Willem grinned. "You hungry, boy? Well I can give you a meal that you wont forget."

The boy glanced up at him. The dull animal-like torpor was dissipating. Willem could see coherent confusion in those dark red eyes, but the boy still nodded enthusiastically, thrusting his hips.

Willem carefully gathered the boy up in his arms and thrust the boy down on his cock all the way to the hilt. The boy's eyes popped open and he squealed. Willem bounced the boy up and down on his cock. The halfling was like a rag-doll in his arms, pliant and soft and keening for more.

Willem swore and laughed, his shoulder muscles flexing as he moved the boy up and down. The boy was starting to become blearily aware. His feet made contact with the floor, and suddenly those small hands were on his shoulders. Willem tensed, getting ready for the halfling to pull some kind of trick.

Instead, the halfling grabbed his shoulders and started to move up and down himself. Faster, harder, panting in soft gasps. His breath was like the hot dry air from a bed of coals. Those red eyes were getting brighter. Glowing slightly in the darkness. Willem could feel the hot slick sheath of the boy's rectum getting hotter and hotter. Cradling him in a heat that made his orgasm rush towards him.

Willem whispered a few words in the low tongue. Then the heat on his cock, which had been bordering on painful, became merely pleasant. He could no longer feel the skin of his face and neck tightening with the heat of the boy's breath. The boy kissed him, mewling. Willem could feel the boy stop feeding. The boy was full.

But the boy was still fucking him, still thrusting himself up and down on Willem's cock, crying out in a small delirious voice.

The air around them was shimmering with heat. Willem had protected himself, but he saw a corner of the drop-sheets smoldering.

"Come on, firecracker." Willem murmured, stroking the boy's sweat-slick hair, feeling the horns just above his temples. The demon was moving up and down entirely by himself. "Come for me baby... Come for me."

Willem swore as that sweet hot little ass clenched on his cock. The boy plunged down to the hilt and cried out, a small scream into the stranger's chest. Even with the protection, Willem could sense the searing heat. The drop-sheet caught alight as Willem pumped the strange boy full of semen. The spurt of come on his chest was so hot that he could feel it through his shirt, through his protection.

The Halfling went limp on the floor, panting and crying. Willem stomped out the fire on the drop-sheet and looked down at the small crying boy.

There was something different about him now. Willem pulled up his pants and buckled his belt. When he released the protection, he could feel just how hot it had gotten in the room. The stain on his shirt was so hot... If he had released the protection any earlier, it would have scalded him.

When he had entered, the boy had been all but feral. Not understanding his words, mewling like an animal. Now he was crying weakly. Crying from loss and sorrow and fear.

Willem nudged the boy with his foot and the kid looked up. His eyes were bright ruby-red, but he looked more human than ever. He was crying, but the tears turned to steam very quick. He was crying boiling water.

"Who are you?" The boy whispered, crawling away. Semen was leaking down his legs. Out of his gaping anus. "Wh-Why... Why aren't you dead?"

Willem crouched down, not getting too close to the distraught boy. "My name is Willem. I could have killed you. But I wanted to give you a chance to speak. A chance to feed, and a chance to tell me your side of things."

"What is your name?"

The boy looked up at him again. His eyes were surrounded by deep bags. "Isaac."

"Well Isaac. How did you get to be this way?"

Isaac started to cry harder than ever.

"I didn't want to kill him." He whimpered. "I... I was just so hungry. Papa was trying to cure me. Find a way to fix this. I was so hungry."

Isaac curled up even tighter. "I ran away. I stayed here, so no one could find me. I was too weak to move. I figured I would just starve to death."

Willem nodded. "But then the construction workers came. You hid during the day, but a few always came back at night. You tried not to kill them like you did to your daddy."

Isaac nodded. Shaking with grief. But he was exhausted. Weak with it.

Willem made his decision.

He gathered up a drop-sheet and held out his hand. "Come on Isaac."

The boy looked at his hand, and then back at him. His bright red eyes swam and steamed with tears.

"Follow me. I can take you somewhere safe. You wont hurt anybody again."

The boy just looked lost. But he was so tired that he listened to the stranger. The stranger that had fucked him, fed him, spoken to him with that soft voice. He stood up, and Willem wrapped him safely in the crumpled drop-sheet.

"Follow me."


The boy... Isaac. He was curled up on the backseat. The drop-sheet covered every part of him but the dirty blackened soles of his feet.

Willem drove just a hair under the speed limit. He had a history of speeding tickets, and the last thing he needed was to be stopped by a cop with his strange passenger.

The boy didn't even stir until Willem stopped the car and cut the engine at a small yellow house at the end of the block.

He moved a little, and let out a small hurt moan.

Willem gently manhandled the boy out of the car and led him to the house. He walked slowly. He was uncoordinated and limping.

Willem led the boy to the kitchen and poured him a tall glass of water. The demon drank thirstily, downing the water in a single long draw. Willem poured him another one.

"You're very dehydrated. You can stay alive on nothing but living energy, but you'll need a lot less of it if you take care of yourself in a traditional way. Do you want me to make you something to eat?"

The boy shook his head, and sagged. Willem managed to catch him before his bony little body slipped to the floor. "I'm sorry... You're so tired little one... I'll take you to the bed.

Once on the bed in the upper room, the demon's eyes closed. He didn't stir again. Willem looked down at his slim form, still covered in the singed drop-sheet. He carefully removed the sheet to replace it with his softer blankets.

He saw the shiny place on the boy's inner thighs where the come had dripped out of him. He wiped a little at the moisture with the drop sheet.

"If you're hungry when you wake up... Just find me, okay little one?" He murmured, stroking that soft black hair. Feeling the polished horns.

Isaac was dead to the world.


Willem slept on the couch that night, and when he woke up he decided to make breakfast. If Isaac woke up, he'd get something to eat.

He was putting pillsbury oven cinnamon rolls on a cookie sheet when he heard the bed creaking slightly the floor above him. He smiled and continued with his work. Putting the rolls in the oven and digging around in the fridge for grapefruit and yogurt.

He heard the so-soft padding of feet down the stairs, and heard those tiny footsteps come into the dining room. But even though he knew that the boy was watching him, he didn't turn away from the two large grapefruits he was slicing. He used a knife to make sure that the sweet pink flesh of the fruit would come away in a spoon.

"Who are you?" Those words were as soft as breath.

Willem turned his head slightly and he saw the boy standing in the living room, wearing a shirt of his that fell halfway down his slim thighs. His hair was messier than ever, and those bright red eyes were curious and afraid. They still had bags around them, despite the boy's long night of sleep.

"My name is Willem. But that's not what you really want to know. I'll finish making breakfast, and then we'll talk. How does that sound?"

Isaac just looked back at him, not saying a word.

"Do you want milk, or orange juice?"

"Juice, please." Isaac whispered, sitting down on one of the chairs. Willem caught a glimpse of the head of his cock as the shirt rode up. He turned back to the grapefruit with a smile on his face.


He gave Isaac a plate with two grapefruit halves on it, both dusted with sugar. A cup of strawberry yogurt. Two small cinnamon rolls, and a blob of cottage cheese. As he was pouring a tall glass of orange juice, Isaac devoured one of the cinnamon rolls and managed to spoon about half of the yogurt into his mouth.

"As much as you want, Isaac. There are more rolls, and I have more food after if you're still hungry. Try to slow down, or you'll get sick."

Isaac ignored him. Fair enough.

Willem started on his own breakfast, but by the time he finished his grapefruit halves, Isaac was going to the kitchen to get more rolls. The teen was very hungry.

With good reason. Who knew the last time he had actually consumed food? The lack of food had worsened the deep sexual hunger.

Isaac went back to the table with four cinnamon rolls in his hands. He took a long draught of orange juice and gobbled at the sweet pastries.

Willem patiently finished his breakfast. Soon, Isaac slowed in his frantic eating and wiped his mouth with a napkin, looking up at Willem with those big red eyes.

"My mama was a demon hunter. She found people like you and stole their souls. With weaker demons, or the less substantial ones, it was easier. There needed to be somewhere for those souls to go. So she gave them to me."

Willem took another bite of cottage cheese, and watched as a million questions crossed the boy's eyes. He spoke the first one that came to mind.

"Why didn't you kill me?"

Willem took a sip of milk. "Because... I was curious. I have plenty of questions about you, too. Do you want to trade? One question at a time?"

Isaac nodded slowly, looking down at the plate. He dragged his little finger over the plate, gathering sugar-frosting to bring to his mouth.

"What are those tattoos on your tongue?"

Isaac looked up, his eyes unbearably sad.

"...I looked normal about two months ago. I... I didn't have these." He touched his horns. "My eyes were blue. I didn't have wings, or this fucking tail. My..." He blushed, his eyes dull with fear and pain. "My penis was smaller. Everything changed two months ago. When the tattoos faded away. It just happened, suddenly. I was at home, and all of the changes happened. It was so fucking sc-scary."

Willem watched, silently. The boy was trembling with distress. The events were still so raw, so fresh in his mind.

"So they were binding tattoos, meant to stop you from showing your true nature. But they didn't last."

Isaac looked up at him, tears steaming and gathering on his lids. "My true nature? A monster?"

"Not a monster." Willem said softly. "Though there will always be those who see us this way."

Isaac sniffled. "What about you then? Why are you like you are? How come you aren't dead, after... After what you did?"

"I am like you. A hybrid. I was born to two human parents, but you can't stay human after being fed the souls of demons from an early age. I am a vessel. And every year, I leak a little more demonic energy into myself."

Willem grinned. "By the time I'm an old man, I will be more demon than human. But that's why I didn't die. You were hungry, and you drained energy from me. But that energy was not mine. It was some demon's soul. I feel lighter... By an infinitesimal bit."

"My turn, then... How were you born? A half-incubi?"

"My... My mom. She was raped by a demon when she was young. The demon kept plaguing her throughout the pregnancy. But when I was born, the demon gave me the tattoos." Isaac looked down. "She... She never told me when she was alive. But she had... Letters addressed to me in her will."

Isaac scuffed his dirty forearm across his eyes. "You... How did you find me?"

"Demons show up in this world all of the time. It's my job to get rid of them. I discovered you on the news. I have a few contacts who tell me when and where, but I discovered you on my own. The signs were obvious, for those who know where to look."

"I know this may be hard for you to say, but I need to know." Willem leaned closer. Isaac looked up, half-paralyzed by those silvery eyes. "Who was your papa? The man you killed."

Isaac looked back down at the plate. "My stepdad. He married my mom when I was five. He was my step-father, I just called him papa when I was little. He liked being called that."

Isaac swiped his arm across his eyes again. Steam rose up from his arm. "Mom must have told him about me. We both knew about my demon father, so when I changed, we tried everything. He found a tattoo artist to try and redo the tattoos. It didn't work. When I started getting weak and hungry, he thought that I was a vampire. He managed to steal blood from a blood drive. But when I drank it, it just made me feel sick."

Isaac started to cry. "I just got hungrier and weaker, and the weaker I got, the less human I got. I'm part monster now. I can feel the huger and it makes me a bad person. When I got really hungry, I... I... I lured him in."

Isaac was crying too hard to talk.

Willem sighed softly and got up. "So then, he did it because of the glammour, and you drained him.

Willem walked around the table, and put a hand on one of those small slumped shoulders. "It wasn't your fault. Shh..."

Isaac curled up so he was hugging his knees. "Shoulda killed me." He mumbled. "Shoulda killed me."

"Don't say that." Willem murmured.

Isaac just curled up and took several deep breaths.

"What's going to happen to me?"

Willem sighed. "You're going to go upstairs and take a bath. It will make you feel better."

Isaac looked up. "But... What's going to happen to me?"

"I don't know. We'll work things out. You can't go outside right now, not looking like that. I know a few demons that might be able to teach you how to disguise yourself. I can find you a home, as long as you promise not to hurt humans."

Isaac shook his head slowly. "But... I can't..."

He stood up.

"I'm going to go take that bath." He whispered. "I have to think."


Willem heard the water running. Then he heard Isaac sloshing around for a few minutes.

Then he was very quiet.

Willem casually knocked a chair over, keeping his ears open. After the clatter of the chair, he heard soft sloshing. He felt better after hearing evidence that the boy had not simply drowned himself.

Willem went about cleaning the small kitchen. Then he went on his laptop. After checking his email, he went about scanning the news. He had a couple dozen news sites. He checked the obituaries of all of them first. Then strange news articles and crime articles. Then just a general scan. Weather was also important.

He never stopped listening.

He wrote down a few possible disturbances. Odd weather systems in New England. A strange murder in Oregon. He would call his contacts in the area.

He perked up slightly when he heard Isaac standing up in the bath. Heard the water draining. Heightened senses was just one of the many trade-offs. A normal human would have heard the water. But would a normal human have heard the minuscule sound of a towel scraping flesh? The sound of hair being combed? A sigh from behind two closed doors and a hallway away?

Willem sent a few emails himself, and waited to see what Isaac would do.


He was a little disappointed when Isaac crawled back into bed. But not surprised. He suspected that the young demon hadn't slept well (or at all) for the last few months of his life. He wrote a note and taped it to the inside of his bedroom door.

Food in the fridge. TV Downstairs. Books on the shelf. I'm out shopping. --Willem

He glanced at the bundle under the blankets. The boy was completely hidden. His breathing slow and rhythmic.

Willem drove to a local Target. He picked up four pairs of jeans, half a dozen t-shirts. A nice warm red sweatshirt. He picked up socks, even though he didn't know Isaac's shoe size. And he purchased a dozen pairs of underwear, boxers, briefs, and in two different size ranges.

He also bought hats.

An oversized baseball cap, the kind that was popular with teenagers that Willem saw. A plain black winter hat. A fedora. A regular baseball cap. He made sure that the sweatshirt had a large hood. The horns curled back, so they would be easy to hide, but they did need to be hidden.

He also bought some sunglasses. Mirrored ones, mostly. Or pairs so dark that Willem couldn't see the color of his own eyes through the lenses.

He took his purchases home, and Isaac was still asleep.

Willem frowned. The boy was so exciting for him. So fascinating.

Willem was bored.

He paced the house. He got back on his laptop and tried to watch an episode of 'Game of Thrones'. He couldn't focus.

So he went to the basement. He had a treadmill, and a full weight set. He sighed, and got to work, turning on the radio so he could listen to the news even then.


He was listening to a news story about civil unrest in Greece. He never made it much further than the USA, but the story was interesting.

He was on his back on the small half-bench. He had his arms bent, and straining. He waited for a beat to suck in air, so he could hear the radio better. The bar across his chest weighed more than he did.

When his arms straightened, Isaac spoke softly, surprising him.

"You should really have someone spot you."

He dropped the bar into the cradle and sat up. He had changed into gym shorts and a wife-beater. He knew that he was shiny with sweat. That he stank. He felt a twinge of embarrassment, and at the same time, he wondered if the red-eyed boy found him attractive.

Isaac was still in the baggy shirt. He was standing in the doorway, quiet. He looked so much better than he had this morning. Another five hours of sleep had faded the bags under his eyes. The bath had freshened his skin, and he had spent some time taming his hair. It was curly, but neat.

Willem had his equipment set up in the laundry room. He took off his tank and used it to wipe his sweaty face and hair. "Yeah... But I usually don't have any company around here. I got you some things."

He pointed to the target bags.

Isaac dug through them, quiet. He bent over, unthinking, and Willem caught a glimpse of his sweet ass cheeks, before he tugged the hem back down. His tail swished as he looked through the bags. Before, his tail had looked mussed, dirty. Now the fur on it was sleek and shiny. The twin tips curled and beat the air.

He smiled looking at the items, but he didn't move to put them on. He had a look in his eyes. A look that Willem could not decipher.

"What is it, Isaac?" He asked quietly.

"Thank you, Willem." It was the first time Isaac spoke his name. "But... I can't put them on yet."

Willem stood up. Feeling the glad burn of his muscles. "Why not?"

Isaac sighed long. Willem could see the wings under the surface of the shirt. "I..." After a long pause the boy finally said it. "I'm hungry." The boy whispered.

Willem's cock ached. Isaac wasn't using his Glammour, but as far as he was concerned, the boy didn't need to use it. Isaac was so fucking sexy. Just the memory of the way Isaac had ridden him...

But Willem didn't show how glad he was. He was serious.

"I know that it will be strange, but I can feed you. Just tell me how. Tell me how, so I can do it as... Comfortably, as possible."

Isaac's cheeks were hot and red. He looked uncomfortable, and ashamed.

Willem leaned back. "You can keep the hunger low by taking care of yourself, eating and drinking. If you had still been in the house, you would be close to starving again. We can keep the hunger down, but don't be ashamed. I'm here to keep you safe. To keep you from hurting others or yourself."

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