at the bottom of those cliffs. "She did not remember what really happened after that however."

"And the girl is she still with you?" Drakul asked.

"I am afraid not, she left to find you as a matter of fact. Old Aunt May insisted before she passed away." The two men groaned, dropping their heads in exasperation. "She did say she was going to Dire first with Bria, she'll probably head back this way to find you in the city." Hope flared up in Akira's eyes.

"Then we just have to wait here for her then?"

"Yes I believe so." The nun said.

"Alright, you wait here for her then; I need to check something out." Drakul was looking up at the sky as he spoke. It was far too clear a day, a storm was definitely coming and depending on what he found out, they might be in real trouble. A storm is an airships worst enemy. Akira nodded and watched as his friend left to get a better look at the skies.

Akira waited for maybe a half hour before spotting two women coming from Dire's direction. His attention was on the tall dark one. She looked like a woman straight out of his fantasies. Damn; was all he thought as they approached the man.


Bria spotted her man before Seraphina had. She would recognize that cutie anywhere. She licked her lips before speaking.

"It looks like we won't have to find them in the city after all." She gestured towards him. Sera looked and smiled at her. The woman loved to hunt, men especially. She looked around for the other man that was with him earlier and felt disappointment when she did not see him. She had finally worked herself up to meeting them man and he wasn't there. The blonde man stood up and walked towards them.

"Excuse me ladies, would you happen to be former nuns to this convent?" He asked in that voice Bria loved so much.

"She is darling, I'm not. I just stayed here to nurse some wounds then agreed to come with Sera to find you." Bria answered him in her rich voice. She was rewarded with a smile from the blonde man.

"I see, forgive me. Miss Sera, do you have something similar to this pendent?" He pulled out the gold necklace to show her. She traced the name with her fingers. Was this her mother's name? She thought.

"Yes..." She showed him the bracelet she now wore with her own name written on it. The man examined it and read her name out loud.

"Seraphina, it means burning angel, very fitting." He let the bracelet go. "Forgive me for not introducing myself. My name's Akira Vasalini, I was hired by your uncle, a Mr. Harrows to find you and bring you back to him at Azures." He shook both women's hands.

"Seraphina Weslyn...I had taken the name of the woman who raised me, May Weslyn." She shook her hand.

"Bria Aeron." She shook his hand as well. This made Akira pause.

"As in Aeron the Hunter? You're a woman? There're stories about your exploits even in Azures. What in god's name brings you here?" He asked her, genuinely surprised. This of course was rewarded with a smile from Bria.

"I had no idea I was that famous, I just exterminate monsters that's all. I was doing a job for the town of Dire when I ended up in a mess I couldn't get out off without let's just say sacrificing a few things." Sera giggled at that.

"So do we leave immediately?" Sera asked him. Akira shook his head no.

"Not just yet, I am waiting for someone else as well as you." He told her.

" There's no need to wait, we have to move now!." A voice yelled from above the church before a man like non Sera had ever seen jumped down. Her entire body shivered in delight at the sight of him. He was beautiful. The man's attention however was on the black clouds that were rolling in fast.

"Oh crap! We need to move ladies; I'll introduce my partner later." He took off fast, taking both Bria's hand and Sera's as he led them to the airship.

Sera tried to keep up with the two much more athletic people but she found herself falling back fast. Out of nowhere she was swooped up into the dark mans arms and they took off like lightning. She yelped, hanging onto him for dear life. She did the mistake by looking over his shoulder and stared in complete horror. The back clouds were twisting around each other, thunder shook the ground and flashes of lightning light up the skies. She could feel rain hit her skin briefly as the man ran. They reached the very first airship she had ever seen but she had no time to enjoy it. The man gently placed her on the ground and began helping his friend with the ships engine. It wasn't long before a huge blast pushed them off the ground. As the moved the crow that had been on the ship for days flew off.

"Now that damn thing leaves." Akira shouted over the rain. They were too preoccupied to notice a small creature scurry into the floor boards. The ship skyrocketed up through the air and clouds trying to outrun the storm. "Remind me again why we didn't splurge for the storm resistant shield?!" He screamed at the dark man.

"Because you said it would put too much strain on her engines!" He screamed back as he worked the sails.

"Oh crap, he's right." He muttered under his breath.


Elsewhere at the same moment, a crow landed on a Gargoyle's arm. It listened to the bird before sending it flying and running to find its master. It found him playing with one of the captive women in the Black room. She was screaming with agony as he shoved evil looking objects up her pussy and ass.

"Master, forgive me for interrupting you." It said meekly.

"What is it you damn fool!" He shouted at him. He hated when he was being interrupted from his favorite pastime.

"Forgive me but you ordered me to tell you when we found the girl." This got the evil man's attentions and he turned to the Gargoyle. He gestured for the Orc guards to finish what he ah started, and while the monsters started fucking the woman to death with their 15" cocks, the man then demanded to know what the Gargoyle knew over the screams of the woman.

"Yes master, The human and the Dragon have located the girl, they are currently trying to out fly one of your storms." The dark man began to laugh.

"Find them and destroy them, use the Lindwrym as well. They will deal with the Dragon." The Gargoyle bowed and ran to do as its master decreed. The man then turned its blood red eyes behind him, enjoying the sight of the woman's life being fucked out of her.


Akira's airship had managed to escape the storms clutches and the four of them were catching their breath.

"Right, a little late for introductions but this is Drakul, my partner in crime." Akira said as he slouched to the ground. "D, this is everyone else." He continued, too tired for all the names. Bria laughed.

"I am Bria, this is Seraphina. Thanks for your help." Drakul nodded.

"Do you normally outrun storms like that?" Sera asked him shyly. Her skin still remembered what it felt like in his arms.

"No, normally we wait out the storm, but I didn't like the way the air smelled on this one. Something wasn't right about it." His eyes never left the sky. The storm was still ragging, but at a safe distance. Sera looked at the horizon line and thought she saw a large grey slither of a cloud in the distance.

"Is that a storm cloud?" She asked him.

"What? Where do you see it?" He asked. She pointed and he turned to look in the same direction.

"That's not a storm cloud! Akira we need to pick up the pace now!" He shouted. Akira took his queue and pushed the engines to full throttle. They were speeding up, but the grey shadow was getting larger and moving faster towards them. Now Sera could make out hundreds and thousands of small dots I the sky.

"Damn it D, we can't go any faster than this, they'll catch us!" He called out over the engines.

"Keep going, I'll slow them down. Whatever you do, don't turn back for me!" He screamed. Before any of them could argue he jumped right off the ship, his arms and legs held close to his body to increase his speed. Sera and Bria screamed out for him but Akira just turned away and did exactly what his partner asked of him.

In the blink of an eye Drakul's eyes began to glow and soft grey smoke formed around him, in just seconds a huge storm grey Dragon took the man's place. They watched in stunned horror as the Dragon flew straight into the massive grey. Suddenly bursts of flames swirled around and attacked each other.

"We need to help him! There are way too many of them!" Bria shouted.

"We have to keep moving! I don't have the fire power to help him; we would end up doing much worse!" He called back to her. A few Gargoyles managed to break free of Drakul and were heading straight for them.

"Shit, Sera I need you to take the helm! All you have to do is keep your hand on the gas and head straight." He left it before she could argue, so she scurried to take his place. "Bria, I need your help, ever use a plasma gun?" He asked her.

"Azures technology? I'm familiar with it." She told him. He pulled out a small object and it formed into a gun. Azures tech were expensive and powerful; no airship crew would leave without them. He tossed her the gun then pulled out two more for himself.

"When one reaches your aim, shoot. Try to save as much ammo as you can!" He told her.

The first group came into view and he started firing. Moving at incredible speeds he aimed and fired; never missing and always using on blast to take each one down. Bria was not an expert and missed a few times, she cursed as she fired at them. As their invaders fell from the sky Drakul grew further and further away. When the last Gargoyle fell Akira took his place back at the Helm, Bria stayed on her toes in case they missed any of them. For about 30 minutes they continued to fly as fast as the ship could go, when he was sure they were at a safe distance he brought the ship high into large thick clouds. He activated the anti gravity belt at the ships keel and turned off the engines. Then they waited.

"Can anyone see? The cloud's so thick it's like a dense fog." Sera said.

"Just stay close to each other." He told them. He was begging to get worried but dared not say anything to them. Just as they were catching their breath something large hit the deck with a big thud. Sera screamed and Bria readied her gun as Akira went to check out what made the sound. When he found the culprit he burst into curses.

"Son of a Bitch D, I almost shot you!" He told the man. The girls went over to them, now knowing it wasn't an enemy.

"'Holy crap! What happened to you?" Bria asked him.

Drakul was covered in blood; most of it was his own. A long gash slid down his lower left check that would definitely scar. He was breathing hard and his eyes were closed.

"They had 3 hoards of Lindwrym with them; they took a nasty chunk out of me." Lindwrym were in fact almost as old as Dragons themselves. The older the race, the more powerful the creature is.

"Shit, those bastereds are nasty." Akira said.

"What are Lindwrym?" Sera asked, pulling out her bag filled with medical supplies.

"Have you ever seen a 100 foot anaconda?" Akira asked her.

"Only inside books."

"Well, think of one twice as big with wings, that are a Lindwrym, by the way, when did you bring that with you?" Akira asked about her bag.

"I knew I wouldn't be helpful in a fight or anything, but at least I know how to use first aid. We need to get him to a bed." She said as Drakul groaned.

"Hey, Aki, bring me a cigarette would ya?" He asked him. Akira laughed and was about to hand it to him when Sera grabbed it and the pack from him.

"Absolutely not!" He opened his eyes to glare at her but all he saw was the unthinkable. She tossed his last pack of cigarettes over the side of the ship!

"What the hell are you doing?" He screamed, wincing as he tried to move.

"Stop whining, you can't have tobacco, alcohol, caffeine or any other strong substance. Your stomach won't take it in this shape." She ordered him. Akira tried to hold back from laughing. No one ever dared to talk to Drakul like that, especially when he was wounded. "Help me get him to a bed, I need to clean him up and close these wounds." She told Akira. He nodded and helped the man to a bed inside the cabins.

"Did you see what that damn woman did? She's ordering me around, me?" He muttered to his friend.

"I know dude, I know." He could barely contain his laugh now.

Back on the deck Sera took a deep breath. Seeing him hurt like that angered her, she had no idea why but it did. It was absurd but she wanted to protect him. She gathered her equipment slowly, trying to ease her anger.

"I never saw you like that before, I liked it." Bria told her.


"You know, all hot and bothered; it was startling. You're usually very well composed."

"Bria, I feel like I am going mad and you like it?"

"Oh yeah" She laughed, helping her into the room Drakul lay in.

Before 5 minutes had passed them, both Akira and Bria were scurrying out of there. The man was cursing and screaming the nun out with words no one should hear as she cleaned his wounds. He hit a nerve and she decided to pour a much stronger disinfectant over his wounds. He screamed louder.

"Stop whining, what are you 4 years old?" She told him.

"You're a dead woman you hear me, dead!" His entire body arched as she cleaned the large gash on his side.

"That's nice to hear, very comforting." She started dressing his wounds with clean bandages. "And it looks like I'll be hearing it often too. After all I need to clean and redress your wounds twice a day." The man groaned.

"No way, once is enough."

"Sorry pretty boy, no exceptions." She was speaking in the same tone she had when helping unwilling patents back at the convent and had not realized what she called him; luckily, neither did he. "I need you to sit up." He grunted as he forced his body to sit up against the beds dash board. She then handed him some medicine and water. He took it, thinking it was a pain killer.

"Don't cheat and eat anything strong, you'll only be able to keep water and thin soup down for the next few weeks. The same goes for smoking and drinking alcohol." She told him.

"Yeah, right, like I am going to live off of water and soup."

"You'll have to, that medicine you took will make you throw up anything else before it hits your stomach." She said with an evil grin and left the room.

"You bitch!"

For the next few days treating him was pretty much the same. Akira yawned. Sera had suggested they not move from the clouds until Drakul was healed so there wasn't that much to do. He spent much of his free time watching Bria and he was doing so now. The woman was pulling down the sails; every movement drove him mad. He blinked and she was gone.

For the past few days Bria had enjoyed getting his attentions by bending lower, stretching further; just showing off her flexibility but now she wanted more. She snuck up behind him and lowered herself so she could whisper into his ear.

"What are you looking at?" She whispered seductively. Akira jumped.

"Shit, you scared the crap out of me." He had fallen back onto his butt and looked up at her.

"Sorry, so what were you looking at?" She asked him again.

"I was just making sure you were putting the sails away right. There's not that much to do around here right now." It was true, to a degree.

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